How to Dress For Disney World in July

How to Dress For Disney World in July
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If you’ve decided to travel to Disney in July, then you’re probably doing some researching — and is most likely why you’re reading this article today! The first thing to think about when doing your Walt Disney World packing is what exactly you should be putting in your bags.

Dressing for summer vacation in Florida may seem like a simple task, but if you’re a Disney first-timer, there may be some things that get overlooked when deciding on the perfect outfit., and being a native, I hope that I can give you a heads up on what to expect.

When visiting Walt Disney World in the summer, specifically in July, there are a lot of factors that tourists may not consider. While it is a good idea to pack as lightly as possible, you’ll still want to know the best ways — and the not-so-best ways — to dress at the parks during this month so that the whole family is comfortable and will have the most magical experience!

So, what should you wear to Disney in July?

What To Wear to The Theme Parks

July is Orlando’s hottest month of the year, reaching an average high temperature of 92°. This weather can make walking an entire park very exhausting — for both adults and children — if not dressed properly. Wearing the right material can keep you cool, as well as safe during this month.  

Men & Women

On a hot day in July, guys and gals can easily get away with just wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to Disney, but more specifically, you’ll want to be in something that is both comfortable and lightweight. 

Athletic gear is great to wear in the summer months, for both men and women. Men, you can grab your everyday gym attire and be in something you’re already comfortable wearing. Add your water-proof performance watch and you’re ready to go. And since they make athletic clothing more stylish, women can wear their favorite patterned leggings and pair them with a sports bra. Those personalized matching tank tops will look totes adorbs — AND you’ll all be comfortable!

Women can be a little more flexible in their clothing options, especially when thinking about those Cinderella Castle photo opportunities! Wearing a dress is a common look for the ladies at Disney World. Dresses are very breathable as well as fashionable and would be a great choice of clothing to wear to the parks in July.

I personally recommend a lightweight sundress that’s long enough to bend down or climb out of a ride in, so that your legs don’t stick to the seats and you won’t have to keep pulling it down all day — as well as avoid an embarrassing moment. Keep in mind that you may have to get on and off of other means of transportation as well, including buses, monorails or trains.

Rompers also make for a super cute summer outfit. A romper is probably comfortable enough to wear to the parks in July as long as it has sleeves or straps, it won’t ride-up and you don’t mind taking it almost all the way off to use the bathroom…every time. You can easily dress up a romper with any matching Mickey ears or small pair of Disney earrings.

Some other tips to consider when dressing for the theme parks are:

  • Choose lighter colors; darker colors attract sunlight 
  • Wear items that will dry quickly; sweat, water rides and rain can dampen your clothes
  • Wear shorts that have a drawstring or are made of stretchy material
  • Wearing a swim suit under your clothing can also be another way stay dry
  • Wear comfortable undergarments

Children & Babies

When dressing your children (ages 5 and older) for visiting Disney World, I’d recommend following the same guidelines as I mentioned above. Going to the theme parks requires a lot of walking — and sometimes running, waiting or riding — so sticking with some of the tips I’ve stated should help keep your kids safe, comfortable and dry.

Toddlers and babies are often easier to dress for the most part. Keeping it casual is the best way to go for your little ones when dressing them for your visit to one of the parks. I highly suggest having an extra outfit (or two) on hand, just in case. Softer colors and lightweight material will keep them feeling cool and less likely to get fussy. 

If you have any other questions regarding dressing your children for Disney in July, you can check out the Disney Parks Mom Panel and get advice from other moms alike!


You may not believe it, but the best footwear attire to wear to Disney is a highly debatable topic. Some people really like keeping their feet exposed, while others want them covered, so depending on your preference, there are plenty of different styles of shoes you can choose to wear that won’t leave you hurting at the end of a long day.

Crocs are the most popular choice of shoe to wear to Disney, according to avid park-goers. While they aren’t the nicest things to look at, they do keep your feet protected and still offer room to breathe. They also dry very quickly and won’t blister your feet. 

Tennis shoes are my second type of footwear recommendation. Anything with a good sole and strong arch support will really help when walking the parks all day. Closed-toed shoes also protect your feet from too much sun exposure. ASICS sneakers are a really great brand of shoe to wear when visiting. If you decide to put tennis shoes on your children, bring along an extra pair of socks or even a pair of flip flops in case you need to let wet shoes dry at some point in the day.

If your piggies need to be exposed, Sanuk and Reef sandals are great for spending time walking outdoors. These shoes are less likely to rub than plastic flip flops because they have softer, more durable straps. These sandals last a really long time too and while they do cost a tad more than a simple pair of flip flops, they will be worth the investment!

What NOT to Wear

What you choose to wear to Disney will always have an affect on your day. Being uncomfortable is cause for a lousy time, so there are some things you should avoid dressing in completely. 

First, skip out on over accessorizing. Large earrings and statement necklaces are not safe to wear on Disney rides, as they can get caught on stuff. It really won’t be comfortable to wear any jewelry that will rub your skin or make you sweat either. If you don’t want to lose any precious jewels, I definitely wouldn’t risk wearing anything of value to the parks and just stick with waterproof items.

Plastic flip flips — or flip flops in general — seem like the best option for footwear in July, but they just aren’t. By the time you finish your day at the park in flip flops, your feet will be killing you and are likely to regret having worn them. On top of that, because they are so flimsy, flip flops can break fairly easy. Save them for the beach and wear the right shoes for traveling to the Disney theme parks.

Lastly, avoid wearing jean material to Disney in July. I know, they pair well with just about everything, but if they get wet, not only will they take the rest of the day to dry, they will rub in the worst places — if you know what I mean. Jeans just aren’t ideal for mixing hot weather and walking all day. 

Prepare for Unexpected Weather

Florida may be called the “Sunshine State,” but in no way does that mean it doesn’t rain. In fact, you can expect scattered showers at anytime during the month of July. I can’t stress how often this happens and a lot of tourists don’t really expect it or plan for it. I mean why would they, when they’re visiting the most magical place on Earth? But unfortunately, the same goes for Disney weather.

To avoid getting soaked, I recommend adding family ponchos to your Disney World packing list. These plastic full body ponchos are easy to throw on when it starts to rain and are way less bulky than an umbrella. Rain jackets are probably not the best idea, since you’ll have to carry it with you all day and will be too hot to wear in July.

If you do happen to get wet, though, you should dry up fairly quickly as long as you wear any of the suggested clothing I mentioned before. You can’t control the weather, but you can control what you choose to wear! You can always head inside somewhere for a bite to eat or do a little shopping if it does starts to rain, too (Disney is likely to shut-down some rides if lightning is in the area).

Hurricane season is in full swing in Florida during July. While there isn’t an outfit made for a storm like this, it’s always important to keep up-to-date with any weather changes by checking the local news reports often. While it is very rare for Disney World to close its gates to the public, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Other Things To “Wear”

A lot of Disney first-timers can get so distracted by what clothes to wear, that they might forget about the items that you can’t really see! Clothing isn’t the only thing you should be wearing to Disney in July. With the blazing sun and high temperatures, you and your loved ones will want to help prevent these possible bodily injuries: 

  • Sunburn
  • Overheating
  • Dehydration
  • Blisters
  • Bug bites
  • Chafing 

Sometimes you can be at the park for more than 12 hours in a day. Spending all that time in the sun can easily leave you with a sunburn, if not protected. Be sure to bring a bottle of sunscreen with you to the park and apply it often throughout the day, especially on children.

This is really good to have when you’re standing outside, waiting in line for a ride or enjoying a parade. My absolute favorite sunscreen brand for younger ones is Babyganics mineral-based lotion with an SPF of 50+. Hats are also a great accessory to wear to the parks in July, as they keep you shaded and prevent your scalp from getting burned.

To avoid overheating and dehydration, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough fluids throughout the day. Always have water on hand, whether in a canister, bottle or even a hydration backpack. You can also pick-up a free cup of ice water at any quick service restaurant in the parks to refuel as needed.

Blisters, bug bites and chafing are more forgettable minor injuries that you don’t think ahead about until they’re happening to you. I always have a couple of bandaids on hand incase my shoes start to rub on my ankles. Bandaids have saved my poor feet from getting blisters many times, not just when visiting Disney.

Bug spray may also be be needed if you plan to stay at the park after dark. In the month of July, the mosquitos can be very prominent — and fiesty. As far as chafing goes, I’ve heard of putting deodorant in areas where this is common to keep it from happening.

You could wear a fanny pack or small backpack to keep a few of these safety items in close reach. When going to Disney in July, you won’t want to be carrying around a large bag that can potentially weigh you down. Plus, having to store your bag every time you want to ride something is a huge hassle as well.

Dressing For Non-Park Activities

Folks that are staying in the Disney resorts or hotels for longer than one day often make dining reservations. Some of the restaurants are a little more high-end and since Disney World does have a dress-code, there may be some that require specific attire in order to dine there. In these instances, your best option would be to take the bus back to your hotel from the park and change a few hours before your fine dining reservation time.


By now, you should have a pretty good idea on the best ways to dress for traveling to Disney in July. When you’re dealing with the heat, the best way to go is comfortable and casual. With these tips, you and your family can enjoy your visit and feel confident in what you’re wearing!

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