The 25 Best Backpacks for Disney World You’ll Love

Check out some of the best backpacks for Disney World

Up until my most recent trip to Disney, I had seven glorious years of using a stroller at the theme parks to hold my day bag for me. A stroller is so convenient on a Disney trip. You can throw your bag in it, along with any extra items you may have, like a jacket, water bottles, hats or sunglasses.

But you cannot use a stroller at Disney World forever (unless your kids are like Peter Pan and outright refuse to grow old), which means you will need to find a bag that is both comfortable for all-day wear and functional to hold everything you need. 

I’ll admit, the thought of lugging around a backpack in the hot Florida sun all day didn’t seem all that appealing.  So for this article, I went to work on finding 25 of the absolute best backpacks for Disney World that would meet all of my high expectations—and I think I’ve compiled a list of great options for the whole family.

Finding the Best Backpacks for Disney World

I wanted to sort this list by age group, because every Disney World guest can use a helpful backpack.  But every backpack isn’t the most suitable for every age.  So, I’ve sorted this list from the oldest age to the youngest.  So we’ll begin with backpacks that can work really nicely for older adults and progress to backpacks that work well for younger Disney World guests.

ZOMAKE Lightweight Backpack

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Backpack

This backpack is a little on a smaller scale which is great for grandparents that don’t need too many items with them, but still large enough to fit everything you need. This backpack is also water-resistant which is great for rain and water rides!

Now, all of the next backpacks that are on my list can be great for men and women of various ages. And while a lot of these backpacks can be unisex, I’ll be sure to give my favorite options for both genders. Most backpacks can be interchangeable among men and women, but because each person requires different items in their bags, there are bags out there that speak to men and women separately.

Between the unpredictable rain and the water rides, it’s safe to say your bag has a good chance of getting wet. 

So, it is best to avoid the potential damage inside your bag when your bag inevitably gets wet, and purchase the bag made from water-resistant materials. 

Calia by Carrie Underwood Backpack

Calia by Carrie Underwood Backpack

This is another great option to bring to Disney World. While it doesn’t have the storage of the previous backpack mentioned, it is more affordable and offers a lot of the same features.

You’ll still be able to fit everything you need without spending more.

Cruiser Backpack – LuluLemon

Cruiser Backpack- LuluLemon

While more on the pricey side, this backpack is sure to fit everything you want and need while still giving you comfort.

Tons of storage compartments plus water repellent fabric gets the number one spot for men’s backpacks for me. 

Router Commuter Backpack – The North Face

This backpack is one of the largest backpacks on my list, so it’s not for everyone. This is a great option for all adults. But this is the best backpack for Disney World if you want a backpack for your whole family. It has a cushion for comfort, plenty of extra storage, and can be used for all your needs. 

I love this backpack option if you want to eliminate a few bags within the family and consolidate your items into one bag. It is not big enough to fit large items for everyone, but big enough to carry all of the necessities and a few light jackets or sweatshirts. 

Luckily, teenagers are used to wearing backpacks to school, so wearing one around Disney World shouldn’t be an issue. But a teen may not be thrilled at the thought of having to wear a backpack around Disney. Hopefully, they can be easily persuaded by the number of stylish backpacks on the market right now. Some stylish yet functional backpacks are great for travel in general but also great for Disney. 

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

There are lots of color options to make everyone happy, it’s a popular and stylish choice, and has plenty of room to fit everything they need.

This is the perfect option for a teen to fit everything they need and want without having to throw it in someone else’s backpack and dig through it to find it later. They will like having their bag to organize and grab their items without hassle. 

What’s also cool about this backpack is that it’s water resistant!

Nike Heritage Gym Sack

Nike Heritage Gym Sack

lightweight and not too big. This is a great option for minimalistic teen boys that do not need all of the extra pockets in some other backpacks.

I love the drawstring bags because it is flexible and you can squeeze some extra items in if needed but can still secure it just fine. I also love that this backpack is airy and you will not get too hot wearing it in the Florida sun.

Gear-Up Backpack – Pottery Barn Teen

Gear-Up Backpack - Pottery Barn Teen

These backpacks are the perfect in-between from a smaller kid backpack to an adult size larger family bag. These offer more storage which is great for those smaller items and is built to last, so your teen will get plenty of use out of it.

Last but not least, backpacks for the kids! There are so many cute backpack options out there for kids. And luckily, kids are easily pleased with their favorite pattern or color and they will love having their very own backpack. 

Though you might not want to expect them to wear their bag all day, it is great to have to store all of their items, including small toys to keep them occupied in lines. I love having a smaller, kid-size backpack to bring to the pools that we can throw our phones and wallets in without needing a bigger bag. A smaller bag is also great to grab when you are heading to the ride lines. You can keep much-needed items in it and keep small toys and activities to keep your kids entertained throughout the wait.

Mackenzie Backpacks – Pottery Barn Kids

Mackenzie Backpacks - Pottery Barn Kids

This is the number one backpack I recommend for kids. Your child will love picking out their favorite design and color, they have multiple size options, they are durable, and hold exactly what they need. I love that you can pick the best size for your kid to fit them perfectly, and you do not have to sacrifice storage pockets. 

I have had these backpacks for years and I can say they have made it through countless Disney trips and have been a lifesaver. Sometimes we will bring one of the kids’ backpacks with us if we are just going to watch the fireworks or go to dinner. When a larger bag or multiple bags are not needing, grabbing a kid’s backpack is the perfect solution. 

Skip Hop Backpack 

Skip Hop Backpack

These are a true winner for anyone looking for a great Disney World backpacks for kids. These are more affordable and are also durable. I like that these have a lot of fun options to choose from but they have options for parents as well. You can use some of their bags as a diaper bag or you can get a backpack for your child.

Either way, you will be happy with the quality of these bags and you will be glad to have them on your Disney trip. These are definitely some of the best backpacks for Disney World–especially for young kids that love cute animals.

Best Bag to Take to Disney

There are so many options out there to suit everyone’s backpack needs. Some people need a bag with one big storage compartment. Some prefer a bag with multiple medium size storage compartments. Some only need a smaller bag for their necessary items. I like a bag that has a bigger main compartment to hold any of my larger items, such as a rain jacket, along with my lunch bag cooler. 

But I also prefer a medium-size compartment that makes finding things a little easier. I love specialty pockets that hold specific items such as a phone or keys. It takes the guesswork out of where to find your items and makes for a much smoother Disney World vacation.

I have rounded up some of my favorite bags to take to Disney based on various wants and needs, including the number of pockets offered, bag size, and price point.

40L Travel Bag – Nomatic

40L Travel Bag - Nomatic

A great bag to use while traveling.

Plenty of storage and durable material.

Setout Travel Backpack – Tortuga

Setout Travel Backpack - Tortuga

Another great option for a well-made bag.

This is a great option to use while walking around Disney World.

Osprey Backpack

Osprey Backpack

A reputable brand so you know your bag will last.

Plenty of storage pockets to hold everything you need.

Swissgear City Backpack

Swissgear City Backpack

These are trustworthy bags and great for travel.

There are many different bag options with this brand, all of which could be great options to bring with you to Disney World. 

Pack Leader Backpack – Scout Bags

Pack Leader Backpack - Scout Bags

A fantastic option to bring to Disney for size and comfort, but also have cooler backpacks that can hold your items plus anything you want to keep cool. I have used a cooler bag before as a cooler and a regular bag. Who says you just need to keep fridge items in a cooler bag? I find if you get a bag that doubles as a regular bag or backpack and a cooler bag, you kill two birds with one stone.

This has worked great for me in the past, even with reaching into the bag multiple times a day for something. I also make sure to get a cooler bag that has extra smaller storage compartments that make reaching your items more accessible.

LLBean Backpack

LLBean Backpack

One of the most popular options going back generations. These are backpacks made to last for years to come. Durability, comfort, size, and color options for the whole family make this a backpack you won’t regret.

This is one of the best backpacks for Disney World. LLBean bags are a bag you cannot go wrong with. They offer plenty of storage with multiple compartments and they are quick to dry. 

Lands’ End Backpack

Lands’ End Backpack

This is a great, comfortable backpack, that I highly recommend. I love that this bag is washable because Disney is a busy, fast pace vacation. Being able to wash your bag out quick is a great perk to have.

Herschel Retreat backpacks are a great unisex option. These bags take the cake for style and comfort and won’t let you down. They have plenty of compartments and have options for the whole family. 

Billabong Backpack 

Billabong Backpack 

A backpack you can use over and over again.

It’s the perfect size to travel with, affordable, comfortable and has plenty of storage compartments. 

Paxat Pack – Patagonia

Paxat Pack - Patagonia

Comfortable for your entire Disney trip and doesn’t lack storage.

Patagonia specializes in outdoor equipment, so you can trust that their backpacks can withstand being outside in Disney for days.

Square Backpack – A New Day

My favorite target backpack. This bag is deceiving with how much it can hold. It is so comfortable to wear and has deep water bottle holders on the side. I have personally used this backpack and was in awe at how much it held while still being comfortable. I also love the smaller front pocket.

It holds a lot of your smaller items, making it incredibly easy to reach in and grab what you need. This bag goes to show you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality bag. 

21 Backpack – All in Motion

21 Backpack - All in Motion

A great family-friendly option to carry everything you need in the parks.

This bag can fit items for most of the family members and is great if you want to eliminate the amount of bags in the park with you. 

Jartop Backpack – Embark

Jartop Backpack - Embark

This bag is sure to fit everything you could need. Plenty of storage, it can hold multiple people’s items, without being too heavy or uncomfortable.

This is one of the larger backpacks so keep in mind that if you are fitting multiple people’s items in this bag, it will get a bit heavier. Plus side, if you are sharing with family members, each person can take a turn carrying it around.

Packable 19” Backpack – Made By Design

Packable 19” Backpack - Made By Design

A perfect option to use if you are looking for a packable backpack.

Cost-friendly holds plenty but doesn’t take up room in your suitcase.

Sienna – Smart Backpack – Nordace

Sienna - Smart Backpack - Nordace

This is the best bag to take to Disney. This backpack checks all the boxes. It’s compact and has a luggage strap for convenience, plenty of pockets to hold your valuables, and even a USB charging port, which is great for charging up in the parks.

The USB charging port alone makes this bag worthwhile for traveling, never mind traveling to Disney World. Your phone is going to be losing a lot of battery with all of the pictures, videos, and Disney app usage, so being able to charge your phone easily is a great feature to have. I love the storage in this bag and everything it has to offer.

Best Fanny Pack for Disney World

One trend that I believe should never have gone out of style is the fanny pack.  I freaking loved using fanny packs at Disney World. They are so convenient! A hands-free bag option big enough to hold all your essentials. What more could you want?

I know people think they are old fashioned and corny—like a vestige of the 1980s and 1990s that needs to stay in the past.  But I’m sorry—carrying a small bag around your waist that doesn’t weigh you down and only stores your absolute essentials never goes out of style for me.

And, if you and I share the same thoughts on fanny packs, below is a great one that you should strongly consider buying.

The Everywhere Belt Bag – Lululemon 

The Everywhere Belt Bag - Lululemon

This the best fanny pack for Disney World, in my opinion. It’s lightweight and won’t cling to you so much that it is noticeable, and it is large enough to fit all the essentials you need for easy access.

Fanny packs are a perfect bag to bring to Disney World. It can fit all of your important items and have them readily accessible. You do not have to think about where in the bag they are or having to wear it around all day. It is barely noticeable and a game-changer for Disney World vacations.

Best Crossbody Bag for Disney

I love a good crossbody bag. They are light and keep your arms and hands-free (especially important for moms) and hold more than just a wristlet or even a fanny pack. I love bringing a crossbody bag to Disney World—for both use inside the parks and outside the parks.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s handy to have in the parks too but I like to minimize the bags I bring in and if I can fit everything in a bigger back, that’s what I go for. Disney Springs, a dinner, etc. are the times I bring out my crossbody bag when I want to be a little dressed up and don’t need to bring a big bag with me.

The best crossbody bag for Disney is one that is small enough to avoid getting too heavy but also has space for everything you need. 

Kate Spade Little Better Sam Crossbody Bag

They have tons of styles and options and even have a Disney collection! Crossbody bags are so useful in everyday life and at Disney.

Kate Spade Little Better Sam Crossbody Bag

They are functional yet fashionable which is a can’t beat combination in my book. These bags are great to bring with you to a dinner reservation when you do not want to be bringing a backpack along.

Things to Bring to Disney

Okay. You’re planning what to bring in your bag to Disney and you have no idea what items are needed and what you can do without. I’m here to help! Some things to bring to Disney are Chapstick, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, wallet, charger, cool cloth, hand sanitizer, snacks, refillable water bottle, an autograph book, and pen for those characters meet and greets. 

These are all smaller items that can be easily fit into your bag and you will love having them readily accessible. You can do without the first aid kit-they have first aid offices in each park with your necessities. I do like to bring a few Band-Aids if there is a blister or minor scrape that doesn’t require the first aid location. 

Don’t bother bringing a bunch of recyclable water bottles. Bring your refillable bottle. You can get cups of ice water at many of the quick service spots for free to refill your water throughout the day. It saves room in your bag and you do not have to worry about packing enough water bottles for everyone for the day.

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