15 Best Purses for Disney World You Will Adore

Here are our picks for the best purses for Disney World!

If you’re heading to Orlando soon, and want to make sure you have the best purse for Disney World that’s both practical, versatile, and cute, then please enjoy this list of our favorite purses and crossbody bags we think you’ll absolutely love.

Finding the Best Purses for Disney World

How about we begin with a Dooney & Burke bag?

#1: DOONEY & BOURKE – Disney Sketch Crossbody Bag

Style: Small Crossbody

Comfort: This bag has thin, adjustable straps. Though thin, the straps are sturdy and comfortable.

Storage: The small pouch is perfect for essentials (wallet, cell phone, keys, lotions, chapstick and a few granola bars). It is a smaller bag, so if you’ll be carrying additional layers, food, drinks, camera equipment, etc. then it’s probably too small. There is a small zippered pouch on the front for anything you need to keep secure.

Price: $$$

Quality: This is an excellent quality bag. You get what you pay for. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom 5 years back, and it’s endured countless Disney trips, a Disney cruise, and a tour through Europe. This bag is solid.

Why I Love It: There is a reason Dooney & Bourke is my #1 go to in regards to Disney purses. This is a fantastic brand, and puts the customer first. I own 3 different Dooney bags that have gotten heavy use in the parks, and Dooney has gone out of their way to replace the leather, fix the straps, and quickly address any repairs needed to my bags. My Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke is almost 10 years old, and still in mint condition. An added bonus is it’s compact size makes it easy to take on rides, store at your feet or fit under the seat.  So if you’re looking for one of the best crossbody bags for Disney World, look no further than this gem from Dooney & Burke.

#2: DOONEY & BOURKE – Tote Bag

Style: Large Tote

Comfort: This is a sturdy tote with thin straps. It’s easy to carry over your shoulder.

Storage: The large pouch holds just about everything. I’ve used mine to carry my laptop, wallet, water bottle, snacks, daily essentials and a thin sweater. 

Price: $$$

Quality: This is another quality bag from Dooney & Bourke, and worth every penny. As mentioned, Dooney & Bourke does a great job of making it easy to repair your bag. My Dooney’s have been rained on, and are still in great condition. 

Why I Love It: This bag is so easy to travel with. It has a deceiving amount of storage, and when it gets too heavy, is easy to strap onto the top of a rolling suitcase, and fits comfortably in the basket of most strollers. The only downside is it’s easy to pack this bag too heavy, and can be a little cumbersome in the parks. It does fit under most seats on rides, BUT if you’re on a coaster, it’s best to leave it behind with a member of your party so the contents don’t fall out. 

#3: LOUNGEFLY – Minnie Mouse Dress Mini Backpack

Style: Mini Backpack

Comfort: These small backpacks are a comfortable fit with adjustable straps. 

Storage: The large pocket comfortably holds all of your essentials for the day, and the small zippered pocket on the front holds anything you need to keep secure or easily accessible. Remember these are “mini” backpacks, not full sized backpacks. 

Price: $$

Quality: These bags have the same cute style as the Dooney & Bourkes, at a more affordable price. I have a collection of mini Loungefly backpacks, and while over the years I’ve started to notice a little wear and tear, they’re extremely durable for the cost. 

Why I Love It: These bags are compact, comfortable, there are literally hundreds to choose from (keep an eye out for special editions and holiday bags). They’re easy to store under seats, and at your feet on roller coasters. 

#4: LOUNGEFLY – Mickey Minnie Balloon Cross Body Bag

Style: Medium Crossbody Tote

Comfort: This is a medium sized tote in style, with crossbody adjustable straps for comfort.

Storage: This bag has decent storage to pack everything you’ll need for a day in the parks. It’s not quite as big as a full sized tote, but larger than most cross body bags. 

Price: $$

Quality: This is a solid bag with durable straps, and a great quality for a low price.

Why I Love It: I’m a huge fan of crossbody bags, especially in the parks. I love having my hands free, while still being able to store everything I need for the day. This bag also comes equipped with thick straps if you’d prefer to carry it over your shoulder. 

#5: BIOWORLD – Mickey Mini Backpack Purse

Style: Small Backpack

Comfort: This is a lightweight comfortable bag with adjustable straps. 

Storage: It has a large pocket suitable for all your essentials. This is a small backpack, similar in size to the Loungeflys and Dooney & Bourkes. 

Price: $$ 

Quality: It’s not a major brand name, but doesn’t suffer in quality, especially for the price. The straps are a little thinner than I’d like, but it’s still a solid bag. 

Why I Love It: I adore the detail in this bag, and the unique style. It’s not a traditional mini backpack, and the gold Mickey tassel is so cute. I also love the hidden details of Mickey’s white gloves on the sides. It’s also the perfect size to bring on rides, it’s very easy to store and is a great hands free option. 

#6: DAKINE – Jordy Crossbody

Style: Medium Crossbody

Comfort: These bags are soft with durable straps. 

Storage: These offer a decent amount of storage, easy to store all of your essentials and a few snacks. 

Price: $$

Quality: These are great little bags for the price, and I’ve had no issues in regards to quality. I do recommend avoiding getting them excessively wet though. 

Why I Love It: These are great in regards to practicality, and not as flashy as the Disney themed bags. If you’re looking for something functional and neutral, this is a great option at an affordable price. 

#7: NEATPACK – Crossbody Bag

Style: Medium Crossbody

Comfort: This bag is soft and comfortable with an adjustable strap. It lays comfortably at your side (this is a huge selling point for me as a regular cross body bag wearer). 

Storage: This bag has ample storage, with a large main pouch, and two smaller zippered pouches. There’s also a designated pouch for your water bottle. You should have no problem storing everything you need for the day in this bag, just be careful not to weigh it down too much or it’ll get tiresome to carry through the park. 

Price: $

Quality: This is a great quality bag at a reasonable price. 

Why I Love It: These bags are neutral in color and style, come in a variety of different colors, and are one of the more functional bags on this list. If storage is a priority, this is an excellent option. They’re a little larger than a traditional cross body bag, but still easy to bring on rides. I love that the top zips shut to keep your belongings secure. 

#8: PETUNIA PICKLE BOTTOM – Criss Cross Sling Bag

Style: Medium Crossbody

Comfort: If you’re a fan of cross body bags (I’m a huge fan), this is a very comfortable brand. The strap is interchangeable if you’re looking for something sturdier. 

Storage: These have similar storage space to the small backpacks, with adequate storage for all of your essentials. 

Price: $$

Quality: For the price, these are great bags. Are they the same quality as the brand names? No, but you get what you pay for. Be mindful to tuck them away in inclement weather. 

Why I Love It: I love the variety of designs, and this bag is the best of both worlds combining the storage space of a small backpack with the convenience of a crossbody. These are easy to tuck away on rides or pack into a stroller. 

#9: TRAVELON – Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

Style: Small Crossbody

Comfort: This is a sturdy, comfortable bag. 

Storage: This is a smaller bag, perfect for essentials. It’s not ideal for carrying excessive snacks, drinks or layers. It has a large pouch and a separate pouch for a water bottle (I have a slim aluminum water bottle that fits perfectly).

Price: $$

Quality: This is a great quality bag.

Why I Love It: This is a no frills bag if you’re looking for something comfortable, secure, and practical. It comes in several different neutral colors, and all pouches zip to keep your belongings secure. Not only is it great for Disney parks, I’ve also brought this bag camping and hiking – its durability makes it worth the cost for me. 

#10: BAGGALLINI – Everywhere Bag

Style: Small Shoulder Bag

Comfort: This bag is soft with a thick shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry throughout the day. You can also adjust the strap if you prefer a crossbody fit. 

Storage: There is a large main pouch, and three smaller pouches on the front. I’ve had no trouble storing everything I need for the day in this bag. 

Price: About $60

Quality: This is one of the higher quality bags at this price point. 

Why I Love It: There are 2 things I love about this bag. First, this is my go-to travel bag. If your trip to Disney World includes an airport visit, there is a suitcase strap on the back of this bag, making it easy for you to attach to your luggage handle – brilliant. This bag is also one of the only ones I’ve seen equipped with RFID blocking.  

#11: BAGGALLINI – Crossbody Handbag

Style: Small Crossbody

Comfort: This is a comfortable fit, so long as you don’t pack it too heavy. The strap is on the thinner side. 

Storage: This is perfect for your immediate needs – phone, keys, sunscreen, chapstick, a snack. It’s not ideal for carrying much more than that. 

Price: $$

Quality: This is another great quality Baggalini bag.

Why I Love It: I love this bag for quick trips into the park, or if I know a member of my party is carrying a larger backpack or I’ll be storing things on a stroller.  It’s compact, sturdy, easy to bring on rides, and comfortably fits everything I need. 

#12: SEINPURE – Nylon Crossbody Bag

Style: Small Crossbody

Comfort: This is comfortable and compact with an adjustable strap. 

Storage: This is another compact bag. It doesn’t hold much more than your essentials, but it’s extremely easy to carry around the park, onto rides, etc. 

Price: $

Quality: This is a great budget option. It’s not the best quality bag, but you’ll get a few good uses out of it. 

Why I Love It: I carried this little bag around the parks for years. It was my go-to when I was meeting friends for an afternoon or knew I didn’t need anything more than a place to put my keys and my phone. It’s neutral and simple and a decent option if you’re more budget conscious. 

#13: KAVU – Sling Bag

Style: Medium Sling Bag

Comfort: This is a sling style bag with a thin, rope-like strap. Be careful loading your bag too heavy, and you’ll be just fine.

Storage: The backpack space itself provides ample storage for a day in the parks. 

Price: $$

Quality: This is a great quality bag for the price. Be careful of excessively loading the bag down though, especially if you’re planning on wearing it all day. The strap is on the thinner side. 

Why I Love It: It’s an excellent hands free option, and can even be worn across my back like a backpack. This is a go-to when I’m with my nephews and want to be able to carry my things but not be constantly messing with my bag. There is also a great variety design wise. 

#14: INICAT – Small Crossbody

Style: Small Crossbody Sling

Comfort: This is a lightweight, comfortable bag with a thin strap. 

Storage: Storage is a bit on the small side. It has one large pocket to hold your belongings. 

Price: $

Quality: This is a great quality bag at a lower cost.

Why I Love It: This bag comes in SO many colors and designs, that it’s perfect if you’re looking for something to compliment your outfits. It’s handsfree, lightweight, and easy to bring onto rides. 

#15: WINGHOUSE – Minnie Mouse Fanny Pack

Style: Fanny Pack

Comfort: This has a comfortable, adjustable fit. 

Storage: This is an average sized fanny pack, with a large zippered pouch for everything you’d need to quickly access. 

Price: $

Quality: This is in my opinion one of the better quality fanny packs, and does well with the Florida weather. 

Why I Love It: I love a good fanny pack, but I’m picky about designs. I love this option because it’s got a cute, Minnie Mouse design, but it’s a little more stylish and classy. The strap is also adjustable for different body sizes. 


At the end of the day, choosing the perfect purse (or let’s be honest – purses) for your Disney vacation depends on what your main priorities are. Fortunately when it comes to choosing the best purses for Disney World, we have so many options to choose from! Now that you have some fun ideas and a few tried and true brands, it’s time to start narrowing it down to your favorite styles!

Also, if you’re curious about Disney Parks’ policy on bags, you’re not allowed to being a bag, backpack or cooler into the parks that’s bigger than 24 inches long, 15 inches wide and 18 inches high.

This article was written by Jessica and edited by Michael.

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