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Discover the Best Sandals for Disney World

One of the most important things you can bring to Disney World are comfortable shoes.  But, on days when it’s hot outside, it’s most ideal to bring a great pair of sandals instead.  So, in this article, I’m going to provide you with my personal list of the best sandals for Disney World, which take into account the aesthetic look of the sandal, the comfort of the sandals and the value of the sandal.

Best Men’s Sandals for Disney World

Let’s begin with Birkenstock.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Birkenstock shoes are a popular choice for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking and walking. Birkenstocks are known for the anatomically-shaped footbed that provides support and shock absorption for every step.  

The Birkenstock Arizona EVA is based on the classic Arizona model sandal, but this shoe is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). EVA is a high-quality, lightweight, flexible material with excellent foot cushioning…and it’s waterproof! This means you can wear these shoes on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids without worry.  The buckled straps mean you can adjust the fit throughout the day.

Teva Hurricane XLT2

This is an updated version of Teva’s iconic Hurricane XLT. The Hurricane XLT2 features the inclusion of a padded heel strap and an updated sole with improved traction over the previous models. The straps are made of quick-dry webbing; manufactured from recycled plastic materials. In fact, according to Teva’s website, these sandals save the equivalent of five plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. The straps are easily adjustable with a hook-and-loop closure. 

For all-day comfort, a lightweight foam midsole adds extra cushioning, and a durable nylon shank offers stability and support on any terrain.

Crocs Classic All-Terrain Sandal

While it’s debatable whether or not Crocs shoes can be considered fashionable, few people will deny how comfortable they are! The Crocs Classic All-Terrain Sandal features two upper straps and an adjustable heel strap, as well as rugged tread for excellent traction. T

hese are made of the patented Croslite material, which is lightweight, flexible, and offers a supportive cushion for your feet. One of the best things about Crocs is that water doesn’t hurt them. If you get them wet, they’ll dry off in just a few minutes.

Skechers GO WALK Archfit Sandal

The Skechers Archfit line of shoes was developed by podiatrists and features podiatrist-certified arch supports. The uppers on the GO WALK Archfit Sandal feature adjustable straps at the toe, ankle, and heel to ensure you have the best possible fit. A contoured footbed will mold to your feet to help reduce shock and evenly disperse weight. 

Shock absorption is important to keep in mind since part of your day will undoubtedly be spent standing on concrete while in line for a ride or attraction. The cushioned tread adds to the comfort level of these shoes, making them easy to wear all day long.

ECCO Men’s Yukatan Sandal

The ECCO Men’s Yukatan Sandal is lightweight and supportive, making it a very popular choice for a long day of walking around the Disney parks. The faux leather upper straps have three points of adjustment and a soft neoprene lining for a comfortable fit. 

A molded footbed reduces stress on your feet, and the durable rubber sole provides excellent traction. This shoe is also available in a Women’s style, which has the same great features.

Best Women’s Sandals for Disney World

Let’s begin with a sandal by Skechers.

Skechers GO WALK Massage Fit Sandal

This is another excellent shot from Skechers GO WALK collection, and with this one, the name says it all! The GO WALK Massage Fit Sandal features Skechers’ trademarked “Hyper Burst” cushioning in the midsole. This is designed to gently massage your feet as your walk. The upper is made of a lightweight, breathable soft knit fabric that is machine washable. 

While this shoe doesn’t have adjustable straps, the fabric is stretchy enough to allow for an all-day comfortable fit. In addition to being comfortable, these sandals look cute enough to wear into the evening if you’re spending a night out at one of the Disney Springs hotspots.

Clarks Wave 2.0 Sandal

Clarks is a brand that is long associated with comfortable, high-quality footwear. The Wave 2.0 Sandal features a cushy rocker sole that aids your natural walking movement. This makes it easier to walk long distances, for longer periods of time. 

The rocker sole does take a little getting used to, so “practice” walking around your neighborhood before your vacation to get a feel for these shoes. The contoured cushioned footbed is lined with a lightweight breathable microsuede that feels soft, without feeling too warm. Three adjustable straps ensure that you will have a secure yet comfortable fit.

Birkenstock Milano Sandal

The Birkenstock Milano is one of Birkenstock’s most popular sandals. It’s actually a unisex design, and you’ll see plenty of women and men wearing these at Walt Disney World.  The upper is made of durable leather, with a soft leather footbed lining. The contoured cork-latex footbed molds to your foot the more you wear it, creating custom support the more you wear these shoes. 

Three straps adjust with buckles, so you can adjust the fit for maximum comfort. These sandals are more comfortable the longer you wear them, so it might be best to have these well broken in before your Disney vacation.

Crocs Classic Sandal

This is one of the newer designs from Crocs. The Classic Sandal is an update to the classic Crocs sandal. A little bit of extra height adds more cushioning, making this shoe a great option for being on concrete all day. 

A shoe like this that adds padding to the sole will make it less likely your feet and legs will hurt after a long day of walking and standing in lines. Like all Crocs, these are made of the patented lightweight Croslite material.

Zane Ankle Strap by Ugg

Ugg is a brand name that is best known for comfortable Winter boots, but they also make great sandals for the Summer! The Zane Ankle Strap Sandal is comfortable, supportive, and attractive. It features a leather upper with an adjustable ankle strap. 

The sole is a slight 1.5” platform with three layers of super-soft cushioning. The outsole is finished with Treadlite by UGG, their proprietary material which maximizes both cushioning and traction.

Best Sandals for Disney World for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful foot condition caused by tissue inflammation in the bottom of the foot. Symptoms can include sharp pain in the heel, which can be aggravated by long periods of standing or walking on hard surfaces.

But there’s good news—it’s not impossible to enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation if you suffer from this condition. Foot pain can be lessened by wearing properly cushioned and comfortable shoes that will help reduce stress and minimize inflammation. 

Naxos Two Way Strap Sandal by Orthofeet

Orthofeet is a company that specializes in designing shoes for those with a variety of painful foot conditions. The company is committed to manufacturing shoes to help with foot pain and mobility issues. 

The Naxos Two Way Strap Sandalfeatures an ergonomic sole with anatomical arch support and deep cushioning for the heel. This sandal has three adjustable straps and is available in two widths so you’ll get the best possible fit. The sole also has a slight rocker shape, which is perfect for walking all day long.

Men’s Ooahh Slide Sandal by Oofos

Every style of Oofos shoes is designed to help minimize stress and pain in the feet and legs. They are made with proprietary OOfoam materials, which absorb 37% more impact than other foam footwear. The Ooahh Slide Sandal is a simple design with maximum comfort. 

The footbed made of the proprietary materials absorbs stress on the knees and ankles. The sole has a sturdy tread and a slight rocker shape, to help reduce stress as you move. This sandal is available in a variety of colors, and they are machine washable.

Women’s Ooahh Sport Flex Sandal by Oofos

This is another simple yet comfortable shoe from Oofos. The Women’s Ooahh Sport Flex is an update to their classic slide sandal. In addition to the impressively supportive yet cushiony foam footbed, this sandal has a wide, adjustable strap across the upper. Being able to adjust the fit on any sandal, especially during the hot Florida Summer, can help your feet stay comfortable all day. This sandal also has a slight rocker shape to the sole, to make walking for long periods of time less stressful on your joints.

Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Slide by Hammacher Schlemmer

This simple-looking slide is designed specifically to help with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms. The Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Slidehas a stabilizing orthotic footbed that is designed to realign your feet to the best, most natural position. They also have shock-absorbing footbeds with deep cupped heel depressions to reduce pain. The entire upper is a wide adjustable strap. These shoes have a seal of acceptance from The American Podiatric Medical Association.

Hammacher Schlemmer also sells Plantar Fasciitis insoles and heel braces that can be worn with any shoes.

Rejuvenate Recovery Sandal by Vionic

The Vionic Shoe company began back in 1979, by a podiatrist who realized that proper orthotics and specially designed shoes could help those with chronic foot problems. The Rejuvenate Recovery Sandal is designed to maintain proper foot alignment and reduce stress on one’s feet. The molded footbed has oversized sidewalls and a deep heel cup for maximum stability. 

Additionally, the footbed is textured to provide gentle massaging as you walk. There is a slight heel height of 2”, and a rocker-shaped sole, both of which will reduce foot and leg stress while walking around the Disney parks all day. Similar to other orthotic slides, the upper is a wide strap that can be adjusted for a great fit.

How to Minimize Foot Pain at Disney World

These suggestions for the best sandals for Disney World can certainly help keep you comfortable for a day of Disney Fun! However, there are other precautions you can take so you won’t be footsore at the end of the day.

Don’t wear brand new shoes that you haven’t broke-in yet. No matter how comfortable they may seem at first, new shoes are always going to be a little stiff and that inflexibility may cause blisters. Be sure to have some bandages with you, just in case.

Try not to wear the same pair of shoes each day. Switching shoes each will reduce pressure on the same parts of your feet. Also, bring an extra pair of socks with you in your bag. In the hottest months of Summer, changing to a fresh (non-sweaty) pair of socks partway through the day will reduce the chance of developing blisters.

If you plan on wearing sneakers, consider putting gel insoles inside them for a little extra cushion.

At the end of the day, if your feet and legs are feeling sore and looking a little swollen, take some anti-inflammatories and elevate your feet. Go ahead and put your feet up and relax! Doing this before bed means that you’ll be ready by morning to enjoy another magical day at Walt Disney World.

This article was written by Kimberly and edited by Michael.

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