15 Best Vanellope von Schweetz Quotes You Will Love

Here are the Best Vanellope von Schweetz Quotes!

Wreck it Ralph is Disney’s homage to arcade games. When the arcade closes, the video game characters go about their own lives, which means they actually have feelings about their games and their roles within them. Stuck in the role of a villain in his own game for 30 years, Ralph decides to venture out and find somewhere he can be the hero. 

In this game, Sarah Silverman portrays the spirited, glitchy racing character Vanellope von Schweetz. Ralph might be the titular character of the movie, but his first real friend, Vanellope, has her fair share of screen time as well. So let’s revisit some of her best moments in this roundup of the best Vanellope von Schweetz quotes from the movie!

The Best Vanellope von Schweetz Quotes

“Um, I wouldn’t grab that branch if I were you. It’s double-striped.” 

When Ralph crash lands in the Sugar Rush game, Vanellope is the first person he encounters. She catches him trying to climb a candy cane tree and warns him not to grab a certain branch because it’s double-striped. He grabs it anyway, and the branch vanishes, causing him to fall. 

In this moment, we learn that Vanellope has a deep knowledge of the world she lives in and isn’t afraid to show it. Even though she’s just met Ralph, she’s confident about telling him what to do because she really does know best. 

“Well now it’s my ticket!” 

After Vanellope spots Ralph’s stolen medal, she mistakes it for a coin, which she can use to enter the race and finally become a racer. She gets to it before him and he begs her not to take it because it’s his ticket to a better life in his game. 

Her response is our first indication that, even if she knows her world well, Vanellope might not fit in here. She’s looking for a ticket to a different relationship with her game, too, and she’s not afraid to steal one… not unlike Ralph himself. After she delivers this line, we see her glitch for the first time as well. 

I’m not a glitch, I’ve just got pixlexia, okay? 

When Vanellope begins interacting with other characters from her game, the viewer quickly learns that everyone calls her “the Glitch.” When one of the “real” racers says she shouldn’t try to join the race because she’s a glitch, Vanellope quips back with this line about having “pixlexia.” 

This is a clever bit of wordplay, comparing her issues with keeping her pixels in the right order to the condition of dyslexia, where people struggle to read due to challenges with letter order. This condition has been further elaborated on in the junior novelization of the film, where she confirms the similarity to dyslexia.

“Please, I just want to race like you guys!” 

In a heartbreaking scene that Ralph just so happens to witness, Vanellope is bullied as the racers insist she can’t possibly be one of them. The main mean girl of the group, Taffyta (voiced by Mindy Kaling in the first film) refers to her as an accident waiting to happen, and the racers begin to destroy the cart Vanellope painstakingly built herself. 

Vanellope begs them to accept her, saying she just wants to be a part of the group, which eventually inspires Ralph to jump in and chase off her bullies, sparking off the start of their friendship. 

“Well it looks like you’re gonna be stepping outside your comfort zone then!” 

Once Vanellope learns that Ralph is really good at wrecking things, she enlists his help. She asks him to break down the door to a mini game where racers can build their own carts, and he panics when he realizes he’s being asked to help build something. He tries to explain he’s no good at making things, just wrecking them, but Vanellope won’t take no for an answer. 

Even if he doesn’t believe in himself, Vanellope is willing to put her faith in her new friend and simply tells him it’s time to step outside of his comfort zone. 

“Come on! A work of art like this must be signed.” 

Initially, Ralph is worried that Vanellope won’t like the cart they created together. However, she loves it, and excitedly grabs a couple of tubes of frosting, inviting him to sign the car along with her. Here, we see Ralph having someone appreciate the work he’s done for the first time. 

“Hold on, what, you have teeth? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile before!” 

As Ralph writes his name in frosting, he smiles with pride at having created something for once, and even more at how happy it made Vanellope. 

She makes light of their bonding moment by joking about how she’s never seen him smile before, and he tries to play it off like he isn’t moved. Their friendship dynamic begins to take shape in this moment, as they move from following through on their deal to actually enjoying one another’s company. 

“Look, wise guy, I know I’m a racer. I can feel it in my code.”

After they build the cart, Vanellope reveals she’s never actually driven one before. Even so, she has faith in her abilities and is confident she can do it. She says she can feel it in her code, another of the movie’s clever twists on a real world phrase “I can feel it in my bones.” 

This line also serves as a bit of foreshadowing, as viewers will later realize that Vanellope’s code really did intend her to be a racer all along, before the film’s antagonist meddled with it. 

“No, I get it. That’s exactly what racing would do for me!”

Ralph is trying to make Vanellope understand why it’s so important for him to get the medal back, telling her about how he feels living alone in the dump while the other characters in his game celebrate Fix it Felix. He then trails off, assuming that Vanellope won’t understand. After all, no one else has ever understood how he feels. 

However, Vanellope does understand, because she’s searching for the same kind of acceptance in her own game. What Ralph hopes the medal will do for him, she’s hoping racing will do for her. They both want to belong in their respective worlds and feel like a part of things, which is the major theme of the movie and something to which many viewers can surely relate. 

“Everyone here says I’m just a mistake and I wasn’t even supposed to exist. What do you expect?”

Through most of the film, Vanellope is a cheerful, confident jokester. However, during her heart to heart with Ralph, we see that the bullying really has gotten to her on some level. She explains why she lives alone, in this hidden unfinished bonus level, which reminds Ralph of his dump. Given that people say she isn’t supposed to exist, it only makes sense to her that she’d have to hide away and live alone. 

This line also reminds the viewer of the impact that words can have on someone. Even though she acts tough, we see that Vanellope’s sense of self-worth has been impacted by being told she’s just a glitch, and that part of her doesn’t believe she deserves any better than what she’s got. 

“You really are a bad guy.” 

When Vanellope runs back to her home to get something, Ralph has a one-on-one conversation with King Candy. The King lays out a compelling reason for why he refuses to let Vanellope race, claiming that if players witness her glitch, they’ll complain and the game will be shut down. 

Since Vanellope can’t leave her game due to her glitchy code, the game being unplugged would mean she would cease to exist. Wanting to protect her from this fate, Ralph smashes her cart so she won’t be able to race. 

Heartbroken, Vanellope says he really is a bad guy, showing how betrayed she feels and also reinforcing all of Ralph’s insecurities about his ability to be anything but a bad guy. 

“I’m already a real racer. And I’m going to win.”

After Ralph sees the outside of Sugar Rush and realizes Vanellope is depicted as a racer on it, he rushes back to the game to figure out what’s going on. He brings the broken car to Felix, so he can fix it. One wave of a magic hammer later, Vanellope gets the chance to race.

Ralph tries to give her a pep talk, reminding her that she doesn’t have to win in order to become a real racer—she just has to cross the finish line. In her usual confident manner, she reiterates her certainty that she is a racer… and that she’s got what it takes to win. Now that we’ve seen what Ralph saw, we know more than ever that she’s right—racing is in her code, and we’re about to watch her shine.  

“Don’t worry. I got it under control!” 

Ralph attempts a heroic sacrifice, falling from incredible heights to smash the Mentos into Diet Coke mountain in order to create a beacon to destroy the bugs threatening Sugar Rush. However, Vanellope swoops in to save him, saying she’s got it under control. 

At this point, the words take on a double meaning since she has learned to control her glitch and use it to her advantage. Both the situation and her former weakness are under control, and she uses her glitch to save Ralph’s life, becoming a hero in her own right. 

Ralph: “You ready for this?”
Vanellope: “As ready as I’ll ever be!” 

After saving the game from the cy bugs, our characters line up at the finish line so Vanellope can finally cross it. It’s unclear if Vanellope knows the true meaning of this moment, but Ralph certainly does. When she crosses the finish line, in her mind she’ll be a real racer. But we as the viewer also know this will reset the game and repair the code. 

Crossing this finish line will change Vanellope’s life in a massive way, and this exchange is a good reminder that even good change can be big and scary. She may not be totally ready, but it’s better crossing into the unknown that staying in the same bad situation.  

“Aw, Ralph, what’re ya, nuts? This isn’t me. Come on, the code may say I’m a princess, but I know who I really am, Ralph. I’m a racer with the greatest superpower ever.” 

When the code gets repaired and the game restored to its original state, Vanellope is transformed into a princess in a fluffy pink dress. Ralph remarks that she was meant to be a princess all along. Vanellope, however, isn’t convinced. She glitches her way right out of that fluffy dress and reminds everyone that she already knows who she is and has known all along. 

Vanellope, despite her struggles, has shown self-confidence and determination throughout the film. In this moment, she fully steps into herself, rejecting the idea of being a perfect princess and embracing the “glitch” that she’s learned to use to her advantage. A powerful moment of self-acceptance and a reminder that not all girls need to be princesses in order to be the hero of their own story. 

As you can see from all of the best Vanellope von Schweetz quotes, the tiny candy-coated racer is a huge part of the movie’s story. Her journey from outcast to main character mirrors Ralph’s and reminds us that we don’t have to change who we are to be accepted—we just have to do what we do best and stay true to ourselves. 

This article was written by Amanda and edited by Michael.

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