15 Best Mom Backpacks for Disney World You’ll Love

Discover the Best Mom Backpacks for Disney World

Being a mother is tough work, and it doesn’t get any easier when you’re traveling to Disney World.  So in this article, we aim to make your life simpler by providing you with our picks for the best mom backpacks for Disney World.  The goal is to help you find the perfect bag that will constantly aid you, and your family, throughout your entire Disney vacation.

Best Mom Backpacks for Disney World

Let’s first begin by discussing bags that moms will love if you have an infant or a toddler heading to Disney with you.  

Backpacks for Moms with Infants and Toddlers

Packing for travel with an infant or toddler may leave you wishing for Mary Poppins’ infinitely-expanding carpet bag. Fortunately, there are better options available to moms bringing young children to Disney parks. The following backpacks are designed to give caretakers the space and organizational features needed for baby essentials, without sacrificing style or comfort.

COSYLAND Mom Travel Backpack

If you are searching for an economical, durable diaper bag with a large carrying capacity, look no further than the COSYLAND Mom Travel Backpack. Fourteen pockets and compartments allow for efficiency in organization, while the structured shape of the bag enables it to stand upright on its own. 

You can set it down to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie, without worrying about it falling or slouching to the ground. Wide, adjustable shoulder straps and accompanying stroller straps allow for flexibility in wearing the backpack, while water resistant fabric–available in various color combinations–protects your valuables on water rides. 

Other enviable features, including a USB charging port and insulated milk bottle pocket, make this COSYLAND bag well worth the its price tag. 

Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag

Designed using feedback gleaned from a nationwide series of mom focus groups, the Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag–which can be worn as backpack, purse, or cross-body–prioritizes the features that are most desired by traveling parents of infants and toddlers. 

This pack comes in 9 different colors, including a minimalist “Mickey Mania” design and “Mickey Leopard” pattern options for Disney fans. Features of the Freshly Picked diaper bag include ten pockets–including an insulated pocket–for storing and organizing baby gear, interior key clip, and a changing pad that is portable and machine washable. 

The vegan leather material can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe or paper towel; metal feet on the bottom allow the wearer to set the bag on the ground without worrying about scratching or dirtying the exterior. This Classic Diaper Bag, admittedly, is one of the most expensive options.  And while it may not be the sexiest or best mom bag, at least when it comes to being a bag or purse specifically targeted towards a woman, it’s definitely the bag that you’ll appreciate having around as a mother.

Mia + Sophia Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

Another option for moms seeking a designer look is the Mia + Sophia Leather Diaper Bag Backpack. This bag, like its Freshly Picked counterpart, is made of attractive and easy-to-clean, vegan leather. Its all-black, modern aesthetic will pair well with any Disney park outfit. 

An insulated pocket keeps milk bottles at an ideal temperature, while stroller straps enable the wearer to give their shoulders a break from the weight of all their baby supplies…No need to train like Hercules! The included mat allows for on-the-go diaper changings, and a built-in USB charging cable keeps your smartphone–and, with it, your MyDisneyExperience app–alive and accessible during long days of park hopping. 

MOMIGO Breast Pump Backpack

Do not let breastfeeding or a pumping schedule stop you from enjoying all that Walt Disney World has to offer! The MOMIGO Breast Pump Backpack functions as the perfect partner in this endeavor. The main compartment is designed to fit standard size breast pumps, and an insulated bottom compartment refrigerates up to six bottles of milk for 15 hours.  

Alternatively, this lower section can be used to store snacks and meals, if you wish to avoid purchasing food in the parks!  And unlike more fashionable options discussed above, the exterior of this bag is waterproof. 

Parker Baby Co. Diaper Backpack

For a middle-priced bag created with moms and dads in mind, consider the Parker Baby Co. Diaper Backpack. Water resistant canvas and vegan leather accents give it the appearance of a regular backpack. 

However, this unisex design contains all the features of the best diaper bags, including two insulated pockets, stroller straps, and a portable changing pad that rivals competing options in size. Among more than ten total pockets, a mesh diaper organizer improves the accessibility of baby changing materials.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

Our final pack for moms traveling with infants and toddlers, the Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack, has the appearance and features of a designer bag, without the exclusive price tag. The structured frame of this backpack holds its shape when set on the ground, without folding or falling over. 

The lightweight design will be kind to your shoulders as you carry the bag around and between parks. Insulated side pockets allow you to carry a bottle for your baby and, perhaps, a water bottle for yourself in an easily accessible location. The wide opening allows you to easily see and reach inside the main compartment, quickly accessing essentials like the machine-washable, cushioned changing pad. 

Best Backpacks for Moms with Kids and Tweens

Older kids and tweens travel more independently than infants and toddlers. That being said, caretakers of children in these age groups typically carry basic first aid supplies, snacks, parade blankets, and other necessities to ensure their family’s comfort and safety into Walt Disney World theme parks. The following six backpacks function as portable, functional storage for these items. 

Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack

Made of soft, bouncy, quick-drying neoprene, the Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack is one of the most unique items on this list! The neoprene material absorbs the weight of items contained inside the bag, reducing pressure on the wearer’s shoulders. 

There are five pockets on the backpack’s exterior, including designated storage for the user’s keys, phone, and small essentials like a Disney PhotoPass Card. The Dakota Backpack comes with a separate, matching shoe bag that can be used to store dirty or wet footwear and clothing. With nine color options and small, medium, and large sizes to choose from, you will have no issue selecting the perfect pack to meet your and your family’s needs!

Herschel Settlement Backpack

For a bag that will take you from the airport to the Magic Kingdom, look no further than the Herschel brand Settlement Backpack. This bag’s spacious, 23-liter capacity main compartment will easily contain your family’s supplies. 

Herschel is known for its long-lasting quality: The Settlement Backpack will serve your family on your Disney trip and for many years to come. Unfortunately, it lacks the abundance of pockets built into other products on this list. 

Himawari Laptop Backpack

Although it is marketed as a bag for transporting technology, the Himawari Laptop Backpack meets the needs of moms traveling to Disney with older kids and tweens. A wide zipper creates easy access to the main compartment, in which you will find a spacious interior and three pockets, including a laptop sleeve. 

Meanwhile, the waterproof canvas exterior contains two water bottle pockets. Rest assured that you will be able to access your Genie+ Lightning Lane tickets: A USB charging port in the Himawari Laptop Backpack allows the user to power up electronic devices–including smartphones–with a battery pack.

Jansport SuperBreak Plus

You cannot go wrong with Jansport, a tried-and-true classic. With its roomy interior, water bottle pockets, and multitude of color and pattern options, the SuperBreak Plus backpack provides ample storage for families hitting the parks from opening ceremony to evening fireworks. The padded back panel on this newer Jansport model provides structure and comfort for long-term wear, as do the padded shoulder straps. The mid-tier price tag on this bag is well worth the lifetime quality guarantee.

Sinotron Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack

The Sinotron Lightweight Packable Hiking Backpack is small enough to function as a carry-on bag, if traveling by plane, and folds down to fit inside a 7.5 by 5.5 inch storage pouch. This day pack is made of waterproof nylon. No need to sprint back to the monorail in one of Orlando’s frequent, sudden downpours! 

With the Sonitron backpack in tow, you can continue enjoying Disney parks in the rain. 

The Getaway Bag from No Reception Club

A top pick among traveling moms, the Getaway Bag is the highest-quality, most adaptable choice of backpack for adults exploring Disney parks with kids. Compared with other selections on this list, it has a more rugged, adventurous look. Movable shelves inside the pack’s main compartment allow for individualized organization, and a wet compartment in the base allows the user to separate wet items from dry. 

With this bag, it is possible to bring dry changes of clothing to wear in case of rain or after hopping off water rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids. In addition to the wet compartment, the Getaway Bag features a built-in, insulated lunch bag, removable fanny pack, and an impressive array of pockets. 

Backpacks for Moms Traveling with Teens

When Princess Ariel argues with King Triton–“I’m 16 years old! I’m not a child anymore!”–we see in her an independence that is reflected in many teenage fans visiting Walt Disney World. Fortunately for adult caretakers, teens often exercise their autonomy by carrying their own bags into the theme parks. 

Unfortunately, under-developed prefrontal cortexes render members of this age group poor long-term planners, meaning that they may not think to bring all the supplies needed for park-hopping days. 

Thus, if you are a parent of a young adult, you may wish to store a smartphone charger, long-sleeved layer, first aid kit, and other basic, shared supplies in a backpack of your own.

Fjallraven No. 2 Daypack

If you seek to avoid the stereotypical “backpack” look, this is the bag for you! The Fjallraven No. 2 Daypack looks like a tote, but can be worn as a backpack or carried by hand. It features a large, central interior with a wide opening and small zipper pocket, as well as an attached keyring, which keeps your car and house keys from sinking to the bottom.

Jujube Midi Backpack

This lightweight, compact, minimalist bag is a great choice for adults and teens alike! Special features include a stain, mold, and mildew resistant twill exterior and pockets galore: four inside, two for water bottles, and one exterior zipper pocket. You cannot go wrong with the Jujube Midi Backpack.

Kavu Rope Sling

A small but mighty champion of outdoor activities, my Kavu Rope Sling has traveled the continental U.S.A., from Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona, to my local midwestern zoo. 

This water-resistant polyester pack features an adjustable rope strap that fits cross-body and two main compartments that hold a surprising number of snacks, ample water, first aid materials, a sweater, and anything else you might need to store inside. You will not regret spending a decent amount of money on this versatile bag, which is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.


Carpet bags are out, and backpacks are in! To embrace your inner Mary Poppins, you’ll need a comfortable pack with shoulder straps capable of carrying all your family’s essentials. Hopefully, this list of the best mom backpacks for Disney World should provide a solid foundation for your search. No matter the size and age of guests in your travel party, you will benefit from having a central bag with plenty of space for all your theme park gear. 

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