10 Best Misting Fans for Disney World to Beat the Heat

Here are the best misting fans for Disney that I absolutely love!

Orlando weather can certainly be pleasant, but it can also be (and often is) hot—very hot. In order to beat the heat, you’d be wise to pack a trusty misting fan with you.  So here are our top picks for the best misting fans for Disney World!

Best Misting Fans for Disney World We Love

Let’s kick this off with a highly portable misting mini fan.

Kooder Misting Handheld Mini Fan

Don’t let the word “mini” fool you, this mini fan packs quite a few helpful features into its compact size. If you’re traveling light at the parks, this is a great option as it will fit easily into a large pocket or a small bag. No need to carry around any spare batteries for this one, its rechargeable battery is good for 6 hours of use! The manual spray feature lets you control exactly when you want to use the mist, and the clear reservoir on the back makes it easy to see when it’s ready to be refilled.

Why I Love It: The size! This fan is smaller than an i-phone and still delivers some cooling relief when you need it. I like that the water reservoir is behind the fan. Since it holds a bit less water than other fans, I’d definitely use it on the warmer days instead of the real hot ones, so that I’m not super frequently stopping for refills! Also – one charge will get you about 6 hours, I think thats pretty good!  

O2COOL Handheld Battery Powered Misting Fan

This battery operated fan (two AA) is lightweight, comfortable to hold, and offers a powerful one speed motor. Its fine misting function makes it easy to operate and it comes in a variety of fun colors that will pop at the park!

Why I Love It: I love that this one comes in a variety of colors, it makes it super easy for each person in the party to choose (and keep track of their own). The blades on this fan are also soft and flexible, the motor runs at a consistent speed and being battery operated makes it easy to manage without having to find a spot to recharge! 

Comlife Misting Flexible Tripod Fan

This fan is truly versatile! The flexible tripod on this fan makes it not only easy to operate as a handheld, but it can be easily adjusted to stand on a table or clip to a baby stroller. This fan is charged for use (4 hours charge time) and can run continuously for 4-6 hours. It has  3 speeds to choose from and a 270 degree (vertical) and 360 degree (horizontal pivoting head).  This adaptable fan is a fantastic option, especially if you’ve got little ones to keep cool! 

Why I Love It: The adjustable tripod! For little ones in the group, this fan is awesome. Easy to wrap around a stroller to give them a break from the heat! The tripod can also be used as a handheld, adding to the versatility. 

Comlife Handheld Misting Fan

Right off the bat, I love that this fan doesn’t have a trigger that you have to pump for mist. Instead, it has two buttons on its front for you to select fan and/or mist. A full charge will get you about 10 hours of fan time (you can choose the speed) and 1 hour of misting time! When not in use, it folds up 180 degrees into a collapsible shape, making it easy to stow into a bag or pocket.

Why I Love It: A gentler mist and easy to use buttons! No need to pump for the mist on this one, which makes it easy for any user. I also like that you can charge it up using a USB-C cable, and the ability to fold it up makes it easy to carry no matter what size bag I’m using on a Disney day. 

O2Cool Sport Misting Fan

If you can travel light on your days at the park, I highly recommend it. Which is why this super compact fan makes our list. Available in a variety or colors, this battery powered fan does require 1 single AA battery. It easily fills with water and provides a steady breeze to keep you comfortable when in use! Its pocket size makes it easy to carry in a bag or on your person. Plus, it comes with a carabiner clip to easily attach to any items if that’s your preference! 

Why I Love It: The size! There are so many things I carry during a day at the parks, so anything that’s compact is definitely preferred! This fan has super soft blades, a carabiner for easy carrying and only requires 1 AA battery. Fun color options here too! 

TOAOB Handheld Misting Fan

This fan not only has 3 fan speeds, but also 2 mist speeds. This rechargeable fan will last you anywhere from 2 to 7 hours depending on the speed and mist settings you’re using. For an extra hot park day, I’d bring along the charging cable for when you’re sitting down for a meal or rest! A great lightweight option, definitely include this fan in your search! 

Why I Love It: Another option with great color choices. I love that this fan has a light indicator, to let you know when the battery is below 5% and in need of a charge, which is usually after about 7 hours! Different from others on this list, this fan has multiple speeds for wind and mist, which I really like! 

O2Cool Mini Misting Portable Fan with Clip

With the ease of portability and use, we just had to include one other truly pocket size option on this list! This fan uses just 1 AA battery and has a super easy reservoir for water refill. The small side trigger makes spraying easy while enjoying the cool breeze this emits! The handy carabiner clip means that this fan can travel with you anywhere.

Why I Love It: This little fan sort of reminds me of a computer mouse! Its compact and unique shape make it easy to travel with and easy to hold. Soft blades for safety on this one make it really appealing for younger kiddos too! I love that it has the clip right on it for easy transport! 

Ginekoo Misting Neck Fan

Spend any amount of time at a Disney park on an extremely hot day and you’ll see that the neck fans have become quite popular. But what if you could have a neck fan that delivered a cool mist? Look no further, you can! This misting neck fan charges via USB and has not one, but two, 360 degree adjustable fans to deliver a constant stream of cooling air.

This fan is truly convenient, as a wearable, it keeps your hands free for those delicious Mickey shaped snacks! A single charge will get you about 3-6 hours of use, choosing from 3 speeds. It collapses for easy storage and comes with a handy travel pouch as well! 

Why I Love It: Hands free! I am always seeing these around Disney parks, and for good reason, they are super easy to use and convenient. This neck fan offers cooling that is effortless. If I can keep cool while keeping my hands free to enjoy my food and drinks at Epcot, I am all in!  

O2Cool Misting Necklace Fan

The second “wearable” to make this list, this small fan is a great lightweight, hands free option. Put it on like a necklace, and you’ll be treated to a vertical stream of air and mist to keep you cool and comfortable. The lanyard is fully adjustable, which allows you to choose how close you want the fan to your face. The mist is delivered with the quick push of a button! This fan runs on 1 AA battery, a definite pro if you’re looking to avoid recharge pit stops or are traveling without a battery pack. 

Why I Love It: Hands free again! Easy to wear, easy to store, easy to operate! I love that this one can be worn, making cooling effortless while exploring the parks. With just one AA battery needed, I love that this wearable doesn’t mean I have to stop for a charge while roaming around Disney World! 

Mickey or Minnie Mouse Personal Misting Fan

I’d be remiss to finish out this list without mention of this adorable fan. Any true Disney fan will love having the option to choose a fan with either Mickey or Minnie on its front! Available in a few different colors, this misting fan uses 2 AA batteries to deliver your cooling breeze and mist. The water reservoir on this fan is a bit larger than the others mentioned, but the handy carrying strap makes it convenient to bring with you to the parks! 

Why I Love It:  The easy answer here – Mickey & Minnie! This fan just adds to my growing collection of “must have” flair for trips to Disney. The carrying strap on this one is also really nice, I can wear it around my neck or attach it to a bag with ease! 

Are Misting Fans Allowed at Disney?

Yes, misting fans are allowed at Disney World.  With that said, it is important to know that if you’re planning to pack a misting fan inside your backpack, it needs to be a certain size—and no bigger.  Large misting fans are not allowed at Disney World parks, but portable misting fans are—specifically ones that are designed to be “handheld” (like the ones I’ve discussed throughout this article).  There’s no size requirement for misting fans, but so long as you can hold it in your hand and easily walk around with it at the parks, it should be fine.

Why Buy A Misting Fan?

If you’re headed to Florida, you want to be prepared for anything when it comes to the weather! Even if you’re not there during the peak season, it will most certainly be warm, especially when trekking through Disney World and the parks all day! Cooling fans have become a “must have” item for park guests. With so many options out there, they are affordable, easy to pack and easy to use.

There’s so much to see and do in a Disney park, I can almost guarantee you won’t want to stop for extended AC breaks! So if you truly desire to find one of the best misting fans for Disney World, I suggest giving one of the ones listed above a shot.  You just might find it to be a lifesaver on a very hot day in the Orlando sun.

This article was written by Patricia and edited by Michael.

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