15 Best Tinker Bell Quotes You’ll Love

Here Are the Best Tinker Bell Quotes!
Tinkerbell” by Jennie Park mydisneyadventures licensed under CC BY 2.0

We all know Disney’s classic film “Peter Pan,” in which the audience is introduced to characters like Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook, and the Lost Boys. The most beloved character that we are first exposed to, however, is Tinker Bell!

Although Tinker Bell does not speak throughout the “Peter Pan” films, Disney realized just how much the audience was enamored with her character, resulting in the creation of her movie own movie “Tinker Bell” in 2008.  So without further delay, here are the best Tinker Bell quotes that I think you’ll absolutely love!

15 Best Tinker Bell Quotes

We are going to start with one of the funniest lines Tinker Bell says throughout the film. 

“The mouse’s name is “Cheese”?”

Tinker Bell states this when her, Clank and Bobble are riding on the wagon to deliver supplies to the other fairies. A mouse is carrying the wagon, just like as a horse would pull a horse-drawn wagon. Since Tinker Bell is new to Pixie Hollow, she is still learning her way around, including the fairies and animals’ names. 

Being freshly introduced to Tinker Bell’s character, this is a fantastic way to “break the ice” in getting to know her personality. This brings a laugh and sense of excitement to the audience as we begin our journey with Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow. 

“Wow…the mainland sounds Flitter-ific!”

While Tinker Bell is discovering all that Pixie Hollow has to offer, she meets new friends: Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Fawn. During their first introductions, these fairies discuss the mainland. Tinker Bell, being new to everything, asks the fairies what the mainland is. Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Fawn explain to her what the mainland is and each of their duties in creating the changing of the seasons here. 

Tinker Bell exclaims this line after learning about the mainland, being fascinated by its mystery and all it has to offer. This play on words in her response brings out a laugh throughout the audience. We are able to see a more amusing side to her character, making Tinker Bell even more endearing to us. 

“Oh…okay…no, no that’s good! I mean, I really couldn’t make it anyway so…but yeah, this actually works out good. I mean, well so…I’m just going to…yeah…”

During the springtime check-in with the fairies and Queen Clarion, Tinker Bell interjects with her newly created devices that could possibly help while they are working on the mainland.

After a failed demonstration of these gadgets, Queen Clarion breaks the news to Tinker Bell that tinker fairies do not go to the mainland with the rest of the nature fairies. 

Feeling humiliated and embarrassed in front of everyone, Tinker Bell stammers this line in an attempt to hide her true feelings of discouragement. This is a hard scene to watch, as we can feel her giddy excitement completely plummet, leaving both ours and Tinker Bell’s spirits defeated. In addition, the fact that this occurred in front of all the fairies in Pixie Hollow amplifies the feelings tenfold. 

“Vidia was right…being a tinker fairy stinks.”

Tinker Bell says this quote when she gets back from the springtime check-in with Queen Clarion, after she tells her that tinker fairies do not go to the mainland. We see Tinker Bell extremely disappointed in the fact that she is unable to travel to the mainland. 

This moment with Tinker Bell brings the audience down to a state of somber with her, as we feel that discouragement. At some point in our lives, we have experienced some form of rejection. Whether it be going to a place we really wanted to, or possibly a career position we got stuck in, we are familiar with that heart-sinking feeling when a goal of ours seems impossible. 

“Well, I was thinking, why do I have to be a tinker? Just because some silly hammer glowed?”

Tinker Bell excitedly tells her other fairy friends, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Fawn, that she is no longer going to accept that she is a tinker fairy. Her goal is to switch her talent for one of the nature fairy’s talents, including their ability to connect and/or control water, animals, plants, or light. 

This scene is especially comical because as Tinker Bell is explaining this to the girls, a fly lands on her arm and Tinker Bell instinctively slaps it with her hand to kill it, giving the girls a shock. 

In addition, Tinker Bell making light of the hammer from the Talent Choosing Ceremony brings a light-hearted side out of her character. For an object that chooses the rest of the fairies’ destiny, it is somewhat dark humor seeing Tinker Bell make a joke about it. 


Tinker Bell shouts this line at the fireflies while they are waiting for her to toss the sunset light from the leaf holder to light them for the night. Tinker Bell is getting increasingly frustrated because after watching Iridessa, it seems so simple to just toss the light out into the air for the critters.

However, when Tinker Bell tries to do it, nothing comes out of the leaf holder, leaving Tinker Bell upset and reaching desperately inside the holder for light to come. 

While her aggravation is relatable to the audience, her humor that shines through brings the viewers comedic relief. For those of us who have dealt with training animals, this quote will bring you back to those times with a smile on your face! 

“Why, so I can do this my whole life? I don’t want to be just a stupid tinker!”

After failed attempts at trying to be a water and light fairy, Tinker Bell returns to her tinker station with Clank and Bobble. While sitting there upset, Fairy Mary comes by and tells Tinker Bell how disappointed she is after finding out what she has been up to. 

Tinker Bell grows instantly frustrated as she does not want to be a tinker fairy, and yells this quote after Clank and Bobble tells her she should listen to Fairy Mary. Clank and Bobble become hurt and embarrassed at Tinker Bell’s rude comment, as they truly enjoy being tinker fairies. 

While Tinker Bell’s delivery of her frustration is wrong, and we see her even apologize for it, her emotions are felt across the audience while watching. Especially within the realm of choosing a career position, we have all experienced a time where we felt stuck in a position where we did not want to be. 

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Tinkerbell” by Jennie Park mydisneyadventures licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Forgot my dewdrop!”

At Tinker Bell’s request, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Fawn begin to teach her their nature fairy talents throughout Pixie Hollow. Silvermist goes first, in which she introduces Tinker Bell to the talent of manipulating water. Her first task is to take a dewdrop from the water and place it across spiderwebs. 

While Silvermist is demonstrating, she wonders why Tinker Bell is not following her moves. Tinker Bell, in a state of nervousness, states this line in an attempt to mask her feelings. 

This is a humorous moment for the audience because while this may be a common duty for fairies within Pixie Hollow, we do not experience forgetting a dewdrop in our reality. It is more like “forgot my car keys!”

“Hey little fella! You wanna do some flap-flap today?!”

Tinker Bell exclaims this line to a frightened blue jay still in its nest, hoping to establish its trust enough to help it learn how to fly. Tinker Bell’s approach, however, is a little too much that she begins to frighten the blue jay even more, resulting in it trying to go back inside its shell. 

While we may feel bad for the baby blue jay, we can clearly see Tinker Bell’s efforts in helping and know she is coming from a good place. Her inability to connect with the baby blue jay offers comedic relief to the audience, as her attempts seem a bit outrageous and quite funny. We are able to see a lighter side of Tinker Bell’s character in this scene, bringing the audience closer to her while still giving us a laugh. 

“If you really want me to be happy, you’ll help me get to the mainland like you promised!”

Tinker Bell’s friends discover her near the shore, fixing a broken music box that washed up from the ocean. Being in awe of her quick and strategic talent, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, and Rosetta interrupt Tinker Bell, exclaiming her true talent of tinkering.

Tinker Bell, however, becomes dismayed, as she still wants to switch her duties and learn one of their nature talents. Seeing Tinker Bell’s frustration and embarrassment after attempting to learn their talents, her friends try to explain how they only want to see her happy and thriving at something she is good at. This upsets her though, as Tinker Bell loses sight of the good her friends are actually trying to do. 

Although we may not agree with the way Tinker Bell treated her friends at the moment, we all have experienced taking out our frustrations on the wrong person or people. Our emotions sometimes build up so much that we end up “exploding” at the wrong time and place. 

“I can’t hold water, I can’t hold light, birds hate me. I’m just so useless!”

Tinker Bell says this line after she mistakenly tries to befriend a hawk that ends up chasing her through Pixie Hollow and almost attacks her and Vidia. After the fairies rescue her and scare the hawk away, Vidia is left sitting there covered in the fruit that the fairies used as a defense mechanism.

Tinker Bell goes to help her up, but Vidia angrily refuses and tells her to stop trying to help. Tinker Bell’s frustration with her attempts at switching her talent bursts out, and she finds herself feeling useless across the board. 

These emotions that Tinker Bell is feeling can be echoed throughout the audience, as we have all experienced times of built-up frustration. Even more, we have all experienced a time where it seemed like no matter how hard we tried, the results turned out to be the opposite or even worse than before. While it is hard to see Tinker Bell go through these emotions, it is comforting to know we are all there for her throughout her journey of self-discovery. 

Tinkerbell” by Jennie Park mydisneyadventures licensed under CC BY 2.0

“We can do this. I know we can do this. What do you say?”

Resorting to her last option, Tinker Bell requests Vidia’s help in learning how to become a fast-flying fairy. Since Vidia isn’t too fond of Tinker Bell, she gives her an impossible task of corralling in thistles with the help of Cheese the mouse. When riding Cheese out to the grasses to catch these thistles, he grows wary and afraid, and Tinker Bell tries to comfort him with these words. 

This is quite an endearing moment for the audience, as we are able to see another side of Tinker Bell. Throughout the story, we saw Tinker Bell struggle to relate with other animals and insects within Pixie Hollow. Starting with killing the fly on her arm, to riling up the fire flies, and lastly, scaring the baby blue jay, this is quite a positive development from these interactions with the neighboring creatures. 

“At least now I’m trying to help! Have you ever helped anyone besides yourself?!”

After destroying all of the preparations for Spring, Tinker Bell comes up with several devices for all of the fairies to use to remedy the work that had gotten destroyed, but in a faster manner.

Following Queen Clarion’s announcement that Spring will be postponed, Tinker Bell tries to demonstrate to the fairies these devices and how they could all possibly make Spring occur on schedule. Vidia, however, grows angry and outbursts how Tinker Bell is the reason they’re in this mess in the first place, and makes fun of her gadgets in front of everyone. 

Although some of Tinker Bell’s outbursts throughout the film are somewhat unwarranted, this exclamation is certainly appropriate. Tinker Bell not only stands up for both herself and her talents, but also puts Vidia in her place. Vidia’s overconfidence and scheming tendencies is a major part of the reason why spring was almost postponed, but her cockiness and inability to accept responsibility kept her ignorant and true-self hidden from the rest of the fairies. 

“Yes, because I’m a tinker. It’s who I am. And tinkers fix things.”

Following her demonstration of her newly created devices for fixing spring’s preparations, Tinker Bell ensures Queen Clarion she can do this and her creations will work. Tinker Bell now accepts her true talent is as a tinker fairy, and her newfound confidence in her nature is what will fix all of her mistakes.

This is definitely one of the best Tinker Bell quotes, as it brings the audience to another sentimental yet joyous part of the story. Tinker Bell finally embraces what she was born to do and clearly excels at it, demonstrated by her innovative thinking when it came to utilizing the “lost things” objects that others labeled as junk. 

This is also an audience-cheering moment, as our thoughts of encouraging Tinker Bell to tinker throughout the movie are finally answered with open arms. For those of us who have found our calling, whether it be through our career, family, or other avenue, this is a relatable and enjoyable moment to have with this legendary Disney character. 

“It’s okay. My work is here. And I still have so much to do!”

Tinker Bell says this after Queen Clarion offers her to go to the mainland after fixing all of spring’s preparations, allowing the fairies to go to the mainland on time as scheduled. Tinker Bell refuses, as she realizes that her work is within Pixie Hollow being a tinker fairy. Fairy Mary interjects, however, as Clank and Bobble wheel in the music box Tinker Bell fixed from the “lost things” objects she found washed up on the beach. 

This is a full circle moment for both Tinker Bell and the audience. At the beginning of the story, Tinker Bell refused to accept her true talent as a tinker fairy, with her only goal being going to the mainland. Now, she can see that Pixie Hollow is home and exactly where she needs to be. 

Like Tinker Bell’s epiphany, the audience too can relate to her situation, as we all have experienced at times yearning for something or somewhere else to be. At the end of the day, however, we come home to either our friends, family members, pets, etc., and come to the conclusion there is no place like home. 

So the next time you visit the Disneyland park, make sure to stop by the enchanted forest hideaway, where you will discover Tinker Bell in her magical realm! 

This article was written by Arianna and edited by Michael.

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