The 25 Best Shoes for Disney World Your Feet Will Love

Above all else, shoes are quite possibly the most important item to consider when packing for a Disney vacation. You can expect to get in all your required daily steps when visiting the Disney theme parks, and because of that, you want some great shoes that will protect your feet and joints.

But finding the right pair of shoes isn’t always easy.  Sure, you want a well built shoe that’s sturdy, but you also care about style and comfort.

Well, in this article, I’ve compiled what I believe is an essential list of the best shoes for Disney World.  Here, not only will I list excellent sneakers you can wear at Disney World (for both men and women), but I’ll also discuss other important footwear to consider, like sandals and even Crocs!

Finding the Best Sneakers for Disney World 

Ever see someone wearing something you like but when you put on the same thing you think it looks strange? That is how I feel wearing sneakers with shorts or pants (unless in athletic clothing). 

But Disney is the exception. Throw those sneakers on with any outfit you have planned. With the amount of walking you will be doing; you are going to want the best sneakers for Disney World. It took me a long time to give in to wearing sneakers to the parks. But once you do it, you will never look back. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Think about how large each park is. That is miles and miles every day. A good sneaker is extremely important for a successful, relaxing trip to Disney World. Pro tip-do not buy new sneakers for the trip! The blisters will be awful. If you want a new pair, get them in advance and wear them first. 

Let’s first begin with the best sneakers for women at Disney World. 

Women’s TechLoom Pro – APL

These are my favorite sneakers of all time. They are pricey but worth it in my opinion. They are extremely comfortable, great for your feet, and lightweight. APL is one of my favorite brands as far as sneakers go. And even though you are paying more for them, you are getting a lot out of them.

Women’s TechLoom Pro - APL

I love the number of options they have to accommodate everyone’s needs in a sneaker. Check out all of the options they have to find the right sneaker for you.

Women’s Cloud Shoes – On

These comes in a close second to the APL sneakers. These shoes are extremely lightweight it feels like you are walking on clouds. So comfortable, and the quality is amazing. I love the on-cloud sneakers. They are very bouncy and comfortable. They are airy and do not get too hot.

Women’s Cloud Shoes - On Cloud

There is nothing worse than hot, sweaty feet from walking around Disney World. These keep your feet nice and cool throughout the day. You really cannot go wrong with any of the On options and I love that they have a lot of different options for both men and women.

Women’s Arahi 5 – HOKA

Another popular choice for sneakers. Breathable, open meshing, durable, and offer stability. These are one of the best sneakers you can get for Disney. HOKA specializes in making shoes to support each person’s foot.

Women’s Arahi 5 - HOKA

There are options for everything you could need in a sneaker. These sneakers are great for anyone needing more arch support and a very comfortable sneaker.

Revel 5 – Brooks

Brooks is known for making great sneakers. The quality of these sneakers is amazing and sure to last. They are also comfortable and great for all-day walking.

Revel 5 Sneakers - Brooks

These also have options for both men and women and the quality are great. Your feet will be happy walking around in these sneakers all day in Disney.

Men’s Cloudstratus – On

These sneakers are a great option for men of all ages. They are made with comfort in mind, are sustainable and durable for long-term wear. On wins in the men’s category for me as well.

Men’s Cloudstratus Sneaker - On Cloud

These are just well-made, durable, comfortable shoes for anyone and everyone. Grandparents will love the support these sneakers give.

Men’s TechLoom Phantom – APL

Just as I love the APL option for women, I love the APL’s for men. These sneakers offer the most comfort and support, which makes them one of the best sneakers for Disney World for men.

Men’s TechLoom Phantom - APL

APL and On-Cloud are in a tight competition for the best sneaker, but luckily, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Both have several options to fit what is best for you. I suggest looking into both brands to find a sneaker that will work best for you.

Men’s Tree Dasher – All Birds

This sneaker might just be my top choice for men. First, these sneakers are machine washable! How great is that? They are also made with natural materials and provide maximum comfort.

Men’s Tree Dasher Sneakers - All Birds

You won’t regret having these sneakers. After the amount of walking you do in Disney, having a machine-washable sneaker is a complete game changer.

Men’s Anthem 4 – Brooks

Breathable, comfortable, and has plenty of cushions to keep your feet happy throughout the day.

Men’s Anthem 4 - Brooks

This is another great Brooks option that cushions your feet for all-day comfort. I love how lightweight these sneakers feel.

The Best Sandals for Disney World

Do not forget to pack your sandals for your Disney vacation! Even though you will be wearing sneakers for most of the trip, you are going to want sandals for pool days, water park days, Disney Springs, special experiences or meals, etc. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Even on days not walking around the parks, there is still a lot of walking you will be doing, so finding the best sandals for Disney World is extremely important. I have even worn sandals into the parks when my feet need a sneaker break, and honestly, if you find a good, comfortable sandal, it can do a world of good for your feet at Disney. 

Here are a few good sandal options I have found that can be worn inside or outside the parks and are a must to pack for your Disney World vacation.

Kids Original Universal Sandal – Teva

I love Teva sandals especially for kids because they are easy to put on and take off, they are comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Having your kids able to put on their shoes and take them off is a huge advantage to a Disney World trip.

Kids Original Universal Sandal - Teva

Even with the best intentions, the park mornings trying to get everyone out of the hotel on time can be hectic, so having an option for your kids to do their shoes themselves will save you some time.

Women’s Universal Sandal – Teva

I also love these sandals for women (and men too). They have options for the whole family, which makes for easy shopping. They are durable, can be worn all day (even in the parks), and have many options to fit everyone’s unique style.

Women’s Universal Sandal - Teva

These are great options for grandparents as well. These sandals are extremely comfortable and offer a lot of cushion support.

Men’s Bentley Sandals – Rainbow

Okay, I LOVE rainbow sandals. They are comfortable and stylish and they last. I have even worn these around Disney before and survived!

Men’s Bentley Sandals - Rainbow

Rainbow sandals are a good staple sandal to have and bring to Disney World. These are great to slip on and head to the pool.

Kids’ Classic Clog – Crocs 

Crocs have options for everyone, but I love crocs for kids. They are comfortable, can handle water and all-day walking, and have so many colors and designs and even Disney themes!

Kids’ Classic Clog - Crocs 

Crocs are built to last and can handle constant wear from kids, so they can hold up for adults as well.

Arizona Sandal – Birkenstock

Birkenstocks have been popular for years and there is a good reason why. They are extremely comfortable.

Arizona Sandal - Birkenstock

They make for a great sandal option for Disney, and can even be worn around the parks. Birkenstock is a one-stop-shop for the whole family, from kid to grandparent. Comfortable and can withstand a Disney trip. These are great for casual, low-key days at Disney but can also be worn on park days.

Yoga Mat Flip Flops – Sanuk

Options for the whole family and made to last. These sandals offer all-day comfort.

Yoga Mat Flip Flops - Sanuk

Your feet will be thanking you. I love that there are many options to choose from and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.

Urban Fusion Men’s Flip Flops – Havaianas 

Budget-friendly and still comfortable to wear on non-park days. I love these flip-flops for kids too.

Urban Fusion Men’s Flip Flops - Havaianas 

They are a quick no fuss flip flop that everyone will love to slip on and get going.

Men’s Tuahine Sandals – Olukai

I love this brand for men and women. They are waterproof which is great if you are doing water parks. Offers traction, cushion, and comfort.

Men’s Tuahine Sandals - Olukai

This is one of the top brands in my opinion as far as sandals. I highly recommend getting these if you will be spending a lot of time near water.

Women’s Wanda T-Strap Sandal – Vionic

These sandals are a great choice to bring for a special occasion. They offer great arch support and are comfortable to wear walking, but also are stylish to dress up! Even if you are just going to a dinner or special event, there is still plenty of walking to be had. So even if you are not walking around the parks in them, you still want a comfortable and stylish sandal.]

All of these sandals are great options for the whole family for comfort, function, and style. They will be sure to keep your feet happy! I also have a few other non-sandal options that are noteworthy for Disney. 

Bahama II – Sperry

These are comfortable and durable and are great for Disney Springs, dinner, etc. Vans have options for the whole family and are great for when the weather is a bit cooler.

Bahama II - Sperry

Once these shoes are worn in, they are so comfortable. I love the classic slip-on for women and kids. 

Alpargata Shoes – Toms

I love this company for how much they care about helping the world and they make great shoes that last. The Alpargata is great for kids with so many fun options for them to choose from, and they can be worn all year round, which makes them one of the best shoes for Disney World for kids. 

Alpargata Shoes - Toms

I love Toms shoes for their mission to make the world a better place without sacrificing quality. They also have many other shoe options that are just as comfortable but offer other looks to fit what you are looking for. 

Best Water Shoes for Disney World

Water shoes are something you do not want to forget when packing for your Disney trip. Between the pools, water parks, and unpredictable rain, water shoes always come in handy in Disney World. I have a few options for the best water shoes for Disney World that can be worn throughout the day.

I love a water shoe that can pass as a regular shoe. Gone are the days of the water shoes we used to wear as kids to the beach. There are so many options available now that add a stylish flair. Especially when traveling to Disney World, being able to consolidate shoes and bring a water shoe as an all-day shoe is great.

Women’s LiteRide Pacer Shoe – Crocs

Sometimes water shoes can look a bit unstylish for adults, which is why I love these shoes. They are a hybrid sneaker, slip-resistant, soft and flexible.

Women’s LiteRide Pacer Shoe - Crocs

These are a great option to wear on park days. Comfortable for all-day wear and ready for the rain! I love the look of these sneakers and are so comfortable and airy.

Loyak M’s – Astral

These is a true water shoe and a great option for men to pack for Disney. Self-draining, perfect for any situation at Disney, and can be worn all day.

Loyak M’s - Astral

There is a lot of rain and water in Disney so I love having an option that does not leave your feet soaked all day long.

Women’s Weekend Shoe – Vessi

Waterproof, supportive, slip on-what more could you want? These shoes are very stylish and can pass as an everyday shoe and a water shoe. These are great shoes to pack for the parks when you know you will be getting wetter.

Women’s Weekend Shoe - Vessi

Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are the two parks I tend to get the wettest in, not including the water parks. So having a water shoe for those days, in particular, is a good idea.

Jefferson Shoe – Native

Saving the best for last (well, last for this section at least). I am obsessed with these shoes for kids. They are indestructible in my opinion.

Jefferson Shoe - Native

They are waterproof, easily cleaned, ventilated, and comfortable. Tons of options in colors to make every kid happy and they will last long term which makes parents happy. 

I cannot say enough good things about these shoes. We have been wearing these shoes for years and they are always a favorite. I have never had a bad-smelling Jefferson shoe and they dry insanely quick. These are the all-around best shoes for Disney World.

Best Shoes for Disney with Plantar Fasciitis

Walking around Disney World all day can be intimidating for someone dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Walking around Disney World is a lot for someone that does not suffer from sore feet, so for someone with plantar fasciitis, finding a good shoe is the only way to have a successful Disney vacation.

Best Shoes for Disney with Plantar Fasciitis

I have found a few of the best shoes for Disney with Plantar Fasciitis that provide comfort for all that walking and help ease your nerves.

Men’s Bondi 7- HOKA

These sneakers deliver when looking for a comfortable shoe for plantar fasciitis. They are lightweight yet durable, offer support for your ankles and compression for your midsole.

Men’s Bondi 7- HOKA

I highly recommend these sneakers for anyone needing extra comfort. Again, HOKA specializes in supportive, comfortable shoes. Anyone needed extra cushion, comfort, or support should check out these sneakers.

Madison Slip-on Sneaker – Dr. Scholl’s

Stretch, flexible, lightweight, comfortable, soft. These shoes are so comfortable you will feet will be in heaven.

These are perfect for wearing all day at the parks.


I wanted to include one additional sneaker that I think is worthy of attention and worth making the list.

Adore Active SneakerVionic

Offer great arch support, breathable mesh, and are lightweight and comfortable. These are great for walking around Disney with plantar fasciitis. I love how airy these shoes are.

Adore Active Sneaker - Vionic

I hate having a stiff, non-breathable shoe, especially at Disney World. With all that walking it can feel as though you are carrying around bricks on your feet. So finding a good lightweight shoe is important.

Tips for Walking Around Disney

Ever hear the expression, “it is a marathon, not a sprint”? It is a great motto to have for your Disney vacation. There is no way out of walking miles and miles every day in Disney. Do not try and rush through the parks. You will burn yourself out and your feet will be screaming. 

Rushing through the parks is a definite way to punish everyone’s feet and it will ruin your trip. You are better off taking your time and risking missing a few rides to have a more enjoyable Disney World vacation. I have a few tips for walking around Disney that will help alleviate sore feet and make your trip a better experience. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

First, make sure the shoes you wear to the parks are ones that you have broken in and are comfortable. Keep the stilettos at home! You may think that sneakers are the go-to for park days. I have tried all the options and I have found switching shoes for each park day is the way to go. 

Offering a different position for your feet with different shoes helps keep the pressure off the same points over and over. Get a comfortable sneaker, slip-on, or sandal and take turns. I also like to take the opportunity to stretch out my feet while waiting in long lines. Slip off your shoe and move your foot around. It feels amazing and gives your feet a break every so often. 

I also like to sit down on a bench for a few minutes to stretch my legs and feet and have some water. You will be more relaxed and ready to take on the day. I love to massage my feet any chance I get to give them a break and get them ready for the next leg of the race. Even just stretching your legs will help alleviate some of the pain in your feet. I prefer to take breaks from the parks in the middle of the day. 

If you plan to take a break around lunchtime, you can save space in your bag by not bringing lunch in with you. Taking a park break is not for everyone, but it is my favorite way to break up the day, cool down, rest my feet, and reset for the rest of the day. I truly find doing this gives me more energy to be able to enjoy the rest of my day. 

I never feel as though I am missing out on anything and kids love being able to take a break to jump in the pool. My final tip for helping those feet walk around Disney every day is to take advantage of the pools and hot tubs at the Disney Resorts. There is nothing better than going back to your hotel each night and letting your feet soak in the pool and hot tub. 

It is like a mini spa to relieve them before another day of walking! I like to switch between the pool and hot tub. Both offer an instant fix to your sore feet and I love letting the jets hit my feet to work out some of the stiffness from a long day in the parks. With these shoe recommendations and tips for Disney walking, you will be more prepared and comfortable for your Disney trip to make it a magical experience. 

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