15 Best Strollers for Disney World That Are Amazing

Discover Some of the Best Strollers for Disney World

If you’re going to be traveling to Disney World with toddlers or very young kids, you’re definitely going to want to bring a quality stroller into the parks. So let’s break down the best strollers for Disney World that every mom and dad will be able to appreciate.  

Best Single Strollers for Disney World

Let’s begin this list by discussing a notable lightweight single stroller by Kolcraft.

1) KOLCRAFT – Cloud Plus Lightweight

Size: 18” wide x 32” long

The seat comes with a 5 point harness and provides a decent recline.

There are cup holders and a small basket underneath the seat. Storage is minimal compared to larger options, but adequate for a day in the parks.

About $70

Quality: For the price, this is a great stroller. I will be honest and say that it’s a little tricky to break down and store, and loses a few points there, but convenience outweighs the struggle, especially for this price.

Why I Love It: I cannot stress the convenience of how lightweight this stroller is! It comes with a decent canopy that provides great coverage – this is a selling point when it 

2) SUMMER INFANT – 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Size: 17” wide x 44” long

Comfort: This is a comfortable, lower budget stroller with a reclining seat and padded straps for easy transportation. There is a solid canopy to protect from the sun. 

Storage: This stroller doesn’t have an excessive amount of storage, but what it lacks in storage it makes up for in convenience and ease of transportation. 

Price: About $90

Quality: For the cost, this is a great quality stroller. 

Why I Love It: I’m a huge fan of lightweight strollers, especially when utilizing Disney’s many transportation systems. It’s easy to pack up and carry on and off vehicles.

3) SUMMER INFANT – 3D Mini Convenience Stroller

Size: 17” wide x 44” long

Comfort: This has a comfortable padded seat with a decent recline for your little ones.

Storage: This offers limited storage with a small basket behind the seat. 

Price: About $50

Quality: You can’t beat the quality for this price. It’s not the most durable stroller on the market, but it does the job in holding up to the wear and tear of a few days in the parks. 

Why I Love It: This stroller is aluminum and weighs almost nothing, which is why I’m coming in with another Summer Infant pick. Boasting over 12,000 solid Amazon reviews, this stroller is so easy to travel with, and has a sturdy canopy cover. 

4) BABY JOGGER – City Mini GT2 All Terrain

Size: 25” wide x 40” long

Comfort: This includes a 5 point harness and reclines almost all the way. 

Storage: There is a decent sized basket underneath the seat. 

Price: About $400

Quality: This is an excellent quality stroller with durable fabric and sturdy tires.

Why I Love It: This is one of the best there is in regards to maneuverability. It rides smoothly, and is easy to navigate through tight twists and turns in the parks. This stroller is also easy to pack and store. 

5) GB – Pocket Air Compact Stroller

Size: 17.5” wide x 40” long

Comfort: This is a great pic for toddlers, with a solid, breathable mesh seat. It doesn’t recline, so it’s not ideal for infants. 

Storage: While there is a small sun shade and basket, both are small so it’s safe to say this stroller has minimal storage. 

Price: About $200

Quality: Yes, this stroller is on the minimalistic side and it’s very lightweight, but it’s still a great quality pick.

Why I Love It: Yes, it’s small with minimal storage. So here’s why I love it—it’s just so easy to travel with! This stroller breaks down in an extremely convenient way, and not only is it easy to fly with, it’s easy to take aboard Disney transportation.

6) THULE – Compact Stroller

Size: 24” wide x 32” long

Comfort: This is a comfortable fit for toddlers, with one of the smoothest rides there is. The canopy has excellent coverage which is a plus. 

Storage: There’s a small basket underneath the seat, so enough storage to do the trick but nothing above and beyond. 

Price: $400

Quality: This brand has flown under the radar for so long, but it’s of exceptional quality.

7) EVENFLO – Pivot Vizor Travel System

Size: 27” wide x 42” long

Comfort: I’m not a fan of this type of stroller, but I have friends who travel to Disney frequently who swear by this model. This comes with a sturdy, rear facing car seat – ideal for infants. However you can upgrade from an infant seat to a toddler seat. 

Storage: There is a basket beneath the seat for storage. 

Price: About $330

Quality: This is a stylish option on a reasonable budget. Quality matches the price, this is a sturdy stroller. 

Why I Love It: This comes equipped with a 2 part mesh privacy shade which is unique to this specific stroller.

8) GRACO Stroller with Reversible Seat

Size: 34” wide x 44” long

Comfort: This is a great fit for infants and toddlers, and an excellent choice that can grow with both you and your baby. This is compatible with all Graco infant car seats. 

Storage: Great storage with a large basket underneath. 

Price: About $220

Quality: This is a great stroller at a steal of a price. We’ve had a Graco in our family for years, that has seen many Disney trips that’s still riding strong. This stroller has seen its fair share of Florida storms. 

Why I Love It: The seat is reversible, and can face either you or the outside world.

Best Double Strollers for Disney World

9) BABY TREND – Sit & Stand Double Stroller

Size: 21.5” wide x 43” long

Comfort: This is a comfortable stroller with a canopy over the front seat.

Storage: There is a great basket underneath the seat, so this stroller has a solid amount of storage. 

Price: About $100

Quality: Is this the best stroller on the market? No. Is it excellent for the price? Absolutely. 

Why I Love It: I have a 6 month old nephew, and two toddler aged nephews. This is perfect for the 6 month old, and my older nephews love to alternate and ride on the back.

10) KOLCRAFT – Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

Size: 31” wide x 38” long

Comfort: The seats come equipped with 5 point harnesses, and do recline for comfort. The canopy provides great coverage. 

Storage: There are generously sized baskets under each seat, giving this stroller a great deal of storage.

Price: About $200

Quality: You can’t beat the price of this stroller. It comes with all the extras, from a parent tray to child trays and cup holders. I love an all inclusive product. I will be upfront and say this isn’t the smoothest ride, but you can’t beat the price. 

Why I Love It: I’m a fan of the Kolcraft brand when it comes to decently priced products. This is another solid lightweight find. This is a side by side, so keep in mind narrow doorways and paths can be a little tricky.

11) JOOVY KOOPER – Lightweight Travel Stroller

Size: 30” wide x 40” long

Comfort: This stroller is equipped with independently functioning side by side seats and sun shades. Again, this is a side by side so will take up a little more space when walking through the parks. 

Storage: There is a small basket under each seat, so to the eye it appears there is minimal storage. However these baskets hold a deceiving 15 gallons worth of storage. 

Price: About $460

Quality: This is an extremely durable stroller, especially when it comes to the Florida elements. The canopies look a little thin, but I’ve seen this stroller withstand several impressive rainstorms.  So if you’re looking for one of the best double strollers for Disney World, definitely consider this one by Joovy Kooper.

Why I Love It: It travels well, is easy to break down and bring on and off transportation, and the storage is easily accessible.

12) BRITAX – B-Lively Double Stroller

Size: 31” wide x 41” long

Comfort: This is a comfortable ride for toddlers, and it’s all wheel suspension provides for over the top smooth rides. 

Storage: This comes equipped with an extra large storage basket, which is a lifesaver when traveling with a larger party. 

Price: About $500

Quality: This is one of the strollers on my family’s go-to list for my nephews. It’s bigger and heavier, but we can carry everything we need for the kids in this stroller, which is convenient. 

Why I Love It: This is one of the most compatible strollers in my opinion in regards to being infant car seat compatible.

13) BOB – Pro Jogging Stroller (Single & Double Strollers)

Size: 25” wide, 46” long

Comfort: Seats are ultra padded for comfort and fully recline. The stroller is well ventilated and has excellent coverage. 

Storage: There is a decent sized basket underneath the stroller with plenty of storage for a day in the parks. 

Price: About $500 – $900

Quality: I don’t believe it’s always the case, but with the BOB, high price means stellar quality. The fabric is sleek and durable, perfect for a Florida climate. It’s a sturdy, well made stroller designed to withstand a high amount of wear and tear. 

Why I Love It: This is the Ritz Carlton of strollers, and truly one of the best on the market. My nephews have been fortunate to enjoy a few Disney trips in their BOB stroller. It’s all weather canopy keeps little ones safe from the elements, even stormy weather. 

14) GRACO – Duo Glider Double Stroller

Size: 20” wide x 36” long

Comfort: This stroller holds 2 Graco car seats at once. The rear seat reclines all the way down. 

Storage: This stroller has an extra large basket, perfect for storing essentials with spare room for a few jackets and even a backpack. 

Price: About $190

Quality: Greco in my opinion is one of the best brands on the market for the price. 

Why I Love It: Both kids can face forward or face each other. This is one of the better lightweight options when it comes to double strollers. It’s also slimmer and easy to navigate through the parks. 

15) Disney Stroller Rentals (Single or Double)

Size: Disney approved.

Comfort: I’ll be blunt – these are plastic. They’re practical for low maintenance toddlers. 

Storage: The only storage on Disney rentals is on the roof of the stroller. These are easy to overload, so be prepared to carry most of your essentials in a backpack, not on your stroller. 

Price: $15 – $30 per day

Quality: These are made of plastic, extremely resistant to the Florida weather. However, because they’re plastic, be careful leaving them in the sun. The seats can get pretty toasty. 

Why I Love It: I am not a fan of the Disney strollers, but if you have older, low maintenance toddlers who you know won’t have a lot of problems walking during the day, this is a great low cost option to give your kids a place to rest their feet throughout the day. 

Where Can I Find This? Entrance to any Disney park. 

Buy a Stroller or Rent a Stroller?

Disney is very stroller friendly. Walkways are fairly accessible, there is stroller parking around every corner, and they’re accommodating when it comes to bringing your own stroller. You can bring your own stroller, so long as it is no larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. Unfortunately, large strollers and wagons are not permitted at Disney World

If you have a stroller you’re comfortable with, your kids are comfortable with, and that you’re used to setting up and packing with necessities, then best to bring your own. Not only are you familiar with your own stroller, you’ll be able to pick it out in a crowd (all the rentals look identical).

If you don’t have your own stroller, or you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of traveling with a stroller (I know flying with strollers can be a hassle) you do have the option to rent. This saves you having to travel with a stroller, but keep in mind that rentals add up quickly, and as I mentioned previously, all rentals look alike (speaking from experience as someone who has hopelessly lost a rental stroller on numerous occasions). 


There are so many solid brands to choose from, and remember not every stroller is right for every family, and not all strollers are created equally (even the most expensive options). If you’re not ready to commit a decent amount of money to a stroller yet, but you have a Disney trip around the corner, I highly recommend Scooter Bug Rentals, where you can rent brand names by the day at a fraction of the cost. 

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