15 Best Shoes for Disneyland (Men & Women) Your Feet NEED!

Here Are the Best Shoes for Disneyland Your Feet Need NOW!

Shopping for the best shoes for Disneyland is one of my favorite things about planning a magical vacation! There are so many options to choose from, and occasionally it can be daunting, so today I will share my top shoe and sneaker picks for both men and women!

Best Women’s Shoes for Disneyland

Let’s begin with the Devotion Plus 3 shoes by Ryka.

1) Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe by Ryka

Material: Synthetic mesh with rubber soles

Sizes: Women’s 5 – 12 wide feet options available

Price: About $70.00

Features: Low-top sneaker built for high-performance walking with RE-ZORB cushioning to help with impact and wear and tear on your feet.  

Why I Love It:  This shoe was specifically designed for women with breathable mesh that will keep you cool in hotter seasons (perfect for Summer at Disney)! You have 11 different color options available, and all sizes come with an option for wider feet.

2) Running Shoes Women Sneakers by SDolphin

Material: Memory foam soles with flexible rubber bottoms

Sizes: Women’s 6 – 11 offering only 2 half-size (6.5 and 10.5) options

Price: $39.99 – $49.99

Features: Machine washable, with elastic mesh that comfortably molds to your feet. Easy to slip on and off, with shockproof cushion that absorbs the impact of the day.  

Why I Love It:  As advertised, this shoe is like walking on clouds! The memory foam and the awesome arch support will cushion your feet throughout your adventure. Bonus points for the sleek look and the 26 color options! Since this shoe is also machine washable, fear not the dirt and grime that will accumulate during your trip. As soon as you get home, throw them in the wash and they’ll come out looking as good as new. 

3) Cloudfoam Qt Racer Sneaker by Adidas

Material: 100% Knit textile, no virgin polyester, and made with recycled materials

Sizes: Women’s 5 – 11 half-size options

Price: $50-100

Features: Super lightweight, with Cloudfoam soles and memory foam sock liner to cushion your feet. Machine washable, and geometric mesh with synthetic leather. 

Why I Love It: Comfortable, stylish, and totally worth the higher price tag! They last forever and are super breathable even though they’re not advertised as such. I have had my pair for years and the Cloudfoam still feels basically new (check out these other Cloudfoam Shoes). Purchase a couple of pairs and alternate between the two throughout your trip to give the Cloudfoam time to spring back. 

4) Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers by Slow Man

Material: Textiles mesh fabric with rubber material outsoles

Sizes: Women’s 5.5 – 11 half-sizes are available

Price: About $35.99

Features: Wide toe area for wider feet and perforated arch support. Easily slip on and slip off with air cushion platform design. Vents for air circulation on arch support to keep the bottom of your feet cool. 

Why I Love It:  If you have wider feet, this may be the perfect shoe for you! There is space in this shoe for your feet to feel cozy but not constricted. You can literally spend all day on these shoes and they’ll still feel good as new! The air cushion technology also makes them lighter on your feet and helps protect against slippery surfaces. I wouldn’t recommend this option, however, if you have narrow feet as there are no laces to tighten if the shoe is too wide.

5) Relaxed Fit D’Lux Walker Retro Sun Sandal by Skechers

Material: 100% textile mesh with rubber soles and backstrap

Sizes: Women’s 5-11

Price: $44.31 – $57.00

Features: Machine washable, with breathable mesh material. Stretchy backstrap to accommodate slight variations in feet sizes. 

Why I Love It:  These sandals are seriously the most comfortable pair I’ve ever had. Normally I wouldn’t suggest wearing sandals into Disneyland, but the thick Luxe Foam soles on these are super cozy. They are machine washable as well and come in three different colors that can go with nearly every outfit you might be bringing along with you. I will say, if you need extra arch support you might want to go with one of the other selections above. Another big plus, these shoes are 100% vegan! 

Best Men’s Shoes for Disneyland

How about we begin with the Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers?

1) Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer by Nike

Material: Leather and synthetic material

Sizes: Men’s 6.5 – 15 with half-size and x-wide options 

Price:  $71.00 – $76.63

Features: Great traction built with durable leather and support. Lightweight foam with full Air-Sole unit cushions. 

Why I Love It:  While this shoe is on the plain side, what it lacks in style, it makes up for in comfort. The lightweight and comfortable factors are the main reason this made our top list! Plus, with the solid rubber outsole, you can be sure this sneaker will hold up for the duration of your trip to infinity… and beyond! 

2) The Terrex Soulstride by Adidas

Material: Synthetic and rubber 

Sizes: Men’s 6 – 15 with half-size options

Price: About $50-100

Features: Made for outdoor running and walking with waterproof materials. Traxion outer soles to provide better grip in rainy conditions and machine washable. 

Why I Love It:  This shoe is my top choice for waterproof, comfortable shoes for Disneyland. You can feel secure walking on different terrains, in shops, out on Main Street, and everything in between! Again, Adidas is coming through with the eco-friendlier option as this shoe is made with recycled materials to help end plastic waste. 

3) Go Walk Evolution Ultra by Skechers

Material: 100% synthetic material

Sizes: Men’s 6.5 – 16 x-wide with half-size and x-wide options

Price: $38.39 – $80.00 depending on size and color

Features: Very lightweight with ULTRA GO cushioning and rebound pillars for maximized comfort. No laces and machine washable.  

Why I Love It:  Sure, Skechers are known for their top-rated walking shoes, but these Go Walk Evolution sneakers take comfort to the next level! With their no-lace technology, the shoe molds to your foot and provides stability without cutting off circulation. I literally feel like I’m walking on air with these and would recommend purchasing two pairs if you do decide to bring them on your Disney vaca! They are also great for folks out there that might need a little extra cushion to keep your feet happy and healthy throughout your trip. 

4) Men’s Mesh Sneakers Oxfords by Bruno Marc

Material: 100% Textile material

Sizes: Men’s 6.5 – 13 with a few half-sizes available

Price: $39.99 – $52.99 

Features: Man-made soles, easily slips on and off, with breathable knitted fabric for breathability. Memory foam soles and padding on the back of the shoe. 

Why I Love It:  I think these are potentially a nice, relatively formal option if you plan to go to a more upscale restaurant while at Disney or Orlando. They maintain a more formal or business/professional look, while also still being quite comfortable.

What I really love about this shoe is the mix of comfort and style. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other with these sneakers! You also get memory foam insoles and padding that protects the back of your heel. With the amount of walking, you will be doing, you will love this feature to help again blisters! 

5) Waterproof Shoes for Men by Fates Tex

Material: 100% waterproof material with rubber soles

Sizes: Men’s 7.5 – 13 with half-size options

Price: $36.90 – $53.90 currently on sale

Features: Completely waterproof with breathable nano-pores to let out heat and sweat. 

Why I Love It:  If you’re heading to the Parks for the Fall or for the Holiday festivities, I would highly recommend bringing these shoes with you. The chance of rain might not be as high as other in States, but if it’s not Summer, there is a chance, and this shoe could very well save your trip! Even if you are going during the less rainy seasons, you could always use the waterproof feature on water rides such as Splash Mountain and the Grizzly River Run

Top Sneakers for Disneyland (Unisex)

Here, we will begin by discussing the Lite Racer Running Shoes by Adidas.

1) Lite Racer Running Shoe by Adidas

Material: Made from 100% recycled water bottles with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Sizes: Women’s and Men’s 4 – 14.5 with half-size options

Price: About $59.99 

Features: Low top, lightweight shoe with soft lining for comfort. 

Why I Love It:  Deck the whole family out in these unisex running shoes. Great even for tweens and teens. With the addition of the sock liner, you get a lot of comfort for a lightweight addition. If you have higher arches or wider feet, the flexibility of this sneaker might be exactly what you need. Not too many color options are offered, but you still get your basic black, white, and grey to choose from to match your Disney outfits! 

2) Madrid Eco-Knit Slip-On Sneakers by Kizik

Material: High-performance knit with ethylene vinyl acetate soles

Sizes: Women’s 6 – 16.5 and Men’s 4.5 – 16.5 with half-size and wide options. 

Price: About $99.00 

Features: Eco-friendly with classic style and heel rebound technology. 

Why I Love It:  We love eco-friendly shoes, and you might not believe me when you see the design, but the breathable knitted fabric is 100% made from recycled water bottles! With that sleek, classic style and rebound heel technology, you can really have it all with this shoe. I will say, there is less padding on the insole than many others on this list, so I would recommend taking these shoes for a test run after buying to ensure they’re what your feet need. 

3) Ultraboost DNA Sneaker by Adidas

Material: 50% Parley Ocean plastic and 50% recycled polyester

Sizes: Women’s 5.5 – 12 and Men’s 4 – 11 with a few half-size options

Price: $126.03 – $179.90

Features: Fast-drying material made from at least 50% Parley Ocean plastic

Why I Love It:  I know what you must be thinking, how many Adidas shoes are you going to include on this list? Just this one, I promise! With the combination of eco-friendly and comfort, you can offset any single-use water bottle usage in Disneyland with these recycled-plastic shoes (or bring a reusable water bottle to really go green)! While the Ultraboost DNA sneakers don’t advertise any comfort-enhancing features, I have found these shoes to be great for daily use in the Parks. They are lightweight with breathable material that makes them perfect if you tend to get overheated. 

4) Chuck Taylor All-Star Low Tops by Converse

Material: Durable canvas sourced from recycled cotton with rubber sole

Sizes: Women’s 5 – 14 and Men’s 3 – 12 with a few half-size options

Price: $55.49 – $95.60

Features: Classic look, with durable material for wear and tear. Contains OrthoLite cushioned insole to help regulate footwear temperature.

Why I Love It: The biggest plus of this shoe is simply the style and durability. You really can’t go wrong with a solid pair of Converse unless you need extra padding. While there isn’t much to cushion the soles of your feet, the classic style and the outer strength of the shoe will keep you going through your vacation. If you do need more cushion, I would recommend getting some insoles from something like Dr. Scholl’s and ordering a half-size up on the shoe.  I actually think this is a wise idea if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

5) The Prague Slip-On Sneakers by Kizik

Material: Genuine suede leather with ethylene vinyl acetate sole

Sizes: Women’s 6 – 16.5 and Men’s 4.5 – 15 with half-size and wide options

Price: $99.00 – $109.00

Features: Created from deluxe canvas with high-density contoured foam insoles and “Rabbit Foam” outsoles for comfort. Slip-on technology is a BIG plus. 

Why I Love It:  This shoe is the best blend of comfort and style that you could hope for. You get two choices in color from black to dusty black, but there are many sizes and wide options to accommodate all feet sizes. I would recommend purchasing a half size up if you’re worried about the size.  I’d also recommend buying from an online retailer with a great return policy.

Lace ‘Em Up and Enjoy Your Trip

When picking out the best shoes for Disneyland you have to consider which shoe is going to keep up with you when you’re walking 25,000+ steps a day. What do you need? Extra padding, or a more form-fitting option for compression? Is your most important priority style? No one answer is better than the other but ask yourself these questions to optimize your search! 

When in doubt, just listen to your feet! Get a few pairs in advance and test them out.  And if you don’t like them, make sure you’re buying from a retailer that you trust that offers an excellent return policy.

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