15 Best Shorts for Disney World – Comfy AND Stylish Shorts!

Here Are the Best Shorts for Disney World!

If you’re looking for the best shorts for Disney World, you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, I’m not only going to share my picks for the best men’s and women’s shorts, but I’ll also explain what it is about each pair of shorts that really makes them worthy of your money!

Women’s Shorts

Let’s begin with a paid of shorts made from both cotton and spandex.

XinYangNi Comfy Cotton Beach Shorts

These shorts are made out of cotton and spandex, so they are soft to the touch while offering a little stretch, which is definitely nice to have when you’re walking, snacking and hopping on and off of rides. If you prefer a little more length, check out the knee length (bermuda) version of these shorts, as well.  

Style: Drawstring 

Price: About $9.00-$13.00

Quality: 8/10. For the price, the quality of the fabric is great. The ends of the drawstrings may fray a little bit. 

Why I Like It: Comfort and colors! These are so soft and I find them to be so comfortable. I’ve ordered multiple pairs, so I’ve got lots of color options during my time in the parks. The pockets on these are also pretty deep, which I appreciate. These are personally my favorite shorts to wear in the parks! 

Willit Active Shorts with Pockets

The description of these shorts alone is a pretty good indicator that they are definitely the pair that will quickly become your “utility” shorts and be great for anything! Lightweight, 4-way stretch, moisture wicking and soft to the touch make these a great pair to consider. 

Style: Active 

Quality: 9/10. Reviews are fantastic here, but some may not like the thicker waistband. 

Price: About $22.00-$24.00

What I Like It: The color choices and “quick dry” fabric. It’s Florida…it will rain! So I love that these will dry fast. Plus, the moisture wicking material is never a bad idea, especially if your travels take you down there in the summer. 

Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to get through any list without Mickey making an appearance! These cotton blend bike shorts are adorable and perfect for any Mickey fan. The biker length shorts are sure to be comfortable and pair perfectly with any other Mickey apparel you may have! 

Style: Biker short 

Quality: 6/10 super cute, but some may not like that it doesn’t have pockets. 

Price: About $24-$31 

Why I like it: A super cute design, cottony soft and a length that’s perfect to help keep you comfortable even on the hottest of days! 

Columbia Women’s Sandy River II Printed Short

These printed shorts should definitely be on your list! With lots of fun patterns, they definitely fit the bill for a trip to Florida. Made from 100% polyester, these are going to be lightweight and quick dry for any run-ins with rain (or Splash Mountain!). They offer some great utility too, with two front pockets and a zippered back pocket. 

Style: Casual/Active 

Quality: 9/10 several pockets, light-weight and sure to last! 

Price: About$9-$60 (pricing varies across different sizes and patterns) 

Why I like it: Fun patterns, light-weight and multiple pockets! This is definitely a short I’d wear in the parks and beyond! 

ONLYSHE Womens Casual Drawstring Shorts

Another great lightweight choice! These shorts have a polyester-spandex blend, offering comfortable wearing,  an elastic waist-band (solid colors have cotton blended in as well) and two deep pockets. 

Style: Casual/Drawstring 

Quality: 8/10, soft and light weight but some may not like having an elastic band. 

Price: About $10-$26

Why I like it: So many options to choose from, and with a pretty great price point you’ll be able to plan out all your park outfits with ease! I love a soft sort and an elastic waistband – double win! 

Minnie Mouse Women’s Polka Dot Smile Shorts

In two words – “so cute!” These shorts will definitely add some flair to your day at the Disney parks. The bright red and polka dots are signature Minnie style, and there’s even a cute print of Miss Minnie herself! 

Style: Casual/Drawstring 

Quality: 6/10 these are so cute, but may be a little on the shorter side for some and per reviews, they run a tad small. 

Why I love it: The style! These are a great pick for an active day and are right on theme with the most Magical Place on Earth! 

YOCUR Womens Lightweight Shorts

Lots of options here! These shorts are lightweight and have a few different design options. Some styles have a classic hemmed bottom, while others have a cute fringe – with plenty of colors in both options. If you’ve been waiting to find a denim option on our list, you’ll find it there! Classic denim is an option, and my personal favorite, the soft denim! 

Style: Casual/Drawstring (some options) 

Price: About $24.99

Quality: 8/10 comfy, soft and lots to choose from. Some may not want a full denim short, which is why the soft denim is a great option. 

Why I love it: I really like that there aren’t just multiple colors, but styles as well. All the shorts also have great pockets, they are really deep which always helps to secure things when going from ride to ride in the parks! 

Men’s Shorts 

CRYSULLY Men’s Cargo Shorts

Quick dry is an essential for Florida, which makes this option a no brainer for Disney. These lightweight shorts are made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex so even if you’re caught in a downspout, they will dry quickly! With 5 pockets total (one of which as a zipper closure) these shorts also offer plenty of utility! 

Style: Casual/Active

Price: About $31.98 

Quality: 9/10 These shorts get fantastic reviews and are made of quality fabrics! 

Why I love It: Quick dry with tons of storage! 5 pockets is pretty awesome, and will definitely allow you to go hands free in the parks. There are also quite a few colors to choose from! 

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic Cargo Shorts

These shorts from Wrangler are a classic! Made from 98% cotton, these soft shorts are bound to keep you comfortable. These shorts sit naturally at the waist with a relaxed seat and a relaxed fit through the thigh. As expected from a cargo shorts, these make no compromise on storage and provide 6 total pockets (2 with cargo flaps) 

Style: Cargo/Casual 

Price: About $26.00

Quality: 9/10, a classic look with a little stretch! 

Why I love it: Cargo shorts without the bulk! I love that the pockets/design on these shorts aren’t super bulky. There are also some great color options to choose from too. 

NITAGUT Men’s Linen Casual Classic Shorts

Linen shorts just feel like they should be on everyone’s Florida pack list! Lightweight, soft, and perfect for tropical climates, don’t pass on these as an option too quickly! These shorts are made from a blend of cotton, linen and spandex and have a drawstring to comfortably adjust fit. 

They can be easily worn to a day at the parks or dressed up for a lovely meal at a signature dining restaurant! 

Style: Casual 

Price: About $30.99 

Quality: 9.5/10 over 9,000 reviews with 4.5 stars – these shorts have some real fans out there! 

Why I love it: I love these lightweight shorts that are perfect for Florida weather. Great color options and incredibly easy to dress up or down! 

Amazon Essentials Men’s Drawstring Walk Short

The name “essential” says a lot here. Made of 100% cotton, these washed twill shorts have an elastic waistband and drawstring. With 3 pockets, they still offer room for belongings and with multiple print and color choices, it may be hard to choose just one! 

Style: Casual 

Price: About $8.50-$19.00 

Quality: 8/10 some people may be looking for more pockets 

Why I love it: Great prints and colors available! 

Hanes Men’s 2-Pack Knit Short

A great 2 for 1 deal, these shorts are comfortable and affordable! The solid colors are made of 100% cotton, while the heather colors are a cotton blend with polyester (which may be a bit more moisture wicking) These shorts are tagless, offer a soft elastic waistband, drawstring and two pockets. 

Style: Active 

Price: About $18.95-$22.98 

Quality: 8/10 not a wide selection of color choices 

Why I love it: I love the value in getting 2 shorts at this price point! These shorts are also good for everything from roaming the parks, to hanging by the pool or lounging in your hotel room! 

Dockers Men’s Perfect Classic Fit Shorts

Perhaps the most “classic” shorts on our list. Made from 100% cotton, with a button closure, these shorts are great for a more classic, or even formal look if you happen to be heading out for a nice dinner! The deep pockets will accommodate even the largest of  smartphones! 

Style: Classic 

Price: About $27.99

Quality: 10/10, these classic shorts from a well known brand will suit any occasion! 

Why I love it: The classic look and some good color choices, these are definitely worth bringing along! 

TACVASEN Men’s Running Workout Short

You might be wondering “Why workout shorts?” These shorts offer a ton of versatility, working out is just one way to wear them. These are lightweight, breathable, quick dry and made from 100% polyester. All 3 pickets (2 sides, 1 rear) have zipper closures and there are multiple color options to choose from! 

Style: Casual/Athletic 

Price: About $25.99 

Quality: 10/10 each pocket having its own zipper closure is great, you definitely won’t risk anything falling out! 

Why I love it: Practical, easy to pack and lightweight! These are a great pick for anyone spending time in the Florida sun, and if you’ve got park days planned, you definitely will be! 

Under Armour Men’s Rival Terry Shorts

These 100% polyester shorts are super soft, and very casual. They have a drawstring closure and two pockets. They are moisture wicking and incredibly soft! 

Style: Active/Casual 

Price: About $25.00-$30.00 

Quality: 8/10 for anyone wanting a softer (or even warmer) short this is a great option, but some may not be looking for something quite so soft and casual 

Why I love it: Soft, casual style makes these great for a low key park day, or lounging at the hotel. There are a lot of color options for this short, so it may make it tough to pick just one! 

Why Buy Shorts for Disney

Well, that’s a wrap—we have concluded our rundown of the best shorts for Disney World!  It’s always exciting to get a couple new wardrobe items to show off on vacation! There are so many great options out there for both men and women, and when you’re headed to Florida, you want to make sure you’re bringing clothes that are lightweight and breathable! I can guarantee you’ll have an incredible time visiting Walt Disney World, I can almost guarantee that you will get wet!

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