The 25 Best Sling Backpacks for Disney World That Are Awesome

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Sling backpacks are a popular trend right now as a traditional backpack replacement. They are versatile in that you can wear them in different ways while still fitting all of the items you need. They are also perfect for those with back, shoulder, or neck pain, to reduce the strain a regular backpack puts on those areas.

For these reasons alone, sling backpacks are a great option to wear at Disney World. I also love the convenience of not having to take your backpack off and rummage through your stuff to find what you are looking for; everything is right there at your fingertips with a sling bag. 

Sling backpacks are also great to use in Disney for safety reasons. It is reassuring to have your bag right there in front of you while still being hands-free.  So in this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best sling backpacks for Disney World that I really think are worthy of consideration as you prepare for your next Disney vacation!

The 25 Best Sling Backpacks for Disney World

With so many sling bags options out there, it can feel a bit overwhelming to find the right one for you. Sling backpacks are such a great bag to have, but especially for a Disney trip. 

When you have so much to plan and pack and organize, I can understand why finding a new backpack such as a sling backpack could be a burden. Lucky for you, I researched to take the guesswork out of it for you. Here is a list of the 25 best sling backpacks that I have found and why I love them.

Crossbody Sling Backpack – Waterfly

Compartments to store your iPad or iPhone, smaller compartments to hold keys, etc., earphone hole. I love having these extra pockets to store my smaller items.

Crossbody Sling Backpack - Waterfly

Convertible for left or right shoulder depending on your preference. Made from a breathable material, which makes this a super comfortable choice that is key for your Disney World vacation.

Patagonia Atom Sling Backpack

Has two easy-access compartments, carries an extra jacket on the outside, cool and comfortable for those long days at Disney, phone pocket, and reliable company. I love that this bag has a spot to hold your jacket. 

Patagonia Atom Sling Backpack

This eliminates the need for storage inside your bag for your jacket and keeps your jacket readily accessible for when you need it. Patagonia is also such a great brand for outdoor items, so I can trust that they make a backpack that will last.

Vera Bradley Sling Backpack

This bag gets ranked high up on my list for the many options you can choose from. From the regular sling backpack to the utility sling backpack, to the crossbody sling backpack. There is something for everyone. The regular sling backpack has one main compartment and two exterior pockets. 

Vera Bradley Sling Backpack

The utility sling backpack has tons of pockets and a back hidden pocket, and comfortable padded straps. A crossbody sling backpack is a great option for someone who does not need a big bag but also wants a comfortable, convenient option. This bag still has plenty of pockets to hold your essentials plus the interior compartment for any bigger item you need. Each of these bags is made from recycled cotton which makes them environmentally friendly too! This is one of the best sling backpacks for Disney World you can get!

Kinetic Sling Backpack – Athleta

Although pricier, this sling backpack is one of my favorites. It is made from recycled nylon which gives it a comfortable feel. This bag is made to fit everything you need.

Kinetic Sling Backpack - Athleta

This is a great bag to securely hold all of your items needed for your days in the parks. The material of this alone makes it one of the best sling backpacks for Disney World.

Water-Proof Sling Backpack – Turnway

This is a great, cost-effective sling bag option. It is versatile for anyone to use and has plenty of pockets and even a water bottle holder pocket which is perfect for Disney.

Water-Proof Sling Backpack - Turnway

A water bottle holder is a must for me because it can be heavy and bulky and leak, I like having it readily accessible and not have to worry about it damaging anything inside my bag. I also love that this bag is waterproof, which we know is important for a trip to Disney.

Sling Pack – Open Story

Can is used for either side of your body. Plenty of pockets, and mesh pockets for accessories. I like that this bag is more of a cost-effective option but still is functional for your Disney vacation.

Sling Pack - Open Story

A lot of pockets are an essential need for me and I like that I can keep things like sunblock, sunglasses, Chapstick, keys, wallet, phone, in the same place each day. A lot of these items you can pack ahead of time and they stay in the same spot the whole vacation.

Nylon Sling Backpack – DSW

A sporty feel and a hook to adjust placement. A trendy option that does not break the bank. I like that this bag is a comfortable material that won’t bother you throughout the day.

Nylon Sling Backpack - DSW

I also love that it is adjustable so it is perfect for anyone in your family.

Daylite Sling – Osprey

This is one of my favorite options and the price is great! This material is super breathable which is great for Disney.

Daylight Sling - Osprey

It has stretch-mesh pockets, a large main compartment, and a key clip because we all know the struggle of trying to find your keys in your bag! You will not regret having this one for Disney World.

Stowaway Sling – Eddie Bauer

One of the key features that caught my eye with this bag was the zip pocket on the shoulder strap that fits your phone.

Stowaway Sling - Eddie Bauer

Having your phone easily accessible is so important at Disney so this is a great feature to have. I also love the water bottle handle in this one.

Antitheft RFID Sling Backpack – Made by Design

Affordable and a secure sling bag for Disney. This one will put all your worries aside with the antitheft features in this bag. RFID-blocking which protects your credit cards, clip-on zippers, and a secure design are a few of the safety features you get with this bag. 

Antitheft RFID Sling Backpack - Made by Design

This is one of my all-time favorite backpacks for Disney even just for security. It can be a little intimidating carrying all your personal belongings around a crowded park all day, but with this bag, your mind will be at ease and your items will be safe.

Trail Bell Mountain Sling Pack – Ozark

We love external straps to hold items such as jackets or a blanket, which is great to have for Disney without taking up precious space in your bag.

Trail Bell Mountain Sling Pack - Ozark

Especially if the weather is a little cooler, having a blanket and jacket is great to have, so I love having a storage solution on my backpack for these options. Plenty of storage compartments in this one and the price is great!

Firewood Sling – Columbia

Columbia is a trustworthy brand and their sling bags are no exception.

Firewood Sling - Columbia

A comfortable, no-fuss sling backpack that has water-resistant materials on the bottom-so no worrying about putting your bag down on those wet rides! A water bottle pocket to avoid leaks and frees up space inside the bag.

Warp Sling Backpack – Vans

Another brand that never lets me down.

Warp Sling Backpack - Vans

Multiple pockets to store all your items, with an exterior “stash” pocket, perfect for your phone, wallet, etc.

Flex Sling Bag – Under Armour

A great unisex option, that is extremely lightweight and a ventilated fabric.

Flex Sling Bag - Under Armour

This is a stretchy fabric that is great for fitting everything you need. I love the buckle closure in the front to secure a jacket or any larger item.  

Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack – Peak Gear

While on the smaller side, this is a great bag to hold all the necessary items.

Sling Compact Crossbody Backpack - Peak Gear

The magnetic closures stood out to me as well as the small pocket on the front to hold smaller items. This is great for quick access on the go which is important.

Fjallraven Kanken Sling Bag

Another small-scale option, but especially great for teens who do not have a ton of items to bring with them and are still stylish.

Fjallraven Kanken Sling Bag

Has plenty of storage pockets and is water resistant-this bag is sure to last! This is a great, stylish option and a great company. They make great backpacks and their sling backpack is no exception.

Sling Crossbody Water Bottle Bag – Corkcicle

While this bag is not large, it has just enough storage to hold the important things; phone, keys, wallet. But also, your water bottle.

Sling Crossbody Water Bottle Bag - Corkcicle

This is a great option for someone planning on buying all snacks, meals, etc. to the parks and not a lot of outside items. 

Heritage Sling Pack – Herschel Supply Co.

I love a bag that has interior zip pockets, and this bag wins in that department. Add in the exterior pocket and the key clip, this bag is a must-have.

Heritage Sling Pack - Herschel Supply Co.

I love that there are plenty of options to hold everything you need in a secure place and everything doesn’t just get piled in a big lump.

Gotham Pack – Coach

A pricier option, but one you will have for years and a bag you can use all the time. I love this sling bag for a stylish option that also serves its purpose. Plenty of storage for must-have items.

Gotham Pack - Coach

This is a great bag to have for a Disney vacation because you can bring it to the parks but you can also bring it to your fancier dinners as a purse. It is multi-functional, fashionable, and holds everything you need.

Alpha Bravo Kelley Sling – Tumi

A durable option to withstand many trips. This bag makes reaching your items super accessible and has a hidden snap back pocket.

Alpha Bravo Kelley Sling - Tumi

This is another great option for Disney because you can grab anything you need quickly without having to stop and fish around in your bag. 

Square Sling Pack – Wild Fable

Comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. Exterior pocket and a full zip closure to the main compartment. Minimalistic yet functional!

Square Sling Pack - Wild Fable

This is a great option for someone who isn’t bringing a ton of items into the Disney parks but also still needs storage and affordability. 

Men’s Utility Sling Backpack – Original Use

A great option for men with two zip pockets, adjustment sliders, with an extra zip pocket on the strap.

Men’s Utility Sling Backpack - Original Use

I love this option for men because it is sleek and no fuss, easy to use, comfortable, and can carry plenty of items.

Sport Sling Crossbody Bag – Wild Fable

Roomy main compartment for those who need extra storage, with an exterior pocket for frequently reached items. Adjustable, comfortable, and affordable! This is another great option for those on a budget that want something durable without breaking the bank.

Sport Sling Crossbody Bag - Wild Fable

We all know that Disney is a long tiring vacation, and to be honest, your bag takes a beating. It is used nearly as much as your shoes. But you do not need to spend a fortune on your bag. This is a bag that fits the budget and houses all of your items and more.

1818 Triangle Sling Bag – Swissgear

Breathable material to keep you comfortable on long days at the parks, two compartments for easy access. A large main compartment, and a smaller zipper compartment in the front for sunglasses, phone, wallet, etc.

1818 Triangle Sling Bag - Swissgear

This is a brand you can trust, so you have peace of mind that you are getting something that will last. I love the breathable material in this for those hot days walking around the parks.

Mini Crossbody Sling – Baggallini

Water-resistant fabric, quick access phone pocket, and additional pockets to store your necessities.

Mini Crossbody Sling - Baggallini

This is a great bag for someone who wants a hands-free bag option, but also is not carrying a ton of items around the parks.

Best Bag to Carry at Disney World

Okay, so I gave you a list of 25 amazing sling backpack options to bring with you to Disney World. But what is the overall best type of bag to carry at Disney World? It is no secret that a trip to Disney is tiring. The days are long, and the weather can be hot. The last thing you want is to be lugging around a bag or having a bag that keeps falling off your shoulder. 

For those who do not have a stroller but are planning to bring snacks, lunch, etc. into the parks, I recommend bringing a traditional backpack. It will not be in your way and you will not have to worry about fitting all of your items.

But, for someone who does not plan on bringing many items into the parks, go with a sling bag. These bags are so great to not weigh you down or get in your way, while still holding everything you need. For moms or families that need a diaper bag, or a larger bag than a traditional backpack, I recommend a sling backpack for the necessities that require easy access, and a larger bag to put in or over a stroller to hold your bulkier items, such as diapers, change of clothes, etc.

Best Purse for Disney World

Despite your ability to bring various kinds of backpacks on your upcoming trip, I still believe bringing a purse with you to Disney World is a good idea. There are plenty of times you are not in the parks, or you are hopping over to the park just for a quick meal or simply to see a great fireworks show.

In cases such as these, when you don’t need a bigger backpack or sling backpack a purse (if you’re a woman) comes very much in handy. that you still need a bag to store your items, but you can do without a backpack or larger bag. You will also want a nicer purse to bring with you for a high-end dinner. 

Kira Pebbled Crossbody Bag – Tory Burch

Best purse for Disney World for style, comfort, and function. It is not Disney-specific, so you can certainly use this in your everyday life.

Kira Pebbled Crossbody Bag - Tory Burch

But this bag comfortably holds all of your important items without you even noticing you are wearing it. 

Hayden Sling Bag – Rag & Bone

If you 100% want to replace a purse, but still want to bring a nice looking bag, don’t let the name “Rag & Bone” fool you–this is a very nice replacement option for a purse. And, quite possibly, this is the best sling backpack for Disney World you can get.

Hayden Sling Bag - Rag & Bone

Though expensive, worth every penny. This is a gorgeous bag that you will find yourself reaching for over and over. It can be used for a fancy dinner or a quick park visit, but you can also bring it for the full days at the park! Plenty of storage for important items. 

Bringing a purse to Disney can be tricky. You do not want anything too big that will be a pain to carry around, you will not want to be carrying a purse around the parks every day, but a purse is still good to have for special dinners or extra experiences. I like to bring a purse that is medium in size and has a strap that can be adjusted. 

This way you can adjust it to your preference to make it more comfortable for you. I like to keep my purse big enough to carry all of my important items but still have room for a few items that my family will need without having to bring our bigger bag or backpack. A purse that is big enough to hold a water bottle, change of clothes for a child, diapers, wipes, a snack or cup, along with everything you need on hand.

Best Mom Bag for Disney World

Every mom knows a good bag is one of the most important items to have. A lot of times your “mom bag” is a one for all bag, meaning it is used as a diaper bag, purse, wallet, and backpack. Finding the best mom bag for Disney World is super important for a successful Disney trip with small kids. 

For Disney, I love a diaper bag backpack. That way, you can throw on the backpack when parking the stroller to head on a ride, while still being hands-free to hold your child or their hand. While a diaper bag backpack does not give you as much storage as a bigger tote diaper bag, you will be grateful to not have to dig in a large bag for a “need right now” item walking around the parks. 

Moms constantly are reaching in their bags for one thing or another. It is no secret that kids need a lot of stuff. And you do not want to be in Disney and realize you are missing something that your kid desperately needs. A mom bag is important in everyday life but also very important to have for a Disney World vacation. 

This is not a bag you want to consolidate items in and you do not want to scrimp in size thinking you will not need all of that stuff. Trust me, you will. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, especially in Disney World. Disney can be tiring for kids and they might need an extra item from home or an extra change of clothes. When planning your Disney vacation and your mom’s bag, make sure you consider the storage in the bag and make sure you have enough room for everything you think you would need.

Items to Put in Your Sling Backpack for Disney

We have talked about some of the best sling bags you could bring to Disney World. But, as we know, sling backpacks are on the smaller end and do not fit as much as a traditional backpack or bag. So, you should be aware of what items to put in your sling backpack for Disney. 

These bags are great to hold your phone, wallet, keys, water bottle, tickets, a small snack, sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, and your mickey ears. A sling backpack is so great to not weigh you down on those long park days and miles of walking but holds plenty of items still. 

You want a sling backpack when you need something smaller scale, but need more than just a small purse or crossbody bag. If I have learned anything from all of my Disney vacations, it is that over-packing will save you from an uncomfortable trip and extra stress. 

A sling backpack is a perfect solution for minimalistic park packing while still giving you everything you could need in a bag. I suggest a mock packing before your trip so you know ahead of time what items fit in your sling bag, and what items are most important to have readily available! 

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