Best Packing List for Disney World in February

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Packing for Walt Disney World can certainly be overwhelming, but if you’re organized and have a good idea of what essential items should (and shouldn’t be packed), it can actually be quite fun.

While Packing for central Florida in February can seem a little scary (it certainly can be a bit chilly in February!), but I promise you with just a little research and having an extra article of clothing here and there, there is nothing to worry about. February can be a tricky month for Disney travel, only because the weather can sometimes be really unpredictable.  

So let’s dive in by talking a little bit about the weather you can expect before we jump into what to pack.

Central Florida Weather in February

First off, February has recently been one of the best months to travel to Walt Disney World because of the crowds. February is one of the least crowded months of the year, because it’s right after the holidays, and it’s before any major events and the summer. This is a nice aspect of February, however, sometimes the weather can be a little frustrating. 

Now, I don’t say that to scare you, I say that to prepare you. It is nothing that you can’t handle, and honestly, some people like to travel during this time of year rather than during the summer months and in the fall. The interesting thing about this time of year is that the temperature can change very quickly. What I mean is that one day it can be 55 degrees, and the next day, it can be 74. You are going to have to pack for both scenarios. 

Honestly, sometimes the temperature can change drastically throughout the day. Early in the morning, it can be chilly and then warm up during the day. We can talk more about how to handle this later, but knowing that the change can happen quickly is something you must keep in mind. The humidity is not as thick and crazy, and a slight breeze will often show itself to cool you off throughout the day. Again, this can switch rather quickly. 

Rain is no stranger to central Florida at any time of the year, honestly. February is not part of the rainy season, but rain is still very apparent.. It is very normal for a rain shower or a rain storm to pop up very randomly in the middle of the afternoon in Florida. This is especially so during the transition of seasons because it goes back and forth between being hot and cold so fast. 

These pop up rain storms usually don’t last more than about an hour, however. Sometimes, they are only about ten minutes. The interesting thing about this rain showers or rain storms is that once they are over, it almost seems like they never happened. Whenever they show up, just head on into a gift shop, a quick service restaurant, or go on an inside ride. The rain usually doesn’t last long, so if you just wait a little bit, the sun will be out as soon as possible! 

Pack Multiple Layers of Clothing

It is wild how fast the weather can change in Orlando at this time of year. This does not mean changing temperatures just from day to day; I mean that it can change drastically throughout the day as well. In the mornings, it can be very chilly, especially if you are going to rope drop the parks (meaning you arrive before the park opens in order to get to the attractions before the park becomes crowded in the middle of the day). Even if you do not rope drop the park, it is going to be cooler in the mornings. You are going to want another layer, such as a:

  • Jacket
  • Rain jacket 
  • Sweater
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Cardio
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweater 

In my experience, you are going to want that extra layer in the morning because it can be rather chilly in the morning. Throughout the day, it will most likely warm up, so you don’t need that layer during the day. My suggestion would be to have something that is easy to wrap around your waist or put in a bag throughout the day. You will most likely need to use it again in the evening. 

The temperature can really drop in the evenings and nights in central Florida, so you will probably want to keep that jacket and/or sweater that you wore in the morning. If you do not happen to pack anything like this, don’t worry. There are multiple gift shops throughout the entire property of Walt Disney World. Clothing can usually be found in all gift shops. There are constantly flows of people buying long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts, so don’t feel silly going in and grabbing one that you like because it is chilly outside.  

There is even a possibility that you are going to want to wear layers as far as a tank top underneath a t-shirt and such. Honestly, you never know how hot it is going to get. After walking around in chilly weather at 51 degrees, 74 degrees might seem really hot. There is a chance that you will want an extra shirt on in case you become too warm after walking around for awhile. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

So you are going to want to make sure you have an array of shirts at the ready in case you need to change due to weather. In my personal experience, I will usually wear a tank top underneath a shirt. This might just be a part of my outfit, so I am usually very comfortable with a tank top and a shirt overtop during this month. However, that is me, not you or anyone else in your party. A t-shirt might be too warm for you or someone else, so you are going to want to wear a lighter or looser shirt underneath your other shirt. 

Some people even go as far as bringing along a scarf with them to the parks for multiple reasons. If you even want to go as far as having a scarf to keep you warm in the morning, then you can do this as well. If it is a lighter scarf, it can probably be worn throughout the day, but a heavier scarf can provide warmth in the early mornings and in the evenings. 

Whenever you wear layers, however, make sure that you can easily carry them throughout the day. You are not going to want to carry a whole bunch of jackets and sweaters and scarves throughout the day if you can’t carry anything else. However, make sure that you can easily carry it all. There is a chance that you might not even take it off at all during the day because it will be cooler. 

When the rain hits randomly as well, you will thank yourself that you brought a jacket or sweater with you. In February, the rain can be a colder rain rather than a massive humid rainstorm. These layers can protect you from the elements as well, such as wind, rain, and the sun. If it’s cold, your jackets and sweaters can keep you warm and also protect you from the sun. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you do not have to protect yourself from the sun even though it might be colder and overcast. Overcast days can sometimes be the worst days as a matter of fact. 

I have been sunburned multiple times, sometimes for the worse, on overcast days. You’re also going to want to consider bringing a hat with you in order to keep the sun off of you. This can include a baseball cap and/ or a sunhat of some sort. You might not think so, but these honestly present excellent sun protection. 

Not only does it protect you from the sun, but this way you do not have to constantly reapply sunscreen to your face. It will also keep you somewhat cooler with the hat protecting you from the rays. Also, sunglasses will be your best friend. Definitely carry along pairs of sunglasses with you because you will not want the sun in your eyes all day long. After awhile, squinting and such will give you a headache after a while which is no fun at all, of course. 

Remember, layers upon layers upon layers! Not only do you need to make sure that you are warm enough or cool enough throughout the day, but you need to make sure you are also protected from the sun. With layers that are comfortable and provide protection from the sun, you will have no problem walking around to all of your adventures. 

Clothing Suggestions for the Kiddos

If your party includes kids and/or young children, you are going to have to think about what to pack for them as well. Any temperature that is too hot or too cold can sometimes be difficult to pack for, especially for children. However, you just need to think about what are the most comfortable articles of clothing that they own? What are some articles of clothing that your children love to wear all the time? More than likely, pieces of clothing that your child likes to wear all the time, they will agree to wear it at Walt Disney World, even when the weather can be unpredictable. 

For kids and young children, you are going to want to want to follow a similar mentality when it comes to layers. You are going to want to make sure your child has an extra jacket or at least an extra layer of clothing to keep them protected and warm during a cooler morning and a cooler evening. They are going to need that for sure, especially because young children and kids are more fragile than adults. It’s one thing for you to be uncomfortable, but of course we worry about our kids more. There is nothing worse than walking around and having your child being too hot or too cold. Whether they like it or not, they have to be protected and might not want to wear articles of clothing they you want them to wear at first.

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Now, we’re going to discuss good pieces of clothing for kids for both, hot weather and cooler weather and what is comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time. For hot weather, there are multiple things that you can pack for your child. One thing you are going to want to check out is if the clothing you pack for them is a breathable fabric. Now, you do not absolutely have to do this. However, your child will then be more comfortable in a material that is perfect for the Florida heat. 

After a long day, the first people that usually get tired are the children, whether they are toddlers or even nine years old. Everyone is exhausted at the end of a long day of adventures, but children are usually the first to get extremely tired. They will still be tired, but being tired in comfortable clothing is significantly better than being extremely exhausted and uncomfortable. Also, you do not have to do this, but a souvenir hoodie, jacket, sweatshirt, hat, etc. with their favorite Disney character on it might help convince them to wear it more. Besides, it’s way more fun to wear Disney themed clothing to a Disney park, anyways. 

EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts

Now, this is one of the most fun parts of the entire article. Something a lot of guests like to do, including myself, is bring along clothes and accessories that coordinate with EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts!

Now, before we continue, what is the Festival of the Arts, you ask? It lasts from mid/late January to mid/late February. For 2020, the festival starts January 17 and ends on February 24. It is all in the name; the festival celebrates everything that has to do with the arts and artists. Even in the middle of winter and greyness, the Festival of the Arts is very colorful, unique, and amazing. 

The merch during this time of year has everything to do with the arts and are so colorful and cute that it makes me extremely jealous that I haven’t had the chance to visit the festival yet. (However, the pictures on social media are absolutely beautiful, so that helps me out a little bit). Everything down to the pamphlets and the advertisements are a huge rainbow and piece of art. 

Most of the adventures and extras can be found in World Showcase, which is where all the country pavilions are located. There are aspects of the festival going on throughout the Future World part of EPCOT, but most of it is in World Showcase because this is the more “cultural” part of the park, of course. Within World Showcase and also in the section between Future World and World Showcase, there are multiple food stands set up. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

These food stands are normally not set up throughout the rest of the year. These stands are themed to, you guessed it, the arts and artists. Many food pieces are very art related and actually look like colorful and unique pieces of art. The food options are both savory and sweet, and there are also options for those who have food allergies. 

There are numerous activities going on such as Disney artists setting up stations around the park where you can watch them work. Would you like to own their artwork? You can! They always have options available for you to look at purchase to take home. For this reason, you might want to bring an extra bag with you strictly for souvenirs. 

A friend of mine had brought an empty duffel bag that she used strictly for souvenirs, and it actually was a dream to have. She was able to fit everything she bought into that bag rather than stuffing it in one of her suitcases. For artwork, it can be a bit harder to carry, but having a separate bag for it can help, because then you will not stuff it in your suitcase and potentially ruin it. 

If you want to take part in the festival, not only should you buy a piece of artwork and the fantastic menu, but you should dress the part. A lot of guests will dress in themed shirts or outfits that show off a lot of color. Take it from me; I LOVE dressing up for different events. Wearing colorful mouse ears, whether I bought them from Etsy or made them myself, it adds just the right amount of color and magic to my trip.

These along with a colorful dress and/or bright dress makes me feel amazing and like I’m a part of the festival. I’ve seen many guests walk around in themed shirts they perhaps bought at the park, made themselves, or bought it from a smaller business. By any means, you do not have to do this. However, I will say that it can be really fun to take part in the festival in a small way. 

Let’s Recap!

As we have discussed throughout the article, however, March is a great time to travel to Walt Disney World for multiple reasons. If you are someone who loves hot weather, but you have someone in your party who likes cooler weather, or vice versa, February is perfect. One day it can be seventy-five degrees, and the next day, it could be fifty degrees. The weather can change rather quickly, but as long as you are prepared for it, it is no big deal. 

My biggest suggestion to you would be to pack layers upon layers for your trip. You are going to want to wear a jacket or a sweater in the early mornings and in the late evenings.  You do not have to, but regardless of the Florida heat, the cool weather really bites when the temperature drops. Long pants are even okay to wear as long as you are comfortable with the outfit that you chose.

Comfort and protection from the elements are the most important aspects. This goes for children as well. They must be comfortable, and layers are one of the best things that young children and kids can wear when they travel to Disney in February. 

Do not forget that, the Festival of the Arts is also going on during the month of February, which is really fun to get involved in. You can bring themed clothing and accessories such as mouse ears that involve colors and artists tools in one way or another. It can be really fun to be involved in the festival in one way or another. You can literally be involved in the swirl of extravagant colors that are strewn throughout the park. 

As long as you bring a variety of clothing options, or even a jacket and/or sweater to go overtop your outfits, packing for February is no big deal. Just bringing a few extra items to put overtop the clothes you already wanted to pack is really all it takes.

My advice to you is to just take everything one step at a time. Packing for your Disney trip can be a lot of fun, and something you can think about while you’re doing it is all the fun and magic you are going to have on your trip. Don’t stress about it packing for your trip too much. Here’s my last bit of advice: just enjoy it and have an amazing time! 

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