24 Cute Comfortable Shoes for Disney World That Are Awesome

Cute Comfortable Shoes for Disney World

Let’s be honest–when you go to Disney World, you want to feel good. But, when you’re on vacation, you also want to look good, especially in all of your photos. So for your upcoming trip to Orlando, it makes sense that you’d want to find best cute comfortable shoes for Disney World on the market.

Yet finding that perfect combination of “comfort” and “aesthetics” isn’t always easy. But luckily, we’re here to help. Because in this article, we’re going to provide you with 24 pairs of cute and very comfortable shoes that we think you’ll be excited to wear for your upcoming Disney trip. And, with the immense amount of walking you’ll be doing at the parks, you feet will thank you.

Finding Cute Comfortable Shoes for Disney World

When it comes to choosing the best shoes for Disney World, the key sneaker features you should be looking for are:

  • Gel or foam insoles
  • Breathable material
  • Water resistance
  • Snug but comfy fit

You also want to consider whether you have narrow or wide feet. Also if you have very old, very worn-out sneakers, it might be time to retire them and introduce a new pair for your upcoming Disney World trip.  If you do this, I recommend breaking in the shoe at least two weeks before your trip to avoid pain and blisters on your vacation. 

Here are a few notable sneakers that I really like—both for men and for women:

Asics GT-2000 (Men/Women)

Asics GT-2000

These are my go-to sneakers for Disney World. They were designed with road surfaces in mind so walking on the paved roads at Disney is a breeze. They are perfect for those with wide feet or bunions. They are made with a breathable mesh material and have a sock liner and a gel cushion in the rear of the foot for extra support and stability. 

Skechers Gowalk Joy (Women)

These sneakers offer an easy slip-on comfort with a cushioned insole. They also feature an Ortholite comfort foam insole which helps aid in breathability and long-term cushioning. They are lightweight and also machine washable!

Adidas CF Lite Racer Byrd (Men)

Adidas CF Lite Racer Byrd

These cool and stylish shoes are a great sneaker for everyday use as well as walking around Disney World. They feature cloud foam cushioning for a more comfortable walking experience.

Native Shoe/Sneaker (Unisex)

This futuristic-looking sneaker will fit in perfectly with Tomorrowland! They are hand-washable and easy to clean and the perforations in the shoe allow the feet to breathe which keeps them odor resistant. They do run narrow so if you have wide feet, these might not be the best sneaker choice for you. They also come in children’s sizes.

Nike Joyride Dual Running Shoe (Women)

Nike Joyride Dual Running Shoe

This shoe was made to support and stabilize feet. The inside is lined with mesh which will help keep your feet cool in the Florida heat. The high wear zones are made with durable rubber and small foam beads help with cushioning and give the shoe a cool look. 

Keen’s Highland Leather Waterproof Sneaker (Men)

These sneakers are waterproof making them the perfect sneaker for rainy Florida summers. They have a high rebound insole to aid in comfort and instead of laces, these shoes have an easy bungee closure.

Toms Travel Lite (Men/Women)

Toms is a great company to support because of how much they give back to charities. They are also available all over Disney World, so it will be easy to find a pair. These shoes have a molded, mesh, sock liner and use a memory foam cushion to make it feel as if you are walking on air. They’re also functional and cute and can be used for everyday use! 

Best Sandals for Disney World

If sneakers aren’t your thing or you want to show off your new pedicure, that’s fine! Sneakers aren’t the only shoe options to wear to Disney World. If sandals are your choice for your trip though you don’t want to wear just any sandals, you want the best sandals for Disney World. 

Sandals should be slip and water resistant and have a comfortable foot bed for walking and arch support. They should also be made of comfortable materials and fabrics to avoid friction that causes blisters. Finding a comfortable sandal for walking and one that is stylish is important.

If you find a stylish sandal that can be used for everyday use, you won’t have to change shoes before going out to dinner.

Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals (Women)

Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals

Sanuk sandals are made with real yoga mat material, so you will always feel just a bit more zen if wearing them. These sandals are lightweight, cushioned, and comfortable. 

The sling design makes them the perfect sandal for any occasion as well and they are not lacking in style options as these sandals come in a wide variety of colors, and patterns. 

Oofo Original Ooahh Olala Luxe Sandal (Men/Women)

Even if their name is a tongue-twister, these sandals are perfect for Disney World. Oofo sandals are made with Oofoam, a special foam found only in Oofo sandals. The Oofoam allows 37% more absorption than traditional foam. 

They are also great if you suffer from feet conditions such as bunions or bone spurs. Oofo’s are water-resistant so they are also a great option for hanging out poolside or spending the day in the water parks. They are also available in many style options.

GUBARUN Sports Flipflops (Men)

These slip-resistant sandals are made specifically for wet terrain so they are perfect for the wet and slippery ground after an afternoon thunderstorm. They are also stylish and perfect for any occasion. 

Skechers Reggae-Slim Knotted Web Gore Sandals (Women)

Skechers Reggae-Slim Knotted Web Gore Sandals

These sandals are cute and comfortable for Disney World! They come with a contoured footbed for extra comfort.  Memory foam covers cover the full length of the insole of the shoe. 

These sandals are also a good choice for someone looking for a stylish, unique, and functional sandal for any occasion. They are a great sandal if you have dinner reservations and feel like dressing up but want your feet to be comfortable all day.

New Balance 340 V1 Flipflop (Women)

These cute flip-flops have arch support and a moldable footbed bottom that contours to your fit for comfort and perfect fit. 

Teva’s Hurricane Drift Sandal (Men/Women)

Teva’s Hurricane Drift Sandal

A unique feature of this sandal is that the whole sandal, even the strap, is made from molded EVA, in addition to added comfort means no more stinky mildew smell from the cloth strap. These sandals are perfect for the waterpark and the pool but they are great everyday sandals as well. 

Gold Pigeon Anti-Fatigue Cushion Sandals (Men/Women)

The 1-inch thick cushion on this sandal helps to reduce stress caused by standing for long periods, something you’ll be doing a lot of in Disney World. They are also slip-resistant and come in a variety of colors. 

Best Water Shoes for Disney World

Water shoes are necessary for protecting your feet while hanging out around the pool or at either of Disney’s two waterparks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Water shoes can protect your feet from sunburn, injury, and burning the soles of your feet on the burning concrete while running over to the pool bar. 

STQ Kids Watershoes (Unisex)

STQ Kids Watershoes

Children are notorious for running on the pool deck and not looking where they are going so they are most at risk for injuring their feet. To avoid stubbed toes and bleeding soles, children should always have on water shoes. 

These shoes have a non-slip sole and elastic laces so children can take them on and off easily by themselves. There are drainage holes in the soles so all the water can stay in the pool and not go back to the room with you. 

Jointly Created Water Sports Shoe (Unisex)

These shoes are quick-drying and flexible which helps make them easy to take on and off. These water shoes are also lightweight so you feel as if you are barefoot.

RACQUA Water Shoes (Unisex)

These cool water shoes have a barefoot feel and are lightweight and flexible. They offer quick dry drain holes as well, but these holes are small enough to not allow in any sand, dirt, or pebbles. 

Best Shoes for Disney with Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. It is caused when the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes becomes inflamed. The pain has been described to feel like a bruise. 

Imagine walking 20,000 steps with plantar fasciitis, which is such a painful condition. When looking for the best shoes for Disney with plantar fasciitis, you’ll want to look for shoes with a rigid sole, and mid-foot cushioning to prevent heel impact.

Everhealth Orthotic Sandals (Men/Women)

Everhealth Orthotic Sandals

These sandals offer great arch support which is helpful if you plan on walking all day. They also help to correct poor posture. These sandals are comfortable, sturdy, and even though they are Orthotic shoes, they do not look like it and come in a wide variety of colors and styles, which makes them a cute and comfortable shoe for Disney World.

HKR Walking Shoes (Women)

These sneakers are made of mesh, breathable material. The arch support is accompanied by a memory foam insole, helping to reduce heel pain. They are also a great shoe for all occasions.

GDEFY MATeem Hybrid Verso-Shock Crosstrainer (Men)

These sneakers have a ventilated fabric and a pain relief cushion. They have a thick bottom to help prevent injury and to provide stability. There is also a soft, silk-lined, sock lining. 

Best Shoes for Children in Disney 

Children are constantly moving, especially in Disney, they’re running her and running there, that is why if you are looking for the best shoe for your child for Disney you’ll want a shoe that is durable. Comfort  is highly important if you don’t want to hear “my feet hurt” over and over again. A non-slip sole is also necessary when looking for a shoes for your child. Children love to run and after a rainstorm, the ground can become very slippery and that makes for a dangerous situation.  

Keen Seacamp Sandal (Unisex Child)

Keen Seacamp Sandal

This sandal is available for toddler, little children (4-8 years old), and big children (8-12 years old). These sandals come in a wide variety o. fun colors like Racing Red and Lavender Frog. They are also perfect for in the water and out of it and with their quick dry lining.

They are also a great sandal for wet and slippery terrain. Instead of tie laces, there are bungee laces that help provide a secure fit as well as making the sandal easy to take on and off. No worries if some ice cream melts onto these sandals, they are machine washable, just leave them out to air dry.

Biacolum Outdoor Hiking Waterproof Sneaker (Unisex Child)

This sneaker is very versatile and won’t just benefit your child in Disney World but will also work for sports and physical education in school as well.  The sneaker is breathable and has foam insoles for added comfort.

The sneaker is made from waterproof materials so your little one will have dry socks after a rainstorm. There are no tie laces on this sneaker, instead there is a hook and strap on the instep, making it easy for your child to take their shoes off by themselves.

JIASUQ Water Shoes (Unisex)

JIASUQ Water Shoes

These water shoes come in fun and pretty designs. They also have a thick sole to protect the bottom of your feet from injury. 

STQ Sneakers (Unisex Toddler)

The top is the sneaker is made of breathable, knit, fabric that helps to quickly absorb sweat. The sock design of this sneaker makes it easy for a toddler to take on and off by themselves.

There is a rubber toe cap on the front of shoe to prevent your little ones from stubbing their toes, and finally there is a non-slip sole. These are a great, cute, little sneaker that your toddler can use for daycare or the park. 

Exercising While in Disney

Depending on which resort you stay at, there are many different options for staying fit while on vacation. Health and Fitness at Coronado Springs Resort, Muscles and Buscles Health Club at The Boardwalk Resort, Old Key West Exercise Room at Old Key West Resort, Olympias Fitness Center at The Contemporary Resort, Ship Shape Massage Salon Fitness at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Sturdy Branches Health Club at The Wilderness Lodge, Zahantai Massage and Fitness Center at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Senses Spa at both Disney’s Grand Floridian and Saratoga Springs Resort are all fitness centers offering full gyms. You do have to be staying at these resorts to use these facilities.

On top of that, here are all the Disney resorts that have jogging trails: Caribbean Beach Resort, The Boardwalk Resort, Coronado Springs Resort, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and The Wilderness Lodge.

Another way to stay fit while on vacation is to participate in a RunDisney event. RunDisney is Disney’s name for their marathon, half marathon and other races that take place throughout the year at the theme parks. The races have different theme such a Princess, Star Wars and Avengers. 

The prices to participate in a RunDisney event range from $95.00 for a 5k, $195 for a 1/2 marathon, and $600.00 to participate in the 5k, 10k, the 1/2 marathon, and the full marathon. 

How to Recover Your Feet after a Disney Vacation

When you get back to your hotel room you want to elevate your legs. If possible, try and elevate your legs higher than your heart, that helps reduce swelling as well as aids in circulation. 

You’ll also want to stretch, no matter how painful it is. Before going to bed for the night do some light stretching to help relieve stiffness. Some people may not feel comfortable doing this but if you do, take a warm bath, you can even buy some bath salts from Basin at Disney Springs to create your own spa experience. 

Continue to drink plenty of water. Water isn’t just for the sunny afternoons in the theme parks. Water is essential all the time and you need to continue to stay hydrated to make sure your body is working to its fullest potential. 

My favorite way to recover after a day walking the theme parks is to treat myself to thee Leg and Foot Intensive Massage at Senses Spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. This is just one of the many spas and salons on property. This massage is pricy at $135.00 for 50 minutes, but if your child can make a droid, you can treat yourself to a massage. 

You can also add on an extra 25 minutes of foot massage for $50.00. The spa offers many other services as well as the Leg and Foot Intensive Massage, like hair and nail services. Reservations are required in advance for any of the spas and salons on property.

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