Disney World Packing List for February

The focus in this article will center on what someone who has never been to Disney World before should consider most when creating a Disney World packing list for February.

Walt Disney World is open all year round, in the hottest and coldest weather. The nice thing about it is that the property is in Orlando, Florida, so the weather is usually warm enough for all seasons. Each season requires different weather gear to pack, however, you should pack these 10 things for every vacation in Walt Disney World weather.

Packing List for Disney World in February

Sneakers: The walking distance at the Magic Kingdom is 2.17 miles (KnoWDW). Now imagine that your vacation is five days long, or that you’re about to miss your fastpass time so you have to run from one side of the park to the other to make in time. Your feet will thank you for keeping them in comfortable tennis shoes for the week. If you are going to buy new sneakers, make sure you break them in weeks before your vacation, that way you don’t get blisters the very first day of your trip. One thing to NEVER wear at Walt Disney World are flip flops or sandals. Trust me, I’ve done it before and your feet will hurt for the next month. If you don’t like sneakers, closed-toe shoes like Keds or Sperry’s will work fine, too.

Poncho: If you didn’t know, it rains in Florida. A lot. And I mean A LOT. It could be a beautiful sunny day then out of nowhere it starts downpouring for the next fifteen minutes. Disney World merchandise stores inside the parks and resorts sell ponchos, but they are pretty expensive. I suggest bringing a nice rain poncho for the whole family, just in case you get stuck in the rain while waiting outside for a ride or character.

Although most attractions are covered, walking through crowds or stopping to watch the castle show, you could get hit by a huge rain storm so you should always be prepared. Not only are ponchos more convenient to carry around, but they can be put away and don’t take up much room.

Another reason a poncho is perfect for Walt Disney World is because some of the rides can get pretty wet, and I’m not just talking about at the water parks. Depending on where you sit and how much weight your boat is on Splash Mountain, you could end up getting soaked before noon. The easiest thing to do is bring a handful of ponchos so you can throw the wet ones away once they’re dripping with water. That way you don’t have to be worried about walking around with a wet plastic bag.

Extra socks: While we’re on the subject of Florida rain and water rides, extra socks are key to any great Disney World vacation. Poncho’s can stop your body from getting wet, but it doesn’t do much when you’re stepping into the Pirates of Caribbean boat full of water. Whether your sneakers are new or not, you are guaranteed to get lots of red and blistery feet by the end of the day. Bring along some cheap socks in case this happens. You’ll thank me later.

Camera: This generation tends to use their phones for all of their pictures. But what happens if you’re on your second day of vacation and your storage is full? No more pictures. If you bring an actual camera, you can not only organize your pictures all to one place, but you can also bring multiple SD cards in case you run out of picture space. Not using your phone for pictures will also help keep the battery percentage up. Plus, most cameras take batteries to charge, so if it dies you can always bring it back to charge with a couple new batteries.

Portable Charger: In case you forget to bring you camera and use your phone for all things pictures, make sure you have a portable charger (charged) with you at all times. Disney World has limited phone charging stations and it can really take time away from enjoying your vacation if you’re sitting around waiting for a charger all day. Believe it or not, you will be using your phone more than you think. Especially waiting in line for attractions, characters, or to be seated at a restaurant.

The time goes by faster if you and your family can play Heads Up for an hour before getting on Space Mountain. Or if you have the Disney World app, you can make reservations and look up showtimes all throughout the day. If you’re going with a group of people, there’s a high chance that you might split into two groups during the day. At least one person from each group needs to have their phone charged and available in case plans get mixed up and you lose each other.

Jacket: You always want to layer up when in Disney World. Although it could be 80 degrees outside, I can tell you that your scheduled lunch with the princesses will be freezing cold. The inside of buildings and attractions are always air conditioned so bringing a jacket or sweatshirt to wear around your waist for the day will definitely help. It sometimes gets cold when the sun goes down as well, especially in Winter months.

Snacks: Not many people know this, but you’re allowed to bring your own snacks into Walt Disney World parks, with some restrictions. A bag of chips at Disney World is over 3 dollars. So if you have 4 people in your family, that’s twelve dollars you could be spending on a souvenir instead. Even snacks at Walt Disney World resorts or nearby hotels and stores are more expensive because of the amount of tourists. You can save a lot of money and time by buying snacks ahead of time.

Updated Smartphone: This isn’t 1992 anymore, where you could go on vacation without a phone of any kind.  And that’s certainly not the case with vacations at Disney World today.

The My Disney Experience Mobile app is the most convenient way to plan your trip, from hotel reservation to which rides are getting refurbished. You can also use it for fast passes and to look at show times.

Water: Not only are you walking around all day, but you’re using all your energy screaming on rides and standing in line. There are many water fountains located around each park, but having your own water bottle is the easiest way to stay hydrated during your trip. Plus, filling it up at the water fountain is way cheaper than buying a new water bottle at the park.

Fanny pack: If you plan on going on a lot of rides, a fanny pack is the perfect thing to keep all of your snacks and technology in. Most Disney World rides have pockets in front of your seat to set your bag in, so if your bag is too big you have to hold onto it and you might not enjoy the ride as much if you’re worried about your bag falling out of the ride.

Also, you don’t want to be carrying around a huge backpack all day because it might be really hot and you might have too much stuff in it, it could be heavy and taking away energy you could be using at the parks.

These ten items are essential to any Walt Disney World trip. In months of December to March, you might want to pack differently, with many layers, expecting the ups and downs of all kinds of temperatures. The average temperature ranges from 85 degrees fahrenheit during the day to 60 degrees fahrenheit at night.


Layers, layers, layers!! You can wear a tank top or a t-shirt during the day and then put on that sweatshirt wrapped around your waist when the sun goes down. If you need to wear a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt in the morning, I recommend wearing something underneath in case it gets too warm out. Florida is always humid, no matter the temperature.


I have worn both shorts and pants to the parks, and I believe either is fine. I recommend a pair of leggings or thin sweatpants for February months because it can get cold during the early mornings and late nights. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure they fit comfortably. Anything loose fitting is best because it gives your legs room to breathe if it does get too hot.


Like I mentioned earlier, sneakers are key to your vacation. Even on the hottest of days where your feet might get a little sweaty, socks and shoes are worth it. February shouldn’t be too hot so sneakers are perfect for all times of the day.


I also mentioned this above, but a light jacket for rain and temperature is a perfect piece of apparel for winter months. You can wrap it around your waist during the long walks around the park and then put it on while waiting to meet Tinkerbell. The less you have to put in your bag or carry around with you all day, the less exhausted you will be at the end of the day.


I don’t particularly wear hats, but I know a lot of Disney World tourists who would say a baseball cap is a necessity. Especially for children, keeping the hair and sun out of your face makes for a happy camper throughout the day. Make sure you bring extra hair ties for any girls, just in case there’s breaks or gets lost.

February is a good time to visit Walt Disney World because it’s during the school year and it’s not as warm out. Here are some fun events that happen during February:

Epcot International Festival of the Arts – This event at Epcot parks gives guest a full arts experience, including food, visual art, and live entertainment for all ages.

Valentine’s Day – As with every holiday, Walt Disney World has to go to infinity and beyond to make these celebrations special to each and every guest. There are heart-shaped desserts at almost every bakery, as well as special exclusive meet-and-greets with princesses and their prince.

Super Bowl – If you’ve ever watched the end of a Super Bowl win, you’ll know one of the players will always say “we’re going to Disney World!” February is usually the month they go. So be on the lookout for football players and a parade to celebrate.

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