10 Best Leggings for Disney — Stay WARM and COMFY!

Discover the Best Leggings for Disney That'll Help You Stay Comfortable and Warm on Cooler Days in the Parks!

A lot of people may try to judge or shame you for seeking out the best leggings for Disney, let alone choosing to wear them to Disney World or Disneyland.  But you know what—who cares what they have to say?  If you want to rock your athletic, yoga-inspired leggings to Disney in an effort to stay both comfortable and warm, why does it concern anyone else?  So without further ado, here are our top picks for leggings you can wear, and enjoy, at Disney.

Best Leggings for Disney (Disney World and Disneyland)

Let’s begin with these comfy pair of yoga pants.

FULLSOFT Workout Yoga Pants

These leggings are one of the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn and are a staple in my Disneyland suitcase every time we go! I love the versatility of this particular brand because I can wear them at just about any point throughout the year, either under my full length leg braces or over them. They’re thick enough to keep you protected from the cold ride seats and potential rain in winter, but also cool enough to prevent overheating during those hot summer afternoons! 

They do fairly well at whisking away moisture, but once they reach a certain saturation level they do take a little while longer to dry than some of the other options on this list. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these as an under layer (as they are pretty bulky), but on their own they are perfect for just about any type of weather! If you like your clothing to fit a little looser, I would highly recommend ordering a size up as these can run a little small.

ODODOS Women’s Cross Waist Leggings

I personally love the crossed waist style of this particular brand of leggings because I find that these don’t fall down like other leggings might! As we all know, one of the worst things to have to be doing on a hectic Disney day is making sure your pants are fitting where they are supposed to, and I have always found that crossed waist styles can help mend that problem! As someone who has rather difficult proportions to fit, these provide support in all of the right places while also being loose enough that they are not inherently uncomfortable. 

Another bonus with this particular brand is the hidden waistline pocket which is perfect for rides in which your valuables could go flying through the air if they aren’t secured properly! You certainly can’t fit very much in that pocket, but it would likely hold a phone or a small wallet! The material will cling to your skin when they are wet so I would not recommend these if you are going to be participating in water rides (or water parks in general), although they are perfect for dry days were you still

The Gym People Yoga Leggings for Women

Pockets are without a doubt one of the most important parts of a clothing item when you go to Disneyland! There can simply never be enough pockets and a matter how many you have, you always wish you had more! That’s one of my favorite features about this particular pair of leggings, there’s plenty of pocket space to store valuables during rides and just generally throughout the day!

They are a little bit on the warmer side so they may not be best for a summer trip, but if the heat doesn’t bother you this would surely be a great option! Plus, the patterns available are super adorable and there are a couple of different lengths to choose from if you’re looking to stay cool!

SweatyRocks Stretchy Work Pants

This next set of leggings may not look like your traditional legging style, but they are absolutely perfect for the parks! This particular pair of leggings is manufactured to look like work pants and ultimately that’s what they are, but they are so comfortable and made out of a stretchy material rather than standard dress pants you would usually see. 

If you’re looking to Disney bound or if you’d like to appear a bit more professional in the parks, this is a great way to fit the style you are aiming for while also being comfortable and protected from more of the elements. There are also several different length options within this listing so make sure to check all of the colors and available styles!

Amazon Essentials Yoga Leggings with Pockets

If style in the parks is your priority, this is absolutely the pair of leggings for you! There are so many different color choices available with this brand that it’s almost impossible to find something that you don’t like! These particular leggings are more on the thinner side, making them great for keeping cool in the intense summer heat! 

The great thing about these is not only that they’ll keep you protected from the heat, but they’re still thick enough that they will protect you from the sun! Overall these are a great pair of all-around leggings that are still comfortable and functional while also providing a great overall look to your outfit!

AFITNE Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants

The mesh on these leggings makes them a perfect candidate for your summer trip! Out of every pair of leggings on this list, these are the ones that will keep you the coolest on those awful, blistering hot days! There’s mesh on the outside of both legs that can really help bring in the cool breeze! 

For extra breathability, I would recommend getting a size larger than you would normally wear, as I have found that skin tight clothing can often be warmer than you would think! These leggings can unfortunately run small, but they do have a decent stretch factor. These also have a pocket on either side that would be large enough to fit your phone or a wallet, making it perfect to use for those days where you are riding rides and don’t have anywhere to throw your personal items.

LifeSky Yoga Capri Leggings

If you like support and a little it of shaping from your clothing, this is definitely a great option for you! These are compression capris, meaning they are a bit tighter than most of the other options on this list and they provide more support for both comfort and style.

These are not advisable for winter wear as they are a bit shorter than a standard pair of leggings, but they are super comfortable to wear in the summer and would be a great option to wear in the car or on the plane if you have to travel a long distance to visit the parks! These do also have a pocket to hold your phone as you walk around, which is great because it can free up space in your hands for other important things!

Under Armour HeatGear Capri Leggings

These are the perfect, all around legging for every time of year! While they are capris so they are a bit shorter, this particular brand is originally geared to use under other clothing items to help keep the heat in. If you find yourself cold and miserable in the winter in Anaheim, try wearing a pair of these under another pair of pants and you will be far warmer! 

Alternatively however, these can also be worn on their own and will keep you much cooler in the summer than most other pairs of leggings! They are a bit more on the spend aside, but I have always found in the past that Under Armour is completely worth the investment. This is another pair of leggings that will dry quickly, making them great for rainy weather or water rides, and they are not at all uncomfortable when they are damp!

Just My Size Women’s Plus Size Capri Leggings

These leggings are absolutely perfect for anyone looking to put together a plus size outfit for Disney! These are not advisable for winter wear as they are shorter and end mid-calf, but they are absolutely phenomenal for summer! They are plus size leggings, however I wear a medium and have used these in the past because I love to have the extra fabric to allow the cool breeze, So even if you are not plus size these are great option! These also dry really quickly which makes them perfect for rides like Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run!

Kanora Middle Waisted Seamless Leggings

This is another pair of leggings that is comfortable, yet also has gorgeous patterns and colors that will make your outfits pop in the parks! They unfortunately only have two sizes which makes them rather inconvenient if you don’t fall into that size range, however if you can make them work they are a great option! 

These would be perfect for youth who might be looking to wear bright colors and flashy patterns, while also keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!  These do not have pockets, so if you’re planning on bringing this pair of leggings you will want to bring a shirt or sweater that can hold your phone and wallet, especially if you are planning on going on rides!


Disneyland is fun and a truly great vacation no matter how you’re dressed, but having a wardrobe that as well built and prepared for the parks can really make or break your experience! If you’re uncomfortable with your clothing and what you have available, you will be far more likely to be absolutely miserable while exploring! While everyone has a different preference for clothing fit and comfort, I hope that my list of best leggings for Disney have helped you out today!

This article was written by Peyton and edited by Michael.

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