Mom’s Guide to Strollers at Disney World: Rentals, Parking, Pricing and Policy

I am not a mother–but luckily I know one (and a pretty big Disney fan to boot).  So this is her take on everything you need to know about strollers at Disney World.

When coming to Disney World for toddlers one burning topic pops up for many parents:  the stroller.  (insert dramatic music).  Everyone wants for their children to have the best Disney vacation they can possibly imagine and the added stress of up to 10 miles a day on tiny legs can be overwhelming.

  • But where does a parent go first?
  • Do I have to buy a stroller?
  • Can I rent a stroller?
  • Can I only get a stroller at the parks?
  • What about getting one at my resort?
  • Can I have one delivered?

Don’t worry—your questions are here to be answered.  No longer will you have sleepless nights caused by the concern of imagining having to carry your child on your shoulders for ten hours at the Magic Kingdom (can you even imagine that?!)

Because in this article, I will try to answer virtually every question you might have when it comes to strollers at Disney World so that you (and your child) can have a safe, stress-free and incredibly fun vacation at Disney!

Should I Buy a Stroller at Disney World?

One of the most common concerns about strollers is whether or not you will have to bring your own.  Now there are perks of bringing your own strollers from home, and that is that:

  1. you know that your child is already comfortable with the stroller
  2. you will know how to fold the stroller easily
  3. you don’t have to worry about availability because you know you have yourself covered. 

And if you personally feel comfortable with your own stroller and bringing it all the way to the Walt Disney World Resort with you, by all means it is a viable and useful option.  You can use it around the resorts, the theme parks, Disney Springs and the water parks. 

It will be transported on the monorail, buses and boat system throughout the property as well. Keep in mind you are going to have to collapse your own stroller, and by bringing your own, you are familiar with how the equipment works and will be able to do it with ease when moving on and off the transportation.

But maybe, you do want to purchase one, but not bring one from home. Well, you can always hop onto Amazon and pick out the stroller of your choosing.  Amazon will deliver it right to the Disney Resort you are staying it. 

That’s right—all the convenience of your own stroller without the hassle of having to bring yours from home.  You could opt for the City Mini Jogger (a popular choice for Disney) or an adorable Mickey themed umbrella stroller. 

The unit will be delivered to the resort and you will not have to once worry about the availability of a stroller again. You can bring the stroller home with you for a reminder of your vacation.

Stroller Rentals: How to Do It Easily

Not everyone wants to deal with the burden of bringing their own stroller or having to purchase one just for their trip.  Maybe you little one doesn’t use a stroller regularly anymore, but could definitely use one for the marathon of all vacations! Do not worry because the rental options for your vacation are endless when staying at the Walt Disney World Resort. 

After the entrance of every park there is the option to rent a single or double stroller.  The single strollers run for $15 a day or $13 if you pre-purchase multiple days.  The double stroller runs for $31 a day or $27 if you are pre-purchasing multiple days as well.

Now, the downside of the strollers available in the theme parks themselves is that you cannot remove them from the park.  So if you little one decides to take a snooze after a long day of magic after the fireworks, you have to carry them back to the resort or wake their peaceful slumber.  The plus side is you do not have to transport the unit to and from the park every day.

There is also a major downside to renting the strollers from the Disney parks.  They are not the most comfortable.  It is a plastic bench style seating with no cushion and just a lap belt.  These units are also not compatible for infants who do not have total controls of their body.  In these instances, I do recommend bringing your own equipment from home so you know your child will be safe while sitting in the units all day. 

But what if you don’t want to wake your sleeping child or want to rent a fancier stroller? Disney has teamed up with three separate companies and provided their preferred vendors status. 

These three companies are Kingdom Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals, and Magic Strollers.  All three vendors deliver directly to the lobby of the resort at luggage assistance or bell services where you retrieve the unit and it stays in your possession during the entire duration of the rental. So every morning, you pile your little one (or multiple) into the stroller, and can move throughout the Disney property with ease. 

You don’t have to worry about disturbing them at the end of the night because the stroller will go right back with you to the resort. The vendors all have their own different models available so you can search through their website and pick the model that best suits your family whether it is a double or single stroller.  Kingdom Strollers does offer an additional option of the Liberty Stroller for the parents of children with special needs.  These strollers do accommodate up to 100 pounds.   

I also always recommend looking at the units online to see what is available and then heading to a big box store, locating the unit and seeing it in person so you fully grasp what you will be receiving when you arrive at the resort and are left with little surprise.

There are alternative vendors available throughout the Orlando area and many of them will deliver to the Walt Disney World Resorts and the surrounding area.  Unlike Disney vendors they cannot deliver the equipment right to the lobby of the resort at Bell Services without you there, but they can meet with you at an allotted time. 

It provides the guests with more options and non Disney vendors also vary on their pricing options.  If you are doing Disney on a budget or maybe find a stroller you are familiar with offered by one of the other vendors, you can reach out to them and establish a time and place to meet them to pick up the equipment.  Baby Wheels Orlando, Simple Stroller Rental, and One Stop Mobility.

What If I Don’t Need the Stroller All Day?

There is Disney World stroller parking areas all throughout the park, mainly in front of attractions and shows.  You can always park your strollers in those areas and then retrieve them at your leisure, but keep in mind you need to be familiar with your stroller. 

When parking in these stroller areas, they are at your own risk, and cast members are constantly condensing the area to make room for new strollers that are entering the parking area.

There is a high probability that your stroller will be moved!

If you don’t remember what your stroller looks like, well, you could be in for a bit of trouble.  A small tip to easily identify your stroller is to make a name tag.  All rental units come with one, but you can always make a project out of it with your children and create a vibrant and unique design that will be easily identifiable to you. 

Also, some guests will tie a balloon or scarf around the handle bars that way they can easily pick out which stroller is their own in a sea of what feels like matching strollers.

It is always important to keep in mind that these areas are, well, at your own risk.  When you use them make sure you remember exactly which parking area you are using.  If you bring your own stroller and it does goes missing, it is important to notify the closest cast member so they can assist you further with your situation. 

To reduce the risk of your stroller being taken, a few important measures should be taken:

  1. Park in one of the assigned stroller parking areas
  2. Put the brake on the stroller whenever you park it
  3. Remove all values from the stroller when not in use
  4. Make sure to have a name tag with your name on the stroller
  5. Do not block entry or passageways

Also, be mindful when using your stroller.  Keep an eye out for other people walking around the theme parks and resorts.  Nothing is more painful than a long day on your feet than being hit in the ankles with a stroller.

You NEED to retrieve your stroller before you leave the park.  Otherwise the unit will be moved to lost and found where it will stay until you retrieve the unit.  If you have a fun filled day you will end up losing out on time, reservations and fast passes going to retrieve your unit and it put a huge damper on your day.

Disney World Stroller Insurance?  Really?

If you use your own stroller, you of course will not have to worry about insurance because its your stroller. But if you rent a stroller instead, there are a few options. 

If you rent from the theme parks directly, you do not have to worry about an insurance fee.  Just make sure you keep your receipt on your person at all times (don’t leave it in the pocket of the stroller in case it goes missing) and you will be able to retrieve a new unit at the front of the park. 

If you are renting from a third party vendor, insurance is not a requirement but it is HIGHLY suggested.  If the stroller becomes damaged or lost/stolen, you foot the bill if you do not have insurance on the equipment. 

On the other hand, if you do have insurance (which is usually a one time free in the $20 ballpark), they will bring you a replacement directly to the resort. Per Disney’s policy, they cannot come directly to the theme park but they will make sure you have your replacement in a timely fashion.

Disney Policies on Strollers

What is Disney’s policies about strollers? Well, there is a few things you have to keep in mind.  The strollers have to be within the dimensions of 36” x 52” (92 x132 cm).  The strollers cannot tow anything behind them that would be on a trailer like hitch.  Wagons are a huge no go.  So if you do have one, keep that at one.  They will not let you inside the park with the equipment.

If you do intend on renting a stroller, you need to have that set up before you enter the park. None of the vendors are allowed to come into the theme parks to deliver their equipment but you can always rent on site and then reserve one for later to pick up at the resort. Otherwise, if you find yourself needing a stroller while you are in the park and do not want to leave, your only option is to rent at the front and return at the end of the day.

No matter which option you choose for transporting your children at the Walt Disney World resort, make sure you read the reviews of the company this way you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.  Make sure you are familiar with the unit you are selecting and most importantly,  Disney with kids is one of the greatest memories you will ever make as a family, so make the most of the adventure and rent a stroller.   

You can always store the stroller away for the day or take break while in the park, but as any parent of children will tell you, it is one of the best investments they make in their vacation. So get your running shoes ready parents and enjoy your family, minimize the whining and enjoy the magic.

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