10 Best Ponchos for Disney World That Are Awesome

Discover the Best Ponchos for Disney World!

If you’re a new visitor to Disney World, then one thing you will need to know is that you should likely expect some rain in Orlando during your trip.  Although rain tends to be more of a brief shower than prolonger downpour, you’ll definitely want to pack a quality poncho—especially if you don’t want to use an umbrella.  So here are our top picks for the best ponchos for Disney World.

Best Ponchos for Disney World

Let’s begin with the Freesmily Rain Poncho for both kids and adults.

Freesmily Stylish Rain Poncho

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we look no matter the weather! Rain or wind, you can enjoy feeling confident in this wide-armed, long rain poncho. It comes in several colors to suit your personality and has a zippered front and a hood. We like this style because it is easier to take on and off, similar to a zip-up hoodie rather than a pullover poncho.

Disposable Rain Poncho for Adults and Kids

Disposable and classic, this clear poncho is what you will find many people donning over their park-day gear. They come in individual packs for easy storage, and you can choose between both children and adult packs.

These ponchos are very cheap, and they typically feel that way too. But, if you’re only wearing them for a few minutes or hours, they are sufficient for a quick way to stay dry.

Besshopie EVA Poncho

This sustainably-made reusable poncho is ideal for packing and playing around the parks. It features button enclosures for easy on and off and a hood with ties to keep the rain away from your face. This poncho is unisex, so it will fit anyone in your group and comes in many colors. There is nothing worse than feeling suffocated or having plastic stick to you. Since the bottom is more open than other ponchos and raincoats, you can have some breathing room.

Disney Mickey Mouse Rain Poncho

A little pricier than other models, but this is an appropriate option when spending the day in the Disney parks on a rainy day. You have the head honcho, Mickey Mouse, on the front and back here. Honestly, this is a classic Disney poncho—I remember wearing a Mckey Mouse poncho in the parks back in the ‘90s.

This is a unisex poncho, so you don’t need to fiddle around with buying specific sizes. It is a basic pullover poncho, which is mainly designed for one-time use.

Shedrain Rain Poncho Cape

Imagine: You’re at Magic Kingdom in your cutest Minnie-inspired outfit. All of a sudden, the dark clouds roll in and your outfit is ruined. With the unique Shedrain poncho cape, you can complement the iconic red, black, and white style of Minnie Mouse while also keeping your hair and clothes dry. This poncho cape is not only fashionable, but it’s immensely practical, as it can fold into its own pocket for easy on-the-go traveling throughout Disney.

Disney Kids Umbrella and Slicker

Perfect for the little ones, this cute set allows you kids show of their love for Minnie Mouse or Moana while also trying to keep the rain at bay. This set comes with an umbrella, should you only need a quick place to stay dry in between rides. Plus, you also get cute rainwear that’ll help you stay dry whenever the skies turn gray.

Disney Star Wars Darth Vader Poncho

If you are visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure to pack one of these Star Wars-themed ponchos. With the face of Darth Vader on the front, it’ll be obvious in Batu at Galaxy’s Edge whose side you’re on. This is a pullover-style poncho that doesn’t have zippers or buttons. We suggest not wearing this poncho around members of the Resistance.

Totes Reversible Fashion Rain Poncho

If you’re anything like us, you like to switch up your style quite a bit. What we love about this poncho is that it is not only fashionable but reversible. That is helpful when you have to wear a poncho multiple days in the parks. You can have some variety in your photos beyond the classic clear options. This poncho is durable and made of water-repellant materials so you don’t need to worry about thin plastic tearing or water seeping through.

Vibe Festival Gear Reusable Rain Poncho

As soon as we saw this poncho, we felt Adventureland and Polynesian Resort vibes. It made us want to stop by Trader Sam Tiki Terrance and sip on a tasty cocktail on the beach. This colorful poncho features palm leaves and flowers throughout on a dark blue background. It features wider arms for breathability and a hood to keep your hair dry. We love that the jacket has hidden buttons as fasteners because it keeps the poncho looking like one piece without being a pullover.

Scotch & Soda Unisex Amsterdam Rain Poncho

This may be the most expensive poncho we have ever seen. But, there are a lot of things going for it. It has a longer design than most ponchos, with it coming down to the knees. It also has zippered pockets and a large hood with ties. The style is unique with the branding, patches, and decals throughout as well. So, while it isn’t for everyone, it shows that there are functional styles for even the most expensive shoppers.

Best Rain Jackets for Disney World

If you’re interested in purchasing a rain jacket instead of a poncho, here are three of our favorites:

Columbia Rain Jacket

I really like the minimal design of this rain jacket by Columbia. It’s fashionable enough to look a little better and more stylish than the typical rain poncho, but it also is highly functional and does a good job of keeping you dry during a passing Orlando shower.

Boathouse Packable Wind/Rain Jacket

The Boathouse is one of the best dining spots at Disney Springs. So, why not wear a rain jacket that has its logo? Best of all, it’s very lightweight and packs down easily for travel. You can find this rain jacket online or at the Boatique next to the restaurant.

Disney Jasmine Hooded Jacket

We love the look of this dark blue raincoat. With a cinch tie, enclosed wrists, and a large hood, this jacket has everything you need for a day in the parks. It’s donned with stars, moons, and flowers all inspired by Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. This jacket is available on the shopDisney website.

Ponchos vs Rain Jackets at Disney

Ponchos vs Rain Jackets at Disney: Which One is Better?

I hear you asking, “but what about a raincoat?” Call me biased, but there are plenty of times I have brought a big, bulky rain jacket into the Disney parks and have not had to use it once. Was it my fault for not looking at the weather channel? Maybe.

Honestly, there are pros and cons to each option, so let’s break down the differences.

Ponchos are easier to pack. They fit easily into a small back or backpack, which is perfect for trip planning. They are often packaged in a plastic pouch for storage convenience. Rain jackets are typically not as portable.

Ponchos can give a wet, plastic bag feel that can cling. With the thin nature of typical poncho material, it can feel clingy when wet. If you’re not a fan of feeling like a wet grocery bag, you may want to find a poncho made of fabric or a rain jacket.

Rain jackets are easier to take off when the rain ends. Ponchos are tricky to take off, especially in the post-rain Florida humidity. With a rain jacket, you can unzip and be on your way.

Rain jackets are reusable. With ponchos, you can try to reuse them but then they are often wet inside and out, which kind of defeats the point. Pro Tip: If you intend on using a poncho and want to reuse it, bring a zippered bag to keep it in so it keeps the rest of your items dry.

Ponchos are cheaper. Rain jackets are an investment and they can get pretty pricey. Even if you decide to buy a poncho last minute in the parks, it will still likely be cheaper than the initial rain jacket purchase. Then again, there is something to be said about the longevity of a rain jacket versus a (typically) one-time-use poncho.

Honestly, rain jackets are cuter than ponchos. You can Disney-bound in a rain jacket. It’s pretty tough to pull off a rockin’ poncho look.

When to Buy a Poncho or Rain Jacket?

This question comes up nearly every time I pack for Disney World. Is it better to assume it will rain and pack a couple of ponchos or do I save the space for more clothing?

We suggest packing one or two ponchos per member of your group ahead of your trip. Buying ahead of time can give you some peace of mind and could save you money. It lets you take one more worry off of your checklist. Plus, it avoids having to rush into the nearest store and hope ponchos are available, which are likely sold higher in the parks than online. If you buy disposable ponchos, you can open up room in your suitcase to hold more souvenirs for your journey back home.


You might initially think you don’t need to concern yourself with the best ponchos for Disney World, but you’d be wrong.  When it comes to Disney cancelling events and fireworks shows because of the rain, that’s something they rarely do unless it’s an extreme (and dangerous) weather pattern.  That means that the likelihood of you traversing the parks in varying degrees of rain is very high.  And because of that, you’re definitely going to want to strongly consider one of these ponchos (or rain jackets) on this list!

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