What to Pack for Disney World in September

Discover What to Pack for Disney World in September!

If you’re excited to visit Disney World soon, but are a little bit overwhelmed because you don’t know what to pack for Disney World in September, don’t fret. In this article, I share with you my top picks for what essential items need to be throw into your luggage so that you and your family are prepared for your upcoming Fall trip to Disney!

What to Pack for Disney World in September

When you visit Disney World this September, consider re-packing your old Mickey hat!
Here is my Mickey hat, which I’ve re-packed for subsequent Disney World trips

Before we dive to deep into the specifics of all of my recommendations, I first wanted to share with you the ones I think are most important to keep in mind:

Mickey Ears (this one is for those that have actually been to Disney World before, but perhaps want to save some money. If on your last trip you purchased a pair of Mickey ears that you love, then why go to Disney this September and purchase a second pair of Mickey ears? Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it seems pretty wasteful.

Instead, I suggest you carefully pack your old Mickey hat into your suitcase and wear it around all of the Disney parks this Fall. After all, where else are you really going to wear that Mickey hat outside of Disney?

Misting Fans (in September, we’re only one month removed from the hottest and most uncomfortable weather month at Disney: August. There’s a bit of carry over here weather-wise, especially during the first week of September. So come prepared to fight the heat with a refreshing misting fan).

Cooling Towels (if you don’t want to carry around a motorized misting fan–listen, I get it–then might I recommend a simple cooling towel? It’s simple, easy, and effective. Just throw it around your neck and stay cool for a fairly prolonger period of time. Give it a try).

Consider wearing sandals to Disney World this September!

Shorts, Sandals and Flip Flops (unless you have an aversion to showing any semblance of skin in public, I highly encourage you to pack shorts, sandals and/or flip flops in other to keep your body temperature down while walking through the parks)

Good Walking Shoes (whenever I go to Disney World, I always plan ahead when it comes to the shoes or sneakers I bring. In fact, I like to buy brand new sneakers several months in advance of my trip, then wear them onto the plane when I fly out to Orlando.

If you have the money to spare to purchase brand new men’s walking shoes or women’s walking shoes for your upcoming trip, I’d recommend you do so. The last thing you want to do is walk around Disney World for miles and miles and miles and not have great support on your feet and ankles because your shoes are a year or two old).

Water Bottles (I think this one is self explanatory. But you’re definitely going to want to stay hydrated at Disney World, and a nice cold water bottle can do just that for you).

The Weather in September

In most places in the U.S., September marks the beginning of the Fall season. And, while this is true for Central Florida too, you might be surprised just how hot the temperatures can still be.

The average temperatures in September are in the high-80’s (Fahrenheit) during the day with lows in the low to mid-70’s. The humidity is still high from the summer, so this means the weather won’t feel very cool — even in the mornings or at night.

With this in mind, you’ll still want to pack for summer weather.


When packing clothes for your trip, stick to the warm weather basics. This means shorts, tank tops, capris, t-shirts, and other clothes that will keep you cool. Of course, the weather in Central Florida can change from year to year or even from day to day.

So, bringing a few clothes that are good for typical fall weather isn’t a bad idea either. In general, plan to bring lots of the clothes you’d wear in the summer, with a few fall essentials to keep you covered in case there are any cooler nights and evenings.


Make sue you pack comfortable shoes for Disney World in September!

With mostly summertime type weather, you’ll want to make sure to bring along a good mix of sneakers, tennis shoes, and sandals. Disney World wait times are definitely lower in September, so you might not be standing in attraction queues quite as much, but you’ll still be doing a lot of walking in the theme parks.

We like to bring along sandals that are good for hiking or walking and that will be comfortable and supportive on your feet. We love a good flip flop or casual sandal, but most of these aren’t great for park touring.

We recommend packing these too, but only wear them for any resort meals you might have advanced dining reservations for or for the pool. Tennis shoes and sneakers still are your best bets when it comes to good theme park footwear. Since the weather is still pretty warm, be sure to pack a mix of cotton socks and ones with moisture-wicking in them to help keep your feet cool.


September is still a great month to get some pool time in. With this in mind, we recommend still packing at least 2 bathing suits per per person traveling. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about wet bathing suits, if you don’t have access to laundry facilities on your vacation.

If for some reason you need to buy a bathing suit or other swim gear on your trip, you should be able to find a good selection of bathing suits, towels, and other swim gear locally at stores like Walmart and Target, since the weather is still warm enough for swimming.

Don’t forget to pack other swimming essentials like swim shirts, swim diapers, and other items for your children too, so you’re covered with swimming gear at all times.

Outerwear and Other Accessories

September is still a really hot month. So, chances are you won’t be bringing any jackets or other kinds of outerwear like coats and sweaters, unless the weather in your home state or country is cooler.

If you think you might get cool at any point on your trip, pack along a light sweater, but probably skip the jackets. There are a lot of other accessories and essentials you might want to pack for the trip. Here are some non-clothing accessories to consider bringing with you in September.

  • Ponchos and Umbrellas

If you have space, consider bringing ponchos or a small umbrella with you if the weather is predicting a lot of rain on your trip. Of course, even if you don’t have space for these, you can easily pick up ponchos in the parks themselves, at your resort, or a local store too.

September isn’t quite as rainy as some of the summer months, but because it’s still warm, Central Florida still sees some daily thunderstorms or rain showers. So, if you get caught in a theme park during one and need a poncho, you may want to buy them in the park instead of taking of packing space in your bag to save space.

  • Hats
Consider rocking a sun hat to Disney World in September!

With sunny and warm weather, you’ll want to make sure you have hats on hand to keep your head from getting sunburned and to avoid direct sun. If you’re prone to sunburns, look for SPF hats that add coverage and additional sun protection in one. Overall, hats are great for both adults and children, so pack a few for everyone in the family.

  • Sunscreen

Of course, you can’t forget sunscreen. Having sunscreen on hand for your trip is a must-do. September is still quite warm and sunny, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen for the whole family.

Look for waterproof and sweat resistant sunscreen too, which helps a lot in the hot weather. If you need to, you can buy sunscreen cheaply near Disney World, if you have a rental car. And, in a pinch, you can buy it at the Disney Parks and Resorts too.

  • Misting Fan

Even if you’re used to warm weather, spending all day in a hot theme park can be exhausting. Stay cool while you’re waiting in ride queues or while touring the park with a misting-fan. These fans spray a cool water mist and are easy to find at most stores, like Walmart and Target.

Of course, you can even buy them at Disney World with fun Disney inspired themes — though they can be a bit pricey. If you bring a misting-fan, don’t forget to bring extra batteries!

  • Towels or Cloths

Let’s face it. When it’s hot at Disney, you’re probably going to be sweating a bit. Bring along a small towel, washcloths, or cooling cloths to help wipe away sweat. These are really good for families and children.

  • Costumes

September is a month where many special events are held at Disney World, including Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. If you and your family are participating in this event, bring along some costumes for the fun.

Not sure what kinds of costumes Disney allows in the parks? Check out their Theme Park Dress & Costume Guidelines for more info. Wear costumes that aren’t too hot or bulky, so you can enjoy the party without worrying about costumes that are too hot or too bulky to go on attractions.

What About the Kids and Young Adults?

If you’re visiting with children and young adults, you’ll want to think about a few other additional considerations when it comes to packing the essentials — especially when it’s still pretty warm out. Here are some things you’ll want to think about packing for kiddos and teenagers that include a few particular considerations for September park touring.


ID Tags or Card: While we don’t ever want to think about something scary like losing our children in a theme park, it can happen. Having an ID tag or card on hand is a way that you can help identify your children to Disney cast members and provide contact information on how to best reach you while you’re at the Disney theme parks.

Disney themed clothes: Kids love wearing their favorite Disney themed clothes when they’re at Disney. Let them pick out some of their favorites, so they have something fun to wear every single day you’re on vacation. September is still fairly warm, so be sure to pack clothes that look cool and keep your kids actually cool during your vacation.

Costumes: Many children want to dress like their favorite Disney princess, prince, or pirate. With this in mind, be sure to pack a costume or two for the trip, if your kiddos like wearing costumes, or if you’re attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or any Disney character dining.

If wearing a costume is too hot for your child, even during September, bring some costume accessories like tiaras, pirate hats, or wands. These are a great way for your child to feel like they’re dressing up without getting overheated in a warm or bulky costume.

Dress up clothes: If you are planning on going to any signature dining locations, you may want to consider bringing a few fancier clothes for your kiddos, if you’re bringing them along for a family meal. They don’t have to be too fancy either. Just something that will look nice for the meal.

Favorite toys: There’s no doubt that children get used to their favorite toys. So, don’t forget to pack their favorite doll, stuffed animal, or toys for the trip.

Wet Naps: Park touring can get messy. Whether they get dirty playing or make a mess with a Mickey Bar or any other frozen treat, having some wet naps on hand is a good idea for all ages, but especially for kiddos.

Young Adults

What's the best bag for Disney World?

ID Cards: Do make sure your teenagers have their IDs on them at all times. This is especially important if they are park touring without adults.

Deodorant, Face Wash, and Personal Care Items: You’ll want to make sure that your young adults bring the personal care items that they need. This includes deodorant, face wash (especially for those suffering from acne), and even feminine hygiene products.

This way they’ll feel comfortable having all the things they need without having to run to a store during the trip. September is still very warm, so be sure they pack all the extra toiletries they need, like deodorant.

Phones, Headphones, Phone Chargers: Most young adults like having their technology handy. So, do make sure that they’ve packed headphones, phone chargers, and any other technology they need for the trip. If your teens are going to be going on a lot of water-based attractions, be sure to pack waterproof cases too.

Bags: Chances are your teenagers may go on an attraction or park tour on their own. If this is the case, make sure they bring a back to pack all their essentials in when they arrive at the theme parks. Since the weather is still fairly warm, chances are your teens will be going on water-based attractions. If this is the case, get them bags that are waterproof or water-resistant.

Young adults will likely have a lot of the same packing needs adults do, but these additional items are definitely ones that you’ll want to make sure they pack for the trip.

Overall Recommendations

In general, September is a perfect time to visit on a budget, or if you’re looking for lower crowds and wait times. The weather can still be pretty warm and humid in September. But, by packing clothes to help keep you feeling cool and comfortable throughout your trip, you’ll find September to be a great time to visit Disney World with the whole family.

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