10 Best Cooling Towels for Disney World to Beat the Heat

Here Are the Best Cooling Towels for Disney World That We Love!

If you’re looking to beat the heat at Disney World, and you want a cheap and easy to pack option, a cooling towel can be the perfect solution.  So without further ado, here are our picks for the best cooling towels for Disney World we think you’ll love.

Best Cooling Towels for Disney World

Let’s begin with a Disney Wincraft cooling towel.

WinCraft Disney Cooling Towel

I love a Disney themed accessory and this towel is no exception! These towels come in several different designs, including Mickey, Minnie, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Finding Nemo (above) and more! Each towel features fun prints on both sides, This polyester towels measures 30”L x 12” W and cools when wet. A great option to keep handy for those little Disney fans in your group!

Why I Love it: Mickey of course! The prints on these towels are adorable and if you’re anything like me, any Mickey accessory to bring along to the parks is a must. This is one I’d go ahead and pack in my Mickey backpack to keep me cool, while I wear my favorite Mickey shirt, and Mickey ears during a Disney day. This one is fun and functional! 

Sukeen Cooling Towel

You might find that you’re able to find cooling towels that come in “packs”. If you’re looking for each member of your party to have one, this can be a great budget option! Coming in a set of different colors, these 40”L x 12”W microfiber towels are lightweight, machine washable and offer fantastic water absorption to keep you nice and cool!

Why I Love it: Bang for the buck! 4 towels for about $15 is great. I love that each one comes in its own carrying pouch, and the carabiners are a nice touch. Clip them to bags, strollers, anything! This makes it easy for everyone in the group to reach for their own cooling towel while giving each one a dedicated storage space! The pouches they come with are nice and thin too, making them easy to pack during travels. 

Froggs Toggs Cooling Towel

This towel offers a unique material, as it is made of poly vinyl alcohol. Its 10”L x 13”W size made it perfect to cool down your neck, face, head or hands! When activated with cool water, it promises to remain dry to the touch while bringing the temperature down an estimated 30 degrees.  

Why I Love it: The material! PVA is extremely absorbent, these towels will absorb moisture and still feel dry to the touch while cooling. I don’t always like the feeling of having something damp on my neck, so for that, this is a great pick! This one also cools up to 30 degrees, so it’s a safe bet that it will perform well on even the hottest Disney days!

Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel

Breathable mesh fabric is lightweight, keeps cool and at 40”L x 12”W is large enough to keep you cool for quite a bit! Just wet the towel, wring it out and enjoy the cooling sensation on those hot days! This instant chill towel also comes with a convenient carrying case, which includes a carabiner, making it an easy clip on to your bag or stroller! 

Why I Love it: Again, the carrying case and clip! I love that this one has an easy to store and take option with it. It’s also quite large, so I like the options to wear it on neck, head or wrist. I love how this one is a bit larger without compromising on being light weight! 

Disney Parks Cooling Towel

If you’re eager to get your hands on the same cooling towel sold at Disney Parks, you’ll definitely want to give this one a look. You can find this 35”Lx15”W towel, covered in Mickey outlines, in a bright blue or pink color. Made out of 100% polyester, you’ll be able to use, wash and reuse this adorable towel on all your Disney adventures! 

Why I Love it: Mickey prints to add that Disney flair! If you’re a frequent visitor to Disney, this may be a fun one to grab so that you can bring it to the parks over and over. I really love the print on this one. I’m a big planner so I like to have everything I need ahead of time, but I do love that you can get this one at Disney Parks as well…just incase I forget to pack my cooling towel or the weather takes a unexpected turn – you never know in Florida! 

Chill Pal Cooling Neck Gaiter Face Cover

If you’re someone that runs extra hot (or you just can’t take the heat!) This cooling neck gaiter may be a great option for you! Soak in water, wring it out and it’s ready to wear! The unique thing about this cooling face cover is that there are many ways to wear it. It can be worn as a neck gaiter, headband, bandana, face cover and many more! 

Why I Love it: The versatility! This is such a unique option because it can be worn multiple ways. I love that it can be worn around the neck, or even as a headband (folks with long hair will definitely appreciate this one!). 

Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

PVA is another material that offers fantastic cooling properties! This 32”L x 12”W towel does just that. PVA is super absorbent, so it can hold a lot of water for a long time! Its ability to allow the water to evaporate more slowly means you can stay cooler for longer.

Why I Love it: PVA material! This towel is absorbent, and it holds water and provides cooling for a longer than some other materials, like mesh. On a hot Disney day, the last thing I want is for my cooling towel to evaporate quickly! Plus, it comes with that carrying case I like so much! 

Mission Cooling Hoodie Towel

If you put a hat and towel together you’d get the cooling hoodie. The neat thing about this, is that it is 100% polyester, making it super lightweight and it contours to the top of your head to keep you cool and comfortable. This particular hoodie towel also offers UPF 50 protection, ideal for that Florida sun. 

Why I Love it: It’s unique! I was excited to come across this as an option. As someone who frequents Disney, and participates in RunDisney events, I really like that this one can stay put! If a cooling towel isn’t around my neck, it’s on my head! I love that this one can cool from the hop of my head, down to my neck all at once! 

Koolgator Cooling Neck Wrap

This lightweight cooling neck wrap is shaped more like a scarf and even has a button to keep it on securely! Like other cooling towels, getting it wet activates its cooling properties. A quick heads up about this one though, it does need about 20 minutes for that first soak! If you can soak it while you get ready for your day in the park, you’ll be able to reuse and keep cool all day long!

Why I Love it: Lots of fun patterns here! This is also the only one I’ve seen that comes with a button on it to hold it securely, so I love this option for little ones and for ride hopping! No need to take this one on and off with each ride. It’ll even stay put during the “wildest ride in the wilderness” (if you know Big Thunder, you know!) 

Mission Enduracool Cooling Headband

Similar to the hoodie towel, this option gives you a way to stay cool with something pretty practical. This headband will help cool down up to 30 degrees when wet, wrung and snapped. It also offers 50 UPF protection from the sun and comes in black or blue. This easy to wear headband offers cooling for 2 hours before needing to be reactivated! 

Why I Love it: I love a good headband, set it and forget it! This is such a great option to get some cooling power from literally the top down. Easy enough to wet, wring and pop back on, this one has the look of a regular accessory but comes with a lot of utility! This is one of my picks for versatility, because its great while I’m park hopping or logging miles at RunDisney! 

Do Cooling Towels Work at Disney

Yes, cooling towels do work well at Disney World or Disneyland.  There’s really no substitution for staying hydrated throughout the day, but if you’re feeling overheated, it would be wise to use a cooling towel in order to lower your body temperature.

How Do You Use a Cooling Towel at Disney?

It’s very easy to use a cooling towel at Disney World or Disneyland.  Simply soak the cooling towel in water, and then wring out all of the excess water.  Next, place the cooling towel around your neck in order to lower your body temperature.  A cooling towel will be able to stay cool for a few hours on end, so it definitely is a better option than just soaking a traditional cotton towel, because the water will evaporate much quicker, thus losing its effectiveness when it comes to cooling your body down.

Why Buy a Cooling Towel? 

Well, aside from being more effective than wetting and using a traditional cotton towel, the best cooling towels for Disney are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to pack, and take up virtually no space in your backpack. A cooling towel is a great staple to keep with you as you make your way through the parks, and I think they’re a very low cost way to stay cool and refreshed as the heat intensifies in the afternoon.

This article was written by Patricia and edited by Michael.

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