Blizzard Beach Attractions

In this article, I’m going to provide you with a list of all the attractions and rides you can enjoy at the Blizzard Beach water park.

You’ll also find a brief description of each attraction, as well as the ride’s height restriction, who the attraction is most aimed at, and any notes regarding the thrill or intensity level of the ride itself.

All attractions are listed alphabetically.

1) Chair Lift:

The Chair Lift isn’t a “ride” per se, but it sure provides guests with a comfortable, relaxing, and scenic “ride” to the top of Mount Gushmore.

This attraction is essentially what you would encounter if you visited a ski resort and needed the chair lift or ski lift to take you and your family up to the top of the mountain before you skied down it.  At Blizzard Beach, however, the Chair Lift takes you to the top of what’s called Green Slope, where you have an opportunity to then ride one of three attractions—Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, and Teamboat Springs.  We will cover all three later in this article.

Guests that are under 32 inches cannot ride the Chair Lift, but can certainly take the stairs to the top of Green Slope.  A gondola is provided to those that have disabilities.

It should be noted, too, that while inner tubes and mats are certainly seen and found throughout the park, you cannot bring either one with you on the Chair Lift.

Height Restriction: 32 inches (81cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Don’t board this attraction if you have a fear of heights
Age of Interest: Kids to adults 

2) Cross Country Creek:

Hop on an inner tube and float down a 3,000-foot long water-filled route at a comfortable, leisurely pace.  The inner tubes can be found at any one of seven possible landing locations near the attraction.

Cross Country Creek is particularly great for two reasons.  One, you get to go at your own pace.  If you want to sit back on your inner tube and soak in all the sun and not lift a finger, you can do that.  If you want to paddle and try to consciously make an effort to “go faster,” you can do that too.  This attraction can become whatever you want it to be in that sense.

But the second thing that’s great is that it’s the perfect easy mode of transportation.  Instead of walking from one location of the theme park to the other, why not just grab an inner tube, jump into the water, and float there?

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Easy-going water ride on an inner tube
Age of Interest: Preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens and adults

(Video by DeathbyIllusion)

3) Downhill Double Dipper:

Imagine you get to the top of an attraction.  There are two long, blue waterslides.  You grab an inner tube and pick waterslide A.  Your best friend, family member, or significant other does the same, but picks waterslide B.

You both sit down on your tubes, take one last competitive glance at one another, and suddenly plunge into a dark, watery abyss of pure speed and fun.

That’s exactly what it’s like when you enjoy the Downhill Double Dipper attraction.  Created to bring out every guests competitive spirit, you’ll even be able to look at digital clock displays that help you best determine whether or not you really did finish one tenth of a second faster than your buddy.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Racing water slides, big drops
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

4) Melt-Away Bay:

This is the perfect day at the beach.  Here, you can grab an inner tube and let yourself float away in bliss, or bask in the wet fun of a waterfall.  Melt-Away Bay has a ton of functions at the foot of Mount Gushmore, so you and your little ones will be able to have an equal amount of fun.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Easy-going water attractions
Age of Interest: Preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens and adults

5) Runoff Rapids:

What makes Runoff Rapids great is the variety it affords guests.  While most attractions might feature just one waterslide, guests can have the opportunity to ride three.

Allowing guests to slide down 600 feet, the center waterslide is solely built for those riding solo inside a fully enclosed and dark slide.  The two outer slides are built to sort of snake around and under the center slide while also allowing two person inner tubes to travel within the water slides.

All three water slides promise big thrills and high speed.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: 3 different water slides, small drops
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

6) Ski Patrol Training Camp:

You don’t normally get “play areas” for kids that are aged up through their pre-teen years, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Ski Patrol Training Camp.

In fact, some of the fun activities kids can do here are things like a Thin Ice Training Course, where kids try to walk from one part of the obstacle course to the other on “ice blocks” using nothing but a cargo net overhead and their own balance.

There are also water slides here, such as Cool Runners, where kids can jump on board an inner tube and go down to twin water slides.

There’s a whole lot to do here, and it’s both the perfect blend of challenging and fun.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Challenging obstacles courses and intermediate water slides

Age of Interest: Kids and tweens

(Video by Destinations in Florida Travel)

7) Slush Gusher:

Are you prepared to go down a 90 foot water slide?  If so, cross your arms and legs, lay on your back, and get ready to zoom down Slush Gusher!

This is very much in line with traditional water slides you’re familiar with.  But here, guests roll over two “hills” on their way down.  This isn’t as intense of a water ride as the great Summit Plummet, but don’t let this attraction fool you—it packs quite a good punch in its own right.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Water slide with small drops

Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

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8) Snow Stormers:

Meant to mimic a real downhill ski race, this features three snow-capped water slides.  But unlike all the other attractions we’ve discussed earlier, Snow Stormers is different.

How?  Well, instead of boarding a raft or an inner tube, you’re expected to grab a mat (toboggan-style), grab onto its handles, and zoom down a 350-feet long flume on your stomach!  Throughout the ride, you’ll notice flags and even red and green traffic lights.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Water ride with small drops
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

9) Summit Plummet:

This is the Big Daddy of Blizzard Beach.  If you want bragging rights once your day is over, this is THE ride you go on.

At Summit Plummet, guests cross their arms and legs and slide down a 120 foot slope.  You end up plunging 12 stories at high speeds—there’s even a digital clock that will display exactly how fast you were going.

It’s an almost vertical drop that even goes through darkened tunnels.  If you can deal with massive heights, big speed, and dark tunnels, this is the attraction for you.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Big waterslide, darkened tunnel, fast speed, and heights
Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

10) Teamboat Springs:

This is where you come to do some white water rafting Disney-style.  Here, guests jump on board a raft that holds between 4 and 6 guests (if your party has less than four guests, you may be asked to ride with other people not in your party).

But hopping on the inner-tube raft is just the beginning.  Then, your actual water rapid journey begins to take shape—and it includes 1,200 feet worth of bumps, twists, and turns.

Be prepared to not only get very wet, but for your raft to rotate at random moments as well.

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Water rafting, rotating, lots and lots of water

Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, and adults

11) Tike’s Peak:

This is the perfect place to take the little one in your party.  This polar-themed play area boasts tons of fun activities and even tiny water slides that allow your young child to get wet without getting overwhelmed or scared.

On top of a handful of different water slides, kids can also enjoy hanging out in wading pools and even participating in water fights.

Parents are expected to supervise their children.

Height Restriction: 48 inches (122cm) or taller
Thrill Level: Slow-moving, “watered down” water slides for children

Age of Interest: Preschoolers

12) Toboggan Racers:

Grab your mat, lay down on your stomach, and be prepared to race against seven other guests in this competitive and highly entertaining water slide ride.  This 250-foot long slope features three small dips, but nothing that is too intense for kids of almost any age (and adults, too).

Height Restriction: None
Thrill Level: Small dips

Age of Interest: Kids, tweens, teens and adults

For more on the attractions located at Blizzard Beach, please click here.

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