15 Best Jim Hawkins Quotes You’ll Love

Here are the Best Jim Hawkins Quotes!

Throughout the film “Treasure Planet,” we see protagonist and adventure-seeker Jim Hawkins travel through the cosmos with a band of pirates to discover the gems and loot hidden within Treasure Planet. Challenge after challenge, we see Jim grow and develop into the young man his mother always believed he was, bringing the audience to both cheers and tears.

So without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane to relive this wonderful movie via some of the best Jim Hawkins quotes from “Treasure Planet!”

The Best Jim Hawkins Quotes

Just like the film, we are going to start at the inception of Jim’s infatuation with Treasure Planet as a young child. His wide-eyed wonder will surely bring you back to your youth, filling you with both nostalgia and amazement! 

“I know it’s real!”

The film starts with Jim Hawkins as a child, reading his bedtime story related to Captain Flint and Treasure Planet under his covers. His mom comes into his room and exclaims how he should be sleeping by now. Getting push back from Jim, his mom joins him to finish the story in bed. 

After they are done reading, Jim asks his mother if she believes Treasure Planet is real. His mother responds, claiming it is more of a legend, but Jim answers with this line, refusing to believe it. 

This heartwarming introduction to Jim and his mother, Sarah, brings the audience back to their childhood, as I am sure we have all believed in fictitious characters and creatures at one point or another. The child-like wonder and desperation for such fantastical creations to be true brings viewers closer to Jim. 

“Yeah, what future?”

Following Jim’s capture by the police, they bring him back home to his mother and notify her that if he violates his probation one more time, Jim will be sent to juvenile hall. Once the officers leave, his mother pleads with him to fix his life choices or he will end up destroying his future. 

Jim, downtrodden and embarrassed, responds to his mother’s pleas with this line under his breath. We see him begin to help clear the dining room tables, and leave his head down in despair. 

This relatable moment brings the audience back to a time where we have all felt the heaviness of reality become too much for us. Seeing Jim grow up and become more of a rebel teenager, we can relate to his confusion on what to do with his life while not having proper guidance from both parental figures. 

“With that treasure, we could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!”

After escaping the pirate loot at the Benbow Inn, Jim, Delbert, and Sarah, take shelter at Delbert’s mansion. While examining the circular piece that the creature gave Jim after crashing at their inn, they come to find it as a map to Treasure Planet. 

Ecstatic with excitement, Jim sees this as the answer to all their families issues, including the loss of their home/business. When Sarah tries to stop Jim, however, he counters with this line, trying to plead with her that this is their best option for their future. 

The motivation and exhilaration that elates Jim within this moment sparks a flaming sense of adventure within the audience, as we prepare ourselves for the childhood adventure we always dreamed of. While Sarah is only trying to protect her child, we know Jim will triumph in this voyage and bring pride back to his family’s name. 

Below is a scene from the film featuring The Benbow:

“Yeah I got your Mr. Mop…”

Jim says this line under his breath following the launch of their ship towards Treasure Planet. Captain Amelia questions Mr. Silver why his protege, now Jim, is loitering on the sales of the boat aimlessly. Mr. Silver, trying to stay in the good graces of Captain Amelia, puts Jim to work by having him clean the deck with a mop and bucket. 

While Jim is unamused by his new choirs, the audience cannot help find a bit of humor in this scene. As we have all had the annoyance of having to run errands and complete benign tasks, it is a bit comical seeing Jim not being forced into the task instead of his usual joy-rides on his electric “skateboard”. 

“Why? You got something to hide bright eyes?”

While mopping the deck, Jim notices a few of the crew members huddled in a corner, excitedly whispering to each other. He tries to eavesdrop on what they are saying, but they immediately notice and begin questioning his motives. 

Scroop catches this, and climbs down the mass to warn Jim to mind his own business. Jim answers his threats with this quick-witted response, making a jab at his bulging, bright yellow eyes. 

Jim’s clever rebuttal puts the audience at the edge of their seat, as Scroop is a terrifyingly large, spider-looking creature that does not appear to have a nice bone in his body. We become worried for him at this moment, as we do not know how Scroop is going to react to his disparaging comment. 

“No…he was more the taking off and never coming back sort…”

Following the fight with Scroop, Mr. Silver comes back to check on Jim and his deck cleaning duties. He asks Jim if his dad ever taught him how to pick his fights, and Jim grows quiet with this response. 

Alongside Mr. Silver, the audience grows silent and stricken with pity and sorrow at Jim’s confession. For those of us who have had a parental figure walk out on us, this moment really hits the heartstrings, as we recognize the unrelenting pain this trauma causes. Like Mr. Silver, all we want to do in this scene is give Jim a big hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. 

“I don’t know, they weren’t exactly singing my praises when I left home.”

Keeping a close eye on Jim, Mr. Silver puts Jim to work on a multitude of chores, including washing the dishes, picking barnacles off the side of the ship, and tying knots for the life ropes. 

For a moment, the two of them escape on a smaller ship to have some fun, and Jim steers them impressively throughout the cosmos. Mr. Silver remarks on his talent, yet Jim confesses how not many people back at home see him in this light. 

This line spoken by Jim brings the audience to a state of empathy for him, as we can clearly see just how talented and smart the young character is. Discovering more about his background, we can tell Jim does have a bright future ahead of him, regardless of the nay-sayers back at home who only see him as a rebellious teenager. 

Alongside this movie’s incredible cast and creations, Disney teamed up with profound musicians, including the Goo Goo Dolls’ John Rzeznik, to fully engage the audience and take them along the emotional journey of our voyager, Jim Hawkins. Discover more about how much thought these musicians put into creating such a thoughtful and captivating soundtrack! 

“Look, don’t you get it?! I screwed up! For two seconds, I thought that maybe I could do something right…”

Jim angrily yells this line at Mr. Silver after he tries to comfort him following the loss of Captain Arrow. During the ship’s encounter with a planet’s black hole, the crew fastened their life ropes around themselves while trying to get out of the situation. Noticing that Captain Arrow went overboard, Scroop takes this opportunity to cut his line loose and leave him to the black hole. 

Once the ship gets to safety, Scroop blames Captain Arrow’s disappearance on Jim, saying he did not fasten a life rope for him. While the viewers know it’s Scroop that is culpable, Jim is in the dark to his deviousness, leaving him bewildered and riddled with guilt. 

Being able to see the truth, this moment is infuriating to watch, filling us with pity for Jim’s immediate sense of remorse and responsibility for the situation. 

“That’s it you little squid!”

Morph begins to goof around with Jim at the bottom of the ship. He ends up taking one of Jim’s boots and flies out onto the deck, in hopes that Jim will chase him. While having fun with him, they begin a little game of whack-a-mole. 

With this movie presenting real issues that people face in their everyday lives, this part of the movie provides jovial relief for both the characters and audience. As Jim is constantly faced with obstacles, it is relieving to see him be a kid for once and have a bit of fun with his new friend, Morph. 

“Look, if you’re going to come along you’re going to have to stop talking…and you have to stop touching me!”

Following Jim, Captain Amelia, Delbert, and Morph crash landing on Treasure Planet, Jim and Morph come to meet B.E.N. B.E.N. is a whimsical, abandoned robot from the planet, who is ecstatic to finally come across human life form after years of being left alone on Treasure Planet. 

Because Jim and the rest of the crew are trying to hide from Mr. Silver and his band of pirates, he is adamant on finding a place to hide on Treasure Planet. Feeling guilty about leaving B.E.N. behind, he begrudgingly invites him along with him and Morph. 

Jim spews this line, as B.E.N. is so overcome with excitement on meeting human life form that he cannot stop talking or touching Jim in the moment. Although Jim seems reluctant at first to accept B.E.N., we can already see a new friendship blossoming between the two. 

“I mean, at least you taught me one thing: stick to it, right? Well that’s just what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make sure you don’t see on drabloon of my treasure!”

Once Mr. Silver and his band of pirates find Jim and his friends on Treasure Planet, the two of them discuss deals of the map and treasure alone. Mr. Silver tries to swindle Jim into giving him the map, promising an even portion of the treasure to him. Jim, however, realizing Mr. Silver’s empty promises, vows that he will never see an ounce of the treasure. 

This is a heroic moment for Jim, as we see him stand up to Mr. Silver and reject what would be the “rebel” thing to do. Jim puts Mr. Silver in his place throughout this scene, bringing the audience to cheers as we continue to root for Jim triumphantly gaining all of what Treasure Planet has to offer. 

“Stupid robot’s gonna get us all killed!”

While trying to figure out a way to escape from Mr. Silver and the pirates, B.E.N. just happens to mention a “backdoor” that leads them out of their hiding space out of sight. Him, Jim, and Morph use this and end up returning to the surface of the planet right at the pirates’ sleep spot. 

The three of them steal the pirates’ smaller boat to head back to the ship to obtain the map to Treasure Planet. While Jim and Morph go get the map, B.E.N. is tasked with disabling the fire canyons. Finding an array of wires, B.E.N. begins to pull them out, which end up signaling a loud alarm across the ship. This leads to Jim muttering this line under his breath. 

The dichotomy in this scene is quite comical, as we see B.E.N. struggling to find the correct wire, and Jim and Morph having trouble reaching the map. Jim’s quote, while spoken in anguish, has truth to it, as B.E.N. continues to get the group of them in dangerous binds. 

“Shhh B.E.N., this isn’t over yet.”

Returning back to the hiding spot with the treasure map, Jim, Morph, and B.E.N. find the pirates have snuck their way in and tied up Captain Amelia and Delbert.

Mr. Silver threatens them to give them the map, but Jim convinces them he has to go with them to get it. Mr. Silver, begrudgingly agrees to his terms, and actually takes all of them to follow the map to the treasure. 

While traveling, B.E.N. begins to have flashbacks from his past, causing him to go a bit crazy. Jim tries to calm him down, stating this line to keep them on course. 

This calms the audience’s nerves, as we begin to think Jim and his team have met the end of the line with these pirates holding them hostage. Our trust in Jim’s cleverness is lit once again, as we can feel a plan hatching within his mind. 

“B.E.N., I think I just found your mind!”

After searching, Mr. Silver, the pirates, Jim and his team finally find where the treasure is hidden on Treasure Planet. While the pirates are distracted with all of the silver and gold, Jim takes B.E.N. with him to an abandoned ship lying afar on top of the treasure. 

When the two of them board, they come across Captain Flint’s skeleton. Jim begins inspecting it, and finds the missing piece of B.E.N.’s “skull” in his dead hands. After a moment, Jim realizes what this hunk of metal and wires is, and exclaims this line to B.E.N. 

This is a hilariously ironic moment for Jim and B.E.N. While  Jim does literally find the rest of B.E.N. ‘s mind within this piece of metal, normal humans typically cannot find one another’s mind after they go crazy. After seeing this movie dozens of times, this line still brings me to laughter! 

“You know, when I got on this boat I would have taken you up on that offer in a second. But, uh, I met this old cyborg and he taught me that I could chart my own course. And that’s what I’m going to do.”

Escaping the explosion of Treasure Planet, the crew returns back to Montressor using the portal from the map. With the rest of the pirates are tied up and awaiting the police, Mr. Silver tries to sneak out the bottom of the ship using one of the smaller boats stored there. 

Jim finds Mr. Silver attempting to flee, and decides to help him escape his coming prison sentence. Mr. Silver asks if Jim wants to run away with him and Morph, but Jim responds with this line, motivated by Mr. Silver’s own words. 

Although their relationship was tumultuous at various times throughout this story, there is no better way to end this movie than them coming together, admitting their care for each other, and concluding with one of the best Jim Hawkins quotes!

While Mr. Silver’s own background was questionable, he still provided valuable life lessons to Jim and became a male role model for him to look up to. There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Silver would continue to look out for Jim and his well-being, even if from afar.

Although this film had a slow start to winning over its audience, it eventually landed an Academy Award nomination for “Best Animated Feature”

This article was written by Arianna and edited by Michael.

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