50 Disneyland Instagram Captions to Make Your Photos Awesome

Discover Some Amazing Disneyland Instagram Captions
This photograph was taken by Michael from Countdown to Magic

One of the best things about Disneyland is that it’s so perfect for taking Instagram photos.  But once you’ve snapped that awesome photo of you and your friends on Space Mountain, or that perfect dinner dish at Blue Bayou, you’ll need to attach a memorable caption to make the entire IG post stand out.  So without further ado, here are 50 amazing Disneyland Instagram captions that you will love.

Disneyland Instagram Captions You’ll Love

This first batch of captions really drives home the wonder you are bound to see on your vacation, while also adding a bit of humor your IG followers will enjoy!

1) Ain’t no party like a Disneyland party cause a Disneyland party don’t stop.

2) Waiting in line for two hours has never looked so cute!

3) The happiest place on Earth, and I forgot my Grumpy shirt…of course.

4) We made it to Disney; I can’t imagine leaving now! 

5) Always let your Disney Experience app be your guide.

6) I was born to make magic!

7) If Tinkerbell doesn’t approve, then chances are I don’t either.

8) Fantasmically ready for bed!

Quick Thoughts: If staying late in the parks, you will want to check out Fantasmic! End your night in Disneyland with the legendary battle between the heroes and villains—and make sure you have your camera ready to snap a memorable photo for the Gram.

9) How on Earth did we get here?

10) Where is the Mickey to my Minnie?

This photograph was taken by Michael from Countdown to Magic

11) Some rides are worth waiting for.

12) Running into your childhood crush: “Oh hey Aladdin what’s up?”

13) Any day spent with Mickey is my favorite day.

14) Disney strong!

15) Just a touch of madness is what the Hatter would suggest.

16) First stop Tomorrow Land, next stop the WORLD!

17) My Disney Ears complete me.

This photograph was taken by Michael from Countdown to Magic

18) Attention, attention, we have boarded the Disneyland express, next stop FUN-town!

19) Always be ready to shine!

20) Life wouldn’t be complete without Disney.

21) I’m never going on that ride again… well… maybe just one more time.  

22) Vacation mode – ENGAGED.

Quick Thoughts: This is absolutely perfect if you have a photo of the exact moment you were proposed to at Disneyland (and of course if you said “yes”).  So, in my humble opinion, if you’re looking for the best Disneyland Instagram captions for couples, this one is ideal.

23) Trying to get lost in this world of magic!

24) Life is tough, but not at Disney!

25) Let the Avengers know; I’ve got the perimeter secured.

26) Do you think Rey knows I’m a Jedi too?

27) Can you check in with the Gradians of the Galaxy’s lost and found? I can’t find my chill after Mission: Breakout.

28) I tried to join the Storm Troopers on Rise of Resistance, but they didn’t have any open positions.

Quick Thoughts: If you haven’t been on the Rise of Resistance ride, be ready for some interaction with Disney cast members. My first time on the ride, I couldn’t stop laughing and we got in trouble with the officers! Turns out I was not cut out for the stormtrooper lifestyle.

29) Where can I pick up my “Survived Haunted Mansion” badge? I’m dying to get one.  

30) I don’t Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah down that mountain, I scream or pose. There is no in-between!

31) Sorry, I can’t chat, I’ve got to go help the Incredibles. Jack-Jack is back at it again.

Disney IG Captions Inspired by Movie Quotes

Next, we have some captions both loosely and heavily based on quotes from your favorite Disney movies! From Lilo and Stich to Star Wars, we have captions that will take your followers’ minds back to those great movies we all know and love.

32) Tell Baloo, the only bare necessity I need is a Mickey Mouse Shaped Caramel apple. (The Jungle Book – 1967)

33) My poor unfortunate shoes! Haven’t they been through enough? (The Little Mermaid -1986)

34) If you’ve got your mickey ears on, well then, you’ve got a friend in me. (Toy Story – 1995)

35) Marry Poppins had it right, a spoonful of sugar really can do wonders. (Mary Poppins – 1964)

36) Met R2D2! He beeped at me… this must be the droid I was looking for. (Episode VI: A New Hope -1977)

Quick Thoughts: Attention all Star Wars fans! If you are a huge fan of R2D2 or other iconic droids from the series, you should check out the Droid Depot at Black Spire Outpost. For a more in-depth experience, check the availability to Assemble a Custom Astromech Droid Unit. If available, it is definitely worth the $99.99! Your Clerk will provide a basket and a blueprint for parts to help you build your own personal (droid) sidekick.

37) “I could do this all day.” (Captain America: The First Avenger – 2011)

38) I tried the grey stuff, and it was delicious! (Beauty and the Beast – 1991)

39) I guess the Fairy godmother was right. A dream really is a wish your heart makes ‘cause I dream of Disney all day! (Cinderella – 1950)

40) We’re not just flying, we’re soaring! (Dumbo – 1941)

41) Celebrating my second very very unbirthday at Disney! (Alice in Wonderland – 1951)

Quick Thoughts: As the Mad Hatter says, you have 364 unbirthdays in a year, so why not celebrate as many as you can while in Disneyland? Bonus points if you meet the Mad Hatter and let him know or try out any of these awesome very unbirthday inspired merch from Etsy to celebrate in style!  

42) Daily Disney Reminder, you can go the distance! (Hercules – 1997)

43) How lucky I am to have a love so great it’s hard to say goodbye. (Winnie-the-Pooh)

44) The crowds never bothered me anyway. (Frozen – 2013)

45) Arrg, the Pirates of the Caribbean be callin’! S’ppose it’s a Pirates life for me. (Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction – 1998)

46) Ohana means family, but I will leave you behind to make this Lightening Lane. (Lilo & Stitch – 2002)

Heartwarming Instagram Captions

Just like when I leave the parks, let’s end on a sweet note! We all love having a laugh, but adding a few quick sweet captions can really drive home the true meaning of your Disney vacation. Whether to hang out with loved ones or to create some lasting memories, be sure to bring along some great heartwarming captions to post up on your Instagram as well.

47) Still wishing upon stars—and proud of it!

This photograph was taken by Michael from Countdown to Magic

48) Feeling like a kid that never should have grown up.

49) Let that inner child out ‘cause growing up is such a mistake!

50) Family, Friends, and Disney. That’s how you make memories.

Bonus Captions

  • Even the smallest of moments can stay with us forever.
  • This is where memories are made.


Imagine this, you’re walking through Fantasy land when you see Alice walking towards you with the Mad Hatter in tow. It just so happens to be your “very merry unbirthday,” and you make your way over. You snag a picture of your impromptu party and attach one of the Instagram captions above.  And boom—just like that, you’re celebrating your “unbirthday” with all your family, friends, and followers!

Beyond the rides and the delicious food, Disneyland is all about making memories and bringing family and friends together for some great adventures. With social media so active in our lives, we can now bring that magic and share those adventures with the people we care about that could not make the trip with us.

These 50 magical Disneyland Instagram captions above are created with the hope that you will use them to help bring a little extra Disney theming and cheer to your posts and allow your followers to better live in the moment with you!

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