10 Best Mom Bags for Disney World You Will Love

Discover the Best Mom Bags for Disney World

Mothers from all walks of life have a lot of responsibilities, and that can include being the packer and planner for the entire family.  So in this article, I’m going to share my picks for the best mom bags for Disney World, which will hopefully keep you immensely prepared for absolutely anything while at the Disney Parks.

Best Mom Bags for Disney World

We’re going to discuss a variety of different bags today, but let’s begin with backpacks.


EastSport Oversized Expandable bag

A simple staple, and so many options! A backpack is a great choice no matter the size or ages of your family members, plus it gives you the flexibility to prioritize what’s important. For example, if you’re looking for extra storage, pockets galore and volume for snacks, meds, extra clothes, sunscreen etc. 

The Deluxe Backpack sold by LL Bean features weather resistant material, two large compartments, external water bottle pockets, interior organization panels, heavy duty zippers and an adjustable waistbelt for a secure fit. 

Need even more room? You can find the EastSport Oversized Expandable bag. This backpack gives you 6 pockets for organization, plus the option to expand it 2” in width if needed. The pocket at the base of the bag is also a nice touch! 

Cooler Bags

Disney Theme Parks allow guests to enter with their own food and beverages. So, even if you plan to fill up on Dole Whips (my personal favorite) you can rest assured that you’ll have no problem heading into the park with your own food in tow, as well. 

What I like about this choice is that you’ve got the ease of a backpack with the option to utilize compartments for everyday items, while keeping your snacks cool. 

The LTINVEK cooler backpack has two large compartments, multiple pockets, and chest strap for easy carrying – plus its leakproof! You can also head over Igloo’s website, as this well-known cooler company offers several options. They even did a collaboration with Disney, so you’ll see some of your favorite pals featured on their designs! 

Bags for Little Ones

The beautiful thing about Disney World is that it’s truly a place for all ages, including those little ones who somehow always manage to have the most to pack! Snacks, cups, bottles, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, layers for changing weather, favorite toys– the list goes on! 

If you’re traveling with your toddlers or young children, you’ll want a diaper bag that can do it all. The OttoLives 3-in-1 baby bag really sticks out! 

In addition to a plethora of pockets, you’ve also got easy access to a USB charging port, fold out bassinet/changing pad and easy access pockets for wipes, your phone, and beverages – they were really thinking about parents of little ones when they designed this one! If you’re wanting to add some Disney flair to your diaper bag, check out the Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag. These are a favorite among Disney families, storage galore, washable changing pad, pockets for small items and great Disney print options across multiple styles of bags.  

Tech Bags

Days at Disney are where some of the most wonderful memories are made with family and friends. If you’re anything like photographer Goofy from “A Goofy Movie,” you’re likely thinking about packing your smartphone, DSLR, GoPro or other device along to capture the magic! 

A tech-friendly bag may be a great option! The Bagsmart DSLR camera is one to check out. What I love about this bag is that it has a fully customizable interior, so that you can safely pack your camera and other technology. There’s also plenty of space in additional pockets for anything else you may need at a day in the park, and a rain cover, to keep it extra dry in the event of a Florida rain shower!

Cross Body Bags

If you’ve got some more mobile kiddos and you want to pack light and keep your hands free, a cross body bag is an easy choice. With so many out there, you’ll find it easy to fit your phone, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, and whatever other small items you may carry. 

The Baggallini Women’s Pocket Crossbody bag is a lightweight option with several interior and exterior pockets. If you’re hoping to find a cute crossbody with Disney print, you’re in luck! There are so many cute options over at Box Lunch and you’re sure to find crossbody (and other purse options) in Disney Springs, or in the retail stores within Disney parks, like the Beverly Sunset Boutique in Hollywood Studios, 

Packable Bags

If you’re a mom who likes to travel light (literally) OR everyone in the whole family wants to have their own bag, a packable bag is a great option, and there are so many to choose from. These bags are incredibly light weight, offer a ton of storage and fold up within themselves. 

This is one of my favorite types of bags to take to Disney World! There are many available online, like the Sinotron 22L Lightweight Packable Backpack. You can also check out a similar style, the Stowaway Packable 20L Backpack at Eddie Bauer. Both options offer plenty of large pocket space, small zip compartments and water bottle pockets. 

Packable backpacks also come in tons of colors, so each member of the family can choose their favorite, and you can match them to your outfits each day. 

Fanny Packs & Belt Bags

Tried and true, fanny packs, also known as belt bags, are now better than ever! With so many options to choose from, this hands-free utility is a great pick for mom, or any family member. 

If you’re planning a half day in the park, or you just need a few things for the family, don’t count this option out. If you’re browsing on ShopDisney before your trip, they’ve got some fun styles of belt bags. 

If you’re looking for more space and multiple pockets, the Coso 2L Hip Back made by Cotopaxi may be a great option. You can’t go wrong carrying your items on your waist, it leaves your hands free to snap photos, throw your arms up on rides, and chow down on delicious Disney World treats. 

Sling Bag

Offering multiple ways to wear, sling backpacks should not be overlooked. If you want a smaller bag to carry without having to sacrifice too much on space, this is a style to consider. 

Like backpacks, sling bags offer several pockets and interior organization compartments, and can comfortably fit your technology, snacks, extra clothing and even umbrellas! The Meprona Sling Bag comes with all the above, plus a USB port to charge your device on the go! Petunia Pickle Bottom also has sling bags with some charming Disney prints too! 

Pool Bags

It’s possible that your Walt Disney World vacation is going to include a day (or two!) at your resort pool. There are some great options for easy to pack bags that will carry all you need for time at the pool. 

The Intrbleu Foldable Travel Duffel folds up to the size of a wallet, so it’s easy to pack in your luggage. This bag is made with water resistant material, has a zipper closure, interior pocket and if you opt for the larger 35L size, you’ll have a compartment to separate wet from dry. 

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, Vera Bradley did a fun collaboration with Disney. The ReActive Deluxe Drawstring Backsack is great for carrying a few pool essentials, and has a perfectly fitting Little Mermaid theme for those days of swimming! 

Mini Backpack

It seems only fitting to round out this list right where we started – with backpacks! Only this time, the focus is on mini-backpacks which can be a great pick for you to carry your family park essentials. You’d be surprised at how much you can jam into these little things, and you will absolutely see them all over the Disney Parks as they are a popular choice amongst visitors. 

Loungefly bags are a favorite amongst Disney fans, with so many designs to choose from you’ll find something you like. You can shop for these online, or in the many stores on Disney property. 

If you want to keep things simple, look at the Hotstyle Mini Bestie Backpack Purse. I’ve been able to fit tons into this little back – including my raincoat! Plus, they are so lightweight they’re a perfect pick for any kiddos you have who want to carry their own things in the park. 


There are so many great options for the best mom bags for Disney World. Whether you’re carrying lots of items for little ones or keeping it simple, there’s a bag out there that will satisfy every need! 

If you’re having a tough time picking just one, that’s okay. So many of these options are easily packable that you may find yourself reaching for different bags depending on your plans for the day! 

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