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Discover the Best Alcoholic Drinks in Disneyland!

Some of the best alcoholic drinks at Disneyland are the Hurricane Cocktail, the Fuzzy Tauntaun, and the Gamorrean Ale.  But Disneyland offers more than just these three options if you’re looking for tasty drinks with a little extra kick.  So in this article, I’ll be sharing the best drinks, and locations, in Disneyland for those seeking alcohol in the parks!

 Best Alcoholic Drinks at Disneyland

Let’s begin by discussing the Hurricane Cocktail.

1) Hurricane Cocktail

Price – $17.00

Location – Blue Bayou Restaurant 

Description – Rum-based cocktail with orange juice, passion fruit puree, grenadine, and lime juice with maraschino cherry and orange garnish!

Why I Love It – Best cocktail in the Parks! If you love rum, especially dark rum and that mix of fruity vibes you are going to love this drink. Perfect for your Summer/Spring vacation to chill in the candle-lit atmosphere that you get when sitting in the Blue Bayou restaurant. Pair the drink with the Creole Roasted Chicken for a top-level meal! 

NOTE: The Blue Bayou Restaurant is my favorite place to eat lunch or dinner mainly because of the location. Not only do you get out of the heat or cold, but you actually sit right inside the Pirates of the Caribbean! If you get a seat along the water, you get to watch the boat float by and gaze out onto the fireflies twinkling over the water.

2) Karl Straus Brewing Company – Boat Shoes Hazy IPA

Price – $13.25

Location – Blue Bayou Restaurant

Description – A very powerfully hoppy IPA that is super on par with the water/boating theme. 

Why I Love It – I would say this one might be the strongest IPA you could find in Disneyland (even including California Adventure)! Not only will you be pleased with the bold flavors, but I also love the connection between “boat shoes” in the name of the IPA and there you are watching all the Pirates of the Caribbean boats float on by! If you only like the more mild IPAs, I would not recommend this drink, but rather try out the Abita Brewing Company’s Amber Lager from Louisiana!

3) Le Grand Courtâge, Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cuvée, France

Price – $12.00/glass

Location – Blue Bayou Restaurant

Description – A nice sparkling wine! A beautiful balance of dryness and acidity with Meyer lemon, honeydew, and refreshing bubbles! 

Why I Love It – The little bubbles in this sparkling wine are so refreshing after a long morning or afternoon of running around the parks. I don’t ever taste too much of the honeydew notes, but the Meyer lemon comes through easily. I love to pair this drink with the Winter Salad, or the Scallops a la Plancha off the lunch menu to start the meal. 

Then grab a second glass for dessert (with the crème Brûlée) if you need a little extra pick me up before heading back into the crowds. The only downside is the price of this drink. For some of the other wines on the menu, you can get a 5oz bottle for $15.00 whereas this sparkling wine rings out at $12.00 per glass! 

4) Sterling Vineyards, Merlot, Napa Valley

Price – 3oz. $9.00 / 5oz $20.00

Location – Blue Bayou Restaurant

Description – A brightly flavored Merlot with blackberry aromas, plum, and ripe black fruit flavors with dried spices. 

Why I Love It – I love the strong spice and fruit flavors that really shine with this Merlot. It stands out amongst the other Wine Tasting Selection on the menu as my favorite. This wine is made in Napa Valley in the heart of the wine region which should assure you that it is top quality! I would highly recommend starting your dinner off with this lovely wine and getting an appetizer to enjoy a relaxed, calm meal amid an often-times fast-paced day. 

5) Abbazia Di Novacella, Pinot Grigio, Alto Adige, Italy

Price – 3oz $8.00 / 5oz $13.00

Location – Blue Bayou Restaurant

Description – This rich Pinot Grigio carries a blast of citrus fruits, peach, and honeydew melon.

Why I Love It – If you love a fruity Pinot Grigio, with some subtle tangy flavors you should definitely give this one a try. What I love about this drink is the complex mixture that all seem to work together and don’t seem overpowering. You might be wondering how a Pinot Grigio crafted in the heart of the Italian side of the southern Alps could pair well with some of the best Créole food outside of Louisiana, but I promise it will not disappoint! With all the seafood you’re sure to find the perfect pairing for this Pinot Grigio. 

6) Fuzzy Tauntaun

Price – $17.00

Location – Oga’s Cantina

Description – Cîroc Peach Vodka with Peach Schnapps, Simply Orange topped with Tangerine, pure cane sugar, and “Buzz Button Tingling” foam which is the big kicker!

Why I Love It – Have you heard of the mind-blowing, eye-dazzling, mouth-numbing concoction that took Disneyland by STORM when it was introduced? That is none other than the “Fuzzy Tauntaun!” To a lot of Disney-goers’ dismay, they removed the drink from the menu but recently brought it back with some much need improvements. 

Not only did they cut back on the amount of foam on this drink, but if you’ve tried it before, you will notice even the mouth-numbing sensation is different in this newest released recipe. Unlike before, the mouth-numb feeling is a gradual build as you sip on the drink, making the experience even cooler! Before this year, the numbing foam would hit hard and fast and made it nearly impossible to actually enjoy the mix of peach and orange that tastes so good!

7) Jet Juice

Price – $16.00

Location – Oga’s Cantina

Description – Maker’s Mark bourbon, with Giffard Piment d’Espelette, pomegranate liqueur accompanied by a splash of white grape juice and lemon juice to tie it all together! 

Why I Love It – For all the Star Wars readers out there that loved the novels you may recognize this drink also known as “engine-room hooch!” Not going to lie, part of why I love this drink so much just has to do with the Star Wars nerd that thrives within me. As described in the book, this drink is strong, especially for a Disneyland alcoholic beverage so make sure you get a little snack with it (I recommend the Five Blossom Bread)! 

8) Yub Nub

Price – $17.00

Location – Oga’s Cantina

Description – Malibu pineapple rum with Jerry spiced rum citrus, and passion fruit juice. 

Why I Love It – Just like the Ewoks celebrating with the “Yub Nub” song after the destruction of the Death Star, end your Disneyland vacation with the drink so encapsulating of the joyful tune! The mixture of spiced Rum and passion fruit is so delicious and with so much fruit juice and fruit-flavored alcohol, I like to pretend that it’s a healthy option… You can enjoy this drink at any time the Cantina is open as it’s served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

9) Gamorrean Ale

Come out to Oga's Cantina to get some of the best beer at Disneyland.

Price – $14.25

Location – Oga’s Cantina

Description – One of the few beers sold on tap! A hoppy red ale with roasted caramel and a splash of grapefruit.

Why I Love It – This awesome hoppy ale is brewed by the New Belgium Brewing Company out of Colorado and contains 5.2% ABV. As mentioned before, I’m not a huge ale or beer person, but the caramel and the red ale are so delicious. I’ve heard from some beer lovers that the caramel is a little too strong, but I believe it’s definitely worth a try (especially over the White Wampa Ale and its banana flavoring). 

10) Sesid Seltzer

Price – $13.25

Location – Oga’s Cantina

Description – Tropical pineapple-orange hard seltzer with a subtle fruity taste. 

Why I Love It – Now, I’ll be honest the fruit flavor of this one isn’t very strong. It tastes more like your basic unflavored seltzer, but I personally love it! It’s a nice change to all the super strong-tasting alcoholic drinks at Oga’s Cantina. Disneyland is known for its super sweet and delicious treats, however, sometimes you just won’t be in the mood for some more sugary drinks. This seltzer I believe is a very nice blend of refreshing, but not too overpowering. Best seltzer in Disney! 

Bonus Drink

11) Tropical Hurricane Cocktail

Price – $18.00

Location – Pym Tasting Lab

Description – Delicious cocktail with pineapple hurricane mix with fruit-flavored boba!  

Why I Love It – Iknow I said this list would stick to Disneyland Park, but the drinks at California Adventure just need to make an appearance! There are so many great drinks across the way and there is none better than the Tropical Hurricane Cocktail sold at Pym Tasting Lab. 

The pineapple hurricane mix is so yummy, and it is such a great treat to have the fruit-flavor-filled boba sitting at the bottom of your beaker. Oh, that’s right! One of the coolest things about this drink is it’s served in a plastic beaker!

Drinking at Disneyland

Prior to 2019, the only Disney-goers that could enjoy a drink inside Disneyland Park were members of the very exclusive Club 33. When the Park announced every guest over the age of 21 could enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you best believe adults everywhere were overjoyed! Walt himself might not have been pleased with the change, but Disney does its best to make sure no guests get “rowdy.” 

To minimize the chance of drunken guests, Disney has a two-drink maximum and only serves alcohol at the two locations discussed above: Blue Bayou Restaurant and Oga’s Cantina. 

Grab a Glass and Enjoy

Disneyland has such a wide variety of alcoholic beverages that there’s really something for everyone (over the age of 21)! This list of the best alcoholic drinks in Disneyland should hopefully inspire you to get yourself and your group a reservation at one of these awesome locations!

The food is delicious, but they do have some top-level drinks that will ease the everyday stress of Disneyland and give you a moment to just enjoy. While you can’t get alcoholic drinks at every restaurant or stall in Disneyland -yet- you do have more options than a few years ago and that is something to celebrate!

This article was written by Taylor and edited by Michael.

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