Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It or Not?

Since 1991, Disney fans have been able to explore the magic of the resorts year after year using their Disney Vacation Club membership. And in this article, we’re going to dive deep to help you figure out if the popular Disney Vacation Club is worth it or not.

Let’s first begin with the question in bold below.

How Often Do You Go to the Disney Parks?

Really think about this question and try to guess what your future plans might entail. 

Do you want to go to Walt Disney World every year? Are you thinking of vacationing there every five years? Have you considered going to Disney World, but you might also like to travel to Disneyland? 

If you can evaluate your vacation planning needs and determine that you and your family members would like to go to Disney World at least once every other year, then you should consider becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member. The Disney Vacation Club works at its very best when the members are actively using their points to stay in the Walt Disney World resorts.

Before I became a Disney Vacation Club Member my family was traveling from Ohio to Florida at least once a year. We were spending outrageous amounts of money on vacations, including flights, hotels, theme park tickets, and food. After our third trip to Disney, we were contacted by a Disney Vacation Club sales associate, and having a conversation with her really made me think about the benefits of becoming a member. 

Instantly, once we were in the Club, we would never again have to worry about where we would stay. Those $500 a night gorgeous rooms that would give us a view of the fireworks no longer seemed so far out of reach. We could afford to not only splurge and stay in one of those suites, but we could enjoy an entire getaway in that kind of luxury. But first, before we got to the level where we were ready to make a commitment, we had to look at our finances.

How much money were we currently spending on accommodations to stay at the Walt Disney World Resort? How much money would we potentially spend in the future, if we continued visiting the resorts annually? By answering those two questions, my family was able to easily see that joining the Vacation Club would save us thousands of dollars in the long run. Since we knew we would keep coming back to the resorts on a regular basis, it seemed logical to dive in and secure our timeshare. 

As I reviewed the information about the Disney Vacation Club membership, my family members and I discussed whether or not we were fully committed to Disney. While we knew we loved going there, would it still be a place we wanted to visit every single year? For some, like myself, the answer is, “Yes, of course! I will always want to go to Walt Disney World!” For others, the answer may be not so automatic. Your family might enjoy the Disney Parks, but what if you want to vacation elsewhere?

As if the heroes who created the Disney Vacation Club knew you were out there, they have added hundreds of other places where you can use your Disney Vacation Club points. These vacation options can still be connected to Disney. 

For instance, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is an extremely popular location for those who want to come to Florida and spend some time in the sand and surf. In early August, through the Disney Wildlife Conservation Program, sea turtles are released back into the ocean just outside of the Vero Beach Resort. 

If something like that fascinates you and your crew, you are perfectly welcome to use your Disney Vacation Club points for such an excursion. To see photos of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and learn a little more about what you can expect while vacationing there, click here to read news provided by DIS

Many others express a desire to someday have a Hawaiian Vacation. The Disney Vacation Club can also make this happen. The Disney Aulani Resort in Hawai’I is world-renowned for its customer satisfaction and wholesome family fun. Using Disney Vacation Club points, members can take their brood to the Hawaiian Islands for a holiday.

Disney’s Cruise Line is a wildly popular place for adults and families to congregate and enjoy a fantastic time traveling the globe. The Disney Cruise Line has ships coasting to Alaska, the Caribbean, and to Europe. Savvy Vacation Club Members know they can use their vacation points to book these cruises any time of the year. There are even “Members Only” Cruises that include various perks and surprises. 

How Does the Disney Vacation Club Work?

Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is easy. There are kiosks in every theme park where you and your family members may visit and ask questions. If you have an abundance of downtime on your next vacation, you can even visit the room preview area that is located inside Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. 

But, if you are looking to gather information before heading on your next vacation, check into the Disney Vacation Club Website.  Click on the “Explore Membership” tab and you will find a plethora of information waiting for you. I recommend beginning this search by watching the video. It gives a brief overview of the program.

Once you have decided to continue with the process, you will need to evaluate your vacation needs and determine your budget. Disney Vacation Club members purchase time share holdings and are given Vacation Points to use annually. 

Disney Vacation Club Points

Each Disney Vacation Club member purchases a number of points they are able to use annually. These points may be redeemed at any of the 12 Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, or even used at Disney’s Vacation Club Villas in Aulani, Hawai’i. For those who are interested, vacation points can be used to travel on the Disney Cruise Line or to go to hundreds of hotels and spas worldwide. 

For example, a Vacation Club member may purchase 150 points a year. The member then has the opportunity to schedule as many trips to the resorts as they like, using their points. Generally, one night in a Walt Disney World Vacation Club Hotel, in a studio room (which can sleep four to five guests) will require the member to use anywhere from 10-40 points. 

The spread is very large because the points fluctuate, depending upon the time of the year, the type of resort, and the location of the room. Keeping those figures in mind, if a member was planning a Disney World vacation and wanted to maximize their points, they might travel in February and visit Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Using that same vacation criteria, the member would be able to stay in the resort for at least eight days consecutively.

If a member preferred to vacation over the Christmas holiday, and the member was looking to stay in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, they would only be able to do so for about three days. The flexibility of the program is a nice perk. Members, regardless of the number of points purchased, are able to get the most out of their experiences because so many options are available to them. 

Using the 150 points a year scenario as a generic purchase point, a family of four will be able to enjoy vacationing at a Walt Disney World Resort for at least three days a year, but they may be able to get up to 8 or 9 days out of their annual allotment. 

This sounds amazing, certainly, if you want to go every single year, but sometimes that isn’t in the cards. The Disney Vacation Club knows that members might not use their vacation points every year, so they allow members to “bank” their points. This means that a member with 150 points per year may put those points into a bank account and use them the next year. 

Many large families enjoy this option. It allows them to take a vacation every two years, stay in the magnificent Walt Disney World resorts, and also secure a room that is spacious enough to accommodate their entire party.

For those looking to host more than four guests, and thus needing more than a studio room accommodation, it is helpful to have those points sitting in a bank so that you may use them to your discretion. Places like the Cabins at Disney’s Copper Creek can fit eight adults in them comfortably, but they will require a great number of points in order to reserve the room.

Some Vacation Club Members never need to worry about banking points, because they are too busy “borrowing” points. This is also something that is permitted. If a person starts with 150 points in their account, but wants to plan a vacation that will require the usage of more points, that Vacation Club Member can simply borrow those points from the next year’s allotment. While that might cut down on the points the person has available for future vacations, it does allow them to have the vacation they want and deserve right now. 

The banking and borrowing of vacations points does have a limit. Disney Vacation Club Members are able to bank a year’s worth of points, but those available points must be used before the end of the next calendar year or they will be lost. Many Disney Vacation Club Members find they never have to worry about this issue because the Disney Vacation Club resorts and partners list is so lengthy, they can always find a way to use up their points. 

But, some members elect to sell their points when they are just unable to make it on vacation that year. There are many reputable websites that are designed to help Disney Vacation Club Members get the most for their soon-to-expire points, but this should not really be something someone considers before they join the Club. This option is meant to be used as a last resort, so that the Vacation Club Member does not lose money. 

Becoming a Vacation Club Member should not be viewed as a money-making opportunity. It is very unrealistic. Most people who shop online today are rather knowledgeable and they have a basic idea of how much a resort room should cost versus how much they are paying for someone else’s vacation points. 

It should also be noted that Disney Vacation Club recently made selling vacation points less desirable by revoking perks and privileges for those who were constantly selling the bulk of their account. 

What is the Cost of Membership?

The Cost of Membership is directly tied to the amount of points you intend to purchase. Sticking with the concept of buying 150 vacation points, overall that will cost approximately $30,000. That price includes the down payment, the loan (with approximately a 10% financing fee), and the annual dues. Annual dues are required to maintain the upkeep of your timeshare property. 

There are a multitude of ways to finance this investment, and Disney Vacation Club Travel Agents are always available to walk you through the process. They offer payment plans for the loans, as well as the dues. Using the Disney Vacation Club website, members are able to handle all of their own finances, as well.  

Now, I know that $30,000 is a large sum of money. Seeing that dollar amount right here, right now, might be mind-boggling and likely to deter you from continuing with the process, but don’t let the price tag run you off. 

For that grand sum, you will be able to vacation in at least one of the Walt Disney World Resorts for approximately a week, every year for the next fifty years. The contracts last for fifty years and they may be transferred to children or other family members, as the need arises. That’s a whole lot of Disney Vacations! Plus, the membership benefits are spectacular. 

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of being a Disney Vacation Club Member are numerous. The experience all begins with the resorts. The Walt Disney World Resorts are some of the most magnificent properties in the world.

The lush landscapes, the five-star quality restaurants, and the sure to please pool areas are just a few of the reasons people travel from all over the world to enjoy these resorts. As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you get to call all these wonderful places “home”. Before you know it, you will be relaxing in a resort fit for a king. 

Some of my favorite spots include:

1.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village

This is one of the best places to stay in Disney World with kids. The adventure begins as soon as you walk into the resort. The African-inspired décor will draw your family into the magic. The rooms are beautifully designed and they are spacious. Just when you think the experience cannot be beat, you walk out onto your balcony and spy a giraffe, munching leaves from the tree. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas are separated into two groupings: Kidani Village and Jambo House. I prefer staying in the Kidani Village because the rooms feel a touch larger. Some families will want to try the Jambo House because it is connected to the main building. Also located in the main building, guests can enjoy a meal at the superb All-You-Care- to Enjoy buffet, Boma. 

If you have a family larger than four, or you are looking for a bit more room, Disney Vacation Club members, for just a few additional points each night can upgrade to a two-bedroom suite. These suites are by far some of the best accommodations in the catalogue. 

Along with all the usual extravagant touches that have come to be associated with the Disney brand, the two-bedroom suite at Kidani Village features a whirlpool tub that is long enough to fit a person who is over six feet tall. It is a true treat for kids, and a bit of pampering for adults. 

2. Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Most people who have visited the Magic Kingdom are familiar with Disney’s Contemporary Resort because the Monorail runs right through the heart of this structure. If you look just beyond the place where the tracks race, you will see Bay Lake Tower. This exclusive tower is meant just for Disney Vacation Club Members. 

It is a pinch closer to the park, so if you want to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from your hotel room or the viewing areas, they are easily accessible. The Bay Lake Tower is a stone’s throw from the Magic Kingdom’s entrance, and Disney Vacation Club members enjoy walking from their hotel room directly to the park without needing to use the Monorail or the Ferry. 

Bay Lake Tower is one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts which offers special perks, just for its members. For instance, there is a DVC pool, right behind the Tower. It includes a luxurious hot tub. More than one family can be accommodated in this over-sized water feature. Next to the hot tub is a pool, which has its own water slide. The kids will want to play here for hours. If you venture inside to The Wave restaurant, Disney Vacation Club members can request to be served special menu items like a decadent piece of chocolate cake.

3. Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows are perhaps the most unique setting for a family vacation. If you and your family are able to afford a large number of vacation points, or you only vacation at the resorts once every few years and have therefore banked your vacation points, your family will be elated to step inside the enchanting Polynesian Bungalows. 

Set right on the Seven Seas Lagoon, a night in the Polynesian-style bungalows will afford your family a memorable view of the Happily Ever After Fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, as well as the Water Parade. 

For those looking to relax while on vacation, Disney’s Polynesian Villas are pure perfection. A standard studio is capable of housing four to five occupants a night. The studio room includes a two-part bathroom. In the first section, the standard bathroom equipment is available. In the second portion, guests are treated to a rainfall shower. 

If guests can be pulled away from their rooms, they will enjoy a dip in the Disney Vacation Club Members pool. This salt water pool will help you feel rejuvenated after just a moment, basking in the warm Florida sunshine. (For the kids, there is a mini-water park, including a water bucket drop, located in the main pool area.)

The food served at Disney’s Polynesian Villas is just as extraordinary as the rest of the resort. Guests can get an icy cool Pineapple Dole Whip while they are visiting the pool, or they can enjoy a character dining experience with Lilo and Stitch at Disney’s ‘Ohana Restaurant. ‘Ohana overlooks the resort and affords diners a view of the Magic Kingdom.

4. Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

If you are traveling with little ones, this place will appeal to the youngest of them all. Snuggled into a wooded area, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge appears, as if by magic, and draws guests into its warm log cabin exterior. Families that are looking to accommodate five people comfortably will appreciate the Boulder Ridge Villas.

There is room for four guests to sleep in the bed and the pull-out couch, but this studio room also offers a murphy bed that is hidden in the chest of drawers. Kids will love climbing into their own twin-sized bed at the end of an exhausting day.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Disney’s Wilderness Lodge’s crown jewel: The Whispering Canyon Café. Come for the All-You-Care-to-Enjoy barbecue (pulled pork, ribs, herb-marinated chicken, and beef brisket, just to name a few items on the menu), but stay for hours sipping on the All-You-Care to-Drink milkshakes. 

The delicious and frothy concoctions are the best way for children of all ages to cool down after a long afternoon in the parks. If you would care to read more about Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, click here to see a second report, with photographs included. 

5. Disney’s Old Key West Resort

My family members and I are always looking to maximize our time at Disney and get the very most out of our Disney Vacation Club Membership. Old Key West gives us exactly what we need every time. One of the first Disney Vacation Club resorts, Old Key West matches charm and character with practicality. Disney’s Old Key West Resort is the only Disney Vacation Club studio room offering two full size beds which are capable of sleeping up to four guests. 

All of the other resorts feature a bed, of varying sizes, and then a pull-out couch. (Disney’s Riviera Resort is the exception to this concept. The Riviera, opening in November 2019, will include one bed as well as a murphy bed. This will allow guests to have space during the day and two full-sized beds at night.)

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is also the most economical place to use vacation points. If guests travel during the summer months, they can expect to use approximately 15-18 vacation points a night on a studio room. If they are traveling during other non-peak seasons, guests may be able to score a room for only 10 points. 

Knowing a little about the Disney Vacation Club resorts, before joining the Club, is incredibly important. You do not want to invest your time and money, if you do not truly understand what you are purchasing. The fantastic thing about Disney Vacation Club Resorts is that once you stay in one, you will be spoiled forever.

This home away from home will feel like your new normal and you will come to expect the same great surroundings every time you travel. Lucky for you: Joining Disney Vacation Club guarantees you fifty years of incredible adventures. 

Online Booking Tool

Now that you know a little about becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member, and you can recognize a few of the names of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, it is time to think about booking your next vacation. 

For Disney Vacation Club Members, this can be done in a flash. Using the online booking tool that is available on the Disney Vacation Club Member website, members can check room availability, see how many points are required for a particular stay, and they can even change, cancel, or modify already existing reservations. As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you will be given access to these resorts months before the general public. 

For your home resort, you will be granted access to the booking calendar eleven months in advance. That may sound like an unnecessary perk, but when you know you want to go to Walt Disney World for the Christmas holiday season next year, you will be extremely grateful that you are able to have advanced access to these resources before everyone else in the world.

This simply means you get the best rooms and the best price before everyone else. If you are looking to book outside your home resort, being a Disney Vacation Club Member is still rewarding because you will be given access to those booking details seven months ahead of time. That is a full month ahead of the general public. 

For those who love to plan well in advance, the online booking tool is a godsend. It allows you to search resort availability and compare the different rooms. Using the online booking tool you can see pictures of the room and read room descriptions.

You may discover, in your reading, that a standard studio will accommodate four, but that means two people are given a queen bed, while the other two are asked to sleep on a full-sized sofa bed. For guests with back issues, this might be a problem. Using your online booking tool, you are able to learn all of this information in advance and make the most informed decision about what is best for you and your travel party. 

For those who like to fly into a vacation, embracing the moment, and diving into the party, the online booking tool is still very handy. It allows Disney Vacation Club members to search for resorts that are available within the next 60 days and to book those rooms immediately. 

Perks and Privileges

Being a Disney Vacation Club Member is the best way to indulge in your Disney addiction. Not only will you have the opportunity to stay at the best resorts on the planet, but you will find yourself splurging on restaurants, gifts, and other sorts of merchandise, thanks to all of the deep discounts you are given. 

Discounts on Park Tickets

Whether you are going to the parks for the day, or you want to stay and play all year long, Disney Vacation Club Members always receive the best prices on their park admission tickets. A discount is offered to those looking to buy single day admission tickets, but the deepest discount can be accessed when purchasing an annual pass. 

While Disney Parks offer a variety of annual passes, there is a special pass—the Gold Pass—that is dedicated to Disney Vacation Club Members. As a member, you are welcome to purchase the Gold Pass. It costs approximately $700 per guest, ages 10 and above. If you purchase in park, or you are renewing a pass, that cost can be even slightly lower. 

That $700 will get you continuous park hopper status for all four of Disney’s theme parks, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. There are blockout dates that apply to this pass. They include the two weeks surrounding the Christmas holiday season and the two weeks leading up to the Easter holiday. 

The Gold Pass can be used at all other times of the year, and it allows the guest unlimited access to the parks. As with all Disney Annual Passes, standard parking fees are covered. This passholder privilege extends into the Disney Photo Pass arena, as the passholder will receive unlimited Disney Photo Pass pictures loaded directly onto their MagicBand or Disney Account. 

Discounts on Food, Beverages, and Merchandise

Some people may be tempted to join Disney Vacation Club simply because the discounts are endless. When I walk through the parks and see people wearing t-shirts which read, “Most Expensive Day Ever,” I silently giggle and think of how much money I save by being a part of the club. 

Depending on the time of year or the promotion being offered, Disney Vacation Club Members may enjoy anywhere from 10-20% off their meals in table service restaurants throughout the parks and over at Disney Springs.

A 20% discount can certainly add up quickly when you imagine taking your hungry family out to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ for some savory fried chicken or you are trying to meet your favorite characters for dinner over at the Crystal Palace. 

The discount on food even extends to specialty dining packages offered at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney Vacation Club Members receive a discount on the Disney Dining Plan when they purchase this package through the Vacation Club travel agents. The standard Disney Dining Plan includes two snacks, one quick service meal, one table service meal, and one refillable mug to be used for beverages at the Walt Disney World hotels. 

Purchasing a Disney Dining Plan is a perfect way to save money, make sure your family gets to sample loads of delicious treats, and to save a little cash along the way. Disney Vacation Members get an even deeper discount on this already fantastic markdown.

For those who don’t necessarily need or want the Disney Dining Plan, because you are planning to head to a specially themed event, like the Eat to the Beat Concert Series at Epcot, Disney Vacation Club has got you covered here, too. Not only do they offer members a discount on the dining before the concert, but you also get guaranteed seating, and the chance to reserve your table and seats a full day before the general public.

When you and your family are so full, you are practically waddling back to your resort, be sure to stop into one of the emporiums or marketplaces to pick out some souvenirs. Disney Vacation Club members receive a 10-20% discount on all merchandise purchased at the Walt Disney World Resort. Just flash your blue Disney Vacation Club Membership card and the sales associate will deduct the discount from your total purchase.

The Disney Vacation Club Members Lounge

Only cool kids, and members of course, are permitted to indulge in the Disney Vacation Club Members Only Lounge. Most people visiting Disney Parks do not know this spot exists, but for those in the know, they covet the keys to this location. The Disney Vacation Club Members Lounge is located in Epcot. Nestled safely above the Journey through Imagination with Figment Ride, the uniquely shaped glass prism is visible almost as soon as guests enter the park. 

Disney Vacation Club Members are allowed to take a group of six up into the lounge with them. Check-in is required before entrance is granted because this area is exclusive. Once Disney Vacation Members have ascended the staircase, they are greeted by a blast of air conditioning. This is perhaps the coolest spot in all the parks.

There is a receptionist area located at the top of the stairs so Vacation Club Members may ask questions and peruse materials that will help with future vacation planning.  

Turn the corner and you will immediately fall in love with what you see. Whether you are looking out the crystal clear glass and seeing an angle of Epcot that is only offered to Disney Vacation Club Members or you spy a comfy couch with your name on it, you can relish the perks and privileges of being a Disney Vacation Club Member.

Before you sink onto the sofa and maybe take a little catnap, be sure to utilize one of the charging ports so your cell phone battery can also be rejuvenated. While you take a load off, let your kids wander the area because there’s plenty for the little ones. 

In the Disney Vacation Club Members Only Lounge, parents and kids can take a time out from the excitement of the parks without stopping the vacation. In one corner of the suite, kids will be delighted to see Mickey Mouse cartoon short films playing on a television set. Comfy couches and ottomans are arranged neatly in this area to allow for many kids (and adults) as they sit down and spread out.

In the center of the room there are three Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Club Members can fill up cup after cup, satisfying even the most exhausted and thirsty vacationers. If it’s a cool day or you need a cup of coffee to get you motivated before heading out to explore the rest of the park, dueling Keurig K-Cup Coffee Machines are located next to the soda fountains. 

Disney brand video games are placed right between the refreshments and the televisions. Computers are available at their own tiny cubicles. Even iPads have been placed strategically throughout the lounge so members may browse Walt Disney World apps. While relaxing in the lounge, members have been known to schedule the rest of their day, make FastPass selections, or use the My Disney Experience App to secure dining reservations. 

Be certain to hang around the Disney Vacation Members Lounge long enough to pick out a sweet treat. Every so often, a Disney Cast Member will circulate throughout the lounge offering a variety of snacks to the members free of charge.

This usually includes chips, crackers, or cookies. When my family visits Epcot, we always schedule time to stop by the Disney Vacation Club Lounge so we can beat the heat and catch our breath. Luckily, it is situated right between the Future Worlds and the Countries of the World, so it is the perfect place for everyone to gather themselves before going about their day. 

Moonlight Magic

Perhaps you’ve heard these terms “Moonlight Magic” whispered reverently by those coveting their very own Disney Vacation Club Membership card. This relatively new Disney Vacation Club perk is a definite draw for Members and friends and family. This new tradition began just a few short years ago, so the concept is continually evolving, but in the simplest terms, Disney Vacation Club’s Moonlight Magic event is a way for the Walt Disney Company to show its appreciation for its Vacation Club Members by opening the parks and allowing their members the chance to runaround without the burden of being crowded. 

Moonlight Magic events are held at the four Walt Disney World theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot), Disneyland, and at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Depending on the park, a variety of dates are available. Usually, most parks offer two- three nights of Moonlight Magic. 

Disney Vacation Club Members are asked to sign up for only one night for each park offering. Moonlight Magic Events are open to Disney Vacation Club Members only. Those members who have booked a stay at a resort hotel for the day of the event get the advantage of registering first for the events, but when space allows, all other Vacation Club Members may sign up and join in the fun, too.  

Disney Vacation Club Members who book rooms for the night of Moonlight Magic events are permitted to bring the same number of guests into the parks that will be staying in their room. So, if a Vacation Club Member were to elect to bring family and friends to the parks and reserved a two-bedroom suite, which can house 8-9 people, that means the member would also be able to get all 8-9 people into the special event. 

As a Disney Vacation Club Member, your family and friends will beg you to take them to Moonlight Magic. Not only do they get to stay in one of the premiere hotels and resorts, but they also get free admission to the park which is holding the event. Usually during the early months of the year (January and February), Disney Vacation Club will offer Moonlight Magic at the Magic Kingdom.

Those attending the event at the Magic Kingdom will receive free admission to the park. They may enter at 6 p.m. Upon entrance to the park, they are greeted by Cast Members. These guest service cast members will check-in the Disney Vacation Club Member and the entire party. Each guest will be given a special wrist band and a food voucher.

The food voucher may be used at select locations throughout the park. In the past, these locations have been limited to the quick-service hot spots like Cosmic Ray’s Lounge and Columbia Harbour. The food vouchers will grant each member of your party a meal and beverage at their chosen location.

Once each traveler is equipped with a wrist band, food voucher, and they have run gleefully through the front gate, they will notice that the park is starting to clear. On Moonlight Magic nights the parks are closed early. By 8 or 9 p.m. (depending on the park and the time of year), the only people left inside the Magic Kingdom will be those who are Disney Vacation Club Members and their special guests. 

Then, the party really begins. With the majority of the people who normally frequent the parks being ushered out through the gate, Disney Vacation Club Members can feel like the Magic Kingdom is their own personal playground. Ride times nearly diminish.

The most popular attractions, like the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Space Mountain will still have a bit of a wait, approximately 30 minutes, but that is a fraction of the time it would normally take for someone to get on one of those rides during normal park operating hours. 

Once Disney Vacation Club Members and their guests have gotten their fill of food and they have been on all their favorite rides, they can turn their attention to the other specialty items that the Vacation Club has rolled out for this evening.

First, there will be at least one dance party organized somewhere in the park (if you are still picturing the party in the Magic Kingdom, they get to have two dance parties: one is in Tomorrowland while the other is back in Frontierland). Dance the night away with your friends and family, but also be on the lookout for unusual character sightings. 

During the Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic events guests are surrounded by their favorite characters who have been pulled out of the vault for this night only and are available for meet and greet opportunities. Old, treasured characters, like the Robin Hood gang can be found near Cinderella’s Castle, while Moana is waiting to welcome guests over at the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland.

Usually guests have to pay a pretty penny to see some of the characters that are featured during the Moonlight Magic Events, but there is no charge this time. Disney Vacation Club Members can spend a few minutes talking to their favorite characters and having pictures taken. 

This is Only the Beginning

This is a brief look at the Disney Vacation Club. Once you join the club, you will spend hours getting to know the resorts and familiarizing yourself with the Member Benefits packages. The perks continue to improve each and every year.

If there is a tour or a special event that catches your eye, you better believe that as a Disney Vacation Club Member you will be first to hear about it, sign up for it, and you will most likely receive a heavy discount on the price. So, here’s to your next fifty years, celebrating each milestone with the magic of Disney Vacation Club!

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