The Top 7 Disney World Tips and Tricks for Adults at the Theme Parks

Now when you bring up Walt Disney World to most adults, they begin to imagine pictures of smiling children and enchanted families having the time of their life but for some reason there is always one classic group they leave outt: the adults!

Yes, there is an entire Disney World for adults!  Hello, can you say Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival! But maybe you have never thought about taking an adult only trip to Disney World or your friends have just recently brought up an adults only trip, well, have no fear! Here we are going to cover the top 7 tips and tricks for adults when they venture out to the theme parks on their own.

No more guessing or waiting until you have the perfect amount of children to go to the theme parks instead grab your best adult friends and ditch the kids if you have any to make your way down to the most magical place on earth, adult style! The fun is really endless when you are not trying to drag any little ones around and do not worry, if kids aren’t your thing, you can manage to avoid some of them for the most part.

  • Start Early: Yes, I know, as an adult you are probably going to want to sleep in for a bit, but when you are going to Disney World, you are going to need to set those alarms.  Let’s be honest, kids aren’t the easiest to get out and about in the morning so heading straight the theme parks for the infamous rope drop (this is the very moment when the park opens) is going to be the best way to start your day. 

And believe me when you are heading through the resort and peak into the food court crowded with families and children of all ages, you are never going to regret that decision to head straight to the theme parks.  This will also give you a chance to knock out some of the high demand rides early that you may have not snagged a fastpass for and you’ll be able to take a break and maybe a dip by the pool midday when most families with little ones will be napping.

So the first rule for every adult every day during their Disney vacation is going to be to start early! Also, it is crucial to book your first three fastpasses for first thing in the morning.  This is going to allow you to knock out your first three back to back so you can select more throughout you day. It is going to make the entire process easier.

  • Take All Your Pictures Early: When you are an adult going to Disney World with your friends or partner without any kids, we all know you are the main focus of the picture, so take all of the post worthy pictures you want to share on social media first thing in the morning.  Why? Because you haven’t sweat your butt off yet.  You are going to look fresh and relaxed and not sweaty which is the perfect look for any Disney vacation picture. 

Try to get some character meet and greets in.  Most families are still going to be wrangling their children or trying to get a stroller at the front of the park and making sure everyone is settled.  Take advantage of that by knocking out your first three fastpasses quickly to book more, take your picture by Cinderella’s Castle before Main Street is covered with screaming children and find all the character meet and greets to post all of your favorite vacation pictures before noon!

  • Resort Hop: When making your dining reservations do not just limit yourself to the theme parks.  There is so much fantastic food to eat you way through while you are at Disney World that if you just limit yourself to the theme parks themselves you are missing out on another entire universe that is impossible with children.  You will mainly only see people eat at the resorts who are staying there because transportation hopping can be a hassle with little ones in tow so most people will try to avoid it. 

When it comes to the Best Dining at Disney World for adults at the resorts I always suggest:

  1. Citrico’s at the Grand Floridian Resort
  2. Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge
  3. Jiko –  The Cooking Place at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House
  4. Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian Resort
  5. California Grill at the Contemporary Resort
  6. Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian

It is always such a peaceful dining experience when less children are involved and these places are all known not only for their food but also the amazing ambiance. If you are looking for the best times to also miss those children while you are eating, you are going to want to pre select dining reservations and make them for the early evening before the dinner rush pours through the doors.  You and your friends or even go by yourself or with a partner can enjoy some of the best food on property and get some great food shots to brag about on social media as well.

  • Wait: This is one of my favorite things to do without the children is to wait. Some of the Disney lines are absolutely spectacular and I strongly recommend waiting in the standby line for Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom.  I also bring a battery pack for my phone and the charging cable and if we see a ride we want to ride but do not have a fastpass for, we just hope on in line and pull out our phones. 

We update social media with how our days went, play games, update our My Disney Experience app if we find new fastpasses that we want to enjoy and just wait it out.  Especially if there is air conditioning.  And while we are talking about waiting it out, we don’t just wait for the big thrill attractions. I hit all the rides and shows my kids absolutely hate. The Tiki Room? Definitely. The People Mover? Let’s do it twice! Carousel of Progress?

A fantastic show with plenty of air conditioning.  All of the attractions my kids cannot stand are so much fun without them.  There is something absolutely beautiful about doing  classic Disney and not having to hear your children whine constantly in the background.

  • Take Your Time: Seriously, take as much time as you can get. I personally love taking my time in two places without the kids: the World Showcase in Epcot and the Animal Trails in Animal Kingdom.  Even better than just doing Epcot on any regular day, doing Epcot alone during the Food and Wine Festival. 

There is so much that you miss when you are being rushed with children but taking the time to really watch the shows that are available when you are walking through the World Showcase or really sitting down and watching the hippos or gorillas play when you are experiencing Animal Kingdom can make your entire vacation.  There is nothing like watching the baby gorillas play with their siblings or bothering their parents while coming into their own.

But the best part of taking your time always has to do with food in the theme parks.  No more of finding the closest popcorn stand and having to share it with your entire family, nope! Instead you can wander around the park and find the snacks that you always wanted to try but couldn’t with those pesky kids around.  This is why I always recommend an adult trying to do the Food and Wine Festival once without children.  You can eat and drink whatever you want without anyone bothering you.  Take your time.  Glance over each menu and really try to figure out what you eating. And eat at every station.  You are in no rush so that your time and eat your way through each pavilion.  It is a memory that will truly last a lifetime.

  • Splurge: This might not seem like a tip or trick but seriously it is the best tip I have ever gotten during all my Disney vacations.  We all have that one thing we can never do with our kids or even out partner (I always recommend a solo trip at least once in your life), and now would be the chance to book it.  Maybe it is a dining experience or an attraction, or like many it is one of those beloved Disney Tours.  There are so many options when it comes to Disney Tours and all of them are so much easier without bringing the children along.  Maybe you have always wanted to do the Epcot Sea Adventures – Dive Quest or Savor the Savanna: Evening Safari Experience then now will be your chance. 

Book whichever ones you desire. Hey even upgrade your hotel reservations because as adults we all know we like hanging out around the resort more than the children.  Pick a resort with a spectacular pool or even grab a room at a resort on the monorail loop, head back from the parks every night and just lay back and watch the evening fireworks from Magic Kingdom in the ultimate peace. Always opt for the appetizer you might not get otherwise. 

Maybe those character buffets aren’t really how you want to spend your vacation, well have no fear because there are plenty of fantastic options without those characters coming to greet you.  Or maybe you do like the characters and if you do book two! But make the focus about you.  So many times when you are trying to plan a vacation for your family you totally forget about yourself, but not anymore! Take this time to make it about you and make sure to splurge on the one item you would never usually splurge on!

  • Park Hop all Day Until Close: Park hopping with kids can be a literal nightmare.  They do not really understand what is going on and hate being dragged back on Disney transportation to another park.  When you have no kids, it is a breeze.  You can do all four parks in one day with ease without the children.  If you do intend to do all four parks in one day make sure you google for some fun challenges.  Many people have strived to accomplish so much in one day and the little competition is an absolute blast. Also, enjoy Disney at night.  Each park has their own night show and they are worth staying until the end of the day. 

My favorite is grabbing one of the exclusive drinks located only in Pandora at Animal Kingdom and watching the entire area light up with absolute magic and beauty.  Or I head over to Epcot and get a delicious adult only beverage, snag my spot for Illuminations extra early and people watch while waiting for the fireworks. You can begin you day at Magic Kingdom and even end up at Disney Springs just because you can.  You are your own tour guide with no boundaries so never limit yourself to just one park.

When it comes down to Disney for adults, the opportunities for magic is endless.  Never avoid a Disney vacation because you do not have kids but instead take these 7 tips and tricks and begin planning your adult only vacation.  Just make sure you make it about you, even the best of adults always need some magic in their life and that doesn’t end here at Disney World!

Although one Disney tip will always remain the same: plan early! Never wait until the last minute if you can help it to plan your best Disney trip ever and you will have smooth sailing to a peaceful Disney vacation you never knew you would be able to have.  Now if anyone can find a way to avoid all kids while on vacation, I think everyone would appreciate that magic!

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