15 Best Flik Quotes From ‘A Bug’s Life’ You’ll Love

Here Are the Best Flik Quotes!
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Flik, the main character in “A Bug’s Life,” is voiced by comedian Dave Foley. Flik is a loveable underdog and inspiring inventor. It seems the more he tries to help, however, the more he makes things worse.

Flik wants a better future for the ant colony and will do whatever it takes to make the world a better place for his fellow ants. And with Dave Foley being one of my favorite comedians, let’s revisit some of the all-time best Flik quotes from “A Bug’s Life!”

The Best Flik Quotes from A Bug’s Life

We’re a lot stronger than you say we are… And you know it, don’t you?

The ants do not give themselves enough credit, there is safety in numbers. If there is one thing ants have it is numbers. Flik knows this, he just needs to convince his fellow ants to stand strong together. 

As he exclaims this to Hooper, the grasshopper who terrorizes the ant colony, he sees Hopper’s reaction. Hooper also knows if the ant’s band together, they can revolt against him and defeat the grasshoppers. Ants out number the grasshoppers 100 to 1.

No, no, see it’s classified in the DMZ, gotta go ASAP, you know, strictly BYOB. Bye!

Flik just found out that the “warrior bugs” he brought to Ant Island to fight the grasshoppers are really circus bugs. He is having a minor breakdown as the bugs he brought to defend the colony begin to leave.

In a panic he uses a bunch of nonsense acronyms as an attempt to confuse Princess Atta and chase after the circus bugs. I had to include this quote because it is one that makes me laugh.

My children’s children will walk down the street and people will point and say, “Look, there goes the spawn of Flik the Loser!”

Flik desperately wants to fix the mess he created when his invention bumped the leaf and spilled the grasshopper offering in the water. He had an idea to bring back tough bugs to defend the colony.

However, he did not bring back tough bugs, he brought back a circus act. He cannot stomach the idea of another failed attempt to help the colony. He begs the circus bugs not to disclose who they really are, as this would be an epic failure on his part. A failure he would never live down.

For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!

As Flik sets off on his mission to find tough bugs in the city, he proclaims “For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!” Flik is proud of his idea and is dedicated to saving the colony from the grasshoppers. It is not right that half their food goes to the grasshoppers, and they live in fear. To me it is the best Flick quote in the movie. 

It summarizes the central theme of the movie, stand-up to oppression and fight for a better way of life. Flik is determined to do whatever it takes to improve life for the ants on Ant Island. Even if that means he leaves the safety of Ant Island and ventures out on his own to find help. 

You’re not a tree yet. You just have to give yourself some time. You’re still a seed.

Princess Dot is upset because she is too small and cannot help as much as she would like to. Flik tries to comfort the tiny princess and explains to her that she needs to give herself time to grow. She might not be able to do much now, but she will. In time she will be important and a vital member of the colony. But, like anything in life, things take time, she needs to be patient.

Warrior bugs!

Flik is a simple ant who has never left Ant Island. He goes to the city to find tough bugs to fight the grasshoppers. As he walks into a bar, he sees a group of bugs fighting. He hears one group of bugs declare “we are greatest warrior bugs in the bug-dom.” He thinks he has found the solution to the grasshopper problem: warrior bugs! 

Flik is beyond excited that he found the perfect group of bugs to defeat Hopper and his grasshopper gang. What he does not realize is his warrior bugs were performing a scene from Robin Hood and are not tough at all. 

Hopper’s afraid of birds!

Just when Flik thinks all is lost, Princess Atta offers him a solution to their problem. Birds! Flik is creative and a quick thinker. You can see the light bulb go off above his head when he realizes there might be a way out of this mess.

The circus bugs might not be the tough bugs they were looking for, but they can help build a fake bird to chase Hopper and the grasshoppers away. He quickly rushes to the circus bugs and quickly hatches a plan to build a fake bird to scare Hopper.

It’s YOU who need US!

Flik challenges Hopper as to who the weaker species really is. Grasshoppers rely on ants for food and are vital to their survival. Ants might be small, but they are significant. There is strength in numbers and when a group comes together, they can make a difference. No one group is better than another. 

And when one group disrespects and exploits another group, then that group must band together and revolt against their oppressors. The ants begin to realize how strong they really are and begin to stand up and fight the grasshoppers. 

Oh, great ones! I have been scouting for bugs with your exact talents.

Flik comes across his warrior bugs and approaches them as the heroes he thinks they are. However, with his wording the circus bugs think he is a talent scout. A classic misunderstanding begins. The bugs think they are agreeing to go with Flik to perform. Flik thinks they are agreeing to fight off the grasshoppers. 

I was just trying to help. 

Another ant responds with “Then help us; don’t help us.” Flik is well-meaning and is constantly looking to improve how things run on Ant Island. However, his ideas and inventions often do more harm than good.

He knows he messes up, but that does not stop him from continuing to try to find new and interesting ways to help. He so desperately wants to impress Princess Atta and make his mark. 

You’ve got to help me, I’m desperate.

The circus bugs realize they are not hired to perform for the grasshoppers, but to defend against them. They want no part of it. They start to leave and Flik begs them not to leave. He even grabs hold of Slim, the stick bug, as the group tries to fly away. 

Flik is truly afraid that this might be the last straw. Another failed attempt to help might have put all the ants in his colony in danger. He will do anything to save his reputation, and his fellow ants.

The bird was my idea. I’m the one you want.

Hopper blames the princess for the fake bird. Flik steps up and takes responsibility for the failed idea. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He hopes to shield Princess Atta and the ant colony from harm. It is a selfless act of bravery.

 Hello kids! Ready to make some grasshoppers cry?

Flik gets the children ants involved in the plot to scare off the grasshoppers. The rest of the colony is being held captive by Hopper, so Flik enlists the help of the Blueberry Troop ants to help scare off the grasshoppers with the fake bird they built. An interesting way to motivate the little ants. They are excited to help in the plot to get rid of Hopper and the grasshopper gang. 

Waiting for you to screw up

Princess Atta stops Flik and says “Flik, I owe you an apology.” Flik is perceived as a failure and a disappointment to the colony. His inventions and ideas do not work, but that does not stop him from trying to make a difference. 

He knows how Princess Atta feels, like people want them to fail. Flik wants her to know that she is not alone. He is trying to comfort the Princess who will become Queen. 

Show me one thing I have done right.

The circus bugs tell him: “Us.” He discovered them. He gave them purpose and a new home. He brought them back together and made them important again. Flik might have given up on himself, but the circus bugs have not. They know his plan will work, they believe in him, just like he believed in them. 

This article was written by Jennifer and edited by Michael.

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