What to Wear in Disney World in June

What to Wear in Disney World in June

If you’ve never visited Disney World in June, be prepared for a very hot summer vacation.  And when the heat intensifies, it becomes more important than ever to dress properly for the weather.  But, how do you determine what to wear in Disney World during the month of June?  How do you know what really needs to be thrown into your suitcase?

Well, in this article, we’re going to tackle this exact subject, as I’ll help you figure out what clothes and accessories you really need for your upcoming June trip to Disney!

Weather at Disney World In June

First, before I get to all the cool theme park outfits you should pack, let’s talk about something you can’t predict while visiting the parks in June—the weather. 

We all try to plan the best vacation possible—from hotels to restaurants, and even the rides.  In fact, with the relatively new Disney Genie and Lightning Lane ride reservation system, we are bordering on overplaying for Disney World! 

But, ironically, the weather in Florida is a bit different—it’s a litte more difficult to properly plan and account for.  

In June, you can expect temperatures ranging from 72 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in South Florida. 

Now, you can normally expect the temperatures to be in the high 70s when you wake up in the morning. But it will quickly rise to high 80s during the day, maybe even reaching 90 around midday. 

The temperature is just one factor when it comes to weather, though. 

Disney World Humidity in June

Let’s talk about the humidity you can expect in Orlando. In the month of June, the average range of humidity is 70-80%. 

If you are from out West in the U.S., or some place where the heat is admittedly hot, but technically more dry (with lower humidity), you will notice a significant difference with when you get to Orlando, Florida. 

How so?  Well, you will notice that you will end up sweating much more quickly than on a typical summer day in some other locale with low humidity. You’ll want to keep this in mind for when we get into the type of attire to wear during June.

Rain at Disney World

And that brings us to the precipitation. And trust me, avoiding rain in Disney World during June is almost impossible.

The showers can be extremely heavy and roll up in an instance. The bottom can fall out at almost any time of day in Orlando. 

The best thing you can do as a park goer is to plan ahead. Every single day you are at the parks, you need to have at least one of these items in your backpack or sling backpack at all times:

  • Poncho
  • Rain coat
  • Umbrella

What to Wear to Disney World in June

Let’s start with the children and then we will work our way up to the grandparents. 

For the littles, think light and airy. Avoid heavy clothing and “air” on the side of breathable materials. Gym-type shorts and cotton Disney Tee’s are a great option.

A hat can be a great addition to keep the sun out of their eyes. If yours are like mine, good luck getting them to keep up with sunglasses. The hat is the best of both worlds. 

Flip flops are a good option for staying cool, but not so much for walking the distances required at the parks. Many children I see have crocs that they use as a hybrid option. This will keep their footwear secure while allowing them the cool breathability. 

For the teens in your family, it’s much of the same as the children. Dry fit clothing options are great if you are not needing to wear matching cotton Disney shirts. 

If you are a pocket stuffer, you’ll want to avoid gym shorts and opt for a more durable pair of shorts to hold your belongings. All of the hiking companies make a great option here.

Don’t forget the sunglasses either. While only slightly better than children at keeping up with them, make sure its a decent disposable pair. 

At this age, does it even matter what shoe you recommend? They will probably wear whatever they want. But a well fitting sneaker will probably be their best option. 

For the parents, it’s your job to keep up with everyones rain coat, poncho, or umbrella. So before we get to the clothes, make sure these items are in your park bags. 

Discover what to pack and wear to Disney World in June

The dads will probably enjoy a nice short-sleeve button-down shirt. Avoid wearing an undershirt to allow for maximum breathability. This is huge for staying cool. 

The moms unfortunately do not have this luxury. A well fitting dry fit shirt by any of the sports companies will be a great option. 

Just like the teens, opting for a nice durable pear of shorts will be great for storing the items needed. A stretch material can be fantastic as well. Let’s face it, you’re really going for the snacks, right? 

A well fitting sneaker is a great option for walking the parks. A little tip here, you can buy some water repellant to slap on your favorite pair of sneakers to keep the rain out and your feet dry. 

This is great because if you’re like me, if the socks get wet it’s game over. Time to head to the room. 

For the grandkids, we’re going for maximum comfort here. Don’t worry about the best Disney attire.

Loose fitting clothing is a great option for allowing the air to flow to all the right places you need.

Large hats will keep the sun off of your face and allow you to take in all of the scenery without the glare. Don’t be afraid to pass the rain coat off to the kids to carry for you either!

The shoes can be whatever are the most comfortable for you. Remember, you are going to be doing more walking than you can imagine. Don’t think that you can go to Disney World in high heels and have a good time—you’re going to be massively unhappy.  Get some great, comfy sneakers instead.

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Quick Tip!

Don’t forget the sunscreen and chap stick! Make sure someone in your party has access to these items at all times. They are a necessity on a hot June day in Orlando!

How to Beat the Heat at Disney World

Magic Kingdom – The Railroad on Main Street is a great escape from the heat and elements. As a bonus, here you can take a trip around the park for a 20 minute oasis. 

Animal Kingdom – Here, the absolute best spot to be to avoid the sun and heat is Pandora. This Avatar inspired section of the park is a recreation of the environment from the famous film. Expect tons of trees and foliage with more than enough shade for everyone to catch their breath. 

Epcot – Before, I used to love recommending you visit Ellen’s Universe of Energy ride, because that was a legit 45 minute attraction that took place inside (and often in relative darkness.  It was perfect—but alas, it’s since been closed and replaced.

Now, especially if a brief shower rolls in, or even if you need a break from the sun, my favorite spot is The Land Pavilion. You can’t miss this building as it’s shaped like a huge pyramid. 

It’s also home of the famous ride, Soarin’. You can also fill up your water bottles or even grab a quick bite to eat. 

Hollywood Studios – If you are in Galaxy’s Edge, the Launch Bat is equipped with misting fans and plenty of places to refill those canteens for a long distant visitor. And, if you love Star Wars, definitely don’t forget to visit Savi’s Workshop to build your own lightsaber!

If you happen to catch yourself across the park on Sunset Boulevard, the Fairfax Fare is right before the Tower of Terror. Here you can get a snack and have a seat in the shade to relax from a long day of excitement. 

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You’ll most likely want to avoid the umbrella. They tend to set off the security scanners while you enter the park. They are also lighting rods and have been known to get caught up in the wind very easily. I personally prefer a light rain jacket. It stows away at the bottom of my bag and I forget about it.

However, if your rain wear is a bit bulkier, consider throwing a bunch of disposable ponchos in your bag. At least one for every member of your party. Don’t forget, you can also use them as needed on the water rides?

At these famous water attractions, finding shelter from a storm isn’t as big of a deal as the others. However if lighting is in the area, be sure to get inside as quickly as possible. There are plenty of umbrellas and shade canopy’s at both to escape the sun. That doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen though!

June is notorious for having larger crowds in June. The weather is very sporadic in all of the summer months as well, not just June. As a seasoned June park goer, I love the atmosphere of the parks during this month. July is annually the hottest month in Florida, so if you are restricted to summer months, June is still a very good option to plan your visit. 

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