20 Awesome Sling Backpacks for Disney That Are Amazing

Awesome Sling Backpacks for Disney That

There are a ton of things to worry about on a Disney World vacation, from flight tickets to hotel reservations.  But once you’re ready to enjoy your day at the parks, there’s a new problem that arises: what exactly am I going to use to carry everything I need at Disney World.

And this is where the wonderful world of sling backpacks comes in!

Now, there are a lot of options to choose form when it comes to picking the perfect bag for Disney World.  For example, a traditional backpack is nice, but I’d argue it can (at times) put too much pressure on your back and neck.  

And if you’re a woman, while you might initially think you’ll be fine rocking a handbag or purse, you might find that walking around with that on your wrist gets a bit annoying after countless hours.  Not to mention that you may find it to be too small of a bag to fit everything you need to use at Disney World.

So is there a middle ground?  Is there a bag that’s big enough to fit everything you need, but comfortable to wear for hours at a time? 

Yep—and that why sling backpacks are growing in popularity and use in Disney World.  

My favorite thing about a sling bag though is that it helps to maximize my mobility and save time. When I am at Disney, there is nothing more annoying than wanting to take a picture but having to waste time digging your phone or camera out of your large backpack. Sometimes, by the time you retrieve the camera, the photo opportunity is gone.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some of my favorite options for sling backpacks.

Best Sling Backpacks for Disney World

Let’s begin with a sling bag by Kavu.

1) Kavu Original Rope Sling Bag

The Kavu Original Rope Sling Bag is made from 100% polyester and has two main pockets, two front pockets, and an internal zipped pocket. The internal zipper pocket is a great place to hide your wallet, phone, or any other personal items.

Kavu Original Rope Sling Bag

The braided rope strap is also stylish. These sling bags also come in a variety of colors and patterns. This is a good bag for everyday use as well, it is perfect as a workbag, schoolbag, and even a beach bag.

2) Vera Bradley Performance Twill Sling Bag

Vera Bradley is a favorite of many Disney fans, so much so that Vera Bradley even opened up a store at Disney Springs!

Vera Bradley Performance Twill Sling Bag

Vera Bradley’s Sling Bag comes in its famous quilted pattern and is water repellent. These bags come in a variety of designs and is perfect bag for everyday use. 

3) Lecxci Outdoor Sling Bag

‘This bag has a soft, breathable, adjustable strap that will help eliminate shoulder sweat.

Lexci Outdoor Sling Bag

The Lecxci Outdoor Sling Bag also comes in different sizes, the small one being ideal for those visiting the park without children. What makes this the best sling backpack for Disney World is that it is made from waterproof nylon. 

4) Adidas Originals Utility Sling Bag

Adidas is a well-known brand name so you know that you are getting a quality product. This bag has multiple pockets, including an easy-to-reach side pocket that fits a water bottle.

Adidas Originals Utility Sling Bag

The style of this bag makes it the perfect gym bag as well as a bag to use during your Disney vacation. 

5) Love Vook Sling Bag

You can wear the Love Vook Sling Bag in a variety of different ways.

Love Vook Sling Bag

It is lightweight and spacious and is the perfect bag for any occasion. 

6) SEEU Oversized Sling Bag

This oversized sling bag has a large capacity and eight pockets.

SEEU Oversized Sling Bag

It is made from two layers of polyester and even though it is oversized, it is stress bearable.

This is a great bag if traveling with children. You can store everything you need and more in the eight pockets. A great perk of this bag is that even though it is bigger, there won’t be any pain or stress on your back. 

7) OSOCEE Sling Bag

This is a small and slim bag that can fit comfortably under a hoodie or poncho, which is beneficial for security and for during a rainstorm.

OSOCEE Sling Bag

It is made from waterproof, sturdy nylon and has five unique storage pockets. 

8) Ozuko Sling Bag

This unique bag has an anti-theft password lock attached to it, for added security. It is made of waterproof Oxford fabric and has a reflective design This bag is stylish and durable making it the perfect bag for any event.

Ozuko Sling Bag

This is a great bag to bring to the waterparks. The waterproof Oxford fabric will keep your items dry and the anti-theft password lock will deter people from taking a peek into your bag while you’re in the wave pool.

9) Petunia Picklebottom Sling Bag

This might really be the best sling backpack for Disney World. This bag comes in adorable designs featuring Disney characters like Winnie the Pooh and Belle, but it also comes in neutral colors, for those who want to continue to use the bag for work or school after your vacation.

Petunia Picklebottom Sling Bag

It has three pockets and can be worn three different ways. It is made of waterproof nylon and is very easy to clean. This bag is a good fit for the parent of a little one as it’s easy to clean up any spills that may happen.

10) Mosiso Camera Sling Bag

This sling bag is for someone who is looking to have quick and easy camera access often.

Mosiso Camera Sling Bag

Many people come to Disney World and want to take their own professional-style pictures especially during the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, during the holiday season, engagement photo shoots, baby announcements, and many other events, but don’t know how to safely transport their camera equipment.

This bag has several compartments and a side tripod holder. The soft foam layer adds protection. You can also remove the modular insert for more space. This bag fits a standard-sized DSLR. 

11) Switch Travel Bag

Yes, this is a travel bag for a Nintendo Switch, but it is also the best sling backpack for Disney World for children. If you trust your child enough to take their Nintendo Switch to the theme parks with them, it might help the time pass while standing in lines for attractions.

Even if you don’t want them to bring their Nintendo Switch to the theme parks (which is understandable) this is a perfect sized bag for a child to hold their spending money, cell phone (if they have one), hair scrunchies, sunblock, and chapstick.

This bag is lightweight and durable and you won’t hear little ones complain about their back and shoulders hurting. This bag can be used for all other vacations and road trips you may take. It also helps teach them responsibility. 

12) Mouteeno Sling Bag

This bag is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop. It has a top-quality metal zipper and for those of you who are constantly getting zippers stuck, this is important.

Mouteeno Sling Bag

There is a removable cell phone pocket on the strap. The Mouteeno Sling Bag is also made from water-resistant material. 

13) WANDF Sling Bag

This stylish bag comes in cool colors and has many pockets. It is ideal for Disney because it is made from water-resistant material.

WANDF Sling Bag

Any bag that comes in water-resistant material is a great bag for Disney. This is a simple, but useful sling bag. 

14) AMBRY Rope Sling Bag

This bag has a non-slip, braided, nylon strap, which not only makes it very comfortable but fashionable as well.

AMBRY Rope Sling Bag

I really like the braided rope strap and think that style is very cute for everyday use as well. 

15) KL 928 Canvas Sling Bag

This waterproof canvas bag has genuine leather decor. Its cool design gives it a sleek, stylish look. 

16) Coequine Print Sling Bag

This bag has an oversized internal capacity making it the perfect bag to store all of those snacks and souvenirs.

It also comes in a variety of different colors and designs.

17) Mosiso Sling Bag

The Mosiso Sling Bag is a simple, waterproof, bag. It has a large zipper and two mesh side pockets. This is also a great bag if going to the waterparks or spending the day at the pool.

Mosiso Sling Bag

The large zippered pocket is perfect for fitting a towel and pool supplies, and two side pockets can fit a water bottle and your phone. This bag is also the perfect beach bag. 

18) BAOSHA Sling Bag

This bag is spacious and fun.

BAOSHA Sling Bag

It has a unique appearance and comes in floral patterns and many different colors. 

19) G4FREE Tactical Sling Bag

This is a sling bag that is not the best sling backpack for Disney World but is perfect for other outdoor activities as well such as hiking or camping.

G4FREE Tactical Sling Bag

It has 4 compartments and a large capacity. This bag also works for hunters. 

20) Baggallini Naples Convertible Sling Bag

This bag can be worn in a variety of ways.

Baggallini Naples Convertible Sling Bag

It has padded pockets and RFID blocking technology in the 4 card slots inside the bag.

This is the best sling backpack for Disney World if you experience shoulder or back pain. The padded shoulder strap will help to reduce stress on your shoulder. 

Traveling to Disney World with a Bag

Disney does have regulations regarding bag sizes, bags may not be larger than 24-inches long x 15-inches long. Depending on who you are traveling with, depends on what size sling bag you need. If you are a couple with no children, who live locally and are only visiting for a few hours, you don’t need to carry around an oversized sling bag. 

It will just be in the way and frustrating. Instead, you want to look for bags that are small or slim. When I travel to Disney, I am going without children, and the smaller the bag the better. All I need is a bag big enough to hold my phone, wallet, and chapstick, anything else is too bulky and during those humid, hot days, that is the last thing I want.  

The same goes if you are a parent traveling with an infant and a toddler, you wouldn’t want to have a sling bag that only fits a phone and a wallet. A baby requires way too many items for a parent to carry a bag that size. You’ll need a bag big enough to fit diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, change of clothes, baby food, snacks, water, phone, wallet, and I’m more many other items. 

With all of those items, the bag will be very heavy so a bag with a padded strap might be the best sling backpack for your family. A bag that has easy to clean fabric is a feature to look for as well since little ones might make a mess and you don’t want to walk around with dried baby food on your bag all day. 

Things to Pack in Your Sling Bag

There are many items people may need throughout the day depending on who they are, who they are traveling with, and when they are traveling.

Something I always have multiple’s on in every bag is hair scrunchies. You never know when you’ll want to put your hair up because it’s getting too hot on your neck, or even worse if the hair tie you have in your hair breaks. 

If you have an accident-prone child you might want to pack a first-aid kit with you. Disney does a first-aid center in every park but if you need a band-aid immediately, it could take a few minutes to get there.

If I am traveling to the theme parks during the winter months I always make sure I have a sweater with me just in case. The weather might be 85 degrees and beautiful all day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature could drop to 65 degrees. Waiting for the fireworks could get a bit chilly during that time so it is always nice to have a sweater with you. 

Parade Blankets are another item you should pack in a sling bag. If you don’t want to carry around a sweater all day, a small travel blanket is another option. There are many blankets out there that fold up into their own pouch like the Magellan’s Luxe Travel Blanket. Some of these blanket pouches can fold up smaller than a hoodie or sweater can.

Whether riding Kali River Rapids or getting stuck in an afternoon thunderstorm, walking around with wet socks is the worst. Making sure you have an extra pair of socks will ensure your feet will stay dry and blister-free!

A reusable water bottle helps to save the planet and save you money but it can also take up a lot of space in your sling bag. If you don’t want to carry a larger-sized sling bag the Valourgo 35 oz. Collapsible Water Bottle. When not in use this water bottle folds up and fits snugly in your bag. It is BPA-free, shatter-proof, and leak-proof. 

Flavored drink mix-ins like lemonade or tea will help save you money as well as avoid the taste of Florida tap water. 

Some small and compact snacks to pack in your sling bag are fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers, nuts, and pretzels. 

If you are here during the rainy season, which lasts from May until September, a poncho is a must-have for your sling bag as well. An afternoon thunderstorm can come out of nowhere so make sure you have your poncho waiting and ready to go. 

I love the cooling towels so much that I buy a new one every time I go. I actually buy a new one because I always forget the one from last time. You just put these towels under water and place them on the back of your neck to cool you down, just remember to put them in your sling bag. 

If you plan of visiting Disney World during the summer months, a feature your sling bag must-have is water resistance. I have been stuck in Epcot in a torrential rainstorm with a bag whose fabric wasn’t waterproof. These were the days before My Disney Experience so the paper fast passes and maps in the bag were ruined. 

Luckily Disney has the best cast members on earth who let us onto Soarin’ anyway, but we still had to carry a damp, heavy backpack on our shoulders for the rest of the day. When we got back to the hotel that night we had to quickly dry the bags out with the hairdryer before the mildew smell started. 

A waterproof bag is also necessary if you plan on visiting either of Disney’s two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. There is a high chance of all items getting wet if you are at a waterpark, so it just makes the most sense to make sure all things that can be water-resistant, are. 

Plus, this waterproof bag could be the same one you use while in the theme parks, meaning you won’t have to buy a separate bag for the water park. You also want to make sure your sling bag is either large or oversized if spending the day at one of the water parks. The bag might need to fit your towel, change of clothes, change of shoes, and other miscellaneous items. 

A bag with many pockets helps to make a great sling backpack. With many pockets, everything has its place, sometimes the bigger the pockets, people tend to just throw items in their bag and things get lost on the bottom and when you are standing in a line full of hot and angry guests who also want to buy a water bottle, you can be in a bad situation if your credit card it lost on the bottom on your bag. 

With a sling bag that has many pockets, all you have to do is turn your sling bag around and put your credit card back where it belongs. 

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