What to Wear in Disney World in September

What to Wear in Disney World in September
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Known as the most magical place on earth, Disney World is the vacation spot so often chosen by families of all types to go visit. There are countless blogs and articles out there as to how you plan for a Disney trip, what the best time to go is, and even sometimes what your itinerary needs to look like. 

It can all be a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been to Disney before.  So in this article, I’m going to provide you with my personal list of what you can pack in your suitcase in terms of clothing, specifically for a September trip where the weather is beginning to change.  

September is a great time of year to visit, as the crowds are slightly smaller and the heat a bit more tolerable.

So how should you determine what to wear in Disney World in September?  Well let’s get started to find out! 

Disney World Weather in September

The key part of preparing for any trip, especially one to Disney World, is to check the weather. Orlando, Florida, can be unpredictable and it is very important to check the forecast for your stay beforehand. 

It’ll give you amble time to prepare for temperature differences, potential rain, and other facets that can affect what you bring on your trip. Thankfully, one can have some idea of the average weather in Orlando during September thanks to Weather Spark. Weather Spark is a website that I have used often in checking for weather patterns at the time of my trips. 

For instance, September has average temperatures that range from the high 80s to the low 70s. It is also smack dab in the middle of hurricane season so rainfall happening during your trip in this month is 50/50.

Weather Spark also provides certain trends such as hours of daylight and sun exposure versus cloud cover and winds. This, paired with the local forecast a couple of weeks in advance will be a great way to prepare for the weather. 

Weather affects what is packed directly, that’s why a summer trip to Disney in July is so different from September. There are different concerns and needs to be met in these different times so being aware of that makes planning and packing for the trip much easier. The entire family can breathe much easier now that they know what weather will be like. 

Best Clothes to Wear in Disney World

Clothing items that claim the title best to wear vary with the seasons. There are some all-around answers, however, I hope that what I let you in on will help you with picking out the pieces you plan to bring. After all, September is a different time than January or July. 

I’ll start with the men’s clothing. For boys, men, and elderly the general items are the same. In September some of the best clothing for men to wear is t-shirts paired with wind pants or running pants. If you don’t mind the chill of night or plan to stay out that late then a pair of basketball shorts would do nicely for the daytime. T-shirts that are cotton work well, especially in September as it is a little cooler. Another option is moisture-wicking athletic wear as it will help fight the heightened humidity of the season.

As for pants, yes, I’ve seen jeans and different kinds of short shorts, however I do not recommend them. Chaffing can be a serious issue when walking around and riding rides, which is why pants or longer shorts that protect the thigh are great. Plus, September can still get warm and having lighter material on will help keep cool as well.  Disney rash is a real thing, and as Healthline says, moisture-wicking clothing especially for pants and socks can be a great way to prevent this rash from being an unwelcome souvenir. 

Shoes can be sandals, though for the frequent walking I would suggest a pair of broken in running shoes or tennis shoes. These tend to give your foot better protection from things like rain and filth while also supporting the ankle more and helping to contain swelling, which is common in those who are either not used to walking a lot or are older in years. Another good idea is to wear compression socks or moisture-wicking socks to help with stability and the prevention of unwanted rashes. 

For women, there is a similar idea regarding moisture-wicking materials and compression items. Women, however, are infamously more complicated in terms of clothing. 

I’ll start with dresses for this particular discussion.

Dresses that lightweight in material are good, though I recommend wearing one that is above the ankles for ease of walking and riding rides paired with shorts or leggings. I know that there are many brands of moisture-wicking athletic wear leggings and shorts that are good to wear in the parks. A good pair of leggings could be paired with a cute t-shirt even and be worn into the parks along with a pair of comfortable shoes! 

Moving onto the shoes, again compression or moisture-wicking socks with some worn in walking shoes or tennis shoes are typically the best way to go. However, if one chooses sandals then the good sandals are the ones with straps around the ankle and have good arch support in the sole of the shoe. 

Often wanting to dress cute can lead to painful experiences, and thankfully the athletic wear look is in fashion for Disney World trips! Dis boards is an excellent discussion forum where this very thing is discussed. Brands as well as types are mentioned in great detail here, so I recommend that ladies check it out! 

For kids, the idea is for them to be both comfortable, and happy. Costumes for under 14-year-olds are allowed, and it’s always a joy to watch the little princesses and pirates wander about the parks. An idea for them however would be that the younger they are, the more sunshade they will need. 

A long-sleeved shirt may be a bit much, but if you have them in a t-shirt and pair it with a jacket then they will have much more sun coverage than if you used just sunscreen. A bonus is that if they begin to feel too warm one can simply take the jacket off for a while. 

Best Item for September Trips

Zip-up jackets are the blessing that all need at Disney World. Especially in September. What to wear in Disney World in September tip number #1? Zip-up jackets. From elder to the infant a zip-up jacket is one of the absolute best things to have in the parks during September. I remember being so upset as a teenager that my parents would force me to have a zip-up rather than a cute hoodie or something along those lines, however I learned their value. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Waiting for parades I had an impromptu blanket, and it was perfect for those nighttime chills. When indoor rides felt chilly, or the lines were long I would have warmth and a little bit of security in my jacket. I even used the hood to hold things at times!

Now, traveling to Disney World as an adult with little ones, it is great to have these jackets. You can tuck them into a backpack or stroller. They can provide shade and act as a blanket for the little ones in the stroller. For the grandparents on the trip having a jacket can help shield their skin from the sun and provide them with some warmth as the day cools. Plus, they are much easier in the park than hassling with a hoodie. 

With little ones, it can be difficult to handle nap time. They often don’t want to leave, but they get grumpy and uncomfortable if they stay awake the entire time. A good trick I saw one family do is that they took their sleepy children into a 3D show and didn’t have their kids wear the glasses. Instead, they held them and used the hoodie of their jackets to keep the kids from seeing the screens. By the time the show was over they were walking outside to the strollers with two sleeping children and were able to enjoy some of the other parks features as their children slept. 

One aspect of these jackets is for the elderly visitors to the park. As we get on in years our skin become more fragile and weathered. And Jackets are a wonderful way to protect skin. Sunscreen can only do so much, but in September between the sun and rain there can be a whiplash affect. These jackets can keep one safe from the sun and dry from the rain, especially when paired with a poncho. Plus zip-ups mean that those of all sizes can wear them with ease.

Comfortable Disney Outfits

Creating outfits that are based around comfort is a key aspect of a successful Disney World trip. These are those outfits that allow you to focus on the fun while not worrying about chaffing or rashes during your park time. Beforehand you learned what clothes are the best to bring, but how will they work together to match in a way that gets you through the day? What if you’re going to a restaurant inside the park that is rather high-end? How do you dress nice and presentable while also being comfortable? Thankfully, there is an answer. 

Ladies first if you are going into the park with the plan to have nice dinner at one of the multiple Disney restaurants at the various parks. A dress with compression shorts or moisture-wicking leggings is ideal. Dresses look great with both sandals and running shoes which make the dress comfortable and stylish. Paired with a zip-up jacket or a jean jacket that can be carried makes this outfit perfect for the park and the fine dining to follow. 

For men, DIS boards comes again as a valuable resource telling us that good options are golf shirts and athletic wear polos  are a wonderful option. These shirts can be tucked or untucked into a pair of nice wind pants or khaki shorts is a great option for the park and nice dinner afterwards. Of course, these always look nice with sandals on warmer days, and for when it gets cooler, tennis shoes and a jacket look just as nice. 

Children tend to have more leeway in terms of dress at fine dining and in the parks. For kids a great option is to wear a t-shirt with some kind of pant or skirt with comfortable shows and a jacket for the evenings and they’re golden. Of course, the quality of these should be presentable, nothing good comes out of visiting Disney World in pajamas, but in all it is easier for children to dress than those older. 

When in the parks themselves, and no alternative motivations are at play, it is great to wear say a t-shirt and leggings, or perhaps some running pants with an athletic wear top. Tennis shoes and running shoes tend to be universal for the park visits, and sunglasses and hats are wonderful additions. 

For those who are perhaps in a wheelchair or automated chair, moisture-wicking pants will be best as the heat will get sticky and uncomfortable in other types of clothes, and a t-shirt of some kind, again cotton or some moisture-wicking tops are recommended. 

A great option in choosing logos or what types of markers is on the outfits is the infamous family trip shirt. These are a lot of fun, and they are great for those with larger family parties attending the park. It’s easier to keep an eye on the little ones and gives you a wonderful keepsake from the trip aside from the souvenirs that you’ll be bringing. 

Another is to work together before you visit and create themed outfits. Little ones may wear costumes, but the adults can still get in on the fun! By getting a theme, whether it be a character or movie, you can be creative in what you wear and have a very fun time in the parks! An instance my family has once was that each child it was given a Star Wars shirt that said “Merry Sithmas”. We paired the shirts with our own matching bottoms and shoes and had a blast in Hollywood Studios that day! 

A good note to make along with these outfit ideas is that accessories make the outfit, and that is not an exception in Disney World. Jewelry is perfectly acceptable in the parks and there are even fun hats and ears that help you theme outfits and bring your Disney World ‘fits’ to the next level! Sunglasses are always stylish and even in Rainy September, the sun warrants their use. Make sure that the outfit isn’t the only thing on point, but that the accessories are too! 

Hopefully, this answers the question of what to wear in Disneyland during the month of September. From what should be packed, to which clothes are the best, to even some outfit ideas this should give you a solid foundation on which to begin your trip plans on! At least in the outfit standpoint. Disney World is full of fun and fantasy, it just wouldn’t do to have the trip ruined with an unfortunate rainfall or infamous ‘Disney rash’. 

Disney World is the ‘most magical place on earth’ and your comfort in clothing should reflect that! From families writing in their blogs, to my first-hand experience, I truly hope that you have found the answers you were looking for in this article. I wish you the best in planning your Disney World trip in September and hope that all your wishes come true! 

What to Pack for Disney World

There are so many things that must be packed for when going on a trip to any amusement park, but Disney World is no ordinary amusement park. There are more than rides and games—there are parades, shows, restaurants, and so much more to do there! Not to mention that Disney World is called a “World” because it is not one park, but four parks (and a couple water parks on top of that) and each park is full of attractions. Because of this, there are what I call “Disney tools” that I bring with me on every single trip. 

Starting off with one that is a new addition to my packing list: masks. Disney World’s Face Covering Policies have been drastically changed due to the Pandemic that we’ve all been going through. 

According to the Disneyworld COVID 19 Safety Protocols (as of this publication), face coverings are required for all guests that are older than 2 whenever they are indoors. It includes indoor ride queues, Disney buses, monorail, and other indoor facilities owned by Disney. Vaccination or not, masks that have at least two layers of fabric must be worn.

It may sound strict, but in September there isn’t much heat making it super difficult to breathe around the fabric, and it’s only while indoors that the masks must be worn. My family on our last visit took the opportunity to find some cute Disney themed masks made from a moisture wicking material, and they were so comfortable that we kept forgetting we even had masks on! My sister would walk around with hers on outdoors or indoors because the weather and the material made it so easy to follow their mask policy. 

While masks are a new addition, the packing of ponchos and stroller covers is not. Even with checking on the frequent raining of September, my family found we caught in the rain and had to spend a bit of souvenir money on some Disney rain ponchos. Now, however, we know better and pack our raincoats in beforehand. I find it so much fun to wear colorful raincoats, and honestly most times rain can be avoided with well timed indoor rides. 

However, stroller covers should be packed as well if you are bringing one. It’s not fun for the youngest members of the family to have to sit in soaked stroller. It’s best for those who bring their strollers, or plan on renting on at the park, to bring a rain cover of some sort to keep it nice and dry during the rainy moments. 

The ponchos and covers are easy to carry with you in the park with a good backpack. Any backpack you bring should be comfortable, lightweight, and have good capacity to carry the things you need. Guy or girl, a backpack is the number 1 thing to pack with you—or perhaps purchase in Orlando once you arrive. That way, adults can carry the things they need for themselves and/or their kids. 

For instance, you can save a lot of money by having a backpack with snacks and water bottles in it. That way you’re not buying a ton of food in the park and don’t have to wait in long lines for food as often. Another aspect is that while waiting in long line queues or on the sidewalk for a parade, having the Disney play app on your phone is a great way to keep entertained with games designed to get you through the lines, that phone can stay alive and entertaining with a portable charger tucked into the backpack of your choice. 

Another thing you should remember to pack is portable fan.  September in Florida is cooler than the summer, but it can still get hot. And medicine, my family always have at least three bottles of allergy medicine, Tylenol, and Advil between us in the parks. That way we can avoid headaches and other simple pains without having to visit the first aid center and making an ordeal out of it. 

If you ration your space correctly, you can even tuck a couple of jackets or hoodies into the backpacks that you bring as when the sun goes down a slight chill tends to fall on the air. Though, a light jacket or hoodie is a recommended to carry even without it fitting into a backpack, it’s one of the best clothing items you can bring with you when visiting Disney World in September. 

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