15 Best Flip Flops for Disney World That You’ll LOVE

Discover the Best Flip Flops for Disney World You Will Love Wearing!

Whenever you’re seeking the best flip flops for Disney World, it’s always a bit of a tricky proposition. On one hand, flip flops can be relatively easy to find and wear. And on the other hand, many wonder if they’ll provide enough comfort and support when walking around with them on.

So without any further delay, let’s dive further into this topic by examining the topic in more depth!

Best Women’s Flip Flops for Disney World

Let’s begin with some great flip flops by Havaianas.

Havaianas Disney Women’s Flip Flops

Of course, we’ve got to make sure that we include some Disney flair on our flop flop list! These classic flip flops by Havaianas are known for their comfort, simplicity and in this case – collaboration with Disney on super cute designs featuring our favorite characters! 

Price: About $30.00 

Quality: 8/10 some guests may be looking for a bit more arch support. 

Why I like it:  Of course the Disney designs! With several to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Plus, Havainas makes sizes and styles for the whole family! 

Aerothotic Original Women’s Flip Flops

This pair features a polyurethane sole and an orthopedic foot bed that may ease back or foot pain. The lightweight sandal offers solid arch support, is water resistant and comes in a variety of colors. 

Price: About $40.00 

Quality: 8/10 padded straps and cushioned support are a great combination!

Why I like it: With a balance of support and cushion, these seem like a solid choice at a decent price point. 

Reef Women’s Sandy Flip Flop

These USA made flip flops are one of the most popular by Reef and are sure to provide the comfort you’re looking for while visiting Walt Disney World. These flip flops offer a soft footbed and woven strap, to give comfort to your entire foot. With no break in period, just slip these on and you’re ready to go! They’ll dry quickly in the event of rain, which you know you can expect in Florida. 

Price: About $30.00 

Quality: 8/10 these are a soft flop flip, and will offer a smaller amount of arch support. 

Why I like it: quality for the price and there are several color options available. 

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Sandal

Look no further for total comfort than a sandal made from the same foam used to make yoga mats! Your feet will be saying “ahhhhh” once you put these on under them! With lots of options for strap colors, these are a staple flip flop that will work as you make your way around the parks or pools. 

Price: About $25.00 

Quality: 8/10 a softer foam, so it may not be the right choice for those wanting a firmer, sanadal 

Why I like it:  Soft and padded, lots of different strap colors and patterns and made from vegan materials.

Olukai Ohana Women’s Sandals

These water-resistant and quick dry sandals are a great pic! The EVA midsole and smooth-drop provides softness, stability and arch support for comfort all day! The rubber outsole will also provide additional traction, perfect for walking on those wet surfaces post rain! These durable flip-flops are sure to become a fast favorite! 

Price: About $75.00 

Quality: 10/10 for how lightweight these are, they are incredibly supportive and there are lots of great stap colors to choose from. 

Why I like it: I’ve owned a couple of different styles of Olukai and I’ve always been impressed with their comfort and durability. While these are a bit on higher end in terms of sandals on this list, I’ve found that the quality is great and they are built to last. 

Kailu Women Casual Flip Flop

Simple and lightweight, these casual flip flops will likely become an easy staple item. They feature a padded foam footbed, fabric lined upper strap and a rubber sole to prevent slipping on slick surfaces. 

Price: About $20.00

Quality: 7/10 these are flat flip flops that offer minimal arch support, so these are going to be perfect for anyone that doesn’t require that.

Why I like it: Great for lounging by the pool or exploring your resort and they come in many colors!

Best Men’s Flip Flops for Disney World

Let’s discuss what Havaianas has to offer for men, shall we?

Havaianas Men’s Mickey Flip Flop

Like the women’s style, these flip flops come complete with a fun Disney design featuring Mickey himself! 

Price: About $30.00 

Quality: 8/10, like the women’s flop flops, these are flat and may not be the choice for anyone looking for arch support 

Why I like it:  The design of course! The Mickey pattern is a true classic and for sure to be loved by anyone looking for something to wear to Disney World! 

Reef Men’s Phantom Flip Flops

These flip flops offer you durable comfort whether its beach or pavement. The soft contour foam footbed, medium mid-sole, and rubber outsole offer traction and support during any activity. Made for water, these are no match for Florida rain puddles and will dry quickly!

Price: About $30.00 

Quality: 10/10—there really is no break in period for these 

Why I like it: Several color options available, and a denser footbed for durability. 

Sanuk Men’s Beer Cozy Flip Flop

A synthetic flip flop, with a super soft foam footbed, this one is built for comfort. There are a few color options available, so you’ll definitely be able to find a pair to your liking. Made out of vegan materials and machine washable, these are definitely a practical choice. 

Price: About $35.00 

Quality: 8/10 the foam may be too soft for some who are looking for more support. 

Why I like it: I love that these are sustainably made and are washing machine safe! 

Olukai Ohana Men’s Sandals

The Ohana is a great flip flop, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this on our list for a top men’s pick. Made of lightweight materials, a durable outsole and providing all around food and arch support, this is great for long days at the parks or afternoons by the pool! 

Price: About $75.00 

Quality: 10/10 a solid choice for a comfortable flip flop made of durable materials. 

Why I like it: Olukai clearly commits to building a quality sandal. These are durable, and will definitely last far beyond adventures as Disney World. 

Aerothotic Men’s Arch Support Slides

A bit of a different style here, these slides feature medial arch support in the form of a lightweight EVA material, which also makes them virtually waterproof! The two buckles on the sandal make it easy to adjust the sandal for the perfect fit and support. 

Price: About $25.00 

Quality: 8/10 may not be a great choice for those who prefer a thong strap on their sandal 

Why I like it: Adjustable buckles, easy to dress up or down, and the fact that they are essentially waterproof make these a solid choice!  

KuaiLu Men’s Sport Flip Flops

These flip flops have a wide strap that has two tone webbing and features a leather upper, offering a nice style. They have a solid arch support built into the soft “yoga mat” like insoles. The rubber soles offer a non-slip grip and the waterproof nature of soles also makes it easy to safely walk over different surfaces.

Price: About $29.00 

Quality: 10/10 these seem to have everything one might be looking for at a great value! 

Why I like it: I love that the leather on the upper portion of the flip flop adds some texture and it can be easily dressed up or down. There are multiple color options as well! 

Best Flip Flops for Disney World (Unisex)

Let’s kick this off by first discussing unisex sandals, before we break the remaining sandals down by gender.

Oofos OOrignal Sandal  (Unisex)

While these are marketed as “recovery” footwear, to wear post exercise, anyone will find them comfortable! These sandals come in different colors and styles, and have risen in popularity among Disney Park guests. These sandals are made of a lightweight foam and are designed to absorb about 37% of the impact for the wearer, they also reduce load and stress on your back, feet and joints! 

Price: About $60.00 

Quality: 10/10 this foam is thick, and all Oofo sandals can be machine washed. 

Why I like it:  These flip flops do what they say! They provide relief from the fatigue that comes from being on your feet all day. I love that there are different styles and colors to choose from, and the unisex sizing makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect fit! My first pair lasted several years, I’ll buy these again and again! 

Crocs Flip Flops (Unisex)

Crocs continue to be a go-to choice for many Disney guests! Another company that offers great style options, their classic flip flops are incredibly popular and comfortable! These lightweight flip flops are made of Crocs signature EVA/TPA and offer flexible 365 degree comfort in many different color choices! 

Price: About $30.00

Quality: 10/10 these will definitely deliver the comfort you’ve come to know if you’ve worn anything from crocs. 

Why I like it:  Lightweight, simple comfort with lots of color choices! These are definitely a great pick for Disney, whether you’re roaming around the parks or hanging by the pool! 

Skecher’s Start Up Sandal (Unisex)

These sandals offer a strappy upper with toe-ring slide, offering a snug and comfortable fit. The jersey knit fabric upper is soft and the stitched trim gives it a bit of texture and style. The footbed is a gel infused memory foam, which is supported by a midsole that has a sporty look and is made from shock absorbing material. 

Price: About $35.00 

Quality: 8/10 – not everyone will like having multiple straps 

Why I like it:  A great choice for anyone that wants the comfort and ease of a flip flop without the “look” of a flop flop. There are some great neutral colors to choose from, which will make it easy to wear in the parks or out to dinner – so easy to dress up or down!

Why Bring Flip Flops to Disney?

You will be thrilled to have a comfortable pair of flip flops for the parks, pool or resort – no matter what! Even if I spend all day in sneakers, there is nothing like getting back to my hotel room and feeling the “ahhhhh” of a light and comfortable pair of flip flops! Is it possible to spend all day exploring the parks in flip flops?

I think so, many people do! What is important though, is that you select a pair that are going to be durable and comfortable! Hopefully this list of the best flip flops for Walt Disney World has helped to narrow down your list! 

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