How to Dress in Disney World in June

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

June is here, and summer break has started! Why not start the summer off right with a trip to the World of Disney! With everything that is going on and all the excitement of taking a vacation, how to dress for Disney World is probably not on the top of the ‘things to do in Disney World’ list, but it is imperative to know what clothes to wear and not wear at the parks.

You do not want to be wearing a long-sleeve just because it was cold in the morning, and then come mid-afternoon, your dying because it is 101 degrees outside. If you are from out of town, the Florida weather will be foreign to you and probably most uncomfortable.  

There is much to learn before going on a Disney World trip, and one of the best Disney tips is to know what you will be wearing in Orlando, Florida. The critical thing to remember when researching is: what time of the year you are going?

What kind of weather does the forecast say they are going to have? These are huge factors to consider when finding the right clothes to wear when you are spending most of your day outside.  

How to Dress for Disney World for Men & Women

One of the essentials is comfy shoes. Wearing proper shoes will affect your entire trip! No matter man or woman, one trip to Disney World in the wrong shoes will ruin your whole Disney experience. Trust me, I made this mistake, and I was miserable! I wore these cute expensive flat flip flops, and after a whole day in the park, I was in so much pain. My entire body ached just because I wore the wrong shoes.  

Find some sandals or flip flops that have a lot of patting to them and are comfortable for you. Thick foam flip flops are a great option because they give excellent support and are plush enough to wear throughout the day. Try different shoes and make sure that you like them. Some people like foam, but others prefer memory foam. It is up to you and your likes and comfort.  

For most of the trip, you will be standing and walking, so your shoe choice is vital. Before you go on your trip, try wearing the shoes all day to see if they will be comfy enough for extensive walking and standing for more than eight hours. If you do not own a pair of shoes that will be comfortable enough for the trip, go out and invest in some, trust me, it is a worthy investment that you will be thankful for later. 

Another thing you can do is use is arch supports for your shoes. I used them on my flip flops because I have a high arch, and a lot of flip flops do not give much arch support, and using them on my Disney trip was very helpful. They are worth looking into if you need the extra support. In addition, you should try to find some sandals or flip-flops that are waterproof.  They are hard to find, but finding waterproof shoes will be a big help to you if it rains while you are on your trip. 

Most people, especially men, will opt for wearing tennis shoes, but be forewarned your feet are going to get very hot and sweaty in them. Wearing flip-flops or sandals, something where your feet can breathe, will actually make you more tolerable of the heat. Also, if it does rain, the water will drench your tennis shoes and socks. Unless you have waterproof tennis shoes and socks or want to invest in some, it’s not worth bringing a pair on your trip and having to throw them away because they got ruined by the rain.  

Florida is hot and humid about 100% of the time in June, so you will want to wear short sleeves and shorts. If you are a man or woman who does not like wearing shorts, trust me, you will want them after you have spent a day sweating in a long pair of jeans! 

Even my dad, who hates shorts, resorted to them after an afternoon in his jeans. For women, you can try wearing lightweight casual dresses or skirts if that is what you prefer instead of shorts. Make sure that your shirts are light and airy. Even if it is cooler in the morning wearing short sleeves shirts and shorts is crucial, it will get hotter as the day goes on. 

Everyone should try to wear clothes that are breathable and lightweight. Anything that will help you cope with the heat better. Also, another tip would be not to wear anything dark shirts or bottoms! Wearing dark clothes, no matter if it is shorts or short sleeves, will make you hot and uncomfortable instead try wearing light-colored clothes. 

You might want to consider wearing clothes that you do not might wearing if you go on the water rides where you will be getting wet. Bloggers web pages are excellent places to read about what to bring and what not to bring to Disney World, one of my favorites is DisneyTouristBlog

Lastly, Sunglasses are also a good idea because it is usually sunny in June and you’re going to want protection for your eyes when you’re going to be out all day. You can also wear a hat instead if you prefer. They both give excellent protection. 

Poncho vs. Umbrella

Even in June, there is a good chance of rain in Orlando. The big question is, should you be wearing a poncho or use an umbrella? The #1 item people tell you to bring on your trip to Disney World is a poncho. However, I disagree.

Although the chances of it raining while you are in Disney World are very high, and you are going to want to be prepared, I do not believe that ponchos are a necessity to bring. Some people will tell you to buy a cheap poncho and be done, easy, right? But the only cheap ponchos I could find felt like a thin trash bag, and I thought that that would be of no help and would not provide any protection.  

I ended up buying a more expensive rain poncho. Just because everyone told me that I would want one while I was there, and if I did not bring one, I would regret it. The poncho I picked was around fifteen dollars, there were five in my family, so fifteen dollars ended up to be a total of seventy-five dollars (not very cheap).

My family and I decided to double down, so we brought a poncho and umbrella for each of us on our trip. Well, let me tell you when it started to rain it poured! The weather there was not a cold winter rain. It was a hot, humid, and sticky rain!  

Thankfully we were indoors when the rain began, so we had time to prepare. I decided to use the umbrella and not wear the poncho because I am vain and hate the way they look. My dad wore a poncho, and my mom wore a poncho plus she used an umbrella. We were ready…Or so we thought! As soon as the rain hit us, we were soaked! When we finally got indoors, we realized it did not matter what any of us had; every one of us was still soaking wet.  

The umbrella was of no help because it was a little windy, so the rain just came from all directions. The ponchos my parents used did not help them because their legs and shorts were soaking wet, and on top of that, they were sweating from having to wear the thick ponchos. However, on the bright side, I was not as hot as my parents were because I was not wearing a poncho. 

The second time that it rained, we had left the ponchos in the hotel room and just packed the umbrellas in our backpacks. This time there was no wind, so the umbrella was the perfect option to use. The ponchos did not help, and they will make you sweatier than you already are. So, in my opinion, umbrellas are the way to go and eliminates the problem of sweating even more than necessary.  

How to Dress Small Children for Disney World in June

The best way to dress your small toddler or baby is as cool as possible, and I’m not just talking about in looks. If your child is hot because you put them in the wrong kind of clothes, no one is going to be happy even if you are in the magical World of Disney.  Put them in breathable clothes, and avoid having them wear something that is made out of polyester which is considered a non-breathable fabric.  

For small children, one of the best dressing tips is to wear a hat. A lot of young kids, especially babies, are not going to be willing to wear sunglasses, so the next best thing is a hat. We had purchased a pair of baby sunglasses for my nephew. He hated them and adamantly refused to wear them.

Thankfully, we also brought a hat for him, so he ended up just wearing that the entire trip. A hat will protect not only their eyes, but also their head from sunburn. Please note that this does not mean you can skip the sunscreen just because you put a hat on your child. 

Parents should also get their children comfy shoes for their kids to wear. Just like adults children’s feet will get sore if they are not wearing the proper shoes. Also, it is a good idea to get shoes with backs to them, so they don’t lose their footwear somewhere in the park. Short sleeves and shorts or short sleeve/sleeveless dresses, for the girls, are always a good idea, especially in the hot summer month of June.  

Many people suggest rain ponchos for the little ones, but in my opinion not practical. It is better to carry the child with one hand and an umbrella in the other hand or give them an umbrella of their own.

My sister brought her eight-month baby to Disney World, and when it showered (not for very long), she had him in a baby carrier and just draped a hotel towel over his head so as not to get wet, and it worked. Just an FYI, there is no such thing as a rain poncho for babies that I could find, so you are limited on what you can do for your small babies.  

In addition, some parents and children love to dress in costumes in the park. The little Elsa and Kylo Ren costumes are adorable, and by all means, if you or they want to dress up as these Disney characters do it!

However, beware that those costumes are sometimes cumbersome and usually have long sleeves, and in the hot Florida sun, those costumes are going to get uncomfortable very quickly. One idea is to pack an extra pair of shorts and a t-shirt for your child in your backpack, so that they can change out of them when it gets to be too hot.  

Weather at Disney World in June: What to Expect

Orlando, Florida, is not your typical state when it comes to weather. They do not have summer days will just sun and blue skies and in the winter, clouds and rain. The weather in June at Disney World will be hot and humid with a good chance of rain. Always have your umbrella inside your backpack or on your person every time you step outside of your hotel.

It may not look like rain when you go out and the forecast may not even call for rain. However, you will still need to prepare for some precipitation. The state of Florida receives rain more than any other state in America, so even though it is summer!  

The temperature can be anywhere from 70s degrees to 90s degrees Fahrenheit with a chance of humidity from anywhere to 10% to 78%. Mugginess makes it twice as bad, so while it might be 80 degrees with the humidity, it might feel like 90 degrees. The hottest part of the day will be around the afternoon to about 5:00 pm. During this time of day, it would be the best time to go on the indoor rides and shop in the stores and boutiques that they have at the parks.  

Photographed by Michael of Countdown to Magic

Anywhere where there is air conditioning, and you are out of the sun are the best places to spend the afternoons. If you have little children you might want to consider starting earlier, about the time the park that you want to go to is open, and then in the afternoon going back for a nap for the little one and relaxation time for you.

This way you will not be caught outside during the hottest part of the day. Furthermore, certain parks on certain days are open later so you will be able to stay out longer at night and ride more rides.  

At night the weather will be more relaxed and much more pleasant. If you don’t might going on outdoor rides during the night, this would be the best time to ride them, and you will not have to wait in a long line with the hot sun beating down on you.

If you want to see the parades during the day, be prepared to stand in the extremely humid weather for an extended amount of time especially if you want a good view of the show. Bringing a mini fan would be a good idea so that you can keep yourself cool. The ones with the misters on them are the best.  

If you are trying to decide whether to watch a parade or a night show, I would recommend the night shows over the daytime parades. The weather will be much more bearable after sunset. In my opinion, the night shows are more impressive than the daytime parades, but everybody’s tastes are different.  

Dressing for Restaurants at Disney World

One of the things that you will not find at Disneyland, but you do find at Disney World are more than one high-end restaurants. If you love fine dining or want to experience it for the first time on your vacation, these are the places to go.

The bad news is that the fancier-like restaurants have a dress code that all guests must abide by. The good news is there are other kinds restaurants that serve great food and do not require a dress code.  

However, the more high-end restaurants, such as Yatchman Steakhouse does have a dress code. On the plus side, all of these higher-end kinds of restaurants are outside of the parks.

So, you do not have to exist in the park, change, go through security, and then re-enter Disney World. Most people would say that the dress code is business casual. At these restaurants, you cannot just show up in what you have been wearing at the park all day. You will have to go back and change. Here is a list of what NOT to wear: 

  1. Flip-flops 
  2. Hats (for men) 
  3. Shirts with offensive language or graphics 
  4. Torn clothes 
  5. Cut-offs 

For the ladies, I find that wearing a simple black dress is acceptable, as long as it complies with the rules, and it is the easiest to pack in a suitcase. Ladies can also wear skirts and formal pants. As far as I know and what I have researched, unfortunately, shorts for women are not permitted. For the men, shorts are allowed, but there are specific requirements that you must abide by. Also, they require men to wear collared shirts.  

 I could not find any information about the dress code for children, so I believe that their dress code is the same as the adult’s dress code. For me, I would probably not eat at these kinds of restaurants if I had a child. First of all, these restaurants are very expensive. Secondly, a child would probably be happier if they had chicken nugget from McDonald’s.

One signature dining restaurant that was more on the high-end was the Boathouse at Disney Springs. This is one of the few seafood restaurants near Disney World where guests can enjoy fresh seafood, but can also order non-seafood entrees such as steak.

The atmosphere seemed to be of a higher-end kind of restaurant, and the good news is there was no dress code! You can come in what you wore to the parks and skip the dress change at the hotel. Disney Springs has numerous sit-down restaurants like the Boathouse, and have great quality tasting food without having a dress code. 


Taking vacations, going on a trip, and riding thriller rides are always fun. Disney World is one of those places where people of all ages can experience a good time while being together with friends and family. Visiting Florida and going to Disney World is probably the best vacation that I have been on.

Still, it could have been ruined had I not been dressing the right way or had I not done my research. If you are planning a June summer break vacation to Orlando, Florida, let me encourage you to look up information and find out more about how to have the best family holiday and maximize your time at the parks. 

Also, be aware of what to wear during certain hours of the day and specific places. Wearing particular clothes may not seem like it is essential, but in the end, you will be thankful that you took the time to research how to dress in Disney World. I hope your trip to Disney World is magical!  

  • This article was written by Countdown to Magic contributor Priscilla Leong.


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