The 8 Best Disneyland Restaurants You and Your Family Will Enjoy

Discover the 8 Best Disneyland Restaurants You and Your Family Will Enjoy
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Eating at Disneyland Resort is a big part of your magical visit. Every eatery is thematic and has a unique atmosphere that is emboldened by intricate addition to details, beloved musical selections, and, depending on your location, visits from favorite characters!

Whether you’re a child at heart or taking your actual kiddo to the Happiest Place on Earth, you’ll want to be sure you are getting the full experience. Check out these eight amazing Disneyland Parks dining establishments and all that they offer for the whole family.

Table Service and Fine Dining Options

Dining at a table service establishment in Disneyland Resort provides amazing options for theme, cuisine, and top-notch service. While these restaurants tend to be on the pricier side, they offer unique experiences that you really will not get anywhere else. These top two (one from each park) have provided many Guests amazing experiences and remain among the most popular eating establishments in the park!

Blue Bayou Restaurant

  • Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland Park
  • Cuisine: Cajun-Creole, Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Lunch, Dinner
  • Key features: Pirates of the Caribbean; Romantic/Intimate; Reservations Recommended

Remember the part of Pirates of the Caribbean where you hear laughter, clinking glasses, and the movement of silverware? Well, if you look to your right while floating along just after your ride starts, you’ll see a quaint New Orleans-inspired restaurant. That is Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Walking through the doors along the cobblestone street of New Orleans Square, you enter the foyer of a Victorian-era Louisiana establishment. Chandeliers, drapes, mirrors, and cushioned seating are the exclusive decor of choice just for the waiting area, and you will feel the air of luxury awaiting you in the next room. 

The dining area may take you a moment of adjustment as you move from the well-lit foyer to an everlasting twilight on the bayou. Be dazzled by flickering lightning bugs and floating lanterns. Become entranced by the chirping crickets, croaking frogs, and soft jazz music playing as you waltz into one of the most romantic restaurants on earth (don’t worry, kids will love it, too!). In the dim light, you can watch pirate passengers make their way into the eerie depths of caverns to hear the untold stories of dead men (that’s the part your kids will love!).

Diving right into the menu, you will have plentiful options. Note that there are differences between lunch offerings and dinner specials. No matter what time of day you enjoy the flavors of the “The Big Easy,” you will in fact enjoy them. Flavored with rich spices and decadent French-influenced sauces, every dish, whether it’s a rack of lamb, the sustainable fish of the day, or classic N’awlins jambalaya, is mouth-watering. 

Be sure you go hungry as there are several starter options including traditional gumbo! Kids will be happy with their meal options, too, as they reflect smaller (and generally less spicy) versions of the full “adult” platters. 

Of note, everyone in the family can enjoy specialty beverages, and you can even request a souvenir glow cube to add to the atmosphere of twilight colors! Try a mango-raspberry infused Louisiana Lemonade or a delightful Mint Julep (without the long line at the stand down the way). Don’t forget to ask for the dessert menu, featuring French Crème Brûlée and other assortments.

What makes Blue Bayou Restaurant uniquely Disney is its incorporation into not only a thematic experience but an actual ride. Everything is DLR is given great attention from inception to execution, but this classic restaurant, opened in 1967, truly transports you to an entirely different world. 

You become an attraction within an attraction, and you get to experience two parts of the same ride — you can sail the high seas at one point of your day and then watch sailors pass by during another point. Plus, you are taken to a part of the American bayou that most people have only seen in movies. The Imagineer team truly works to transport diners of the establishment to another time and place.

Of note, there is one big specialty package that is sure to wow the whole family: the Fantasmic! dining package. Blue Bayou Restaurant is one of two select options in which every member of your party can enjoy a three-course meal, including a dessert, and exclusive admission to a reserved viewing area for one of the showings of Fantasmic! 

Truly a great dinner-and-show option, you can choose to participate in the deal in a combination of ways, including taking the special meal for lunch and returning to the Rivers of America for the nighttime spectacular, ensuring you get the most out of your day.

The last big point about this restaurant is the need to make reservations. Being one of the most popular restaurants in Disneyland Park, it is also one of the most populous from open to close! You’ll see people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, family reunions, and more at nearly every table. 

With that said, you will want to be sure to beat the line, which is typically more than an hour for same-day walk-ins, by making a reservation. Click here to check availability online before your excursion to the parks or call 714-781-DINE (714-781-3463).

Whichever way you experience Blue Bayou Restaurant, be prepared for a delicious, intimate experience for the whole family to bond, photograph favorite memories, and catch an easy-floating ride right next door before or after the big meal!

Wine Country Trattoria

  • Location: Pacific Wharf, Disney California Adventure
  • Cuisine: Italian, Healthy Selections, Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Lunch, Dinner
  • Key features: Pixar Pier; World of Color; Romantic/Intimate; Reservations Recommended; Adult Beverage Features

If you have a palate preference for delightful Tuscan dining entrenched in California’s culture of the wine country, Wine Country Trattoria will be the best experience for you.

This restaurant is easy to find whether you take the vineyard-lined path just off of Buena Vista Street or the stairs across from Cars Land. You’ll immediately notice the hand-carved limestone features, including a beautiful, rustic fountain, as well as painted frescoes that transport you to a Napa-esque mansion.

Choose to dine on the terrace, under an umbrella, or just inside the covered patio areas. Enjoy not only the beautiful views within the restaurant but the fragrant garden beds throughout the patio. You’ll find seasonal flowers, plants, and herbs lining the walls and junctures of the Trattoria, and these will only inspire the flavors of your selected dish more. Plus, at some tables (and certain angles) you will have a pristine view of the Pacific Wharf waterfront! 

The cuisine of Wine Country Trattoria is dually inspired. Meal selections harken to spices and delicacies of Tuscany, Italy. Choose from traditional pastas to hearty meat platters. Start with a rustic spin on classic bruschetta or a fresh caprese salad. Finish with a divine dessert like seasonal panna cotta or devilish tiramisu. While these dishes delve into Italian roots, the Trattoria is inspired by the wine country of California, and this is reflected particularly in their adult beverage selection.

For wine enthusiasts, vintners, and first-time tasters alike, the array of 25 hand-selected wines will have you reeling at the possibilities. Pairings are listed per entrée on the menu, so don’t worry about thinking too hard about finding a favorite — you’re bound to find a new one here!

Wine selections range from Californian blends to Italian standards and may be purchased by the glass or by the bottle for Guests who are 21 and older. You can even select from two wine flights featuring three selections from either Italy or California if you simply can’t choose.

If you aren’t as big a fan of wine, not a problem! Beers are available and come in a large selection from domestic, imported, and premium options. Plus, you can order a Sangria to lighten the vino flavor to accompany your dish. Specialty drinks may be available, so be sure to ask your server and review the menu.

Now, with all of this talk about adult beverages, it’s important to talk about why kids will love the Wine Country Trattoria! Kids’ meals are available and feature tasty favorites like spaghetti and meatballs as well as healthy sides like roasted vegetables.

For your more adventurous children, a fish of the day option is available. If pasta is simply not the meal of choice, pizza is available (pick from cheese or pepperoni), and all meals come with the choice of milk or water. 

Don’t want your kiddo to be left out on the beverage fun? Delight them with a specialty lemonade featuring a clip-on light that will let them choose their favorite color with which to sip! Fountain drinks are also available and even feature a pomegranate lemonade. Note that there are differences between lunch offerings and dinner specials for all Guests.

Beyond being astoundingly beautiful and having close-attention paid to every detail from hand-carved stone elements to hand-painted frescoes to perfectly prepared and paired menu selections, this restaurant features a uniquely Disney element on the property. Adjacent to the hostess desk, you will see a little path leading to a cellar. 

This is Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar, and within it, you will find sneak-peaks of the latest attractions to come to DCA. Additional showcasings may be available dependent upon seasonal offerings and special events, so it is worth checking in during any visit to the park.

Of note, there is a World of Color dining package that is sure to have the whole family in awe. Wine Country Trattoria is one of two select options in which you can enjoy a three-course meal, including a dessert (no adult beverages), and exclusive admission to a preferred viewing area for one of the showings of World of Color at Paradise Gardens Park! 

The last big point about this restaurant is the need to make reservations. Being one of the most popular restaurants in Disney California Adventure for its central location, diverse menu, and great views, it is also one of the busiest from open to close!

You’ll want to be sure to beat the line, which can be an hour or more for walk-ins, by making a reservation. Click here to check availability online before your excursion to the parks or call 714-781-DINE (714-781-3463).

However you choose to enjoy Wine Country Trattoria, be prepared for a delicious, intimate experience for the whole family to bond, photograph favorite memories, and possibly catch a spectacular show!

Bonus Recommendation: Carnation Café

  • Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Park
  • Cuisine: American, Comfort Food, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Key features: Walt Disney History

Walt Disney is featured throughout this establishment. It is the closest table service dining establishment to Walt’s apartment and features his legendary favorites of meatloaf, fried chicken, and chili.

Whether you dine inside at a Victorian-era table or booth amidst photos of Disney and his original creations or outdoors under a candy-striped umbrella or in a street light-lit gazebo, you will be transported to Disneyland circa 1955.

Every element pays homage to Walt and his vision of the park. Plus, it’s a great viewing area for parades if you can sit next to the gate along the sidewalk of Main Street.

Quick Service Restaurants

Let’s begin with the French Market.

French Market Restaurant

  • Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland Park
  • Cuisine: Cajun-Creole Cuisine, Comfort Foods, Lunch and Dinner
  • Key features: Central Location; Covered, Outdoor Seating; Live Music 

Want all the flair of New Orleans Square and the flavor of the big restaurants next door but at a reduced cost? French Market Restaurant will quickly become your family favorite!

Designed to mimic a café in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this beautiful 1920s-inspired establishment features hanging floral decor as well as gardenscaping just outside of the fenced seating area, canopy awnings to provide shade over diners, and a stage for musicians.

The food delivery system is quick service and like a buffet with Cast Members piling your food selections onto plates and placing them on your tray. 

Inside the Market, you’ll notice ironwork that is reminiscent of the jazz era as well as a paneled skylight that brightens the place. Look on the back walls for frescoes of New Orleans. Enjoy cushioned seats at florally inspired tables in delicate pinks and deep greens in the large outdoor seating area.

Food options at French Market Restaurant are not exactly those that you would get from other local eateries in New Orleans Square; however, their selection does not disappoint.

Open for lunch and dinner, you can select from creole-spiced salads and soups to complete Cajun meals. A favorite of many is the Creamy Corn Chowder served in a big sourdough bread bowl (definitely enough to share) for a relatively quick bite that packs a lot of flavor. 

Other specialities include Shrimp Po’ Boy and jerked Pulled Pork Sandwiches, beef stew, and oven roasted chicken. Of course, you can always choose to go with a true Louisiana classic and try the Jambalaya.

Kids have delicious options, too. Choose from marinara pasta, chicken and rice, or mac ‘n’ cheese (toddler size available, too) as the main meal, and select from sides including applesauce, seasonal fruit, milk or water. You can even entice them to finish their food by opting in for one of the many assorted, seasonal desserts! Be sure to make your way around the whole counter on either side of the buffet line to see what delicacies await.

Perhaps the most unique element of French Market Restaurant is your access to live music. Whether they join you in the dining area on stage or are marching around the Square, you can hear the beautiful renderings of both classic jazz and Disney songs from performers like Jambalaya Jazz and Royal Street Bachelors. 

Feel free to hop up and dance with the whole family when they play your favorite tune! You’ll also have a central location from which to catch the train, hop on a boat or canoe, head to a haunted mansion or very wet mountain, or head back into the depths of Adventureland.

Lastly, you can always stop to pick up a beignet and a mint julep at the aptly placed Mint Julep Bar just behind the actual Market. Be sure to check out their seasonal offerings. 

Smokejumpers Grill

  • Location: Grizzly Peak, Disney California Adventure
  • Cuisine: American, Burgers, Sandwiches, Lunch and Dinner
  • Key features: Central Location; Indoor & Outdoor Seating; Toppings Bar 

Whether you’re jumping in for your first meal of the day or coming in after landing next door at Soarin’ Around the World, Smokejumpers Grill is sure to delight everyone in your party. Featured menu offerings include classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers as well as spiced up burgers with bacon and chili.

Vegetarians also have the best veggie option in the parks with the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich. Chicken dishes, including tenders, are also available. While there are pay-per-dish sides available, like chili and chili on fries, this eatery features the only toppings bar in DLR. 

If you want to add to your packed burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, pickles and more, do so at one of two toppings bars on either side of the inside dining area.

Plus, you can pick from an array of sauces like ketchup, BBQ, ranch, and Thousand Island to dip your waffle fries (yes, they are waffle-cut and delicious seasoned!) or onion rings into for an enhanced flavor. You can really take your meal up a notch at this Grill, making it a great value for all.

Kids are also treated to special delights. Your child can choose from a chicken skewer, plain burger, grilled cheese, or chicken tenders. Each meal is crafted with nutrition guidelines in mind. Some side options include baby carrots, milk, or bottled water.

Toddlers can also pick Yummy Cheesy Macaroni with a side of applesauce. Encourage your kids to finish their healthier meal components by enticing them with dessert choices like a s’more or shake (Cobbler Shake is the featured choice here along with seasonal options).

If anyone in your party has additional allergy accommodations, just ask for the allergy-friendly menu or check it out online or on the Disneyland App ahead of time. 

For adults looking to splurge a big, alcoholic beverages are available for Guests who are 21 and over. Choose from traditional American brews, red or white wine, and a margarita to pair with your meal. If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, Smokejumpers Grill has plenty of those, too!

Once you have your food in hand, or rather, on a tray, you and your party can select seating indoors or outside. Outdoor seating areas feature wood chairs and umbrella arrangements.

You may want to take a look before placing your order or standing in the queue as outdoor options wrap around the whole warehouse-style building and include options at the front. Indoor seating is truly something to behold for history buffs and little aviators. 

While it tends to get crowded quickly, it is worth taking a walk around to learn about the heroic folks who literally dropped into fires from planes to fight back California’s notorious wildfires. These smokejumpers, for whom the restaurant is named, are American heroes, and you can join them in spirit for some of your favorite American classics during a meal at Smokejumpers Grill. 

Don’t forget to listen for the music of the courageous throughout the building and outdoors — being adjacent to an aviation attraction means you are bound to be inspired to fly through your day!

Once you’re finished with your meal, you’ll be in an ideal location to head back to Buena Vista Street, down the way to more Grizzly Peak fun, or across Carthay Circle into Hollywood Land.

Uniquely Disney, Smokejumpers Grill features a more complex menu than any average burger joint. Plus, the attention to detail in the decor will transport you to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, making it a gourmet meal at a campground. Take in some of California’s great history while gobbling up American favorites. If you choose outdoor seating, be sure to keep an eye open for characters passing by and preparing for their flights!

Looking to make your meal a little faster? Try the Mobile Order feature at Smokejumpers Grill. Be sure to use the Disneyland App to view the menu, select your order time, and pick up your food to take off on your flight around DCA.

Quick Service for On-The-Go Eating

These establishments highlight favorite classics available in both parks that can be eaten at nearby seating areas or while heading to wait for your next big attraction.

Little Red Wagon

  • Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Park
  • Cuisine: American, Corn Dogs, Fountain Drinks
  • Key features: Central Location; Classic Theme Park Foods; Photo Spot

Perhaps the most famous corn dog cart in DLR, this early 1900s truck is a full-service kiosk distributing delicious corn dogs and cold beverages. To get there, follow the right-hand sidewalk along Main Street as if you are going to Plaza Inn.

Before you get to Plaza Inn, you will see a bright red truck with blue trim — that’s your stop for Little Red Wagon! Don’t be surprised to see a long line during the lunch hour, so plan to get your corn dogs a little early or a little late.

You may be asking, “Why is this such a big deal at Disneyland?” Simply put, Little Red Wagon has great reviews (see these from TripAdvisor) for yummy, large corn dogs with a choice of sides and cold drinks, including frozen lemonades. For a quick bite on the run from the front of park to anywhere else, this is an ideal family food stop. 

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the food options. Plus, with stores right next door, one person can pick up the meal while another takes the little ones shopping (e.g., provides a distraction from yet another line). The best part is that this kiosk is open nearly all day with open hours of 10am to midnight (or park close).

Don’t forget to get your picture with this idyllic oldies cart to memorialize your corn dog experience at Disneyland Park!

Award Wieners

  • Location: Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure
  • Cuisine: American, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Lunch and Dinner
  • Key features: Easy Access Location; Classic Theme Park Foods; Covered, Outdoor Seating 

Line up along the red carpet for your soon-to-be favorite hot dog option in Disneyland! Styled after a 1950s walk-up deli counter, you’ll be sure to enjoy the plentiful flavors of Award Wieners. To find this delicatessen, head left at Carthay Circle and keep to the left-hand side. When you see the bright red storefront with a queue in front, you’ve reached it. While you wait, capture a quick pic with the award sign above to commemorate your discovery.

The featured food: hot dogs of all styles (BBQ, bacon, spicy, chili, all-beef plain) in toasted buns. Choose a side of Filmstrip Fries for a fun take on a fan favorite that pair perfectly with ketchup (served at the cart in front of the pick-up window).

Vegetarians will be thrilled with the sandwich option, Portobello Mushroom Philly. Everyone in the family will be delighted with specialty Filmstrip Fries topped with chili, cheese, chipotle, or barbecue sauces (not necessarily all at once).

Adults can choose to add a tasty brew to their meal if they are 21 and older. Otherwise, everyone in the family can choose an ice cold Coca-Cola® fountain drink (Souvenir Sipper option available) or other delightful beverages for the road. For more tasty recommendations, check out these reviews from TripAdvisor.

Lastly, don’t forget the seasonal offerings featuring Funnel Cake Fries. Award Wieners is home to one of the most interesting dishes in DLR!

Looking to make your meal a little faster? Try the Mobile Order feature at Smokejumpers Grill. Be sure to use the Disneyland App to view the menu, select your order time, and pick up your food to take off on your flight around DCA.

Character Dining

Truly one of the best experiences your kids are probably already begging to take part in, Character Dining options are fun for everyone! Note that most options are not in Disneyland Parks but rather hosted in the surrounding DLR hotels.

Character Dining with Disney is available at select locations and for specific meal times. Reservations are typically required, so be sure to check online or on the Disneyland App for availability.

You and your party can enjoy buffet- and family-style dining at several establishments throughout the Resort, each one offering a unique opportunity to meet with different characters. Pick from your child’s favorite friends to meet with Mickey & Friends or Disney Princesses. Here is a full list of linked dining experiences.

  • Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast or Brunch at Disney’s PCH Grill, Paradise Pier Hotel
  • Good Morning Giggles at Goofy’s Kitchen, Disneyland Hotel
  • Limited Edition (2019 Celebration Event): Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration Dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen, Disneyland Hotel
  • Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park at Plaza Inn, Disneyland Park (note that this is the only in-park character dining experience!)
  • Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast or Brunch Buffet at Storytellers Cafe, Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

While most of these experiences are located at restaurants in hotels, Guests do not have to be staying at the hotel nor have valid admission to the parks for the reservation and event. These events are ideal for a half-day trip to Anaheim for a special occasion for SoCal residents!

How to Enhance Your Dining Experience

In order to make your dining experiences better, reservations and mobile ordering options are available. When making these plans, consider the size of your party, where you want to dine, times you are prepared to commit to not riding attractions, and whether the experience is in the budget.

Disneyland Restaurant reservations are highly recommended for all table service restaurants. For a complete list of establishments within Disneyland Resort that accept reservations, click here. These arrangements can be made up to 60 days in advance either online (click on your restaurant of choice, locate the blue box that says “Check Availability,” and submit your preferred time, date, and party size to book) or call 714-781-DINE (714-781-3463). 

For some restaurants, you will be able to book through the Disneyland mobile application (more on this below). If you’re staying in the resort, there is preferred reservation access to some dining establishments for hotel guests. For these arrangements, you must make them in advance by at least two days. You can also use the online functions or call-in for some of the restaurants in the Downtown Disney District.

Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is also available at select locations. Wherever you are in the Resort, you can select your nearest (or even your favorite) available restaurant via the Disneyland mobile app to order food on-the-go.

Simply choose the first available pick-up window or your preferred later pick-up time, connect your credit card information, order your food and beverages, show up at the set time, and pick up your order. This function makes getting snacks and quick meals easier and faster for those who want to ride every attraction on their must-do list!

The official app for Disneyland Resort is suited for Android and Apple devices — go to either the Apple App Store or Google play on your device to download it today. In addition to dining reservation and mobile order features, you have pro-status access to everything in the park! Here are the amazing features you gain when you download the Disneyland App:

  • Online ticket purchase and/or electronic access to pre-purchased tickets or Annual Passports
  • Wait times for all open rides in one convenient location
  • FASTPASS linked to your electronic ticket (no need to worry about paper) and/or access to Disney MaxPass
  • Find your favorite characters in the parks
  • Find showtimes and on-going performances
  • View all menus for restaurants, carts, and kiosks in DLR

When you schedule your meals and day ahead of your visit through these features or use them throughout your visit to Disneyland Resort, you will ensure your whole party has a magical journey!

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