The 13 Best Disney Dining Table Service Restaurants to Experience

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When everyone plans any vacation, one of the most important things to consider is the food, but when you plan your Disney Vacation, it is usually the forefront of all the things you begin the dream about. 

Disney Dining comes in a couple forms but there are two keystones of the dining facilities at the Walt Disney World Resort: quick service and table service.  Quick service is going to be any meal where you stand in line and order from a cashier and then pick up your food yourself and find a table to eat.  Table service on the other hand is going to be an entire dining experience where you will be seated at a table first and then have your order taken just like at a standard restaurant outside of Disney World.

In this article we are going to focus exclusively on table service dining experiences exclusively. There are some important things to be remember about Disney dining and the best places to eat at Disney World including:

Dining reservations are going to be highly suggested if not necessary to eat at most table service experiences.

Dining reservations are always to be made as far in advance as possible.  You can select your dining reservations up to 180 days in advance.

There are going to be fantastic table service dining experiences everywhere including all of the theme parks, Disney Springs and a majority of the resorts on property.

Disney Dining Plans do include both quick service and table service credits, so if you do select a dining plan make sure you chose the one you will be able to maximize to the most of your needs.

Buffets are considered a table service experience. This also includes Disney World character dining buffets so even though it is not the traditional dining experience, it is still classified in the same group and should be treated the same.

Now we are here to break down the 13 best Disney Dining Table Service Restaurants to Experience:

Cinderella’s Royal Table:

Located in the iconic Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, Cinderella’s Royal Table is a once in a lifetime experience for any Disney fan on their magical vacation. It is a set menu where you select one of the entrees, appetizers and desserts or finales for the end of the meal, but the main delight is the princesses making their way around the dining room to create a once in a lifetime moment. 

There is no other dining experience that will spoil even the hardest to please princes and princesses than this meal.  It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it very pricy being anywhere from $35-$59 per adult or worth TWO table service dining plan credits.

Monsieur Paul:

Another one of the most expensive meals on the Disney property is going to be located in Epcot in the France Pavilion and well worth the money.  They have their famed Prix Fixe Menu with some of the best French culinary techniques there are to offer.  Not only will you be dining on some of the best food on Disney property, but you will also have a breathtaking view of the World Showcase. 

This is an experience you will never be able to duplicate but remember there is a dress code so refresh yourself on it before you attend.  This is another expensive meal that ranges in $35-$59 or two table service dining credits.  Disney dining reservations are a must if you chose this as one of your meals.

The Hollywood Brown Derby:

Located within Hollywood Studios is one of the landmarks of the theme park, The Hollywood Brown Derby.  Known for its historic decor and fantastic food, this should be a must do for anyone visiting the park even if it is the only thing you do.  Their specialities are the pork chop and Cobb salad but you really cannot go wrong with anything you choose. 

One again, dining reservations are a must if you want to dine here and it is either worth two table service dining credits or $35-$59 per personal.  On the plus side there is not dress code, so even if you are spending your whole day at the park, you can eat here no matter what you are wearing.


One of the most unique cuisine selections you will find at any dining experience at Disney World is going to be Tiffins located at the Animal Kingdom.  If you have picky eaters this may not be their favorite spot, but anyone who enjoys trying new food is going to absolutely love the food and the atmosphere.  This is one of the newer dining locations on property and it does not let down any of the hype you may here.

The Fort McCoy Beef Tenderloin and Surf and Turf are well worth the try.  There is no dress code here so you can once again spend your day at the park and grab a meal or make it a special night.  It is $35-$59 per person or two table service credits.  You are going to need a dining reservation to eat here as well.

Victoria & Albert’s:

There is fantastic dining locations outside the Disney parks as well.  One of the most infamous dining locations is going to be located inside the Grand Floridian.  Now before you go any further, please note that dining reservations are a must for this location and no dining plans are accepted.  It is a minimum of $60 per person and has a very strict dress code. All of that aside, it is the only five star restaurant on the Disney property. 

You will experience the finest of dining experiences and a once in a lifetime meal you will never forget.  If you are spending a special occasion, make sure to book your reservation here 180 days out because they go fast.  You must try Russian Osetra caviar or the truffles straight from Italy.

California Grill:

Located further down on the monorail loop is another must try dining location.  Just a short distance away from the Magic Kingdom, located in the Contemporary Resort, is the California Grill.  Not only is the food divine, but it is also one of the best views of the entire Disney property located anywhere. 

The windows provide a breathtaking view around the Disney property and it has been noted to be one of the best views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.  This is worth two table service dining credits. The Sunday Brunch is also a must try if you will be there during the vacation.  It can be expensive anywhere from $35 to over $60 per adult and there is no dress code. 

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue:

Now you wouldn’t expect for a campground to have one of the best dining experiences on Disney property but this dinner show will definitely change all of your expectations. Located at Fort Wilderness is the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue where you can dine on some of the most magical BBQ you have had in your life while enjoying a show that entertains guests of all ages. Now this dining experience is well over two hours so make sure you schedule out a nice chunk of time to enjoy your dinner.

This is a prepaid meal that has category seating so you really have to pay attention when making dining reservations and of course reservations are a must have. It can be expensive meal clocking in at more than $60 per adult or you can use two table service dining credits if you select category two or three seating. And the best part? There is no dress code. So come as you are and enjoy the show!

Jiko – The Cooking Place:

Now no Disney dining list would be complete without featuring any of the Animal Kingdom Lodge dining and to be honest, it is really difficult to pick just one location. You cannot go wrong with any of the selections, but if you are looking for a relaxing meal with unique African cuisine and breathtaking views, you need to make sure you book dining reservations at Jiko.

This is going to be some of the best themed dining you will ever eat at and even without any of the extra Disney frills like characters, it is nothing short of memorable. Now there is a minimal dress code and it is worth either two table service credits or $35-$59 per adult dining. The lighting mimics a perfect sunset and the open ovens create smells and sounds you can never miss. And the biggest plus is being able to make your way around the lodge are you eat to enjoy the stunning views and animals around property with a full belly!

Whispering Canyon Cafe:

One of the more affordable and best table service dining experience is going to be located not far from Fort Wilderness at the Wilderness Lodge.  Not only known for its fabulous all you can eat BBQ but also an atmosphere that is suitable and memorable for all ages. This is worth one table service dining credit and can be priced anywhere from $14.99 to $34.99 per person. 

There is no dress codes and it can be relatively easy to get dining reservations but I do strongly recommend them in advance so you know how to plan your day.  There is no dress code and it is relatively close to the Magic Kingdom and a viable dining option if you are going to be spending the day there.  I always recommend the all you can eat BBQ but there are plenty of options on their menu and never forget to ask for the ketchup!

San Angel Inn Restaurante:

Wandering back into the theme parks you are going to find multiple gems within the World Showcase, but one of the most visually stunning is going to San Angel Inn Restaurante located within the Mexico Pavilion. Known for not only their authentic cuisine but also a beautiful backdrop that will  bemake you feel like you have left Epcot and are now within Mexico.  This is worth one table service credit and the pricing can range anywhere from $15 to $34.99 per adult. 

I strongly recommend dining reservations here.  Sometimes you will see some available at the last minute, but depending on the time of the year and it’s awesome location within the park, it is best to prepared and get that dining reservation in as soon as possible.  Also, there is no dress code, so it is the perfect stop during a busy park day to relax, cool off and fill up your belly.

The Garden Grill:

Staying within the Epcot family, but outside of the World Showcase is one of the best character buffets with great food you will be able to wander into.  Dining reservations are a must for the Garden Grill because it is a small intimate dining location and there is not very many spaces available.  You will enjoy your meal looking over the Land Pavilion while Chip and Dale with their friends make their way around the dining establishment.

They also have tasty gluten free options which opens up so many dining options for people of all eating needs. It is worth one table service dining credit and can range anywhere from $14 to $59.99 per adult. There is also no dress code and it is wonderfully air conditioned making it a great selection to get some awesome pictures in with some characters while also taking a great break.

Liberty Tree Tavern:

Now heading back in Magic Kingdom, you will find the Liberty Tree Tavern.  For what they lose with having no characters, they make up for with fantastic food.  This is a popular location because of their iconic menu: Thanksgiving dinner! You are going to find all the staples just like you would at your own home.

So you need to make sure you order the all you can eat Patriot’s Platter, but don’t worry, if that doesn’t appeal to your whole party, there are plenty of other options.  There is no dress code so have no fear spending your whole day in Magic Kingdom and still being able to eat here, it won’t be a problem. It ranges anywhere from $15 to $34.99 per adult and is worth one table service dining credit.

The Edison:

One of the newest additions to the Disney dining family is going to the the Edison located in Disney Springs. This is the pinnacle of themed dining being a steampunk restaurant with food to match.  There are constant sources of entertainment including but not limited to aerial acrobats and DJs.  They are known for their traditional American cuisine and signature drinks. 

It is worth one table service dining credit and is $15 to $34.99 and reservations are always highly recommended. There is no dress code and it is the great way to spend an adult friendly night at Disney Springs or even bring the family around for the great entertainment and food.

So there you have it! The 13 best Disney dining table services restaurants you need to experience while planning your magical vacation.  So get those finger ready to make your dining reservations and begin to dream about the food journey you are never going to regret!

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