What to Pack for Disney World in January (Checklist)

What are the essential items to pack for Disney World in January?  Find out today!

Getting ready for a January trip to Disney World? If so, before you board your plane to meet Mickey, let’s talk about what to pack for Disney World in January. 

From cozy layers to essential gear, this guide has everything you need to make your visit unforgettable!

Packing for January Weather at Disney World

January in Central Florida brings mild and cool temperatures, creating the perfect backdrop for your Disney World adventure. 

Discover what to pack for January at Disney World

With average daytime temperatures hovering in the low to mid-70s Fahrenheit, and cooler evenings dipping into the 40s, it’s wise to pack layers for comfort throughout the day. 

While you won’t have to battle high humidity or scorching heat, occasional rain showers are common, so don’t forget your rain gear.

Pack a rain jacket for Disney World in January
I always make sure to pack my rain jacket when I go to Disney

Always keep an eye on the forecast as Central Florida weather can be unpredictable.

Here are some packing essentials for tackling the January weather at Disney World:

  • Lightweight, breathable clothing for warm days
  • Sweaters or jackets for cooler evenings
  • Comfortable shoes for walking (trust me, you’ll be doing a lot of it!)

What to Pack for Disney World in January

The first thing you need, above all else, is to pack layers upon layers of clothing.

Layers of Clothing

For clothing, it’s all about layers to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures of Central Florida. 

Pack a mix of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, and slacks, along with a few hooded sweaters, cardigans, or versatile sweaters that can easily be added or removed as needed.

Comfortable Shoes

As for footwear, prioritize comfort with tennis shoes, sneakers, or other supportive shoes designed for long walks. Make sure your shoes are well broken-in beforehand to avoid any discomfort during your trip, as well. 

Bring comfortable sneakers like the Brooks Beast shoes to Disney World!
I love my Brooks Beast sneakers, especially for walking around Disney World

In fact, packing quality running shoes is very important. Take the Brooks Beast, for instance. These sneakers are like clouds for your feet, crafted to handle miles of walking or even some impromptu sprints to catch the parade. They’re practically made for the magic of Disney!

But hey, the shoe world is vast, so don’t be afraid to explore other options too. Brands like Asics, New Balance, and Saucony offer some stellar choices. 

If you’re flat-footed or prone to discomfort, consider motion control shoes—they’ll keep your feet happy and pain-free throughout your Disney adventure.

ModelBrooks BeastBrooks Ghost MaxBrooks Adrenaline
Cushion LevelCushion Level 2Cushion Level 3Cushion Level 2
Midsole Drop12mm6mm12mm
Weight11.9 oz10 oz10.1 oz
Where to BuyBuy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Unfortunately, January is too chilly to bring your sandals to Disney World.  I recommend leaving them at home.

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While swimming might not be the primary focus in January, it’s worth packing one to two bathing suits per person.

Don't forget to pack a bathing suit for indoor swimming.

Disney’s heated pools offer a tempting retreat from the cool weather, so having swimwear on hand allows for spontaneous aquatic fun.

Outerwear and Accessories

Combat the cooler temperatures with jackets or coats, especially during brisk mornings and evenings in the parks. 

Remember to pack a poncho for Disney World in January!

Consider renting a locker for convenient coat storage during the day. Keep cozy with hats and mittens, particularly for late-night excursions to catch fireworks or parades. 

Don’t forget to pack ponchos or umbrellas for unexpected rain showers, too. 

Additionally, a small blanket can provide added warmth while waiting for nighttime entertainment. 

A warm blanket is an essential item for Disney World.
Make sure you pack a blanket for your upcoming Disney trip!

And remember, sunscreen is essential year-round to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, even on cloudy days.

Packing for Kids

Make sure to pack a costume for your kid's trip to Disney

First, ensure your children have ID tags or cards with contact information in case they get separated. 

Second, let them showcase their Disney spirit with themed clothing, but layer up to keep them warm. 

Pack costumes (read up on Disney’s dress code first) or dress-up clothes for extra fun, but be sure to include sweaters or jackets for added warmth. 

And don’t forget their favorite toys and wet naps for those messy moments.

Also, for the downtime between rides and shows, be ready with activities to keep the little ones entertained. Pack coloring books, puzzles, or handheld games to keep them occupied while waiting in line or resting between attractions.

Packing for Teenagers

Remind teenagers to carry their IDs and personal care items like deodorant or simply their wallet.

Be sure to equip them with phones, headphones, and wall chargers for convenience and entertainment. Provide them with a bag to carry their essentials during park adventures, too.

Park Essentials for All Ages

I always pack my Canon DSLR camera when I go to Disney World

Navigating the parks like a pro requires a few extra items to make your day go smoothly. Here’s what you won’t want to leave your hotel room without:

Backpack or crossbody bag to carry your stuff

Portable phone charger to keep your devices juiced up

DSLR Camera (and camera bag) to capture all those high quality magical moments. The DSLR camera I’ve shown in the photo above is a Canon DSLR, which you can buy on Amazon.

Poncho or rain jacket, just in case Florida decides to surprise you with a shower

Packing Snacks and Meal Planning Strategies

Reusable lunch containers

To save time and money, consider packing snacks and light meals to enjoy throughout the day. 

Granola bars, fruit snacks, and trail mix are perfect for keeping hunger at bay while waiting in line for attractions. 

As part of Disney’s commitment to environmental sustainability, consider packing refillable water bottles and reusable snack containers to reduce waste during your visit. 

Avoid bringing single-use plastic items to the parks and instead choose eco-friendly alternatives.

Make Dining Reservations in Advance

Now when it comes to dining options, January offers a wide variety of choices to suit every taste and budget. From quick-service eateries to fine dining restaurants, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

50s Prime Time Cafe

Be sure to make dining reservations in advance to secure your spot at popular restaurants, too.  

I once tried walking into the San Angel Inn Restaurante in Epcot at dinnertime without a reservation.  I was politely turned away.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Book your dining reservations as soon as possible.

Accessibility and Special Needs

Disney World is committed to providing a magical experience for all guests, including those with special needs or disabilities. 

Be sure to check out Disney’s Disability Access Service for information on accommodations and services available to guests with disabilities. 

Additionally, while you can pack strollers and wheelchairs for your upcoming Disney trip, be aware that stroller and wheelchairs are available for rent at the parks for added convenience.

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Optimizing Luggage Space

To make the most of your luggage space, pack strategically by rolling clothing items to maximize space and minimize wrinkles. 

Here’s how I roll my clothes when packing for my Disney trips

Use packing cubes to keep items organized and easily accessible throughout your trip, as well.

After Your Disney Trip Ends

Once your Disney adventure comes to an end, why not preserve your memories by creating a scrapbook or photo album of your trip?

Make a Disney Photo Book When You Come Back Home!
Here’s a photo book I designed following my Disney World trip years ago

You can also start planning your next Disney vacation by researching new attractions, dining experiences, and accommodations to make your next visit even more magical.

Your Packing List is Finally Complete

Overall, packing for Disney World in January means preparing for cooler weather and occasional rain. But don’t worry if you forget something—local shops and stores nearby offer affordable options to keep you warm and stylish during your magical vacation. 

So, gear up, stay warm, and get ready for an unforgettable Disney experience!

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