The 10 Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom to Eat and Enjoy

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Out of all the parks, Animal Kingdom has the most unique Disney dining menus. You won’t find your average chicken fingers and fries here. There are some options that are more typical of a Disney park—like the popcorn and ice cream—but overall, you’re in for some adventurous eats if you plan on spending the whole day at Animal Kingdom.

Full of color and lively flavors, Animal Kingdom makes sure to highlight the cuisine native to Africa and Asia. You’ll find a lot of fresh fruit and veg, interesting combinations, and twists on old favorites. If you’re a picky eater, you may want to bring along some of your own snacks to munch on throughout the day. Of course, you can find some items that are more typical to Disney, so fret not if you plan on eating a full meal at this park.

Overall, though, you’ll find some of the tastiest snacks—both adventurous and tried-and-true—in Animal Kingdom.

Edamame at Caravan Road

The edamame at Caravan Road is Animal Kingdom’s version of souvenir popcorn buckets. If you’re vegetarian or vegan and struggle to find snacks at Disney that fit within your dietary restrictions, you’ll always be able to have the edamame at this kiosk. Tasty and filling, these beans are a healthy way to boost your energy in the middle of a long day at Animal Kingdom. Edamame costs about $4.29.

Caravan Road is known for its unique snacks and quick service, so if you’re looking for another snack that won’t break the bank, this is the place to go.

Old-Fashioned Hot Fudge Sundae at Dino-Bite Snacks

Ice cream never gets old, and a hot fudge sundae hits the spot when you’re walking around hot Florida. The ice cream sundaes at Dino-Bite Snacks are especially yummy. You get a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, nuts, and cherries. If you have a nut allergy, you can ask for no nuts, but if your allergy is severe, you may want to skip out in case the nuts are handled in the same place as the ice cream. You can get this snack for about $6.99. Dino-Bites has several other ice creams and sweet treats that are just as tasty, too.

Donald’s Dino-Bash Cupcake at Dino Diner

If you’re looking for a tasty themed treat, head over to Dino Diner for a Donald Duck inspired cupcake. Made to celebrate Animal Kingdom’s latest character greetings, Donald’s Dino-Bash, this cupcake celebrates everything we love about Donald Duck. It’s made of yellow cake with lemon-flavored white chocolate mousse and vanilla buttercream. It’s decorated with yellow pearls and a red fondant bow to make it look like Donald himself. It’s a delicious treat to indulge in while you’re watching a street show or taking a break from walking around the park. It costs about $5.99, which is reasonable considering all those decorations and the white chocolate mousse. Make sure you take lots of pictures before you chow down!

Cinnamon-Glazed Almonds at Drinkwallah

Another great Animal Kingdom snack are the cinnamon-glazed almonds at Drinkwallah. These are another treat you can only get Animal Kingdom, similar to the edamame beans. They’re perfect for eating on the go or while you’re waiting in line. They’re a great way to fill your stomach while you’re on the go. They also have cinnamon-glazed pecans if you prefer those—both options are about $5.59. They’re they perfect blend of sweet and crunchy.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese at Eight Spoon Café

When you’re ready to sit down for a big meal, head over to the Eight Spoon Café for a healthy helping of mac and cheese. There are a few different types, each of which are delicious. You can choose between plain mac and cheese, one with pulled pork, and another with shrimp and sweet chili sauce. The prices range from about $5 to $7 depending on which option you choose. Chips are also available for you to snack on while you eat your mac and cheese. It’s great for kids who maybe don’t want to try some of the more exotic options available throughout the park.

Apple Cider Donut Holes at Isle of Java

Isle of Java is a wonderful food cart full of treats you’d find at a café. With plenty of coffee and pastries, you’ll be able to have a filling breakfast at Disney World without having to start your day waiting in line for food at your hotel. One of the best pastries at this cart has to be the apple cider donut holes.

These donuts are fresh and covered with cinnamon sugar and diced apples. Then, it’s coated with an apple cider glaze to finish off the flavor profile. If you’re going to the parks in the fall, this is the perfect treat to get in the mood for the autumn season. They’re tasty any time of year, though, and are perfect for when you first arrive at the park and you need something sweet to go with your cup of coffee.

These treats cost about $4.99 for three of them. If you get them with an espresso, your total will be around $7.50. For reference, this food cart does not accept dining plans, but these donut holes are too good to pass up.

Roast Beef and Cheddar Panini at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

Ready for a hearty dinner to round off your day at Animal Kingdom? The roast beef and cheddar panini will surely fill you up. Even though they class this panini as a snack, you’ll find that it’s enough food to count as a meal. On this sandwich, you get fire-roasted beef, smoked Tillamook cheddar, and horseradish-sherry vinaigrette all on ciabatta bread. You also get some curry-flavored chips to go with it all. That’s one big snack! For all that food, you pay around $11, which makes sense when you factor in all of the house-prepared ingredients. You certainly receive a decent amount of food for the price you pay.

There is also a ham and cheese panini if you prefer ham to roast beef; that contains some rotisserie ham, Comté cheese, and sweet mustard butter. You get the same ciabatta bread and curry chips. Either way, you get plenty of bang for your buck, and a full stomach to boot.

Mandarin Orange Lemonade at Pizzafari

There hasn’t been many drinks on this list, but that’s because Animal Kingdom mostly serves alcoholic beverages and water. There aren’t too many specialty drinks that don’t contain alcohol—which is fine for those wanting to have a more adult Disney experience.

If you have kiddies with you, though, it can be hard to find fun drinks for them to enjoy while you sip on your cocktail. The mandarin orange lemonade at Pizzafari is the perfect drink for your little ones. It’s made of exactly what it says in the title. You get a blend of orange and lemon flavors that will refresh you during a long day at Animal Kingdom.

It clocks in around $5, which is a little pricey for a drink, but you won’t be disappointed by the flavor. You also have the option of getting it in souvenir mug for an additional $9. There is also an option to get this lemonade with vodka, so you and your kid can each have your own!

Any Pizza or Flatbread at Pizzafari

To go along with your lemonade, try one of Pizzafari’s delicious pizzas or flatbreads. With so many options available, it really depends on which toppings you prefer. Here’s a list of everything available:

  • Pepperoni Pizza ($10.49)
  • Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza ($10.99)
  • Vegetable Pizza ($10.49)
  • Cheese Pizza ($9.99)
  • Shrimp Flatbread ($13.49)

These prices are estimates, and may change over time. Overall, though, for an entire pizza these prices are not terrible. On the vegetable pizza, you get red peppers, green peppers, onions, and kalamata olives. For the shrimp flatbread, you receive roasted shrimp, tomato, red pepper, alfredo, pesto, and greens on top. The others are self-explanatory. No matter which you choose, you’ll feel full and satisfied. These options are great for picky eaters that just want some comfort food in the midst of all the exotic options available, but the more adventurous eaters will also be satisfied by the shrimp flatbread. It’s great for the whole family.

Malva Cake Sundae at Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Finally, when you’re ready for dessert, it’s time to head over to Tamu Tamu Refreshments for a delicious Malva Cake Sundae. This treat is made with a warm spice cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce on top.

It’s sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar to top off the flavors. The cake is another great treat if you want to get ready for autumn. Though, like with the apple cider donut holes, it’s tasty all year long. The ice cream will probably melt while you’re eating it, but don’t worry—that only adds to the flavor. The cake itself is only made better with the cool vanilla ice cream and the caramel sauce. You really get a taste of the spices in the cake mixed with the cinnamon on top. You’d do a good thing by getting this delicious cake at the end of your day to put a stamp on a trip well spent at Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom: The Snack Wrap-Up

Animal Kingdom tries its best to incorporate unique flavors into its cuisine to pay its respect to the countries it honors throughout the park. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of spiced desserts, a slew of veggies, and hearty meals full of protein. For those who prefer traditional American foods, you’ll still find options that will fill you up, but do try to have some fun with everything available to you. It’s not every day you get to sample traditional African cuisine!

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