15 Best Lumière Quotes You Will Love

Here Are the Best Best Lumière Quotes from Beauty and the Beast!
Belle Talks With Lumiere” by Steven Miller licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lumière, the lovable candle from Beauty and the Beast, is one of Disney’s most beloved characters. In this classic film, his infectious positivity rubs off on everyone around him, including Cogsworth and even the grumpy Beast himself. His hospitable nature paves the way for Belle to see the Beast’s true nature, as well. So sit back and “be our guest,” as I serve up my picks for the best Lumière quotes from Beauty and the Beast!

The Best Lumiere Quotes

“Oh, Cogsworth, have a heart.”

When we first meet Lumière, he is accompanied by Cogsworth, and the two are rarely seen apart for the rest of the movie. Belle’s father, Maurice, has stumbled upon the castle, and the pair are watching him from a distance. They disagree on how to handle the situation. 

While Cogsworth is a glass half-empty sort of fellow, Lumière always tries to bring out the best in his friends. His plea for Cogsworth to have a heart is a reminder of their humanity. Lumière is trying to get his negative friend to realize that even though this man is clearly not the one they are waiting on to break the spell, helping a stranger in need is still the right thing to do.

Lumière – “Did you see that? It’s a girl!”

Lumière’s undying positivity is again on full display. He has never met Belle, and Belle has never even met the Beast; however, he instantly puts his hope in her to break the spell. He springs into action and runs after her in the hallway, and Cogsworth follows his lead and helps him guide Belle to be reunited with her father, who has been locked away by the Beast. 

Although the transformed staff of the house have been changed from their human forms for a very long time, Lumière never lost grasp of the hope that their situation could be changed, even at the last minute. This quote teaches the importance of always maintaining a positive attitude in the face of despair and taking advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves.

“Since the girl is going to be with us for quite some time, I was thinking that you might want to offer her a more comfortable room. (Beast growls at him) Then again, maybe not.”

This one just makes me laugh! But more than just a funny moment, the deeper perspective here is that, throughout the film, Lumière offers advice to the Beast to help him be more open and kinder to Belle. And the Beast usually ends up taking it, even if begrudgingly. 

And in the end, everyone benefits from this decision. It’s hard to imagine Belle falling in love with the Beast while locked away in the dungeon tower! Clearly, Lumière foresaw this, and it’s a good idea he suggested that the Beast give her a better room.

“When she comes in, give her a dashing debonair smile. Come, come, show me the smile.”

This quote leads to one of the most terrifyingly funny moments of the film: the Beast trying to flash a smile! It’s a wonder the MPAA didn’t rate this as a scene that “may be terrifying to young viewers” …it certainly terrified me! 

Once again, Lumière is trying to do his part to help the Beast fall in love. But clearly, his smile alone is not going to cut it! Also, “dashing debonair smile” is just a very fun sentence to say, so this quote is sure to bring on laughs and giggles.

“Shower her with compliments.” 

By this point in the film, the servants seem to be less afraid of giving the Beast advice. Led by Lumière in this scene, he and Mrs. Potts feel comfortable enough to bark several orders at him! It’s funny, because after telling him to control his temper…the Beast immediately loses his temper! 

Nevertheless, you can tell that the Beast is softening up, thanks in large part to Lumière’s consistent and directed good advice and positivity towards him.

Beast – “You’ll come out or I’ll… I’ll… I’ll break down the door!” Lumière – “Master, I could be wrong, but that may not be the best way to win the girl’s affections.”

First, Lumière’s delivery of this line is hilarious! Even when the Beast flat out ignores his advice on how to treat Belle, Lumière’s makes a subtle joke and does not get offended. Aside from positivity, Lumière is also an example of patience. 

From waiting for a girl to come along to break the spell, to waiting on the Beast to learn how to be kind, Lumière patiently waits on his friends as they learn and grow, something we should all strive to do ourselves.

“She is not a prisoner. She’s our guest! We must make her feel welcome here.”

Everyone remembers Lumière’s for his famous song, “Be Our Guest”, his best attempt to make Belle feel at home in the castle. The roots of that song can be found in this quote, stated a bit before the song. Interestingly, Belle is a prisoner. 

But Lumière does not want Belle to feel like one. He knows the importance of her being there, and he doesn’t but let the technicality of her situation prevent him from bending the rules and treating her like a guest…a decision that ultimately saves everyone in the castle. Given that making people feel welcome is quintessential to Lumière’s character, this lesser-known line of the film has to be one of the best Lumière quotes.

“What is dinner without a little music?”

This quote is building up the excitement for something special to happen. Sure enough, you start hearing the musical cues for “Be Our Guest” right after Lumière says this. And to think that right before bursting into one of the most elaborate, Broadway-type songs in Disney history, Cogsworth had just told Lumière to keep the noise down so as not to alert the Beast! 

But regardless of what Cogsworth thinks, or how the Beast may respond, Lumière is determined to make Belle feel welcome.

“It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you to relax. Let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents your dinner.”

This quote is Lumière’s hospitality at its finest. It serves as the opening to one of Disney’s most popular songs. I won’t blame you if you start singing out loud…that’s what I’m doing!

Lumière – “Voilà! Oh, you look so– so…”  

Beast – (fur done up in curls and bows) “Stupid.” 

Lumière – “Not quite the word I was looking for. Perhaps a little more off the top.”

The visuals that go along with this quote get me every time! When we first meet the Beast, he is this deep-voiced, powerful creature. Fast forward to this scene, where Lumière orders the Beast to get a haircut that is arguably more elaborate than anything we see from Belle throughout the entire movie!

Though this may be an authentic look for French royals of the time, I’m glad that Lumière suggested taking “a little more off the top!”

Cogsworth – “Well, Lumière, old friend. Shall we let bygones be bygones?”  

Lumière – “Of course, mon ami. I told you she would break the spell.”

The relationship between Lumière and Cogsworth has come full circle. When we first met then, they did not see eye to eye on how to handle the arrival of Maurice. And now, at the end of the animated film, they are once again bickering over who was responsible for saving the day! 

The nature of their relationship reminds me of two brothers who always interrupt each other’s stories at the family gathering, playfully fighting like they can’t stand each other, but deep down knowing that they are the best of friends 

(The next four quotes all come from the 2017 live action version of the film)

Lumière – “Forgive my intrusion mademoiselle, but I have come to escort you to your room.”  (2017 Live Action Remake)

I like how the live action remake of this scene gives us different takes on scenes from the animated version. For example, in the cartoon, the Beast was the one who showed Belle to her room. But in the remake, this is done by Lumière. 

The positive nature of his character remains unchanged however, as he is able to somehow put a positive spin on Belle, horrified at seeing a talking candle, hurling a footstool at his head! He merely laughs it off and compliments her strength!

Lumière – “A broken clock is right two times a day, mon ami, but this is not one of those times.” (2017 Live Action Remake)

This quote is also present in the animated film. But here Lumière further elaborates on the hope he has in Belle being the one to break the spell. He also makes use of a famous quote that is more than appropriate to use on his ticking companion!

Lumière – “Don’t worry, Master. You’ll do fine.” (2017 Live Action Remake)

This scene takes its animated counterpart even further, with the servants, Lumière included, not afraid to threaten the Beast (with cold tea…the inhumanity!) if he doesn’t take their advice. No one ever said that being positive meant you can’t be assertive! Thankfully, Beast gets the point. 

“Cogsworth, we beat the clock!” (2017 Live Action Remake)

To round off our list, here’s another quote that exemplifies the wit and humor that we all love about Lumière. At least this version of the film ends with him complementing Cogsworth, and not challenging him to an impromptu fencing match!

As we can see, the nature of Lumière’s character is present in virtually every one of his lines: he is quick-witted, hospitable, and certainly Beauty and the Beast would not have a happy ending without Lumière’s undying positivity!

This article was written by Marcus and edited by Michael.

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