15 Candles That Smell Like Disney You’ll Go Crazy Over

Here Are the Candles That Smell Like Disney!

Candle scents can be pleasant to smell, while others are deeply powerful or downright nostalgic. Some smells can take you right back to a specific time or place in your memory. So when I think about Disney Parks, I think about several notable smells that I would love to replicate in my home. So without further ado, here are the top candles that smell like Disney (be it Disney rides, Disney food, or even Disney hotels!)

Candles That Smell Like Disney

1. Main Street Candle by Park Scents

Okay, so let’s say you absolutely adore the smells of Main Street at the Disney Parks–particularly the Main Street Bakery–and you’d like to bring that smell home (without having to, you know, actually bust a sweat and BAKE something). What do you do?

Well, how about you get the Main Street Candle by Park Scents? What’s really cool is that this candle will have your home smelling good enough to eat the walls and doors. The candle is meant to capture the smells of things like Custard, Coconut, Vanilla and Maple. It’s just oh-so good. Ugh–I’m making myself hungry now!

2. 33 Candle by Park Scents

How about we step up our sophistication game a little bit? In fact, with this Club 33 candle by Park Scents, you can enter the lap of luxury thanks to this candle’s wonderful aroma.

Listen, we all understand that Club 33 is a highly exclusive club to get into. If you have the means to do so, and you want to remind yourself of Club 33 when you’re back at home, this is a fantastic candle. However, if you’ve never experienced Club 33, I think this is just as great of a candle because it gives you a sense, via the nose of course, of what it must be like to be an exclusive member.

And who knows–perhaps the smell will serve as a small bit of justification to why the Club 33 waitlist is so absurdly long.

3. Pixie Dust by Walter and Rosie Candle Co

Well, like a lot of smells on this list, this is definitely going to be nostalgic. Listen, if you adore Peter Pan, and you ever imagined what it would be like to smell the aroma of pixie dust in the air, this candle is definitely for you.

Walter and Rosie Candle Company is no stranger to making awesome Disney-smelling candles. In fact, this article could be full of nothing but their candles, as they make some pretty awesome ones that smell like Disney resorts (such as their Beach Club candle or Polynesian candle).

But in my estimation, their Pixie Dust candle is their most unique candle, as you’ll smell aromas like mango, raspberry sorbet and more. This candle is super fun.

4. Pirate’s Water by Bowes Signature Candles

There’s just something about the smell of the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. The dark ride boasts the best-smelling musky water I’ve ever smelled. I never thought that would be a sentence I would say, but here I am. 

The water smells a bit salty, a bit musky, and a bit chemically treated. Disney uses bromine to treat the water instead of chlorine, as it’s more suitable for people with sensitive skin, and the smell permeates the ride. Thankfully, this is a candle you can purchase online or even at the Marketplace at Disney Springs–and I think it’s arguably one of the best candles that smell like Disney rides.

You can check out more about their candle here.

5. Churro by DW Home

I’m a sucker for a sweet, cozy scent, especially if it reminds me of leisurely walking through EPCOT with a churro in hand. This candle smells like sweet cinnamon, a spice some might consider overrated in the baking world, though I think it’s very appropriately rated. 

It also has notes of churro batter, fried dough, and crystals of white sugar. It basically smells like you made a batch of a classic Disney treat right in your home. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

6. Citrus Grove by DW Home

“Soarin’”, anyone? I remember my first trip to Disney as a kid, “Soarin’” was one of the rides I was most excited about. I thought the concept was so cool and unique, and the most unforgettable part of the ride was smelling the fresh oranges as we flew over the orange groves. 

The main scent of this DW Home candle is obviously vibrant oranges, but in the background is bergamot, grapefruit, and tangerine. I also think this candle would be perfect in all seasons; it’s naturally suitable for spring and summer, but pair it with some spices or pine, and it’s ideal for autumn and winter too. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

7. Buttered Popcorn by The Stinky Candle Co

I’ll eat just about anything I can with a fork if it means I avoid messy hands, but buttery popcorn is one exception. Popcorn may be a simple snack, but you crave it, it’s filling, and it feels nostalgic to eat. This candle replicates those feelings perfectly with simple notes of warm, freshly popped popcorn and melted butter.

When I think about Disney’s popcorn, I also think about the thrill of seeing and collecting the limited edition popcorn buckets. I’d love nothing more than to replicate those fun feelings at home.

You can check out more about their candle here.

8. Fresh Baked by Bridgewater Candle Company

This candle reminds me of a very specific Disney location, the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, a Norwegian cafe in EPCOT. The last time I was at Disney, my husband, child, and I were walking around EPCOT on a hot day. We walked into the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, and were immediately soothed with the cozy smell and bearable warmth it offered. We shared an eplekake (apple cake) and a coffee, and it was such a sweet memory. 

This candle is composed of the scents of cookies, nuts, coffee, honey, and maple. All things sweet and delicious. This is the perfect combination to represent the cafe where you can get chocolate chip cookies, pastries topped with almonds or chocolate, cake with almond meringue, or even a Mickey cinnamon roll. I’m sure I’m biased, but this has to be one of my favorite candles that smell like Disney. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

9. Polynesian by Magic Candle Company

This candle is designed to emulate the feeling and scent of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. This is the perfect summer candle, with notes of palms, citrus, wild hibiscus, teakwood, island fruit, and warm musk. I think the Polynesian Village Resort is the best of both worlds: a Disney vacation and a tropical vacation. It’s relaxing and spa-like, with exotic foods and picturesque boat rentals. 

In fact, the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawai’i is home to the Waka Taua war canoe, a 60-foot long canoe made of two types of natural timber, Kauri and Tōtara, ornamented with feathers, rouge, and mother-of-pearl. I’d imagine a boat ride in Polynesia would smell like this candle and Disney’s luxurious resort. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

10. Pineapple Whip by Magic Candle Company

Everyone knows Disney has some amazing food, but my first pick is maybe a bit on the basic side: pineapple Dole Whip. There’s just something about walking around Disney on a hot day, racing to eat a Dole Whip before it melts. 

This candle obviously smells like pineapple, but more specifically it smells like icy, frozen, creamy pineapple. It’s a little more subtle than pure pineapple, but it packs a big punch. I think it would take approximately five minutes of burning this candle for me to whip out the blender to try and replicate Dole Whip at home.

You can check out more about their candle here.

11. Mouse Waffles by Magic Candle Company

If you haven’t yet realized, the Magic Candle Company is pretty spot on with Disney scents. Mouse Waffles is no exception, with aromas of warm waffle batter and sweet maple syrup. This would be the perfect scent for the upcoming fall season, since it’s a bit more unconventional than the classic pumpkin or apple. 

But I honestly think it’s great for any season, because I’d never turn down a Mickey waffle. And with the candle, you get the warm, cozy scent without the sticky, syrupy mess! 

You can check out more about their candle here.

12. Spa by Hotel Lobby Candle

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is where I’ve dreamed of staying since I was a little girl when I watched the Disney episode of Full House. Filmed in March 1993, setting family sitcoms at Walt Disney World was great for the Walt Disney Company, since the company was in the midst of garnering mass amounts of popularity in ‘90s popular culture with consecutive successful animated films. I will never forget how magical and relaxing the Grand Floridian looked in that Full House episode. 

I really wanted to lean into the spa-like atmosphere of the resort, and thought this candle was perfect. Not only does the brand name scream “relaxing vacation,” but it includes fragrance notes of eucalyptus, water mint, sage, jasmine, and amber, which I’ve heard are similar notes to the resort spa.

I also think the design of this candle is simplistically beautiful. The color is neutral enough to go in any bathroom, bedroom, or living room for that special “oasis” touch. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

13. Chocolate Chip Cookie by Tate’s Bake Shop

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies? The scent is a fan-favorite part of the “Incredicoaster” ride at Disneyland as you chase Jack Jack through a chaotic series of tunnels. 

This candle mimics the smell of the classic dessert, and is made by Tate’s Bake Shop, the same company that makes delicious store-bought chocolate chip cookies. I would love for my house to smell like I’m baking some of Jack Jack’s famous cookies, especially when I don’t feel like baking. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

14. Roland Pine by Soap & Paper Factory

I had to include a more Christmas-y scented candle in this list, especially because the notes of this one remind me of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom. I love warm weather, but walking into this shop in the middle of a hot day at Magic Kingdom is like a breath of fresh air. 

I instantly feel snug and cozy in there, and if a candle can replicate that feeling, sign me up! This candle has simple aromas of fresh pine and crisp fir, so I don’t think it’s overwhelmingly Christmas-like that you couldn’t burn it all year. Plus the design is clean and simple, so it would look good with any home decor. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

15. Amber & Moss by P.F. Candle Co.

Other than sweet, cozy scents, my next favorite fragrance profile would have to be earthy, woodsy scents. Those are scents I never get tired of, scents that capture the feeling of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The rustic decor and crackling fireplaces of this resort make me want to sit in a rocking chair with a thick blanket and a mug of coffee or warm apple cider. 

The notes of this candle give me that same feeling: sage, moss, and lavender. Scents that give me the nostalgic feeling of camping in the great outdoors, but in the comfort of my own home, dreaming about being in Disney’s cozy lodge. 

You can check out more about their candle here.

This article was written by Lexie, with three additions by Michael.

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