What to Bring to Disney World in March

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If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, especially in March, then you no doubt will need to start thinking about what to pack in your suitcase.  Do you know what to bring to Disney World in March?  Have you thought about how the weather will impact what you pack, or how your planned schedule will dictate what goes in your luggage?

If not, don’t fret, we’re here to help, as we’ll outline all of the Disney World essential items you need to throw into your suitcase so that you and your family are fully prepared for your trip!

What to Bring to Disney World in March

Let’s begin with perhaps the most obvious choice, but no doubt a very important one, which is comfortable shoes that are made for lots (and lots) of walking.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Picture yourself walking down Main Street USA.  With each step, the thick aroma of kettle corn wafts from confectionery shop windows, an instrumental waltz fills your ears, Cinderella’s Castle glistens in the golden light—and your feet scream in anguish. 

Why?  Because raw blisters are pulling and tearing at your feet with each agonizing step. You’re wearing old walking shoes, ones you should’ve tossed in the trash years ago, and they can protect your feet very well due to all the walking that’s required at Disney World. 

Definitely heed this warning—when it comes to Disney, you’re going to want to invest in the absolute best shoes for Disney World that you can find.  Supportive sneakers, especially if you have foot issues or even plantar fasciitis, is incredibly important.  

I’ve had success with hiking sandals, as well. If you choose to purchase new shoes before your trip to Disney World, be sure to break them in before hitting the parks. New shoes can cause as much damage as old or poorly-chosen footwear. You do not want to get stuck walking around the happiest place on Earth with fresh blisters or sore spots!

Rain Gear

A rain jacket, umbrella, or poncho is essential for visiting Walt Disney World at any time of year. Rain showers are typically brief, but can arrive suddenly and unexpectedly. And trust me, they are going to arrive—it’s just a matter of when.

During the month of March, the average rainfall in Orlando increases; you are likely to encounter rain if you arrive at this time. To make the most of your hours in the parks, you will want to come prepared to stay dry in a sprinkle or a downpour. Outdoor rides will close in a thunderstorm, but most will stay open during a light rain shower!

There are benefits and drawbacks to rain jackets, umbrellas, and ponchos. Personally, I prefer a rain jacket, as it keeps me warmer than a poncho. If you choose this option for yourself, remember to also bring a plastic bag or rain cover for any backpacks or purses that you are carrying with you. 

A poncho will cover you and your belongings; for this reason, it is the preferred option for families towing kids’ supplies around the parks. An umbrella is a useful addition to a rain jacket or poncho, but will not function effectively as stand-alone rain gear, as it cannot be used on rides. Plastic ponchos are sold in the parks, if needed for a rainy day!

Light Jacket or Sweatshirt

We tend to associate spring break with sunshine. Indeed, during March, Orlando’s daily high temperature averages in the low 80s (measured in degrees Fahrenheit). However, in the evenings, the temperature has the potential to plummet quite drastically. An 85 degree Fahrenheit day may drop into the low 60s overnight. 

As a guest in Walt Disney World parks, you will need to prepare for this possibility by packing a light jacket or sweatshirt. Dress in layers that you can peel off and put back on as needed!  


As you may have gathered by skimming this article, there are some essential items that you will want to collect and bring into the parks with you on your Walt Disney World vacation. The days can be long, but they will thrill and delight you so long as you are prepared. It helps to have a central location for storing your necessities. In the past, I have brought purses, drawstring bags, and small backpacks into Disney parks. Of these, I prefer the backpack for its design and organizational advantage.

When selecting a bag to carry around Walt Disney World, consider the number of people for whom you will be responsible. As a single adult visiting the parks without children, a drawstring bag is sufficient; however, a small backpack (like a hiking daypack) enables me to more effectively arrange items and find what I need, when I need it. 

If you are packing and managing materials for yourself and others, you will probably need a slightly bigger book bag, like what students use to carry their texts and supplies to and from class. My biggest piece of advice on this topic: Do not rely on a purse! You will suffer from a sore shoulder and scarcity of storage space!

Plastic Water Bottle

While options like the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom do exist to aid guests with transportation around the parks, you will spend a significant amount of time “on foot” during your Disney World vacation. This, combined with the ample sunshine that is characteristic of springtime in Orlando, means that you will need to make a conscious effort to remain hydrated. 

Fortunately, gone are the days when theme park guests were forced to purchase overpriced, plastic water bottles! In Walt Disney World parks, water fountains and bottle refill stations are available for your use. 

I highly suggest that you bring a plastic–not glass, as it is banned–bottle of your own to refill at one or several of the stations located around the parks. According to recent visitors, refill stations can be found at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Traveler’s Cafe (Starbucks) in EPCOT, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, there are stations located at two attractions: Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey. If you happen to forget your refillable bottle, do not despair! Many dining locations around the parks supply free cups of ice water, upon request.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT offer a vast selection of dining options. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Disney Dining Plans–which allow you to pre-purchase meals and snacks for your days in the parks–have been suspended. However, you can still eat at the many restaurants and quick-service stations available to guests. 

Dining out in the parks, while convenient and delicious, becomes expensive rather quickly, especially when traveling with children. For this reason, I recommend packing supplementary snacks or even meals of your own. 

The question follows: What to pack? Nutrition and protein bars are an excellent choice of food to bring for sustained energy in between meals. For a quick–but not necessarily lasting–energy boost, you could pack applesauce pouches, dried fruit, or bananas. 

Other favorite bites of mine include sunflower seeds, popcorn, trail mix, and rice crisps. It never hurts to carry a sweet treat, such as a chocolate bar or hard candy, too! Just be mindful of the potential for melting, so that you do not end up with a hard-to-clean mess inside your bag.

Sunscreen, Hat, and Sunglasses

Much like blistered feet, a sunburn complicates and dampens the joy of a trip to Walt Disney World. While in the parks, you want to focus on fully enjoying the experience, not avoiding the sun to protect damaged skin. 

I prefer a cream sunscreen, but spray may be your preference or your tool for persuading strong-willed children in your party to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays. Be sure to coat all exposed areas of skin, including the face and, if applicable, ears. Apply sunscreen before heading into the parks and reapply throughout the day to ensure continued protection. 

Other tools for sun protection include hats and sunglasses. Some of my worst sunburns have occurred on my scalp, where my hair parts. A brimmed hat, such as a baseball cap, will defend you from this type of burn and serve as an additional shield between the sun and the sensitive skin on your face. 

Sunglasses are also necessary for protecting your eyes and ensuring better visibility on particularly bright days. Walt Disney World parks are full of magical and entertaining sights…You do not want to miss a thing due to the sun in your face!


The My Disney Experience app for Apple and Android devices is your proverbial golden ticket for maximizing your time in the parks on your Walt Disney World vacation. Whether you are searching for a park map, wait times, restaurant, or activity reservation, this app has the answers you seek. 

Additionally, the new Disney Genie Service has been embedded into My Disney Experience. This service collects data on your highest priority attractions, entertainment, and dining, then crafts an itinerary specific to your wants and needs. I highly recommend you pack a smartphone for your trip and download My Disney Experience, so that you can benefit from the trip planning features and reduced wait time reservations on Disney Genie.

Other smartphone features will supplement the use of My Disney Experience and enhance your adventure in the parks. With the introduction of Disney Genie Services, it is possible to plan events such that you spend a minimal amount of time waiting in line for your favorite rides and shows. 

That being said, you will certainly squander some of your day in queues for high-demand attractions. To cope, download games onto your smartphone before hitting the parks. Heads Up, for example, is a fun and free game to enjoy with other adults and any children in your party!


After the final, wistful glance at Cinderella’s Castle, when you have resumed your day-to-day life, you will be glad to have pictures capturing memories from your trip to Walt Disney World. Disney Photopass service–which can be accessed online or on My Disney Experience–allows you to purchase downloads or prints of the professional pictures taken of your party by Disney Cast Members during your time in the parks. 

Of course, this service can become quite expensive. Whether you rely on a smartphone camera, GoPro, or film, if you wish to avoid purchasing Photopass pictures, be sure to bring a camera of your own! Most Cast Members will happily take photos of you and your party on your own device. 


You now know what to bring to Disney World when visiting during the month of March. Next, you can begin packing with a clear mind and sense of ease. With careful preparation, you will be set up to enjoy and get the most out of your Disney vacation. Have a wonderful time, and remember to throw in some Mickey ears!

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