15 Best Camera Backpacks for Disney World You’ll Love

Discover the Best Camera Backpacks for Disney World

There’s no doubt that it’s easy to take good photos while at Disney World thanks to smart phones.  But, if you want to take truly great photos, it’s best to get a dedicated camera.  And when you do that, you definitely need a reliable camera bag to store it.  So in this article, I’m going to provide you with my picks for the best camera backpacks for Disney World, which will be great for storing more substantial cameras like DSLR’s.

Best Camera Backpacks for Disney World

Let’s begin with the Think Tank Retrospective.

THINKTANK Retrospective 4 V2.0

Size: 11” x 8” x 6”

Comfort: This is a soft, form fitting bag with a padded shoulder strap. 

Storage: This bag fits compact DSLR bodies, such as the Canon 80D and Nikon D750. It also comes with a smartphone pocket.

Price: $110

Quality: Excellent quality

Why I Love It: This bag doesn’t scream camera bag, but is still stylish. There is a larger size, but this smaller, more compact version makes it perfect for a day in the parks. It has enough space for your equipment, yet is still small enough to fit at your feet on the rides. It also comes complete with a rain cover (remember those Florida storms). Having worked with professional photographers and previous PhotoPass employees, this brand always comes highly recommended in regards to quality and price.

TARIAN Camera Backpack

Size: 14.5” x 11” x 5”

Comfort: This is an ultra lightweight backpack with comfortable straps. 

Storage: There are 7 rooms with 6 padded removable dividers. There is also a dedicated sleeve to fit a laptop (13”). It comfortably fits your camera and up to 6 lenses. 

Price: $36

Quality: This is a decent quality bag for the cost. 

Why I Love It: This bag also comes with a rain cover, and the compartments can be removed to make space for your essentials. This comes in handy if you have minimal equipment and don’t want to carry multiple bags. 

LOWEPRO Fastpack Pro BP 250 AW III

Size: 21” x 12” x 8”

Comfort: This is a larger bag, with comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. 

Storage: This bag will comfortably fit Mirrorless, DSLR, Nikon D850 and 300D Ripstop. There is also an attachment to carry your collapsible tripod on the side. The bag also comes with a 15” laptop compartment.

Price: $116

Quality: With a higher price comes a higher quality. This bag also has adequate drone storage, and is also a sturdy bag to bring your equipment hiking. If you’re looking for an adventure pack, this is a solid choice. 

Why I Love It: This bag has a quick-door 2 stage access that allows you to quickly grab your camera. This makes it easy for you to easily access your camera and capture those magical moments. This bag does not come with a rain cover. It can get wet, but I don’t recommend risking it. Something to keep in mind if you’ll be visiting in the summer when chances of afternoon storms are high.

LOWEPRO Flipside 300 AW III

Size: 18” x 12” x 8”

Comfort: Yes, I’m back with another Lowepro, and I’ll tell you why below! This is similar to the Fastpack, only smaller. 

Storage: This is a smaller bag, and will fit a compact camera or DSLR with up to 4 additional lenses. There’s also a laptop/tablet pouch.

Price: $130

Quality: Like the Fastpack, this is a well made bag. 

Why I Love It: This is a smaller version of the Fastpack, so it’s slightly more compact and easier to carry around the park and store at your feet on rides. It does come with a rain sleeve to keep your equipment safe in those summer storms. It’s nice if you don’t want to carry around as much gear, but your camera isn’t as accessible as the Fastpack.

LOWEPRO Slingshot Edge 250 AW

Size: 9” x 8” x 5”

Comfort: Here we are folks with the last Lowepro brand (can you tell I’m a fan?). This is a slingshot style that comes with a crossbody strap. If you’re not comfortable with that kind of bag, I don’t recommend. 

Storage: Comfortably fits a compact DSLR with an attached lens. There’s also adequate storage space for a tripod, headphones, and other park essentials. 

Price: $91

Quality: This is another great quality Lowepro bag. 

Why I Love It: This bag offers in my opinion the easiest access to your camera. You can rotate the sling to the front and easily access the contents. The design also looks similar to a normal backpack, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t very obviously say “camera bag”. It’s convenient and just compact enough to comfortably bring on rides. 

FOSOTO Compact DSLR Camera Bag

Size: 8” x 7” x 5”

Comfort: This is a compact bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Storage: This bag is perfect for minimalists who don’t want to carry a lot of equipment. It holds smaller, more compact cameras and SD cards, with very little room for anything else. 

Price: $26

Quality: This is a sturdy bag for the price. 

Why I Love It: It’s small and functional, provides easy access to your camera at a moment’s notice, and isn’t cumbersome to bring on rides (it can easily be stored at your feet or in a designated compartment). 

APE Case Holster Bag

Size: 7” x 5” x 7”

Comfort: This is also a compact bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a padded top handle and can easily attach to a belt loop.

Storage: This will hold compact sized DSLR’s with up to a 5 inch lens. 

Price: $30

Quality: This is a sturdy bag for the price.

Why I Love It: This is another great, compact bag that’s easy to bring on and off rides, can comfortably fit into a larger bag when you’re not using it, and again allows that easy, quick access to the camera that I’m a fan of. It also comes with a rain cover. 

MOSISO Camera Backpack

Size: 17” x 11” x 7”

Comfort: Moderately comfortable with padded, adjustable shoulder straps. 

Storage: This is a larger camera bag with padded removable inserts, 2 accessory pockets, and plenty of room for cables, SD cards, power banks, a tripod, etc. 

Price: $61

Quality: This is a sturdy bag, with a waterproof leather hardshell. 

Why I Love It: This is a sleek design with an impressive amount of storage, and offers a good deal of protection for your equipment. However, this is a larger bag, and the leather hardshell will make it tricky to fit underneath seats on rides that require that, so keep that in mind. 

BAGSMART DSLR Camera Bag Backpack

Size: 11” x 15” x 7.5”

Comfort: This bag has a slouchier design with soft adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are thinner than previous bags, so be careful how much you weigh down this bag. 

Storage: This bag comfortably fits compact and DSLR cameras with 3-5 lenses and accessories, in addition to having plenty of room for your own personal belongings, complete with a 15 inch laptop compartment. This bag has a deceptive amount of space, without feeling cumbersome. 

Price: $60

Quality: This is a sturdy bag, 

Why I Love It: I’m a huge fan of designs that will adequately protect camera equipment without screaming “camera bag.” Up close it’s hard to tell that this is a camera bag. This is an easy bag to carry throughout the parks, the top compartment makes it easy to grab your daily items, and the side access allows you to quickly grab your camera for parades or fun character moments. 

CADEN Camera Backpack

Size: 17” x 11” x 9”

Comfort: This bag is fitted with breathable, memory foam straps for maximum comfort. 

Storage: It will comfortably fit compact cameras and DSLR cameras with up to 6 lenses, plus accessories. 

Price: $40

Quality: This is an excellent option if you’re new to photography and looking for something at a lower budget to start. 

Why I Love It: This bag has the side access I love so much, giving you easy, quick access to your camera. This is a fuller sized pack that will be difficult to fit under seats or at your feet, so keep that in mind. 

USA GEAR Portable Camera Backpack

Size: 13” x 10.5” x 6”

Comfort: This bag comes with padded, adjustable straps. 

Storage: There is plenty of room for a full size DSLR, one lens and accessories. There’s a designated place to attach a tripod. 

Price: $38

Quality: This is great quality for the price, and another excellent low budget find.

Why I Love It: It’s compact, fairly easy to store under seat or place at your feet on rides and there’s a decent amount of storage for other necessities besides your camera gear. Keep in mind this is a smaller bag, it doesn’t hold a lot of camera equipment. 

HEX Ranger Mini Sling

Size: 5.5” x 10.5” x 3”

Comfort: This is a compact, lightweight sling. 

Storage: This bag comes in regular and mini (for a more compact fit). It’s perfect for mirrorless cameras, accessories, and essentials like your keys, cell phone, chapstick (think small). 

Price: $70

Quality: This is a compact, lightweight bag. It’s decent quality, but the fabric is thinner. This is a great bag for a casual photographer. If you know it’ll get heavy use, or be exposed to weather frequently, this may not be the best choice. 

Why I Love It: I wanted to include a bag like this for minimalists who just want a comfortable way to carry their camera, and have quick, easy access to it. This is great for smaller cameras, and sufficient if you don’t plan on bringing a lot of gear. This is a great little pack to keep your camera safe, and take casual photos of friends and family. 

AMAZONBASICS Holster Camera Case

Size: 7” x 9” x 6” 

Comfort: This is a simple, over the shoulder bag and comes with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. 

Storage: This is a small bag, and can comfortably carry a DSLR and minimal accessories like a spare battery and charger. There isn’t room for much else. 

Price: $25

Quality: This is a small, sturdy case. 

Why I Love It: It’s simplistic, and again perfect for a minimalist or casual photographer. Its size makes it very easy to bring onto rides, or stow it away in a larger backpack when it’s not being used. 

DOMISO Camera Bag Case

Size: 9” x 7.5” x 5”

Comfort: This is a soft padded bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. 

Storage: This will comfortably fit DSLR cameras and lenses. It has a great, zippered front pouch to store small personal belongings. 

Price: $36

Quality: This is a strong bag, and great quality for a low price. 

Why I Love It: This is another great, compact option. This bag is easy to carry around the parks, as well as on rides. The straps are quite long on this bag, so if you want to carry this as a crossbody (my preference) you can. 

MOMENT Rugged Camera Sling

Size: 14” x 8” x 7”

Comfort: This is a sling style bag, and a standout of this particular design is the stability strap. This keeps your bag tight when moving, whether you’re walking the parks, on a ride, or even hiking. 

Storage: Adequate storage for a compact camera or DSLR, with additional space for minimal accessories and essentials. This is another excellent find for minimalists, and is easy to carry around the park. The 6L is the smaller, more compact bag (my recommendation for the parks) but you  have the option to size up. 

Price: $100

Quality: This is a more costly bag, but you get what you’re paying for. The durable bomber materials and padded siding and compartment protect your equipment.

Why I Love It: It’s a high quality bag, a chosen favorite among professional photographers. It’s high quality, easy to wear and stay active with, and again, offers that easy access to your camera to capture those fleeting moments.

What Cant I Bring to Disney World

Keep in mind that photography or videotaping for unapproved commercial purposes is prohibited. Selfie sticks or any kind of hand-held poles are not allowed. Unfortunately, your drones will also have to stay home. They are not allowed on any Disney property.

What Can I Bring to Disney World

The good news is that besides these few simple things on the “no” list, you’re otherwise free to bring in your own camera and capture your own memories. You’re free to bring in a go-pro, and you can even bring in your own monopod or tripod, so long as they break down and fit into or onto a backpack, and don’t extend past 6 feet. 

Bag Checks at Disney World

Also, do keep in mind that this is no longer the Disney World you remember from the 80s or 90s.  At Disney World today, your camera bag or camera backpack will be subject to a screening process.  This means that, before you even enter the parks, you first have to wait in a security line if you’re bringing a bag into Magic Kingdom or Epcot or Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

Expect the security person to ask that you open your bag while they dig a bit around through your belongings (yes, your camera related belongings).  It’s not going to be as in depth as what you’d expect to encounter at the airport, but just know it will indeed occur if you bring a bag to Disney World.


When choosing the best camera backpacks for Disney World, always make sure to prioritize what’s most important to you. 

Are you planning on enjoying attractions a ton of attractions and running from location to location to fit absolutely everything into your day? If so, a more lightweight or compact camera (and thus compact camera bag for Disney World) would probably be the best choice.  After all, you also don’t want a cumbersome bag at your feet or on your back, heightening the risk losing it midway through a ride. 

Conversely, if you know you want to capture every single moment, in every single lighting condition, and from virtually every angel and every distance imaginable, then you’re not only going to want a DSLR at Disney World, but you’ll want to make sure you pack several different lenses (including a telephoto lens) inside your backpack.

I hope that I’ve helped narrow down your search, and given you insight into the things to consider when choosing the perfect camera bag for your park visit!

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