How to Dress in Disney World in September

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

You have decided to take a trip to the most magical place on Earth. You’ve decided to travel there during the month of September, and you could not be more excited! The planning that you have been doing for months is done, all the reservations are made, and you are now down to the single digits when  counting down the days until your trip starts! 

The only thing left to do is packing. 

Packing can be quite the daunting task whenever you start. What all can you pack; what all do you have to pack; what all should you pack? 

These are all the questions that everyone always asks before packing for any trip, let alone a Walt Disney World trip. There is nothing like a Walt Disney World trip, because it is a whole new ballgame when traveling there. However, there is no need to panic! 

Today, we will be going through everything you need to know when it comes to packing for Walt Disney World in the month of September! Let’s get started!

September Weather

The weather during the month of September can sometimes be rather complicated, which is why it needs its own section. One of the best things to do before traveling in September is to try and check the weather during the time you are going to be at Walt Disney World. You should do this regardless of the time you are traveling down there, however, September is exceptionally tricky, so you should be prepared. 

The month of September is absolutely still summer down in Florida. Rarely, and I mean rarely, is there a slightly colder day down during this month at Walt Disney World. Honestly, you should not plan on it at all. The only thing you might need a jacket for is first thing in the morning, the early morning, when you are first going to the parks. 

At night, the temperature might drop a little, but in my experience, it has never been so much as to wear a jacket (only in those very rare exceptions). The humidity might drop a little, which is nice, but it is usually still very warm in the evening. 

So, let’s discuss this humidity that inhabits central Florida. The humidity is very real, and one must not take it for granted. Do not think that you can just brush the humidity aside. You really need to think about this whenever you pack for your Disney trip. Not only do you want to be comfortable, but you have to think about it for safety reasons as well. 

You do not want you or anyone in your party getting overheated and sick, so you really should take precautions. We will discuss how you can do this more so a little later. Just keep in mind the heat is very real, and it can get a lot worse with the humidity.  

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

The weather is very warm in September. In fact, July through September are the hottest months of the year for Florida. It also has the potential to be rainy during the days, because this is actually hurricane season for the coast. Now, before you panic and change your dates, keep in mind that, though hurricanes affect the weather in central Florida, a hurricane does not always directly impact Orlando. Most of the time, it is usually just very rainy and sometimes windy, catching the aftermath of the hurricane path. However, you should definitely still check the weather and keep updated with any hurricanes that are happening or potentially happening. 

Central Florida has definitely been impacted by hurricanes besides taking on the aftermath. Hurricanes should never be taken lightly; the number one priority is keeping you and your family and friends safe. I do not say this to scare you; I simply want to prepare you and tell you that you should keep yourself updated with the weather during the month of September if you are considering traveling there during this time. 

The weather can be very hot and rainy during this time of year. It is very normal for Florida to have a pop up rain shower in the mid afternoon. This rain storms usually last no more than an hour. There have been times where wind and rain is absolutely crazy, but it only lasted about ten minutes. After that ten minutes, or however long it is, the rain clears away, and it’s like it never happened. 

During this time, just step inside somewhere, like a gift shop, a quick service restaurant, or ride an inside ride. No big deal! However, you might want to bring a light rain jacket just in case. It will keep you dry but will not make you overheat. 

The weather in Florida during September can be a little complicated, but it is pretty predictable. It is pretty straightforward and has the potential to make things simple, or it can seem daunting to pack in order to prepare for any weather. It can seem a little scary when you first start to pack, but honestly, as long as you do your research and are prepared, it can be easy going from there. 

It isn’t really a ton of work when you consider what the fact that you might just need to bring a rain jacket or an umbrella. It is not that daunting when you think about just having to bring an extra two or three articles in order to protect yourself from the Florida elements. 

Clothing Suggestions

With the weather being extremely hot and humid, you want to bring articles of clothing that are comfortable and more cool. There’s little that is more uncomfortable than wearing tight fitting and hot material in eighty or ninety degree weather with high humidity. No way does anyone want that at all.

This actually could make things easier on you and your party when it comes to packing. You do not need to worry about any clothing to keep you warm like jeans, any other long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and/or sweaters. If you happen to take any sort of layered clothing, perhaps you can bring a sweater, cardigant, or jacket to put overtop clothing . Honestly, here are your best options in my opinion:

  • Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Skirts
  • Gym shorts
  • Capris
  • Workout capris
  • Halter tops
  • Sun dresses 

Whenever you are choosing which ones to pack, your best bet is to make sure that the fabric on your articles of clothing are made of breathable fabric. Loose clothing that doesn’t cling to your skin or feel scratchy at all will only make you uncomfortable. Now, this is of course your choice, and whatever you are most comfortable with is what you should wear. I’ve even found that skirts can sometimes even be very comfortable to wear whenever it is hot. 

A skirt is, obviously, very breathable and can be comfortable walking around in amongst  hot weather. So, believe it or not, a skirt or a sundress made from comfortable and breathable fabric would be perfect for walking around all day in the hot sun. 

The next question you should ask is what kind of shoes one should wear to the parks in the month of September. There are different kinds of shoes that people can wear; for whatever they might deem the most comfortable for walking around all day is what they should wear. Tennis shoes, or some type of sneaker, with a very comfortable and cushy soul is your best bet. 

Believe me when I say that you will be walking like crazy all day, starting and stopping along many paths. You will also be standing in line for multiple things for long periods of time. All of this combined with the hot temperature of the month can become very exhausting. So, at the very least, you are going to want to make sure you have a good and comfortable pair of shoes. 

Tennis shoes might not be your favorite or most comfortable pair of shoes, so I will say that certain types of sandals and/or flip-flops can be comfortable too. The only thing with these is that you still want a comfortable and cushy soul that supports your foot throughout the day. Flat flip-flops with uncomfortable straps and no support will be one of your worst enemies during your time down there. Your feet will most likely hurt, I’m not saying they won’t. However, they will hurt a lot less with a good pair of supported shoes. 

Overall, you, as a guest, will want to be comfortable. A never ending series of adventures is going to be in your wake, and you are going to want to fit in as many of them as you possibly can. The month of September can be a scorcher. You are not going to want to walk around in heels, jeans, dress shoes, a sport coat, or a tight fitting dress while walking around in the extreme heat at Walt Disney World. Make sure that you are comfortable, and that you pack comfortable clothing that you can walk around in long periods of time. 

Clothing Suggestions for Kids

If your party includes kids and/or young children, you are going to have to think about what to pack for them as well. Any temperature that is too hot or too cold can sometimes be difficult to pack for, especially for children. However, you just need to think about what are the most comfortable articles of clothing that they own? What are some articles of clothing that your children love to wear all the time? 

More than likely, pieces of clothing that your child likes to wear all the time, they will agree to wear it at Walt Disney World, even when it is really hot out. 

The next thing you are going to want to check out is if that clothing is a breathable fabric. Now, you do not absolutely have to do this. However, your child will then be more comfortable in a material that is perfect for the Florida heat. After a long day, the first people that usually get tired are the children, whether they are toddlers or even nine years old. Everyone is exhausted at the end of a long day of adventures, but children are usually the first to get extremely tired. They will still be tired, but being tired in comfortable clothing is significantly better than being extremely exhausted and uncomfortable.

There are some options of breathable fabrics that you can easily obtain for your child. In fact, these suggestions are for adults as well, because just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we don’t have to be comfortable! Some of the best breathable fabrics are:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Rayon
  • Silk

These are simply some suggestions of breathable fabrics that are usually better for the summer. If your clothing options are not made of these materials, it does not mean you won’t be uncomfortable. A piece of summer clothing that you have that is made of another fabric might be more comfortable than any of these. These are just some suggestions. 

The guidelines that we went by for adults earlier is the same for young children and kids as well. You are not going to want to put them in sweaters or long sleeved shirts. Jeans and long pants are an absolute no. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must. You are going to want to make sure they are nice and cool. I remember when I was younger that my feet hurt so badly. They still hurt badly after walking around all day, however, as an adult you can usually handle it a lot better. 

All kids are going to want to do is sit down and not move after a long while and near the end of the day. (You might want to do this as an adult too, but you know you have to move it in order to exit the parks and catch your nearest transportation as quickly as possible.) Their feet are still going to hurt, but it’ll be significantly better if it is in a pair of extremely comfortable shoes. 

Young children and older kids can also more prone to the sun’s rays than adults. You’re going to want them to wear light colors in order to deflect the sun, but perhaps bring a hat and/or sunglasses for them as well for protection. You want them to be cool, so long sleeve shirts and long pants are out for the most part. However, that is what sunscreen is for. A hat and/or sunglasses can provide extra protection from the sun, and this way you do not have to reapply sunscreen as often for your children. 

Lastly, a light rain jacket will do wonders due to those pop up storms that always seem to happen in Florida, especially during this time of year. A rain jacket keeps the wind off while keeping them dry, but it will not overheat them like crazy. 

Sun Protection

Sun protection is equally as important for adults, and the Florida sun is nothing to be reckoned with. The sun is harsh in Florida, especially during this time of year, so you are going to want to take extra precautions. There are a few ways that you can do this, and they are pretty straightforward. First off, you are going to want to wear light colors in order to deflect the sun from you. Darker colors soak in the sun more and cause you to become more heated. This also can be a safety issue. In order to avoid becoming overheated and having any issues, you are going to want to take even the smallest precautions. If you really want to wear darker colors, you can. Just keep in mind that you will most likely be warmer. 

Secondly, as far as articles of clothing, t-shirts tend to be better when it comes to protection from the sun. The reason I say this is because your shoulders are one of the easiest and first things to become sunburnt  when walking around in the heat. That has, at least, been my experience. Tank tops are cooler, yes, but in order to prevent painful sunburn, t-shirts are way more protective. 

Now, obviously, you do not have to wear them, just constantly reapply sunscreen as much as you can. I’m here to tell you that you might have to do this more often than what you have done in the past. I will admit that I am a very fair skinned individual, so I have to apply sunscreen like crazy and then constantly reapply, or I will get sunburned extremely quickly. The sun and heat is also just way more harsh than many places. 

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Growing up in the north, the sun affects me like crazy, and this combined with the extreme heat does not make a good combination. So, if you are not used to the sun’s extreme rays, and the heat, take extra precautions. Sunscreen is an absolute must. This is especially because you are going to be wearing lighter clothing and clothing that does not provide very much protection. You have to find a balance when you go to Walt Disney World in September. You want to stay cool and comfortable, but you also need to be protected from the sun. 

Something else that I have noticed is becoming more and more popular over the years is a parasol (or an umbrella acting like a parasol). This is EXTREMELY handy. After awhile, the sun can actually hurt, and you are going to be walking around like crazy all day long. A parasol or umbrella will provide that portable shade that is so comfortable, you might not mind strolling around all day in the park. 

Being an individual who does not take heat very well, this is an excellent way to walk comfortably around the parks. You do not have to feel silly either; there are so many people using them throughout the day. Each time I travel to Walt Disney World, I’ve noticed more and more people walking around with them. 

Lastly, you are going to want to bring some sort of hat and sunglasses. That sun is harsh and very bright. A hat will, obviously, keep the heat off your face and protect your face and scalp from the sun. Sunglasses will make it so much easier to walk around because you are not going to want to constantly be squinting throughout your day. 

After awhile, it hurts, it gets annoying, and you will most likely develop a headache. It is pretty straightforward, and it is easy to avoid. Bring a hat and sunglasses. If you forget them, buy them in any gift shop. They are useful and can be used outside of the Disney parks. You also will have an awesome new hat and sunglasses that are Disney themed. 


So, after all is said and done, it does not seem that scary to pack for Disney travel in the month of September! It is a very hot month that usually sees pop up rain showers and rain storms in the afternoon. September is hurricane season, so you must absolutely keep this in mind and watch the weather wherever you are planning to travel during this month. 

As long as you are prepared, there is nothing to worry about. You want to wear loose clothing with breathable and comfortable fabric so you can walk around in the heat all day with no problem. It is a rainy month, so make sure that you have a light jacket that keeps you dry and protects you from the light wind those rain storms can possibly bring. 

That jacket can also keep you protected from a cooler earlier morning and possibly cooler evening in the parks. You are also going to want to have the most comfortable shoes that you own because you are going to be walking a lot. Once you think about the pieces of clothing you have that meets all of these credentials, packing for the month of September should be no problem! 

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