The 7 Best Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Want to Buy

Discover the Best Disney World Souvenirs you can buy during your next visit!
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Walt Disney World shopping, both inside the theme parks and even at Disney Springs, is one of my favorite things to do. The parks have so many amazing items from apparel to décor and everything in between. Disney’s delivery service makes it so easy to enjoy shopping in Disney as well. Anything you purchase can be delivered to your resort for pickup the next day.

Make sure you let the cast member you are shopping with know you’d like to send your purchases to your Disney resort. After filling out a small form, you will be good to go and can visit the concierge at your resort the next day to pick up your merchandise. 

Merchandise at Disney can be very pricey, so sometimes it is best to budget it out your spending in order to ensure you get truly memorable items the entire family will enjoy for many years to come. There are so many great items to choose from in all four Disney parks as well as at Disney Springs and all Disney resorts. 

To help with this, I’ve compiled a list of my top 7 Disney World souvenirs you’ll want to buy at Walt Disney World. 

Memory Maker 

This isn’t the type of souvenir you pick up on Main Street, but it is definitely the most important one. Memory Maker is Disney’s photo service. You can add it on to your reservation while booking your vacation online. If you book it at least 3 days before your vacation, they will usually give you a discount as well. If you buy in advance, you will pay about $170.00 for unlimited photopass downloads.

If you purchase Memory Maker after the 3-day period, it will cost you about $200. This is a little bit of an investment, but it is so worth it to snap those truly memorable shots of the whole family enjoying your magical vacation. 

In every park, you will see cast members with tan vests and a large camera in their hands. These are the photopass photographers. Anytime you see one, you can snap a pic and they will add it to your account through your MagicBand. They often are stationed at scenic spots throughout the parks. In Magic Kingdom, you will find them along Main Street, near Be Our Guest Restaurant, and at all of the character meet and greets. 

At Animal Kingdom, they will be in front of the Tree of Life, Everest, and of course at character spots. If you’re at Epcot, you will find them in front of Spaceship Earth, with characters, and all around the World Showcase. When you’re at Hollywood Studios, watch out for them on Hollywood Boulevard, in front of Tower of Terror, assisting characters, as well as in the front of the Chinese Theater! 

When using photopass instead of your personal camera, you may find some surprise appearances in your photos. Lumiere, Tinker Bell, and Banshees are known to show up! Within a few hours, your pictures will be available online as well as in your MyDisneyExperience app. You can download them straight to your phone or computer at any point in time. After your vacation, you can download all of your Disney Memory Maker photos! 

Keep an eye out, Disney is known to include some super special shots at different attractions. This is such a huge plus for anyone interested in scrapbooking because it helps to fill your book with magical snapshots of all your adventures!

Many visitors decide to take their own camera for the trip. The cameraman will be happy to snap a photo with your phone or camera, however the pictures turn out much more magical through Memory Maker. I truly believe it is worth the money no matter how long or short my Disney vacation is. 

Minnie/Mickey Ears

What even is a Disney vacation without a pair of ears? Disney is constantly coming out with new Mickey and Minnie ears, each one more adorable than the last. If you’re visiting around Halloween or Christmas, check out the holiday ears for an extra special treat. Often times, I purchase a new pair of ears online from a small shop before my trip to have a unique pair.

However, the Disney park ears are also fantastic. 

The glitter ones are my personal favorite, but they have tons of pairs modeled after your favorite movie or character so be sure to peruse the shops in order to find a pair that suits your interests!

My favorite ears that aren’t limited edition are: 

  1. Rose Gold Glitter Ears 
  2. White Glitter Ears 
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas Ears 
  4. Slinky Dog Headband 
  5. Minnie Mouse Americana Ears

Mickey and Minnie Ears typically start at around $25.00 per pair. There are always the classic Minnie Ears with her signature polka dot bow available. There are also new glitter ear colors coming out all the time. There are also some great ears inspired by R2-D2, Belle, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you are looking for a specific movie or character, try looking at a shop near an attraction that features that character or movie. For instance, near Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kingdom, you can typically find Belle inspired ears. In Animal Kingdom, you can find many ears covered in different animal prints as well! 


If you love Tea, Coffee or even Hot Chocolate, you have to pick up a Disney mug from the parks! These are one of my favorite souvenirs because they are genuinely useful and won’t just sit in a pile of stuff after you get home! They have an enormous number of mugs at Disney inspired by rides, characters, movies, attractions, and more! They also have some fantastic travel mugs perfect for the morning commute! I love grabbing mugs modeled after my favorite characters. 

I also love to pick up holiday mugs for Christmas and Halloween. They are the perfect seasonal item! A great gift idea is picking up a mug from someone’s favorite movie then grabbing some of Mickey’s ground coffee or hot cocoa mix and packing them together! 

Most mugs are about $20, but I’ve found some great options for as low as $8 in the Disney Parks. The biggest selection of mugs can be found at Disney Springs in the World of Disney store. However, all of these mugs can also be found scattered throughout the Walt Disney World Parks. Just like finding ears, you will find mugs for certain movies close to attractions that also feature that same movie!


Disney is overflowing with incredible artwork from many different artists. You will find canvases, prints, postcards, and even puzzles with beautiful artwork on them. I love picking up Disney art for my office at home. I usually pick something that isn’t screaming Disney but is still special to me with inspiration from a Disney movie or character. 

Another great idea is picking up a puzzle. Disney has beautiful puzzles with painted scenes from different movies. I love to sit down with my family and put the puzzle on a poster board. After we are done putting it together, we paint ModPodge over it and frame it. This way, you have a fun family activity and piece of artwork rolled into one souvenir! 

Artwork at Disney comes in all different sizes and prices. If you are on a budget, I definitely recommend going with a print over a canvas as the prints are typically a lot cheaper. However, if you plan to frame it at home, it might end up about the same price so keep that in mind. Overall, art is definitely one of the pricier souvenirs at Disney, but I think grabbing something beautiful and meaningful is so special once you hang it up back home. 

Jewelry/Park Exclusive Pandora Charms 

Pandora Charm Bracelets are a popular jewelry item for many people, and collecting the charms are half the fun. There are many pandora charms that can only be found in Disney Parks though. This is a great way to commemorate your trip. Pick up a charm you can’t get at home and add it to your bracelet to remind you of a fun time in the happiest place on Earth! These are typically around $70, so they are definitely pricey, but also the perfect addition to a charm collector’s collection. 

There are also many beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. I love having a dainty little necklace to wear from my trip. They have many different items inspired by many different characters and movies. These also make a fantastic gift for someone back home. Bring them a necklace with a charm inspired by their favorite movie. Jewelry is meaningful, beautiful, and a fantastic souvenir to bring home!

Park Exclusive Plushies 

There are also many plushies that can only be found in Disney parks, so be sure to look around for your favorite characters. Plushies are great souvenirs, especially for little ones. Grab it on the first day so they have a snuggle buddy for the rest of the trip as well as the journey back home!

You can find plushies from all different movies; if you are looking for a specific one, check near rides and attractions that feature that movie or character! The plushies are so cute and special, so definitely grab a little fuzzy character to take home! These typically start around $5 for smaller plushies and can excel up to $50 for larger ones or even up to $300 for limited edition collectible plushies. 

Ornaments/Christmas Decorations

I cannot leave Disney world without an ornament with the year of our trip. I love seeing all of our Disney ornaments shining on our Christmas tree each year. There are some special shops that only say holiday items so look out for those in order to grab your Christmas décor. They also have great Christmas stockings, treats, mugs, tea towels, paintings, figurines, and more.

It is definitely worth taking the time to walk around the Christmas shops in order to find a holiday item for your family!  They typically start around $5 and can excel up to about $30. They also come in fantastic matching sets which typically include about 5 or 6 ornaments for about $60 which is a great deal!

The Conclusion 

Disney World merchandise is such a fun and special part of visiting Disney World, so be sure to work some shopping time into your schedule. Budget out your money to make sure you don’t go too overboard! Here’s a pro tip if you are flying home! Open the Disney Shop Parks app on your phone and scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in. Add it to your cart and have everything shipped to your house at the end of your trip! This way you don’t have to worry about fitting it in your luggage or breaking any fragile items on the trip home. 

There are so many incredible apparel items, décor pieces, and other fun items you can buy at Walt Disney World. It is so much fun commemorating your trip with special items from all of the amazing shops Disney has. There are so many unique gifts you can buy from Disney, so don’t limit yourself to just the items on this list. You can find many great things like Disney inspired book bags and purses, kitchen supplies, crystal figurines and more. 

Make sure you budget out your spending money and plan for souvenirs! A great way to save a little extra cash is to actually grab a Target card. With a target credit or debit card, you save 5% on all purchases, even gift cards! You can then buy Disney gift cards to take with you to spend at the parks. Buy souvenirs, food, or anything else and immediately save 5%! 

Then, enjoy your vacation and splurge on yourself once or twice and bring home some souvenirs to remember your trip! Don’t forget to pack everything extra safely to ensure they make it home safe and sound! If you’d like to ship them directly to your house, that will help ensure you can get something replaced if it breaks! Just make sure you scan the items you want while in the stores through the shopDisney Parks app. Add everything to your cart and send it home! 

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