15 Best Shoes for Disney World in the Rain You’ll Love

Discover the Best Shoes for Disney World in the Rain

When you go to Disney World, the number one thing you expect is that you’re going to have fun.  But do you know what number two is?  That you’re going to encounter sporadic bursts of rain all throughout your trip!  So in this article, I’m going to provide you with my list of the best shoes for Disney World in the rain, which should hopefully keep your feet comfortable in the wet weather so you to enjoy your vacation!

Best Women’s Waterproof Shoes for Disney World

Let’s begin with some Teva sandals.

Teva Original Universal Sandal

If I could only ever wear one shoe to Disney again, it would be this shoe. This cool and comfortable sandal makes it the perfect footwear for a day walking around Disney World. 

However, with Florida’s frequent afternoon showers we don’t just want comfort, we also need waterproof. Teva original sandals are made from quick-dry webbing, which will guarantee you all day comfort and dryness no matter what mother nature throws at you. Plus, their rubber sole creates lots of traction so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding while walking in the rain. 

And it’s super important to note that these sandals have become very trendy and stylish. They come in many different colors and patterns for you to dress up or down with any outfit. Overall, you can’t go wrong with these shoes. 

Chaco’s Z Sandals

Chaco’s Z sandals are made with activity in mind. Similar to Teva Originals in both design and functionality, these sandals are quick to dry and provide a lot of comfort for your feet. 

It’s important to note that rain at Disney can vary. Sometimes, a quick 3 o’clock shower is all you get, while other days there may be a constant rain all day. So when choosing a shoe for rain at Disney, it’s important to pick one that is quick to dry but will also not slow you down or keep you from doing your favorite activity. 

Chaco’s Z sandals were made for walking for long periods of time in any weather conditions. Its performance outsole with no slip traction will guarantee that you can continue about your day without having to worry about slipping. 

Vessi Everyday Classic Sneaker

Now I know everyone is different in their level of comfort when it comes to wet feet. I personally prefer sandals when walking in the rain because I like the water to be able to escape. 

However, if sandals are not your style or if the idea of rain water on your feet grosses you out then a waterproof sneaker is for you. Those who choose the sneaker route need to be sure that they are in fact 100% waterproof. There is nothing worse than waterlogged feet after a day walking around in soaked socks and shoes. 

Vessi Everyday Classic Sneakers are 100% waterproof and can guarantee your feet stay dry all day. These sneakers are made with thousands of nano-sized pores that keep water out and help to prevent the dreaded wet socks. 

There is also no need to substitute style for functionality as these sneakers include a sleek slip-on design and come in a variety of colors. So, you can still wear that Instagram worthy outfit without having to worry about the weather. 

Blondo Waterproof

One of my favorite things to see while walking around Disney World is the incredible and diverse style of its many guests. Whether it’s Disney themed or just their everyday wear, Disney lovers really go all out to show off their creative style and unique personalities. 

This should not have to be sacrificed when it comes to footwear or the weather. If you are unfamiliar with the Blondo brand, it’s a shoe brand dedicated to waterproof footwear that does not sacrifice style. From sandals, to boots, to sneakers this brand has it all. 

If sneakers are what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered. Choose from sparkle, platforms or sleek slip-ons. Or if sandals are more your style, there are slides, flip-flops, and strap ups. Seriously, the styles are endless to fit whatever look you are going for. 

But the brand is not just about style. All of their shoes provide superior protection against water by using high quality waterproof leathers and synthetic materials and a seam-sealed construction. 

Ok so they are stylish and waterproof, but are they also comfortable? YES! With a cushioned footbed that provides comfort and support and a rubber outsole that adds a flexible, non-slip grip the brand really provides it all. 

Asgard Ankle Rain Boots

If an actual rain boot is more your style for keeping your feet dry in the rain, then we’ve got you covered. Asgard’s Ankle Rain Boots are the perfect choice to keep your feet dry without weighing you down. 

Each Disney World park covers hundreds of acres of land and requires a lot of walking. And chances are you aren’t going to be able to easily see and do everything in order based on location. More than likely you are going to be back and forth between its different parts based on wait times and availability.

Traditional heavy rain boots will weigh you down and tire you out way too early. Asgard’s Classic Chelsea Rain Boots are lightweight and comfy to ensure there is no need to slow down no matter the weather. 

In addition to being lightweight and keeping your feet dry these books are also affordable and come in many stylish colors. 

Best Men’s Waterproof Shoes for Disney World

Let’s now take a look at some shoes by Vessi.

Vessi Men’s Everyday Move

Thankfully Vessi shoes are not just for women. With its 100% waterproof design Vessi Men’s Everyday Move sneaker is a great choice for undesirable weather. Lightweight, breathable, and with cloud comfort this sneaker was made for pavement pounding rain or shine. 

And don’t worry fellas, you will not have to forgo style either since these sneakers come in over 8 different colors. Vessi also has a variety of sneaker styles that are all waterproof and perfect for a rainy Disney trip. 

The North Face Skagit Water Shoe

This shoe takes a versatile spin on the traditional water shoe. Normally I would never encourage anyone to wear water shoes on land as they typically do not offer the support or comfort one needs while walking on pavement. 

However, these shoes are especially designed for both land and water activities. With its midsole drainage system and quick-drying, mesh these shoes are sure to prevent you from the dreaded water logging and allow you to enjoy the Disney parks rain or shine.  

Feel free to ride Splash Mountain as many times as you want in these amphibious shoes. 

Teva Men’s Original Universal

As someone who prefers wearing sandals versus sneakers in the rain, I can’t say enough about the Original Teva sandals. Just like the women’s version, these shoes were designed to walk around Disney World in the rain. Well not really but they should have been. 

This sandal was in fact designed to be worn for a variety of activities including pounding the pavement and water interactions. And since a trip to Disney World can include both of these, Teva Original sandals are a perfect pair of shoes to wear while at Disney World in the rain. 

If you’re looking for the best sandals for Disney World, you really can’t go wrong with Teva.

Reef Water Coast

Stylish, comfortable, and water friendly these shoes claim to be the “everywhere” shoe. The insole and outsole are designed to provide maximum comfort, which is perfect for a long day. 

Meanwhile, it’s breathable, air-mesh lining and perforated section allow water and sweat to quickly escape, allowing your feet to dry quickly after the rain. 

These water friendly shoes were made for “water happy” activities including rainy days at Disney World and Splash Mountain.

Loom Waterproof Sneakers

We all know there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant. Sometimes the weather at Disney World calls for a little more proof than resistance. 

With its 100% waterproof and breathable knit layer Loom sneakers will keep your feet nice and dry in light or heavy rain. And with comfort and a stylish design these shoes provide it all. 

Best Kid’s Waterproof Shoes for Disney World

Let’s begin this section with some classic clogs by Crocs.

Croc’s Classic Clogs

While I know that Croc’s are not the fashion choice of everyone, there is no debating that they make a great shoe for kids to walk around in the rain.

Their comfortable design will allow kids to endure the long day of walking, while their ventilation holes prevent water from congregating as well as allow for quick drying once the rain has cleared.  

Not only are these shoes great for walking in the rain, they also are a perfect choice for visiting Disney World as they make special designs that include some of kids’ favorite Disney characters. Kids can also customize their shoes with special Disney themed Jibbitz charms that fit in the ventilation hole on top of the shoes. 

Native Charley Disney Print Sandal

The name of these already tell you why they are perfect for a trip to Disney World. But these Disney printed sandals aren’t just for looks. With a comfortable sole and dual hook and loop straps these shoes are sure to keep your kids going all day. 

And if you happen to find yourself at the happiest place on earth with not so happy weather you can rest assure that these shoes will be a great pick. This open style sandal will prevent waterlogging and allow for a quick drying. While its contoured footbed and outsole will prevent your little one from slipping.  

Native Jefferson Disney Print

If you love all the features listed in Native’s Charley Sandal but want a little more overall protection for your child’s feet then Native’s Jefferson sneaker is what you are looking for. 

With full toe and heel protection you can be sure your little ones feet are safe, dry, and comfortable in these all day active wear shoes. And with drawings inspired from Disney’s iconic illustrations, these Disney print shoes make them the ultimate shoe for tiny Imagineers.

Keen Little Kids Speed Hound

Another great shoe with a great name. These shoes provide toe to heal protection and a quick dry lining to help keep your kids on the go despite a little afternoon shower. 

And with its tread grip soles, you can be at ease as your child speeds around Main Street. 

Skechers Relaxed Fit: Aquablast

We all want to keep our feet as dry as possible during the wet days at Disney. But it is also important to keep our feet safe in the large crowds and slippery puddles. 

Skechers Aquablast sneaker was designed for active play to make sure your little one’s feet remain both safe and dry. These shoes are completely waterproof and prevent slipping.

And since it’s available in different color combinations, your son or daughter won’t have to sacrifice style or dry feet. 


While rain at Disney World is not ideal, it surely doesn’t have to stop you from making magical memories with your family. And it definitely doesn’t mean having to go home to wet shoes and waterlogged feet. 

These 15 shoes are without a doubt the best shoes for Disney World in the rain. With so many great options for men, women, and children there is no need to let a little, or a lot of, rain keep you from having the ultimate day at Disney. 

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