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Check out some awesome Disney Shirt Ideas for Families

We all love going to Disney World with our families, but coordinating a plan—especially one that involves clothing, isn’t always so easy.  Everyone has different tastes and personalities, so coming up with great Disney shirt ideas for families of various sizes isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Well, I hear you—I understand.  That’s why, in this article, I’m going to provide you with some of my favorite ideas for shirts that everyone in the family can wear and enjoy.  And, if done well, your coordinated shirt expression just might result in a handful of compliments from your fellow Disney guests, as well.

Let’s jump right into it!

Disney Shirt Ideas for Families That Are Awesome

Let’s begin with an idea that’s tied to Snow White.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Now, this may be my personal favorite out of all the others. And no, you don’t need a family of seven or eight to pull this off—but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

The Seven Dwarfs have a wide range of personalities. This is great because your family members will likely line up really well with one of the Dwarfs!

So here’s what you do.  First, on a piece of paper, list out your family members in a row.  

Now here’s the fun part. Maybe you know this, but if not, I’m going to list the Dwarfs along with a brief description of their personalities.  What I want you to do as you read through them is this: just think of which family member feels the most similar to each dwarf’s description.   

Snow White at Disney World

Here we go:

Dopey: Dopey enjoys having fun and playing tricks! He doesn’t care how silly he may appear while playing his games.

Grumpy: Complain, complain, complain! Grumpy never agrees with anyone! But you can always rely on him if you’re in a pinch!

Doc: Doc is very calculated in all his decisions. He always tries to take control of situations when they go bad, but he has a tendency to get very…nervous!

Bashful:  Who’s that blushing over there? That would be Bashful! He’s very shy, but he loves listening to any story you have to tell.

Sleepy: If he’s not working in the mine, he’s trying to catch more Zzz’s! His favorite past time includes naps, naps, and more naps.

Sneezy:  He has a tendency to, well, SNEEZE! And not just all the time, but at the wrong times like when he’s trying to be sly and sneaky.

Happy:  Happy is upbeat, cheerful, and loves to crack jokes. He thinks everything is funny, even though sometimes it may be a serious situation. 

Now, head to a place like the Disney Store, or maybe a cheap outlet store or even perhaps Etsy or eBay, and purchase a shirt with the face of each dwarf on it.  Then, hand it to the family member that most represents the personality of the dwarf—meaning, the happiest person in your family gets to wear the Happy shirt, the person that always complains about being tired gets to wear the Sleepy shirt, and the silliest person in the family gets to wear the Dopey shirt.

Now comes the hard part—someone has to get the Snow White shirt.  This is going to lead to some hurt feelings, I’m sure.

Matching Disney Shirts for Couples

Perhaps the most classic matching shirt design you can go with is Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Consider getting matching Disney shirts for couples--with Mickey on one and Minnie on the other!

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will see Mickey & Minnie all over Disney World. Everywhere you look, someone will be wearing the beloved characters.

But don’t let this dissuade you. 

Many companies now-a-days offer customization. You can get your personal name put on the shirt, and even tag the year so you can always remember your special trip.

You can also get the designs in a neutral color, making it easy to mix and match and wear multiple days—even when not at Disney World!

If you aren’t keen on the idea of having your name on the shirt, you can always just go with something such as “Mom” or “Dad” or “Auntie” or “Best Friend.”

I’ve even seen some men’s shirts that say “I don’t do matching shirts” with Mickey on the front. The matching women’s shirt says “I do!” With a picture of Minnie dancing. 

Whatever design you land on, you can’t go wrong with this classic Disney World design.

Like all of these ideas, just have fun with it and it will turn out great!

Make Matching Disney DIY Shirts

Don’t forget to take into account what time of the year you will be taking your trip. My favorite time of the year is late September—right before Halloween. It’s the perfect mix of cool weather (well, cooling for Florida), along with lower crowds leading to shorter wait times. 

Though Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, it’s one you can absolutely go all out for at Disney World. Just this past year I had the pleasure of attending Disney’s latest after party; Disney’s After Hours Boo Bash!  The creativity some families had were amazing. I got to see twists on some of your favorite villains with their sidekicks. 

The orange and purples filled the parks with matching shirts all around. From Maleficent to Jack Skeleton, they had it all. So here’s all you really have to do: slap a name on your favorite Halloween movie shirt and you have a fully customized ( or DIY) shirt for Disney World at Halloween. 

Conversely, if you’re going around Christmas, you can do the same thing.  Find a shirt with your favorite Christmas character and get it customized.  Or, if you can sew, emblazon your name on the front or the back.  Since it’s wintertime during the Christmas season at Disney, it’s going to be a bit chilly.  Instead of a T-shirt, go find one of those awesome looking bomber jackets at one of the Disney stores and get everyone in your party’s name (or at least initials) sewed onto the front or the back.

If you don’t want to put your name on the front or back, you could at least consider having the year your family visited placed onto each shirt or jacket.

Make a Plan for Your Matching Shirts

Now that you have some cool Disney shirt ideas for families, it’s time to figure out the best places to actually wear them.  My suggestion would be this: think about which Disney parks (if any) the characters that appear on your shirts are most likely going to appear.  And then, once you know that, wear those shirts not the days you go to that park.

Planning on wearing a Darth Vader or Buzz Lightyear shirt?  Then make sure you wear it to Hollywood Studios, where the two biggest movies represented in those parks are 

Star Wars and Toy Story

Going to wear a Snow White or Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh shirt? Then make sure to have them on when you head to the Magic Kingdom, as all three characters have rides devoted to their movies.

Heck, you can even think outside the box and pick up a “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow” T-shirt online and wear it when you board the People Mover!

Attractions, Resorts, & Restaurants

This is more geared for experienced Disney guests, but can also be used by first timers with a little research before hand. 

This shirt idea here is going to be based on your favorite ride, restaurant or the hotel resort you are staying at. 

For resorts, consider what the theme of the hotel is. Some examples are:

  • The Polynesian: Grab yourself a Limo & Stitch or Moana shirt for this resort!
  • Art of Animation:  Go with a Peter and Wendy shirt.  Or maybe an Aladdin and Jasmine couples short.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: Why not grab a Simba or Mufasa shirt?
  • Port Orleans: A The Princess & the Frog shirt, or Princess Tiana shirt, would be a great idea here!


Well, those are my ideas.  Hopefully, you’ve found my collection of Disney shirt ideas for families (including couples) to be helpful.  Whatever shirt you choose, just remember one thing—you’re going to have a ton of fun regardless.


I would first check local t-shirt shops and embroidery stores.  Most of the matching designs can be bought for a decent price on Amazon and then customized at your leisure with someone in your home town.

Sure! After all, the designs are endless. Nothing is more fun than matching Mickey Ears!

This article was a guest post written by Bradley.

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