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When I think about the best time of year to go to Disney World, February is one of the months that’s at the top of my list. The weather is mild. The humidity is gone. And, the crowds are generally lower thanks to down-time between the winter holidays and the U.S. spring break season.

So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at visiting Disney World in February. We’ll break down all the pros and cons of visiting in this month. We’ll explore the average weather conditions, typical crowd calendars, and even special events and holidays that might impact your travel.

All of this will help you decide if February is a good month for you and your family to visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

The Basics

Visiting Disney World in February can be the perfect time to enjoy mild Florida weather and experience some of the lowest crowds of the year. There are some holidays and special events, like the U.S. President’s Day holiday and the Disney Princess Half Marathon that will affect crowds and prices.

Before you decide if February is a good month to visit Disney World, we’ll take a look at the basics. We’ll look at the weather, resort promotions, special events and holidays, and general crowd calendar predictions.

The Weather in February

February is one of my favorite months for good weather in Central Florida. There’s no humidity and the temperatures are mild and pleasant. There are a good few weeks in February where the temperatures are perfect, with slightly cool mornings and evenings with warm afternoons.

A look at the average temperatures shows that this sweet spot in weather is typically around the second and third weeks of the month. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you bring plenty of layers with you, because February can also have very chilly days too.

Water based attractions are often under refurbishment in February, due to the potential cooler weather. And, usually at least one of the water parks will be closed for refurbishment too. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an afternoon of swimming though. Unless the weather dips into potentially low temperatures, you’ll be able to enjoy your resort pool or hot tub.

Rain is less common in February, which means you’ll enjoy sunshine days and generally nice weather throughout the month. If you don’t like humidity, February may just be the month for you to visit.

Below, check out a video someone posted to YouTube about their Disney World trip in the month of February:

Disney Resort Promotions

Though it isn’t necessarily the cheapest time to go to Disney World, you’ll find some fairly decent resort promotions and rates throughout February. Early February will give you the best discounts, since it is still considered Value Season, which are the cheapest rates Disney offers.

Because the weather is so nice in February and there are a few special events and holidays, the rates during the second and third week of February do rise to Peak Season, the second most expensive time to visit.

The last week of February is considered Regular Season, where discounts are available, but not as good as those during Value Season. As you can see, rates and promotions throughout February do vary, but with a bit of planning can be a great time to visit Disney World.

February Special Events and Holidays

February is a shorter month, and that means any special events or holidays are typically held closer in date to each other. Though it isn’t a jam-packed month, there are some park happenings and national holidays you’ll want to consider when thinking about visiting Disney in February.

If you’re looking to avoid larger crowds and wait times or want to get the best deal on your vacation package, early February is ideal because it has no major holidays or special events affecting travel. Here are a few special events and holidays that do take place in the month of February.

Epcot Restaurants

Epcot International Festival of the Arts at Epcot: This festival began in 2017 and is typically held on the weekends during January through the middle of February. The festival highlights the art of entertainment, food, and visual art. This festival, like the Food & Wine Festival and Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot, includes food booths where guests can sample various food and drink, broadway style shows at the American Adventure Pavilion Theatre, and other art-inspired experiences. This may impact crowds and wait times at Epcot during event weekends.

Mardi Gras: Let the good times roll with Mardi Gras celebrations at Disney. Mardi Gras, is a religious holiday typically associated with cities like New Orleans. Though not a major holiday celebration at the Disney Parks and Resorts, you’ll find Mardi Gras celebrations at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. The resort has a mini parade complete with floats and trinkets, like beads and candy. They also offer some specialty foods, like King Cake, for purchase in the food court, throughout the festivities. This won’t impact crowds, but it’s a nice free and unique event to know about if you’re visiting Disney during this time, or if you’re staying at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air during Valentine’s Day at Disney. Typically, this does not affect crowds in the parks, but you may find that signature dining locations and table service restaurants at the Disney Parks and Resorts may be booked completely. If you are visiting during Valentine’s Day and want to dine at a table service restaurant, you’ll want to book your Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) well in advance.

President’s Day Weekend: This is a U.S. federal holiday held on the third Monday every February. Because of this holiday, many schools close, making it a long weekend for many. Because it’s a long weekend, many local Florida residents may choose to visit, as well as others with long weekends throughout the U.S.

Princess Half Marathon Weekend: This runDisney running event is probably the busiest time in the month of February. It may not be as big of an event as the Disney Marathon in January, but you’ll see high crowds and wait times and the most expensive resort rates throughout the month. If the Princess Half Marathon Weekend is held close to President’s Day weekend, you’ll see even higher crowds. Many guests will arrive the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the race weekend.

As you can see, all of these special events and holidays can affect wait times, crowds, Fastpass+, and ADR availability. With this in mind, let’s take a look at crowd calendars and the best and worst times to visit in February.

February Crowd Calendars

February is a moderately busy thanks to its shorter month length and several special events and holidays. Certain weeks are busier than others. Though there’s no one perfect answer for the best time to visit WDW, we can get a good idea of how busy a park may be thanks to historic crowd calendar trends on sites like Touring Plans and Easy WDW. With this in mind, here are some of the busiest and least crowded times during the month of February.

Typically, the busiest times (aka the most crowded) in February include:

  • President’s Day Weekend: This U.S. federal holiday is always a very popular weekend to visit for local Florida residents and those in the U.S. whose children have the President’s Day holiday off at school. Expect higher than normal crowds and increased wait times. 
  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend: This runDisney event is extremely popular and takes place over the course of 3 days. This means that many participating in the races or supporting friends and family who are running will choose to vacation at Disney during this time. This will be the most heavily crowded time throughout the month. Expect long wait times and crowds and be prepared to arrange Fastpass+ and ADRs well in advance before you visit. If you are driving a vehicle on Disney property during this time, you may experience some lane closures and driving delays due to the road being closed during some of the races held that weekend. With this in mind, Disney’s bus transportation may also experience some delays.

The least crowded times in January include:

  • First Week of February: With virtually no special events or holidays, the first week of February is your best bet for any travel throughout the month of February. You’ll find the value season rates and lower than normal crowds, make it an ideal time to visit. 
  • Superbowl Sunday: American football is a very popular sport. Superbowl Sunday weekend, usually held during the first or second weekend of February, may actually be a really good time to visit. Many local Florida residents will choose to stay home that day to prepare and watch the game.One of the busiest places during Superbowl Weekend at Disney? The ESPN Club at the Boardwalk resort area will likely be jam-packed full of guests watching the Superbowl and enjoying a meal.
  • Second Week of February: The second week of February is another great time to visit, if you can avoid staying through President’s Day Weekend and beyond. Crowds may be increased slightly, but you’ll generally find it a good time to visit. Resort rates are under Regular Season during this week.

What Days of the Week Are Best?

Like most months, weekends are going to be the most crowded times in the Disney Parks and Resorts. You’ll want to avoid going to Epcot on the weekends, especially during the Festival of the Arts and the Princess Half Marathon, with races that typically start and end at the park.

Try to go to Epcot during the weekdays, with Tuesday through Thursday being your best bets. Magic Kingdom is another park you’ll want to visit during the weekdays. For weekend park touring, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are your best choices for lower crowds and wait times.


February really is one of my favorite times to visit Disney World for reasonable crowds, wait times, and really nice weather. With a few special events and holidays taking place, you’ll find the month has vacation options for everyone.

Of course, you’ll want to take a look at all the different factors we’ve looked at here to decide if February is a good time to visit Disney for you and your family or not. But, if you do plan to visit Disney World in February, you’re bound to have a magical vacation no matter when you visit throughout the month.

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