What to Bring to Disney World in July

Discover What to Bring to Disney World in July

Figuring out what to bring to Disney World can be challenging, and visiting during the summer months is its own adventure entirely.  So in this article, we’re going to help you understand that to take to Disney World in July so that you and your family can be fully prepared for your upcoming vacation.

What to Bring to Disney World in July

Let’s begin with something most people can’t live without these days: a smartphone.


Understandably, not everyone in your party might have a smartphone, but it is beneficial for at least one person in your party to have one. If you plan on having people split up during the day, I recommend a separate device for each group. You can also access flight, ride share, and Walt Disney World information.

Walt Disney World App

Sure, you could spend your time getting a park map and looking for screens to see the latest wait times for your favorite attraction, or you could save a lot of time in your day and experience the convenience of this tool. 

A lot of guests swear by the Disney World app; in fact, I never go without it! It is a free app that can show wait times, park hours, dining reservations, directions, hotel information, and more. You can also activate Genie+ and virtual queues for popular attractions, or you can contact your hotel or order a quick service meal.

External Battery Charger and Phone Cord

No one likes a dead phone battery, especially when you are trying to book your next Lightning Lane. Bring at least one external battery charger with a compatible cord and charge while you walk. While Walt Disney World has charge ports available, they are often full of crowds. You can save a lot of time and sun exposure by bringing your own.

If you forget your extra battery, there are kiosks within Walt Disney World to buy one. You simply pay for the first battery, use it until it is empty, return it to any station, and receive another one for no additional charge).

One caveat to bringing external battery chargers to the Parks is navigating security. Sometimes I can walk through the scanners without being stopped; other times, they have to check my bag. It is a minor inconvenience for safety, but it’s worth noting if you don’t want to stop. You will also want to research where you should store your chargers if you are flying.

Clothes for Hot Weather and the Sun

Florida is very hot, humid, and sunny in July. With temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit and many parks having little shade, the weather can be draining and quickly ruin a good time without proper precaution. 

For adults, you will want to wear flowy, breathable outfits, including activewear, shorts, and tank tops. Dresses are breezy to wear for women, but you will want to think about sweat and chafing. Avoid wearing heavy or dark fabrics, even if it means leaving your favorite Disney sweatshirt at home. Bring light-colored clothing that hides the skin from the sun for little ones.

Comfortable Shoes

It is so fun to have a perfectly-crafted outfit for your Disney Parks day. But, what is not fun? Painful feet. You will be walking during your trip. I have walked over 90,000 steps in one trip. Walking around Walt Disney World is no easygoing matter!

If you want to wear newer shoes, purchase them a few weeks in advance and try to break them in.

And what about sandals? I have ruined more sandals on my Walt Disney World trips than I care to count. When it rains, the sidewalks and queues are rather slippery as well. If you want to bring sandals for the parks, I suggest finding a pair designed for hiking with traction, like Chacos. For dressier occasions in the hotels or at Disney Springs, I prefer wearing a light pair of Sanuks.

Extra Shirt or Outfit During Park Days

My most recent Disney World trip was in July. On arrival day, we decided to go mini-golfing at Fantasia Gardens and Fairways by the Swan & Dolphin Resort. It was so humid and hot out that we were completely drenched in sweat by the end of the game. 

To make things worse, we had to walk back to the Disney Skyliner and to our hotel before we could even change our shirts or feel refreshed. From that moment on, I vowed to bring more shirts than needed.

If you are not close to your hotel, try to bring an extra shirt for everyone. I know it’s a lot to carry, especially if you have one bag, but the instant relief you feel after putting on a new shirt is worth the hassle. Trust me – no one likes feeling self-conscious and sweaty while trying to immerse themselves in the Most Magical Place On Earth. If you don’t use it that day, just keep it in the bag for your next park day.

Raincoat or Poncho

Florida has unusual weather patterns. One moment, it could be perfectly sunny, and then it could be a torrential downpour. So, many people bring raincoats or ponchos to avoid being a soggy mess.

This item is debatable on my trips and mainly pertains to how comfortable you feel in the rain, if you plan on bringing an extra pair of clothes to the parks, and the expected weather for the day. If it is going to rain all or most of the day, then waterproof clothing is a great fit. But, if you can head into a shop or indoor ride queue when it starts to sprinkle, you might want to save the space in your bag.

Breathable Sling Bag or Backpack

I could not go anywhere in the Disney parks without my backpack. I am always surprised by how much I use or bring home during the day (thanks, spirit jerseys). I have tried placing everything in my pockets or carrying shopping bags all day, but they’re more inconvenient and uncomfortable than having an extra item to sling around. When shopping for a bag, try to find one with a breathable back and adjustable straps. That way, there is airflow while walking around.

Avoid bulky options, like heavy-duty camping bags from the Parks, if you want to avoid a trip back to your hotel or car. Walt Disney World Guidelines mention:

“Suitcases, bags, coolers or backpacks, with or without wheels, larger than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm) are not allowed in any theme park or water park.”

Loungefly is a popular but sometimes expensive option that satisfies most needs in the parks. Easily-compressible sling bags are a great option, especially if you do not plan on using them as a carry-on or personal bag when flying. They also are more likely to fit in the small netting pouches or on the floor during the ride. If the bag is a little larger than the net or you cannot lay your bag on the floor, ask a Cast Member where to place your items.

Appropriate Stroller For Toddlers/Kids

It’s worth noting that not all strollers or carts are acceptable at Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Guidelines state:

“Strollers that are greater than 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length. Stroller wagons are also prohibited.

Wagons are prohibited at any theme park, water park, or Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Wagons are prohibited at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.”

While I know it is inconvenient to have to buy a new stroller for your trip, it is a lot easier than having to bring your stroller back to your hotel and rent one inside the parks. Avoid headaches and be courteous to others by bringing the appropriate-sized stroller the first time.

Entertainment While In The Queue

Waiting in the queue for your favorite attraction is exciting and slightly frustrating. The anticipation of hopping in your pirate ship to sail off to Neverland can leave people feeling antsy, especially if they have been standing in the same spot for a while.

If you have a smartphone, a popular option is Heads Up! You can even download a Disney version of the game. Disney Parks also has a Play Disney Parks app that lets you interact with attractions, go on park-specific quests, and play trivia.

If a smartphone is unavailable, road trip games like “I Spy” are a fun way to pass the time. Queues are also becoming more interactive, like Peter Pan’s Flight, where features of the line come alive throughout your wait.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must-have, no matter the time of day. You can either fill up your bottle at a filling station (typically located near the bathrooms) or water fountain. You can also grab free cups of ice water at most quick service locations and fill your water bottle.

Face or Body Wipes

I do not like being the smelly, sweaty person in line. I know it is a tad strange, but having some face and body wipes to use can have you feeling refreshed and confident. Try to find wipes with a clean scent that is not over-powering, as some people are sensitive to strong fragrances.

Antacid or Digestive Reliever

Walt Disney World has some very delicious food that is rich, fatty, and decadent. If you have a sensitive stomach or are eating foods that are typically not in your diet, an antacid is a masterly option to help with heartburn and digestive issues.

Plastic Zipper Bags

If your bag is not waterproof, or if you do not have a bag to place your phone and wallet, a plastic zipper bag is a perfect helper to keep your items dry while on wet rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids.

Blister Pads or First Aid Kit

Even your most worn-in shoes can give you blisters when you are walking 10 to 15 miles per day. Skin pads can help prevent your blisters from worsening and relieve some of the discomforts. If your toddler gets too excited seeing Mickey Mouse and scrapes their knee, a little ointment and a bandaid can avoid a trip to the First Aid center.

Wet Towel or Neck Fan

If you are sensitive to heat, then a wet towel or neck fan might be a good choice. The neck fan promotes air circulation and cooling, which is helpful when stationary. The towel cools down your neck and shoulders when wet. You can typically purchase either of these items at Walt Disney World, but you should save your pennies and purchase one before your trip.

Bandana or Hair Bands

Keeping your hair off your face and neck is helpful in hot weather. A bandana is a perfect option if you want to cover your whole head, which is ideal for people with thin or short hair. Or, a pair of Minnie ears with a hair tie is a fashionable, practical choice.

Below is a helpful video showing you what you can pack for your upcoming Disney World trip!


July is a hot, humid month, and preparing for it can be tiresome. Thoughtful planning and understanding your party’s needs can help determine what to bring to Disney World. Focus on the ways to keep your family safe, refreshed, and comfortable, and you are well on your way to a fantastic Walt Disney World vacation.

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