What to Bring to Disney World in February – 15 Items to Pack

Discover What to Bring to Disney World in February

If you’ve already booked your trip to Disney World, or soon plan to solidify an upcoming trip for the month February, then the next item on the docket is figuring out what to bring to Disney World in February. So in this article, I’m going to list for you every single essential item you must pack for your trip, so you know exactly what to throw into your suitcase or backpack for Disney World!

What to Bring to Disney World to Stay Warm

Discover how to stay warm at Disney World

Here are some suggestions on how to stay warm when the temperatures are low.

Bring a Light Jacket

While the daytime is usually warm and pleasant, early mornings and evenings in February can feel pretty chilly. It’s a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt to layer over your clothes when the temperatures cool down. A light jacket can easily be rolled up and carried in a backpack during the warmer time of the day.

Bring a Scarf

A scarf, even a lightweight one, takes up minimal space in a backpack and will make you feel nice and cozy when the air turns cold. A longer, wide scarf can be wrapped around your head as well as your neck if the weather gets especially cold and windy.

Bring a Blanket for the Little Ones

If you have a small child in a , bring a lightweight blanket to help keep away the chill. Laying a blanket on the stroller seat, as well as over your child, adds an additional layer of warmth. Having a favorite blanket on hand can also help a child feel comforted if they start to get overwhelmed.

Bring Gloves and Socks

If you’re especially sensitive to cold, keeping your hands and feet warm will help you feel more comfortable overall. Bring an extra pair of heavier socks to change into when evening temperatures drop; your feet are less likely to feel cold. A pair of lightweight gloves is a good idea, also. 

Consider bringing fingerless gloves, or touchscreen responsive gloves, so you can still use your phone to use the My Disney Experience App and to take photos. 

Bring Appropriate Footwear

February is probably not the best time to wear sandals or flip-flops all day. The potential for cooler temperatures and damp weather mean that closed shoes are the better choice. Sturdy walking or running shoes are a good idea; you’ll be doing a lot of walking! 

Most of the walking in the Disney parks is on hard cement, so do what you can to minimize stress on your feet and legs. Bring two pairs of comfortable walking shoes, if possible. Switching from one pair of shoes to another on alternate days will help to alleviate any leg or foot fatigue. 

Bring some gel inserts for your shoes. Inserts can help add some extra cushion, and reduce the chance of being painfully footsore at the end of the day.  Don’t forget some epsom salt gel, or menthol gel, to rub on your feet and/or legs if you’re hurting after a full day of Disney fun. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to go by the next morning!

Bring Rain Gear

Although the chance of rain in Orlando in February is lower than during the Summer months, downpours do occasionally happen. Don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your day! It rarely lasts very long, and rides will only close down if there are severe storms. A rain poncho is an absolute “must have” item! 

Lightweight ponchos can be folded or rolled up in a backpack and will take up just a small amount of space. If you’re bringing a stroller into the parks, consider packing an extra poncho, or even a cheap shower curtain liner. You can drape these over the stroller to keep everything nice and dry while you’re enjoying the rides and attractions.

It’s also a good idea to have an extra pair of socks with you in case your feet get wet in a rainstorm. We all know kids are going to jump in puddles anyway, so just have a dry pair of socks for them to change into after they’re done with the rainy day fun.

What to Bring to Disney World to Stay Cool

The temperature in February does occasionally rise into the lower 80’s, and with the Florida humidity that can feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to the heat. Battery operated personal fans, cooling towels, and refillable water bottles are items that you should have with you at any time of the year in the Disney parks. 

It’s easy to get overheated in Florida, even during the winter months. Always keep in mind that children will start to feel the effects of being overheated before adults do. Keeping the little ones comfortable, and therefore less cranky, makes the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Bring a Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is essential, no matter what time of year you’re visiting Walt Disney World. Fill it up before you arrive at the park, and take frequent water breaks. It’s so easy to forget to drink water when you’re having the time of your life! 

You can ask for free cups of water at most of the food carts and quick service food spots in the parks, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase bottled water. There are also drinking fountains located outside of many of the restrooms.

Bring Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are inexpensive, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles. You can soak a cooling towel at a drinking fountain or restroom sink, then drape it around your neck. The cool water transfers heat to the towel, and as the water evaporates from the towel your body temperature lowers. 

It’s a simple way to cool off in a short amount of time if the Florida sun is wearing you down. It’s also a great way to soothe little kids and babies who are getting overwhelmed in the hottest part of the day.

Bring a Personal Fan

Small, battery operated fans are another way to stay comfortable. They’ll generate a slight breeze; just enough to offer some relief from the heavy humidity. 

Most varieties can be worn around the neck, or are small enough to fit in large pocket when not in use. Some even have a clip so they can be attached to a stroller.

Bring Sunscreen

Florida is called “The Sunshine State” for a good reason! Even if the temperatures are pleasant and there are clouds in the sky, you can still get sunburned. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen! Don’t only put it on in the morning before you leave for the parks. Sunscreen works best when you reapply it throughout the day. 

Although everyone loves to wear their Mickey Mouse ears in the park, a broad brimmed hat will help keep the sun off your face, and even bring a little warmth if the weather turns cold.

Don’t Forget Your Swimsuit

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit! Yes, even in February you can enjoy the pools at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels and water parks. All of the Disney property hotel pools, as well as the pools at the water parks, are heated. They’ll only close down in instances of severe storms or very cold temperatures. 

Essential Items for Disney World

In addition to items that will help to make your Disney World vacation comfortable, specifically during the month of February, there are several other items that should be considered essential to have with you at all times while at Disney World.

Bring A Portable Phone Charger

A portable phone charger is a must have item for your Walt Disney World vacation! A smartphone has become an essential tool to help keep your park visit organized and stress free. Make sure the My Disney Experience app is loaded on your smartphone before your arrive at Walt Disney World. 

With this app, you can utilize the new Genie+ system to help plan your day and avoid long lines for your favorite rides. The app also helps with dining reservations, ordering mobile food pick up, accessing your PhotoPass photos, and more. You’ll also undoubtedly be using your phone to take selfies and family photos, and to keep in touch with family members if you go separate ways throughout the day. 

All of this can drain a phone battery before you realize it! Portable phone chargers are inexpensive, and will save you the stress of looking for a place to charge your phone if the battery dies.

Bring a Backpack for Essential Items

A backpack, or even a smaller backpack-style purse, is extremely helpful to carry your essentials. It keeps your hands free, and your items organized. Any backpack is helpful, but one with inside pocket(s) and an outside pocket for a water bottle is a great choice. 

A small backpack for each child in your family can help keep things organized, and the children will be able to help themselves to any drinks or snacks they’re carrying.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Bring your own snacks to Disney World

Speaking of snacks, Walt Disney World does allow visitors to bring in their own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks! Restrictions are that they can’t be in glass containers (with the exception of baby food jars), and they can’t require reheating or refrigeration. 

This can be a big money saver for families. Pack some protein bars, trail mix, packages of crackers, or whatever you & your family would enjoy when the munchies hit! You can save a good amount of money by not purchasing between meal snacks. Individual packets of electrolyte powders that can be added to a water bottle are helpful, too. 

Pack Basic First Aid Items

As much as we all hope otherwise, sometimes small mishaps occur. Don’t forget to slip basic first aid items into your backpack. Band-aids, aspirin (or your painkiller of choice), a small bottle of aloe gel (for sunburn), and antibacterial wipes won’t take up much space, and will save you from having to buy any of these items while in the parks.

Disney World Weather in February

Historically, the weather in the Orlando, Florida area during the month of February is quite pleasant. The average high temperature is approximately 72.5°F (22.5°C), and the average low-temperature is around 55°F (12.8°C). The average rainfall is around 10 days out of the month. 

Disney World doesn’t release official attendance numbers. However, the month of February, especially earlier in the month, will usually have relatively lower crowds. There might be slightly higher crowds, however, during the President’s Day holiday weekend, and at the end of the month when the Disney Princess Half Marathon takes place.

February can be a great time to visit Walt Disney World. In addition to the somewhat lower crowds and pleasant weather, the EPCOT Festival of the Arts and the Disney Princess Half Marathon both occur in February. Hopefully, our suggestions have helped you decide what to bring to Disney World in February. A little bit of planning ahead of time, such as checking the weather forecast and making a packing list, can help your vacation be as magical as possible.

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