Typhoon Lagoon Attractions

In this article, you will discover all of the fun, exciting (and very, very wet) things you can do at the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

This is one of two water parks available at Disney World (the other is Blizzard Beach):

Bay Slides:

If you have a child in your party that’s under five feet tall, this is the absolute perfect attraction to take them on.  Bay Slides features two body slides (meaning, kids slide down the water slides using their bodies, as opposed to being on an inner tube).

These are two very non-threatening and non-intimidating water slides.  Little kids and toddlers are who this attraction is aimed at.  In fact, because of the height restriction (you must be sixty inches tall or SHORTER to ride), you don’t have to worry about big kids trying to get onto this ride while your little one is on it.

Height Restriction: 60 inches (152cm) or shorter
Thrill Level: Small water ride for young kids
Age of Interest: Preschoolers, kids, and tweens

Castaway Creek:

Now this is one relaxing attraction.  Grab an inner tube and literally float along a river of water that circles all the way around the park.  It’s an attraction that allows you to enjoy the water while also providing you with a relaxing (dare I say lazy?) experience at an otherwise pretty wild water park.

And don’t worry, you won’t be nickel and dimed for the price of the inner tubes—they’re free with your park admission.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Water attraction using an inner tube
Age of Interest: Preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens and adults

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Crush ‘n’ Gusher:

The “Disney legend” claims that this ride had been converted from an old fruit processing plant.  And because of that, guests can now board tubes that are 400 feet in length and are named after fruit.

Boarding inner tubes that are capable of holding up to three people (the Pineapple Plunger and Coconut Crusher chutes can hold three people per raft, while the Banana Blaster chute can hold rafts with two passengers), you’ll find that your chute takes you up and downhill for a fun, exhilarating experience.

Guests that just want to ride solo can certainly do so, as well.  Those with disabilities can speak to a cast member about utilizing an elevator to board this attraction.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Small drops, multi-passenger water raft ride

Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

(Video by Disney Parks)

Gang Plank Falls:

This raft ride will make you feel like you’re white water rafting!  Here, guests of four board a big, thick inner-tube and essentially travel down a 300 foot-long slide full of water.  The water is rocky, and you’ll be rotating a lot and getting wet, so come prepared for this medium-intensity attraction.

The rafts here are meant to accommodate four guests.   If you have less than four people in your group that want to board the Gangplank Falls raft, you may be asked by a cast member to join a raft with guests from another party.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Raft ride with small drops
Age of Interest: Kids and adults

Humunga Kowabunga:

At this attraction, three water slides that are positioned side by side by side amongst one another allow guests to slide down a five story water slide in the dark.  Yes, you might need to get up your nerve to plunge into a tube full of speed and darkness, but once you emerge on the other side, you’ll feel like you can do almost anything.

Well, except staying dry.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Five story drop in the dark
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, and teenagers

Keelhaul Falls:

Of the three rafting rides located inside Typhoon Lagoon (the others are Gang Plank Falls, which we covered earlier, and Mayday Falls, which we’ll discuss soon), Keelhaul Falls is rated on the bottom in terms of intensity.

That’s great news if you’re someone that wants to enjoy a water slide but doesn’t want to be scared outta their minds while doing so.

Here, you’ll board an inner tube that sets up low-intensity white water rapids.  There are still twists and turns and loads of fun, but if you want something a bit more “challenging” or thrilling, Gang Plank Falls would be your best bet.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Low intensity water ride
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

Ketchakiddee Creek:

This is the perfect water attraction for kids that want to both get wet and let their imaginations run wild.  Here, preschoolers can enjoy mini-slides that sit side-by-side, a mini-inner tube rapids ride, fountains shaped in the mold of animals like crocodiles and seals, and even a cave with a waterfall.

This is an entire young kiddie water play area oasis, but parents will need to supervise their children here at all times.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or shorter
Thrill Level: Water play area for kids under 4 feet
Age of Interest: Preschoolers

Mayday Falls:

Now, we’ve finally arrived at the rafting attraction that Disney deems the most intense out of the three available at Typhoon Lagoon.  Here, guests jump on board a single rider inner tube and prepare to experience a raging water slide.  Guests will get to go through caves and under bridges in this fun ride that, while ranked as the “most” intense rafting ride at the park, is still one that’s absolutely suitable for kids and teens.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Water ride on an single-person inner tube
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

Shark Reef:

Guests come to the shark reef attraction to snorkel in a comfortable 68 degree temperature water.  What’s great about this attraction, aside from being able to see stingrays and leopard sharks relatively up close, is the fact that guests can do this without any additional charges.  All the equipment for this snorkeling adventure is available to you for free thanks to your park admission ticket.  And, because this is snorkeling and not scuba diving, you won’t need to have any kind of certifications to do this, either.

Guests under 10 will of course need to be accompanied by an adult in their party, however.

After the initial drop off point, the water you snorkel in will be ten feet deep.  So guests will need to be able to float in water.  Life jackets are provided to any guest that wants one.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Snorkeling in water that’s 10 feet deep
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

Storm Slides:

No inner tubes are required here, as guests can slide down one of three body slides available at the Storm Slides attraction—the Jib Jabber, the Stern Burner, and the Rudder Buster.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Small drops on three available body slides

Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool:

And we’ve finally arrived at the most well known, loved, and arguably best attraction (at least in my opinion) in all of Typhoon Lagoon.

Picture this: You’re wading inside a vast pool when, all of the sudden, you hear a massive SONIC BOOM!  You turn around, and you see a wave that’s building in size and momentum barreling closer and closer to you.

Well, maybe that’s a bit too intense sounding, but here at the Surf Pool, every time guests hear the crack of the Sonic Boom, they prepare for six foot waves to come barreling down on them.  The fun of this particular attraction is two fold—you get to enjoy the fun of an massive water park pool with the predictable unpredictability six foot waves crashing onto you and forcing you to ride (or swim) your way through them.

This is North America’s largest wave pool.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Six foot water waves
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

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